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>> off-site fics

Ah Hael @ gundam-wing-universe.net
Holidays (12 chapters + epilogue)
"Just a look through various points in the calender to watch the unexpected romance between Duo and Wufei. There will be points where their friends find romance as well."
PG-13 2+5+2; background others, including 1xR & 3x11 yaoi citrus post war-ness
[ note: can't say exactly why, but I'm extremely attached to this fic. if it weren't for the het lemons *shudder* I'd have asked to host it long ago... ]

Amanda Marque @ Aenai ~ Ai
Reality Ever After (10 chapters + epilogue)
PG-13 5x2, 1xR, past 1x2, background 3x4, eventual 1xOMC yaoi implied lemons post war-ness flashback-ed angst sap not a song fic, but lotsa well-placed lyrics

Ashkara @ Ashkara's Fanfiction Vault
The Evolution arc (ongoing?)
[ note: I've rec.ed this one, if you want to know more... ]
PG-15 light 5+2 mild shounen ai TWT angst violence language L2-ness
PG-15 light 5+2 mild shounen ai TWT angst violence language L2-ness am I sensing a pattern here...?
The Walking Nightmare
PG-15 light 5+2 mild shounen ai TWT angst violence language L2-ness ...yes, I am ^_~
Self Esteem
PG-15 5+2, 2+5 shounen ai light lime TWT angst sap

Eyes of the Dragon
NC-17 5x2 yaoi lemon AU --> fantasy alternating POV

Gundam Wing Out-Takes Theatre #3 – Be Careful What You Wish For
NC-17 5x2 yaoi heavy lime *rowr* gathered on Peacemillion

The Watcher
NC-17 2x5 yaoi lemon TWT Wu POV

A Wufei Chang Christmas
NC-17 5x2 yaoi lemon post war-ness sap

Room to Breathe (2 parts + epilogue) @ Wistful Eyes
PG-13 5+2+5 shounen ai sap

focsfyr @ Whispers in the Dark
When the Fire Fades
NC-17 2x5 yaoi rough lemon • angst • sap

Jessi & Ryoko
The Hardest Thing @ Ryoko-chan's Anime Fanfiction Archive
NC-17 2x5x2 (main), see notes for complete list ^_^ yaoi lemons galore ("SEX!! FRIGGIN' BOATLOADS OF SEX!!! Hell, EVERYONE gets some in this thing!! It would be total PWP if not for the storyline!!") masturbation voyeurism threesomes TWT bit o' angst übersap AU-ness

Scrabble @ Nasty Boys
NC-17 2x5 yaoi lemon • PWP

Karen @ My Writings On The Wall
Blood or Chocolate? (22 parts)
"Duo Maxwell is an almost average guy in a small, rural town. He works at the only gas station for miles around, is gorgeous, but single. He also gets harrassed by the town's rich idiot. But what makes him different is that he's a clairvoyant; he can read thoughts by touch or he can simply 'hear' them. Kind of complicates matters. Yeah. So when he runs across a man whose thoughts he can't hear, although trying to gives him nosebleeds, he decides that that is a fair trade. That is until he finds out that the guy isn't a typical 'guy,' and that getting involved with him only leads to trouble...and a few dead bodies."
NC-17 "will be 5x2, 3x4, waaaay past 5x1, Meizer+2/2+Meizer, and everybody+2 (hey, everyone loves Duo)" yaoi eventual citrus AU supernatural-ness (weres) violence/gore humour

The Dragon as an Object of Prey (3 parts) @ Aenai ~ Ai
PG-15 2x5 yaoi lime / implied lemon-ness AU angst-ness sap-ness (what would I do without the '-ness' suffix, eh? ^_~ )

Miko no Da
Object Lessons @ boys next door
NC-17 2x5, ref. to 1x2 & 1xRx1 yaoi lemon

Missa & Miriya @ SteelSong
What's Right (prologue + 13 parts)
NC-17 5x2, 6x13, and various combinations thereof... lemons light angst sap-ness

Novea Rikuo @ Kyoki's Koi Archive
The Last Straw
NC-17 2x5 yaoi lemony lime TWT bit o' humour

Oisa @ Stitched Reality
January Memories (incomplete)
NC-17 5+2 yaoi post war-ness angst -- so far...

s1ncer1ty @ Coming of Age
NC-17 2x5, ref. to baaad 13x5 yaoi ref. to NCS angst

Return to Me
PG 5x2 yaoi unsappy sap angst!!

Shinigami no Seishi
@ Shinigami no Seishi's Webpage
The Convenience of Small Spaces
PG 2+5 yaoi light lime TWT elevator fic ^__^

Inner Weather
PG 5+2, 2+5, background 3x4x3 shounen ai post war-ness light angst light sap

SteelSong @ SteelSong (handy, that...)
ÜbereinstimmungSchlag (*snort*)
NC-17 2x5, implied 1x2, hints of future 1x2x5 yaoi post war-ness PWP *pant*

Susan Anthony
Duo and the Dragons @ Lady Gossamer's FanFiction Archive
[ note: winner of best humour in oishii 2003 ]
PG-13 5+2; implied 1x3x4 & 13x6 yaoi fluff AU --> fairy tale cute as hell ^_^

Talaquinn @ Talaquinn's Corner
The Difference
PG-13 5+2; background 3x4 & 1xR; implied 2xH yaoi light lime post EW light angst light sap

utsubame @ Fanfiction.net
Life Altering Decisions (incomplete)
PG-13 2x5/5x2 (main), established 3x4, past 1x2, present 1xR (nice Relena) yaoi post EW angst-ness

Wind Chijmes @ Wind Chijmes Pavilion
Liuli Story
"Wufei is acting distant, Duo is unhappy...and between them, a piece of glass-art plays its part."
PG 2x5x2 yaoi post war-ness angst-ness sap *sniffle* this is friggin' beautiful...

