Author: Aimee
Type: Romance, Humor, Angst, Lime/Lemon
Warnings: Yaoi, Language, Lime/Lemon
Disclaimer: It's not mine and I'm willing to bet its not yours either
Notes: Going back to the Greensleeves specific reason for the song, just my sister happened to be practicing it on the piano and I needed a song title. *shrug* Anyways, enjoy the latest installment!

An Arranged Marriage + Part 5

Wufei awoke to loud retching sounds the next morning. "What...?" Wufei immediately rolled out of bed and headed into the bathroom, more than a little concerned about the welfare of Duo. He paused and lifted a hand tentatively, unsure of whether to knock or to just go on in. A soft whimper from his spouse decided Wufei and he barged in, covering his fear that something might be horribly wrong with Duo by launching into an immediate lecture.

"Shut up!" Duo ordered crabbily before Wufei had had much of a chance to rant thoroughly. "I'm sick and I don't need your lecturing now!"

Wufei paused mid-word and gazed down at the youth. Duo did look ill with his ivory skin paler than usual and dull, tired eyes. His jaw softened slightly and he asked gruffly, "What's wrong? Are you all right?"

"I think I'm seasick," Duo announced, leaning his head against the wall and sliding gently down to the floor. He moaned softly as his body hit the cool tile and he closed his eyes briefly, taking a deep breath.

Wufei watched him with increasing concern as he took careful note of the drops of perspiration beading up on his forehead and his altogether, tired haggard look. "I don't think weren't seasick last night."

Duo threw him a crooked grin, despite his closed eyes and obvious discomfort. "I was thinking about other things last night, Wufei." Wufei blushed slightly at the remembrance and looked away for a moment to gather his composure. Duo continued, unaware that Wufei was no longer paying attention to him. "Anyway, I think the water's more choppy today. I guess I'm not used to the movement on the ship...thought I'd adapt faster." Duo opened one eye and smiled feebly at Wufei. "How'd you gain your sea-legs so quickly?"

Wufei shrugged nonchalantly, "When I was little, my mother used to send me out with my nurse to play. She was from an old family that until recently had made their income by fishing and she was more at home by the sea rather than the castle which is as far inland from the sea as possible. So she used to take me to a small lake and there was an old man there who used to lend us his sailboat and we'd spend the day sailing that tiny little lake." He smiled softly, "It was fun."

Duo smiled weakly at him, "I can just see you sailing around on a lake..." He laughed. "Some how, that doesn't sit well with the image portray of yourself."

It was on the tip of Wufei's tongue to ask what that meant exactly when the boat lurched and Duo slipped all the way down until he was lying on the ground, moaning softly to himself. Wufei's eyes widened and he knelt beside Duo, debating whether or not to help him up. "Duo! Get off the floor!"


"I don't think you're seasick," Wufei announced.

"And what do you think, O Great Physician of mine?"

"I think you're sick."

"Genius. Pure genius." Duo wasn't in an extremely pleasant mood and when his cheerfulness vanished, his natural sarcastic streak struck in full blow.

Wufei glared at the sick youth, currently clamping his hands over his face and curling up as the ship rocked with the pounding waves. "You know, you *could* be a little nicer. I am trying to help."

"Spare me your priceless wisdom and help me up," Duo ordered, thrusting out a hand. Wufei sighed and rolled his eyes, but leaned over accordingly and helped Duo up. Duo staggered and clutched at Wufei, his hands digging mercilessly into his chest. Wufei glared and Duo returned the glare times ten with the added aggravation of illness and sarcasm.

"Ah," Duo sighed softly as he finally slipped beneath the crisp white sheets of the freshly made bed-apparently a cleaning crew had been to visit while they were locked in the bathroom because the formerly messy room was now tidied up indefinitely.

"Do you...uh...need anything?" Wufei asked clumsily, unused to aiding others. Normally there were servants to do that sort of thing...but for now, it was just him and Duo.

"Drugs," Duo responded, smiling wryly.


