Author: Aimee
Genre: Romance, Angst, Humor, Lime/Lemon
Warnings: Yaoi, Language, Lime/Lemon
Disclaimer: Not mine

An Arranged Marriage + Part 4

Duo gazed around the stateroom, a sudden feeling of loneliness overcoming him. None of what had happened that day had felt right. Not sneaking into Wufei's room that morning, not marrying him, the reception, not even their physical union that night. Nothing had felt right...not until Wufei had shown a sudden fit of tenderness and drawn the braided youth into his arms and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips before dropping off to sleep. For a brief moment in Wufei's strong and yet, gentle, embrace Duo had felt...he'd felt whole. Like the part of him that had been aching for fulfillment for years had been complete for a short moment.

And Duo didn't like it.

He didn't like it at all.

Duo shifted his gaze from the patch of moonlight he'd been studying intensely a moment before to the sleeping form in the bed. The Asian youth was curled up, embryo style, his arms embracing a pillow tightly. A soft smile touched Duo's lips as he glanced at his spouse. How uncharacteristically cute. Duo frowned and shook his head abruptly, mentally giving himself a harsh slap. He couldn't afford to let himself have thoughts like that. He did not like Wufei and that was that. There was no point in entertaining soft feelings for the youth. Wufei and him were like oil and water. Incompatible, clashing and not good together.

But the sex was good.

Duo paused at this sudden thought and smiled wryly. "Mom's rubbing off on me," he said aloud, slipping off his chair and walking over to his unpacked suitcase. Dropping to his knees, he rummaged through the suitcase's contents, managing to scatter most of them across the room until he found what he was looking for. Pulling on the heavy sweater, Duo got to his feet and quickly exited the room.

But...Duo paused in the doorway, turning to gaze at his husband. To have and to hold. In sickness and in health. For better or for worse. Duo's heart ached and he quietly crossed the room to brush fine strands of hair away from Wufei's face to give him better access as he brushed his lips across Wufei's. And then, he jumped away as if frightened Wufei would wake up and rushed out of the room.


Wufei shivered slightly as he sat up, slowly awakening. "Duo?" he mumbled through fogs of sleep, searching the room for his spouse. No one. Wufei felt a slight feeling of disappointment chill him for a moment, but he quickly brushes the feeling away. He didn't care if Duo was here or not. The youth was a nuisance and it was good riddance in Wufei's mind.

Except Wufei's mind was bitterly denying the fact that he didn't like Duo right now. Instead, it was crying out pitifully for companionship. Namely, a certain braided idiot's.

Wufei shook his head and set his jaw firmly. He wouldn't even go there. He wouldn't even start thinking about the youth. Wouldn't think of how chestnut curls escaped the braid's tight bindings and clung to his flushed face. Wouldn't think of how Duo's skin felt, silky, warm and smooth. Wouldn't think of how the scent of soap and freshness clung to the boy. Wouldn't think of how much he'd love to unravel all of Duo's secrets. No, he wouldn't think of Duo at all.

That settled, Wufei wrapped his blanket firmly around himself and sat back against the headboard of the bed, searching the room, not Duo. For signs of life. That was it. Wufei's sharp eyes quickly took in the messy state of the room and he pronounced with great dissatisfaction, "Slob." But even the meant-to-be insult had a funny, endearing little effect, bringing a scowl to Wufei's face. "Dammit, I don't like him!" Wufei snapped angrily at his reflection in the small mirror hanging across the room, firmly bolted to the wall. His reflection seemed to smirk. "Well I don't!"

Oh, wonderful. Now he was arguing with himself. Fantastic. Wufei sighed unhappily and curled underneath his covers, trying to push away the pecking little feeling of worry. It was nearly one in the morning...where was Duo? In answer to his silent question, the door to the stateroom swung in gently.

Immediately, Wufei was on his feet, yanking on a heavier shirt and shoes as he stalked out the door, mumbling something about 'putting the idiot in bed-with me where he belongs!'

Figuratively speaking of course.


There he is. Wufei started towards Duo, hell-bent on chewing him out for leaving in the middle of the night, when something made him stop.

Standing alone on the ship deck, Duo was gazing out into the endless sea and boundless night sky, embracing himself tightly against the wind's chill, his braid whipping forlornly in the wind. Something about the sad, lonely picture he cast went right through the walls of bitterness and anger Wufei had built up around himself and pierced his heart, shattering the thinnest of the walls and causing him to really see who he had married.

