Author: Aimee
Type: Romance, Humor, Angst, Citrus, AU
Warnings: Yaoi, Language, Citrus
Disclaimer: Not mine
Notes: You guys should all know by now I can't write citrus worth crap..

An Arranged Marriage + Part 3

Wufei sighed heavily as he met his eyes in the mirror. He didn't like what he saw. He saw an angry, depressed, obedient boy being forced into a marriage he neither wanted nor sought, to a boy he didn't know and was positive, would never like. And involuntary moan slipped through his lips as he remembered Duo. He wanted the sensuous youth more than he wanted anything in his life. Oh God, what he would do to have the braided boy at his mercy, screaming his name as he-Wufei stopped and shook his head, not wanting to continue the thought. His hands trembled as he carefully buttoned the remaining buttons of his silk shirt and turned to avoid the both sorrowful and wanting look in his eyes.

Wufei stiffened immediately as he heard the door creak open and the light sound of slender feet touching the ground. He knew who this was. "Duo," he hissed, forcing himself not to turn and gaze at the youth. "You shouldn't be here."

"Why not?" That voice...oh, it sent chills down his spine! A shiver descended down his spine as he ached at the memory of Duo saying his name. A low, husky whisper in his ear, the tone suggesting so much more than was said.

"Bad luck to see the bride," Wufei answered in a low voice, his hands curving into fists with self-loathing. Damn himself for wanting the wanton boy standing behind him!

"But no one ever said the bride couldn't see the groom," Duo whispered, wrapping his arms around Wufei's waist and pressing tender kisses along his jaw line. Wufei stiffened at his touch and Duo laughed, a low mocking sound. "What is it Wufei? Are you feeling guilty now that the wedding's so close? Are you getting cold feet?" There was no answer as Wufei did his best to steady his breathing and quickening heartbeat. Duo laughed again, "You didn't seem to mind my touch last night when I had you on this very bed, wriggling beneath me and begging for-,"

Wufei turned and glared at him, his eyes full of hot, angry fire. "I hate you," he said clearly. "I hate you so God-damned, fucking much it hurts."

"But you want me," Duo whispered, his eyes widening, giving him a false illusion of childish innocence.

"I do. I want you so bad it hurts, too," Wufei agreed, sliding his arms around Duo, over the boy's muscular thighs, over his firm ass and up his back to clasp around his neck. Duo inhaled sharply as Wufei kissed him.

"Um," Duo whimpered as Wufei's lips moved down his jaw line, down his neck and over his collarbone, nipping fiercely as a sort of punishment whenever the cries got to loud.

"Shh, don't want our parents to hear, do we?" Wufei asked, his seemingly tender tone holding and underlying vein of mockery.

"No, we don't," Duo, breathed out as Wufei's nimble fingers undid the buttons on the bridal gown he was wearing. "No we don't," he repeated as Wufei's fingers ravaged his chest and torso, pinching tender areas hard enough to bring tears and then soothing them with a hot pink tongue at the hurt area before biting again, drawing both blood and tears from Duo.

Both boys were highly aroused by then, but it was with great conviction that Wufei pushed Duo away from him. "Go," he ordered, turning to hide the sudden, surprising tears that had sprung to his eyes. "Get out of here."

"Don't you intend to finish?' Duo asked coyly, even as he began to re-button his dress.

"I said get out of here!" Wufei yelled, whirling around and reaching his hand out as if he was going to hit Duo.

Duo's own hand flung out and caught Wufei around the wrists, dragging his hands in between them. "You don't have to love me. You don't have to like me. But you do have to marry me and because of that, I want you to respect me," Duo told him quietly. "I can already tell you're a spoilt brat who's used to people falling over themselves for you and always having your own way. But I'm also a spoilt brat and let me assure you, you'll have to search a long ways to find a meaner and angrier one than me."

Wufei stared at him, his lips twitching as if he were holding back words. He was shocked, angry and at a lost for words as Duo clasped his wrists so and gazed directly into his eyes. No one had ever dared look into his eyes was so unnerving to have this white-faced, tight-lipped boy look into his eyes. Duo's eyes flashed violet fire and grew harder as he added, clutching Wufei's wrists tighter, his nails digging into the tender flesh of his exposed wrist.

"I can guarantee we won't be have the perfect marriage or life," Duo promised. "But if you have the tiniest smidgen of respect for me and I for you, I think we'll be okay." And with that, he shoved Wufei away and stalked away, slamming the door behind him.

Wufei collapsed immediately onto his bed, visibly trembling as he stared at his wrists. They were chafed red where Duo had gripped them and white marks had been left by his nails, marring the perfect caramel tone of his skin. He embraced himself tightly, trying to stop his trembling as he spoke out loud, making promises to thin air.

"I do respect you, Duo. I respect you, I'm frightened of you, and I want you. And mostly...I'm intrigued by you."