"Joking...bad sarcasm..." Duo's voice drifted off as he snuggled down further into his sheets and moaned, twitching spasmodically. "Owies..."

"What is it?" Wufei asked quickly -- too quickly.

"I don't know..." Duo whined out, looking as miserable as he felt. "I guess I pulled something...the muscles in my shoulder blades really hurt."

"Maybe it has something to do with being sick," Wufei guessed, kneeling on the bed and reaching out tentatively. "I could..." he gestured with his hands and Duo nodded, both his understanding and consent. Wufei curved his lips into a slight smile as he reached out and, tentatively at first but with increasing pressure, rubbed Duo's shoulders, moving his hands skillfully across sore muscles, pinpointing each point and knowing exactly how much pressure to apply. Duo melted into Wufei's hands, a low, soft moan escaping his lips as Wufei kneaded his muscles gently.

"'ve got all these hidden talents," Duo teased, his eyes fluttering close as he leant against Wufei, letting the older youth support him fully.

Wufei bit his lip anxiously as he worked his hands over Duo's tense back and shoulders. Duo had no idea how appealing he looked, his eyes closed and a soft, mysterious smile playing across his fine features. Wufei sighed softly as he shifted his weight around, intensely aware of the other boy's weight.

He paused his ministrations to Duo's back and frowned, small lines appearing as his brow furrowed. odd, coming from Duo...Wufei's face split into a smile suddenly. "You idiot! You fell asleep!" he whispered affectionately, slowly slipping out from beneath the slender man.

He paused and watched Duo sleep for a few moments, worry creasing his faces as he took in the flushed cheeks and sweat-damped brow. "He needs to see a doctor or something," Wufei decided aloud. "I'm worried."


"Influenza." Wufei told Duo, repeating what the doctor had diagnosed only moments before.

"I have the flu?" Duo asked, wide-eyed as he wiped his nose on the back of his hand. "Ew..." Duo paused and wrinkled his nose at his now slime-covered hand before wiping it unaffectedly on the blankets if the bed.

"Yes and you're not to leave this room for five days," Wufei recited.

"You must drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest and I'm not to bother you."

"I want you to bother me," Duo sighed, slumping down against the pillow. "It's boring by myself."

"I guess we could break that rule," Wufei allotted, even as Duo yawned widely.

"God...I'm so ti~ired," Do yawned out, his eyes fluttering closed.

"Good night then," Wufei said immediately, climbing to his feet.

"Wait-," Yawn. "I'm-," Yawn. "Not-," Yawn. "Tired!"

"Liar." Wufei smiled affectionately at Duo.

Duo's eyes flashed, "I am not!" Yawn.

"Good night."

"I hate you!" The fiery younger man erupted, throwing a pillow at Wufei's head with surprising strength for his ill and tired condition.

"Good night," Wufei repeated, bowing his head slightly as he exited the room.

Duo stared after him, biting his lip harshly until finally he succumbed to the beckoning call of sleep.


"I'm all gross and icky and I'm taking a bath!" Duo snapped at Wufei.

"You might fall!" Wufei retorted, glaring at Duo. For the past few days, Duo's condition had steadily grown worst until he'd been resorted into a state of pure, ailing misery. "You couldn't even stand up yesterday!"

"That was yesterday!" Duo retorted, flying up and coughing heavily as he did so.

Once the coughing had subsided, Wufei said patiently, "Fine. You can take one."

"Really?" Duo looked up, surprised he'd won so easily.

"But I'm taking it with you."


Duo couldn't help but to smirk as Wufei slowly let go of him to let him lean against the counter of the vanity. "This is so stupid," he complained as Wufei immediately stripped him of his clothes, forcing himself remember that Duo was sick as he did so. "I can wash myself!"

"But you can't even sit up properly," Wufei chided, averting his eyes as he lowered Duo into the warm water. Duo let out a short whine at the heated contact before slumping down in the water and glaring at Wufei over the tip of his nose as he almost completely submerged himself in the water. "Are you trying to drown yourself?"


"Dammit, Duo, one day..." Wufei trailed off, letting his threat hang ominously.