Touched (7 chapters + epilogue)
"A physical and mental tug-of-war ensues as Duo plays nurse to an injured Wufei, and in the midst of it all, a connection is formed."
PG-15 2x5x2 yaoi lime / implied lemon angst-ness TWT

Yuuki Miyaka @ Yuuki Miyaka's Universe
Dark Clouds and Silver (8 parts)
PG-15 2+5, 5+2 shounen ai angst-ness sap TWT

>> 2x5x2 fics at the Wufei & Duo Yaoi ML Archive
[ note: this archive has been missing for quite some time now. i've found alternate sites for most of the fics i'd rec-ced from there, but not these *points below*. if anyone knows where else these fics might be found, please let me know. ]

[ Foxy-chan ]
PG 2+1, 5+2 shounen ai angst-ness post series

[ Ryu~Itsutsu ]
[ note: you'll find at least a few of these fics linked here (and much thanks to stormscrystal for pting this out) ]
The Grand Adventure of Sable Ferret Wu-chan
PG 5x2, background 4x3 shounen ai light lime AU --> fairy tale fluff

Justice and Death Trilogy (14 parts, in three main stories, + epilogue)
"A real universe 2+5 that is tightly interwoven in the events of the GW series and OVA."
PG-15 2+5 shounen ai lime angst happy ending ^_~

Shattered Glass (10 parts)
"Several years after the war, the GW boys find themselves under attack from... themselves."
NC-17 2x5 yaoi lemons, one of them a bloody one (though not NCS) AU-ish dark attempted torture death, though not in the way you'd think happy ending

Warrior Five (prologue + 17 parts + 5 side stories + epilogue)
NC-17 2x5, 1x3, 4xH shounen ai lime-ness AU --> fantasy angst-ness

NC-17 2x4, 2x4x5 yaoi lemony lime light Wu angst sap

[ Tori Chiisai ]
Dance With Me
PG-13 2+5/5+2 shounen ai TWT sap-ness
[ note: (possibly temporary web.archive.org) link provided most helpfully by stormscrystal. ]

Vanilla Caramel
NC-17 2x5, implied 1x3, straight Quat *snicker* yaoi intense lime / implied lemon TWT angst violence Wu snottiness, followed by Wu submissiveness ^_~ sap *goofy grin*

>> 2x5x2 fics at gwa

[ Babaca ]
The Deuce (it's a series, see...)
R 1+3, 1+2 shounen ai song fic angst
The Hunter
R 1+3, 1+2 shounen ai song fic angst
Too Late
R ?x3, 1+3, 1+2 yaoi lime angst
PG-13 1+3 shounen ai light angst sap
Party Aftermath (see? it got to 2+5 eventually... ^_^ )
PG-13 1+3, 2+5, 4+C shounen ai mild angst sap humour
PG-13 2+5, 1+3 shounen ai sap
Making Up For Lost Time
NC-17 5x2 yaoi lemon PWP

Noble Gesture
NC-17 2x5/5x2, ref. to 1+2 yaoi lemon angst

[ Bonne & Von ]
The Master
R ? yaoi crossover language
The Master and the Artful Dodger (sequel to above -- 5 parts)
NC-17 2+5, 1+3+4 yaoi lemon crossover lauguage

[ DaMoyre ]
After Hours (2 parts)
NC-17 2x5; ref. to 5xS lemon post war-ness a bit o' angst + a bit more o' absolute perfection ^__^

Anything Goes
PG 2x5 yaoi bit o' angst bit o' sap

[ Erin Cayce ]
Rising (18 parts)
NC-17 5x2, 1+2 yaoi lemon AU angst sap

[ Jen ]
Feels Like Heaven
PG-13 2+5 shounen ai light lime post EW

Inspired by a Kiss
PG 2+5 shounen ai light lime TWT angst-ness

[ Jenny & Kimmie ]
The Stroke of Midnight
NC-17 2x5 yaoi lemon PWP sap-ness post war-ness

PG-13 past 5xM and 13x5, 5x2 yaoi Wu POV angst

NC-17 2x5 yaoi lemon PWP waaaay AU priceless OOC-ness

[ Kuwabara no Miko ]
[ note: I've rec.ed this one, if you want to know more... ]
NC-17 ref. to past, somewhat icky 2x1; 5x2 (main); 3x4 yaoi lemon TWT angst-ness sap-ness the definitive 2x5x2, in this girl's opinion...

[ Lilias ]
Yueluo (Moonset)
PG-13 2+5 angst-ness canon

[ Tayla Firedancer ]
One Helluva Wet Dream
NC-17 5x2 yaoi lemon PWP TWT AU-ness

[ Yoiko ]
Strange Bedfellows (10 parts)
PG-13 2+5, 1+4 shounen ai