Author: Aimee
Genre: Romance, Angst, Humor, Citrus, AU
Warnings: Yaoi, Citrus, Language
Disclaimer: Not mine
Notes: Very short, sorry! But the next chapter is longer, I promise!

An Arranged Marriage + Part 2

The second hand crept around the clock, one...two...three...ten times. Dorothy, Quatre, Heero and Relena all looked despondently at each other as they pressed their ears harder against the door. For ten minutes their children had been alone together and not a sound had been heard from either one. "Do you think they're all right?" Relena asked in a loud stage whisper.

Heero glared at her and snapped, "Of course they are! We would've heard Wufei shouting about weakness and justice if something were going on!"

"Maybe Duo actually did seduce him," Dorothy mused out loud.

Relena ruffled a bit at this as she turned and said haughtily, "Excuse me but my son will remain a virgin until marriage, thank you very much!"

Dorothy blinked. "My won't...hasn't."

Quatre exited quickly as blood poured down his face. "Thorry...bad habit," he mumbled, clutching a handkerchief over his nose.

Heero watched him go wit mild interest before turning and contradicting his wife, "Wufei will not remain a virgin."

"How do you know?"

"Remember New Year's eve last year?"

Relena squashed up her face in concentration. "Yeah. What about it?"

"Found him fucking in the broom closet with someone I didn't know. He's lost it-looked like he had fun too," Heero stated in a bored tone.

Relena stared at her husband in horror. "Heero! We don't share family secrets like that! What will Dorothy and Quatre think?"

Dorothy smirked and punched her fist in the air. "SCORE! Looks like my Duo landed a damn good lover!"

A sharp cry issued from the doorway and all three turned to see Quatre scurrying away, blood gushing from his nose. Dorothy sighed, and remarked, "Do you know how unbelievably hard it was to get him into bed? Took us over a year of trying just to complete the honeymoon. No wonder we only have one child."

Heero and Relena stared at her, as she turned back to them and said cheerily, "Well, since the kids are boring, who's up to a game of poker?"


Duo yawned loudly as he watched the second hand circle the clock for the nineteenth time. Wufei glared at him and Duo shrugged. "Sorry but I'm bored. Are you always this dull?"

"Are you always this ugly?" Wufei shot back nastily. He threw about a fairly good imitation of his father's glare as he settled himself back into his seat, wondering how long he'd have to be married before a divorce would be sociably acceptable. Not longer than a year hopefully.

Duo looked highly offended. "Well aren't you a little ray of sunshine? No wonder your parents can't wait to marry you off!"

"No one said we had to get married."

"Yeah, except our parents who hold the happy power to A., exile us or B., execute us. Of course we have to get married! God, and they said you were smart!" Duo growled, getting to his feet, shifting his weight from side to side before throwing himself back into his chair.

"And they said you were suppose to be agreeable."

"I am. Usually. But not to complete assholes!"

"At least I'm not a slut."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Duo cried, jumping up and crossing the room to glare threateningly down at Wufei.

Wufei jumped to his feet also, glaring back at Duo. "Just what I said. At least I'm not a slut."

"I am not!" Duo cried, throwing his hands out and shoving Wufei.

Wufei stumbled, caught unaware and never expecting the skinny boy could have so much strength in his upper body-or anywhere else for that matter. "Yes you are! I've heard all those rumors!"

"That's just what they are! Rumors! Lies!" Duo cried as he and Wufei became involved in a shoving match, each trying to knock the other down.

Things continued along this line for a long while, both equally matched in strength, wits, and ingenuity. But it was Duo who won as the two fell to the ground, kicking, biting and hitting in a fierce battle.

"I'm not a slut but I'm not innocent either!" Duo cried out, punctuating each word with a direct blow to Wufei's chest.

Wufei glared up at him, unnerved and angered by temporality being the underhand in the situation. "Damn you!" he hissed, writhing beneath his unwanted fiancé. "Damn you straight to hell!"

"Been there, done that," Duo replied, pinning Wufei down as he deliberately raised one leg and pressed it across his groin. Wufei froze and locked eyes with him, daring him to continue. Duo unknowingly licked his lips as he gazed on his soon-to be husband. No, he did not like this man. Not at all. But...he definitely wanted him. And from the wanton gleam hinted in the shadows of Wufei's eyes, the feeling was mutual. Duo smirked. Lust could be a good way to begin a marriage. Would make for an interesting wedding night that was for sure. With that in mind, Duo tilted his head and very slowly, took possession of Wufei's lips.

~*~*~*~*~*~ A sharp gasp escaped Wufei's lips as Duo's lips pressed against them, his tongue immediately flickering out and willing Wufei's mouth to open. Wufei's eyes were wide as he automatically opened his mouth and gave entrance to Duo's seeking tongue, wondering where this was going. Despite his earlier remark, Wufei was undeniably attracted sexually to the sharp-tongued, quick-witted boy currently engaged in rendering him senseless with his kiss. No, there would never be any love between them, Wufei was sure of it.

But...maybe...there might be a warm bed and a willing partner in the future.

"Oh!" The word slipped involuntarily from Wufei's lips as Duo's lips left his own and traveled down his throat, pausing the kiss the faint pulse of life before running his hands beneath Wufei's shirt and learning the contours of his torso, delighting in the instantaneous reaction of the muscular planes beneath his hands.

"I told you I wasn't innocent," Duo hissed, running his hands over Wufei's torso and legs before springing back and smirking.

Wufei sat up and glared, trying to recover the shreds of dignity remaining despite the fact his body was still raging with fire at the memory of Duo's touch. "I hate you," he whispered, his black eyes gleaming like steel in the harsh afternoon light.

"And I hate you," Duo replied, his violet eyes darkening into a sea of stormy blue. He got to his feet and bent to press another hot, wet kiss to Wufei's lips before whispering. "But I want you."

"I hate you," Wufei repeated, sounding much less sure of himself and extremely insecure.

Duo laughed, a short bitter sound. "We hate each other and yet we crave each other's bodies. Makes for an interesting marriage, ne?" And with that, he exited the room, leaving a dumbstruck Wufei behind to calm himself and collect his wits before he followed Duo out to their eagerly waiting parents.

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