"Aren't you getting in?" Duo smirked at him from beneath the watery depths.

"Do you want me too?" Wufei challenged. He hadn't planned on getting in with Duo, all's he'd really wanted to do was make sure the other youth wouldn't hurt himself...but he wasn't going to object to joining Duo either.

Duo reached up and grasped the sides of the bathtub with the tips of his fingers, pulling himself to a sitting position. Then, he answered, positively leering at Wufei. "If you're up to the challenge."

That settled it and moments later, Duo found a warm pair of arms around him and the disturbed water lapping gently at the sides of the tub. "Is that a threat?" Wufei murmured, pulling Duo backwards so his back was firmly pressed against his chest.

"No, it's a promise," Duo quipped wickedly, turning in Wufei's arms and splashing a load of water out of the tub. "Oops?"

"You're sick," Wufei reminded him, even as Duo leaned dangerously close.

"I wanna share my germs with you," Duo smirked as he pressed his lips fully against Wufei's.

Wufei tried, he really did try not to open up to the intrusion of Duo's lips and tongue. But...there was always a but and Wufei let down his defenses and guiltily returned and deepened the kiss. "How is this going to help get you clean?" Wufei whispered roughly as Duo hands reached up to dance across his shoulders and down his chest.

"Shh...that's comes later," Duo responded, his eyes full of violet mischief.

"Duo..." Wufei whimpered even as he felt the instant response of his body to Duo's caress. "We can't...not when you're sick..."

"Why?" Duo demanded, grasping Wufei's hand tightly.

"Because..." Wufei's voice trailed off as Duo took his hand and gently touched it to his own body. "We...shouldn't," Wufei concluded lamely, trying to remove his hand away from Duo.

Duo sighed and suddenly slumped down against Wufei as if all his strength were gone. "Fine. But then you have to wash me."

Wufei sighed and reached for the half-empty bottle of shampoo. "Don't!" Duo exclaimed sharply.

"Don't what?"

"Wash my hair! Don't ever touch my hair!" Duo cried shrilly, wrapping the loose strands tightly around his fists and bringing them in front of him, as if sheltering himself and his hair from Wufei.

Wufei looked at him in astonishment but wisely said nothing as he instead dipped a hand into the shallow water to find the soap that slipped beneath him. But even as his hands washed Duo's body and gently massaged his tense muscles, Duo refused to relax against Wufei again.

"Duo?" Wufei began tentatively as he helped Duo out of the tub a few moments later, enveloping him in a huge towel that effectively covered him from head to toe.

"What!" Duo snapped.

"I-I..." Wufei trailed off and glanced away before returning his gaze to meet Duo's. "I'm sorry if I hurt you. I-I've never had to take care of anyone or anything's always been done for me."

Duo gazed at him, clutching the towel tighter around him even as he spoke, "I understand. It''s been the same for me."

Wufei smiled briefly and quickly, ignoring the outraged complaints from Duo, dressed him in fresh clothes. "I CAN DRESS MYSELF!"

"But not when you're ill," Wufei pointed out, as Duo's eyes wavered shut a few times. "And sleepy."

"I am not," Duo denied, swallowing a yawn as he stated this.

Wufei smiled. "Liar."

"I hate you," Duo replied automatically, reaching out to steady himself with Wufei's shoulder as he stumbled on his way towards the bed. They both paused and stared at one another, Duo's eyes wide and a little frightened; Wufei's downcast and puzzled.



"Never..." Wufei sighed and without a second thought, picked Duo up and carried him the few shot steps to the bed where he laid him down. "Never mind."

Duo gazed up at his spouse, unsure of what was happening. A slow, impish smirk played at his features, as he asked coyly, "Aren't you coming to bed?"

"Duo...please...don't," Wufei begged as his spouse sat up and insistently tugged him down, towards the bed.

"Shhh," Duo reminded him, wrapping his arms around his spouse. ""

"Duo," Wufei whispered miserably, tears stinging his eyes even as he pressed the younger youth down into the bed and complied with Duo's whispered commands.

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