Sitting there, hugging himself and trembling, Wufei made a resolution. He was going to unravel the enigma of Duo Maxwell even if it took him a lifetime to do so.


Duo chewed his lip nervously only an hour later that afternoon as he knelt besides Wufei to receive the priest's blessing before their marriage ceremony. His gaze flitted nervously around the room, only to land on his future husband. A slight smile touched his lips as he watched Wufei's own nervous gaze flicker about the room. Suddenly, their eyes met and a slight gasp, so quiet that the only one who heard it was the small insect fluttering past him, left Duo's lips. Pig-headed, arrogant, mulish Wufei looked every bit as scared, nervous, and depressed as he did. The sudden realization sunk in then. Wufei hadn't wanted to be married either. Wufei would have been perfectly happy left alone buried beneath his books and schooling. Wufei wanted this no more than he did...sudden sympathy crept into Duo's heart as he watched the Asian youth part his lips and lick them nervously.

And suddenly, much to suddenly, the priest was telling them to rise and the marriage ceremony was beginning. And then, too soon, too quickly, the priest was telling Wufei to kiss him and he didn't even register the kiss, didn't hear the priest present the newly married couple, didn't hear the congratulations or see the terrified look on Wufei's face...he was just there. Not feeling, not hearing, not registering anything.

The rest of the day passed in a blur. The wedding reception went on for hours, immediately following the ceremony. When later asked to recount on their experience, neither one could account for them. They could only explain that the wedding reception had passed in a haze, that they were not altogether there.

But they could describe the wedding night in great detail.


"This should be interesting," Duo remarked, watching his new husband cross the length of their stateroom in nothing but a pair of loose silk pants. For the first week of their honeymoon, they were on a ship...and after that, they had no idea where they were going. Their parents had wanted it to be a 'surprise'...

"What's that supposed to mean?" Wufei asked sharply, spinning around, his hair fluttering out around him like a black cloud.

"Exactly what I said. Tonight should be interesting," Duo said grinning widely.

"We shouldn't...not when we don't care for each other," Wufei protested weakly.

"You didn't seem to mind feelings last night when you had me su-"

"Shut up!' Wufei cried, whirling around again to face Duo, effectively ending the sentence. "Just shut up! It was a mistake last night!"

"But..." Duo smirked. "It was a wonderful one." And with that, he kissed his husband.

Wufei moaned as he felt the rapidly becoming familiar touch of Duo's mouth against his, his tongue sliding like silk over his lips and into his mouth, gently worshipping his tongue and lips. And it was as if in slow motion as their clothing fell quietly to the ground, sounding very slightly like falling leaves. And then, Duo's kiss became more forceful, driving Wufei backwards until he fell onto the bed, bringing Duo with him.

The two struggled like that for a long moment, lips, tongue, and hot bodies invading each other, learning each other, both wanting to dominate this, neither one wanting to give in. But finally, with a small, sharp cry, Wufei fell back against the mounds of pillows stacked on their bed, his hair fanned out about him like black waves; his eyes slightly glazed over as Duo ravaged his body.

"What?" Wufei wondered out loud as Duo suddenly took possession of his hand. What in the world could he want with that?

"You know, Wufei," Duo whispered softly, caressing Wufei's hands lightly as he spoke, "I think your hands are definitely what appeal to me the most about you."

"What?" Wufei repeated, looking at Duo blankly.

"Your hands. I love them. They're so slender and gentle-looking...I can easily imagine them playing a stringed instrument like a violin or a harp...but I can also see them flying out in rage, ready to kill whoever struck that deep cord of anger within you. And..." Duo's tone leavened out and became soft as he continued rubbing Wufei hands, exploring his fingers and palm. "I can see them on my body, making me beg for more."

A soft whine left Wufei's lips as Duo slowly took possession of his fingers with his mouth, bathing them with soft kisses and suckling on them gently. A slow smirk spread across Duo's lips as he nipped gently at the pulse beating beneath Wufei's skin, then moving slowly up his arm and over his chest, nipping and kissing each smooth bit of flesh he found.

"Duo," Wufei whispered the name in a shaky voice as Duo hands flew over his body, followed more slowly by a warm mouth. "Duo...!" he repeated, his voice a low moan as the youth continued his pillage on his body, down at his thigh by then, kissing and licking at the hot flesh.

"Shhh," Duo murmured, sidling up his body and pressing a fierce kiss to his lips. "You'll wake the whole ship!"

"I don't care," Wufei growled, reaching out and bringing his lips to Duo's with a fierce, brutal motion. "I don't care."

"Yes you do," Duo whispered even as Wufei protested vehemently. "You care too much."

And with that, with a sudden, brisk movement, Duo penetrated the Asian struggling beneath him and the two raced and fought towards heights that neither one had ever anticipated.

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