He hadn't married a shameless whore or a double-edged smart aleck, as he'd believed. He hadn't married a contract or a country as he'd thought. He'd only married...Duo. Just Duo. Nothing else but the forlorn-looking figure standing before him.

And he didn't know him at all.

"Hello Wufei."

Wufei started, surprised at Duo's quiet voice. "What?"

"I said hello," Duo turned and smiled briefly, the cold wind whipping color into his face. "I thought you'd be out here sooner or later."

"Did you now?" Wufei murmured, joining Duo up at the rail, unable to think of a reason not too.

"Yep," Duo smiled again, leaning forward and putting his weight on his arms and the railing. They stood in an awkward silence for a long while until Duo finally broke it saying, "If this rail broke with my weight and I fell, would you care?"

"What?" Wufei turned to face Duo, his dark eyes wide with surprise. "I would."


"Really," Wufei promised, his eyes meeting Duo's. Amethyst and ebony probed within each other, searching for something...but never finding it. Finally, with a mutual sigh, their eyes broke apart and returned to the black-looking waters gently lapping at the boat's edge.

"I can't believe people are still awake," Duo said vaguely as they heard the faint strains of a song start up.

"I think it's just us and whoever's playing," Wufei responded, not really caring but playing the role of a polite conversationalist.

Duo smiled. "The harmonica. I haven't heard anyone play one since I was little."

"Really?" Duo nodded and paused, giving Wufei a sharp, wary glance before continuing.

"At the circus. This troupe of circus performers showed up at the castle one night and they gave us a show. Later that night, I slipped down to see them again and one of the older men there was playing his harmonica." Duo smiled a bit wistfully at the memory and then, returning to present day, shrugged nonchalantly. "They left in the morning and I haven't heard a harmonica since."

The strains of the music were growing stronger as the player became more focused on his music and Wufei found himself humming softly along with the tune. It was an old one and he couldn't exactly name it... "Care to dance?" Duo looked up, surprised to see a wry smile curving over Wufei's lips.


"Want to dance with me?" Wufei offered again, extending his hand, the wryness leaving his smile and a sense of playfulness seeping in.

Duo grinned and nodded, grasping Wufei's hand, pleasantly surprised with the gentleness Wufei used as he took his hand. A soft, amused laugh escaped Wufei's lips as they moved down and across the deck, growing more playful as they became more involved with their impromptu dance and dropping his normally cold, harsh facade.

Duo couldn't help the occasional chuckles that escaped his lips, but as he watched Wufei loosen up, the laughter faded until only an affectionate smile remained. They came to an abrupt stop as the music was abruptly cut off and they separated, a little uneasy with each other after their moment of freedom and ease.

Duo grinned and said unusually gentle mockery, "You dance quite well."

"As do you." Wufei smiled at him again, and Duo was suddenly struck by how young his spouse looked.

" old are you?" Duo inquired curiously.

Wufei looked a little surprised. "Seventeen," he replied, a feeling of self-consciousness hovering over him. Duo's eyebrows arched in an expression of surprise. Seventeen? He'd imagined Wufei to be several years older than himself...not only a year.

"Sixteen," Duo announced.

Another soft smile. "I know."

" you're positive," Duo replied undaunted by Wufei's prior knowledge. A laugh escaped the Asian youth and Duo added suddenly, "Didn't you come out here to chew me out for leaving instead of getting a couple of laughs off of me?"

"I think I'll just take you back with me instead of yelling at you," Wufei answered, amusement glowing in his dark eyes.

Duo nodded and impulsively reached for Wufei's hand, grasping it loosely in his own as they walked back to their room. Wufei gazed at him in mild surprise, but refrained from saying anything as they walked along the deck. Back in their room, Wufei said suddenly, "Greensleeves."

Duo stared at him curiously. "What about it?"

"That's the song! Greensleeves!" Wufei explained, a soft blush tingeing his cheeks. "Sorry. I just couldn't remember the name of the song."

"It's okay," Duo excused him "Actually..." Duo's eyes darkened and his voice softened as he added, "it's kinda cute." And with that, he stepped up to Wufei and pressed a soft kiss to his lips, chilled from their time outside.


Duo only shook his head, smiled rather sadly and said quietly, "Good night, Wufei."

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