Disclaimer : GW characters are not mine. >_<
Author : Akuma
Pairings : 2x1
Rating : PG-13
Warning : yaoi, sap, crossdressing
Note : based on a pic sent by Lady Tora. I dedicated this fic to Dacia Clark who has been so kind to me. Hope you like the fic, Dacia.

My Fair Lady + Part 1

Lady Une watched as five boys and one girl taking a seat in front of her. "You have a new mission."

"Which ex OZ do we have to kill this time?" Heero asked to the point. All six of them had joined Preventers once the Eve war ended; it had been a year but there were still some of ex OZ colonels who wanted to fight, making Preventers busy silencing them all.

"Let me explain the mission, first." Une answered. "We got information from our spy that an ex OZ colonel managed to get some supplies of weapons from black market and carried them through ships, disguising them as ordinary cargo. There are three ships they use to store the weapon and each pair of you will go to the ships and steal or disable the weapon. Wufei with Sally, Trowa with Quatre, and Heero with Duo."

"We are working together again, Heero." Duo grinned and put his arm around the Japanese boy's shoulders. "Be nice to me, okay?" Heero only grunted, but did not shove away the arm leisurely dropping around his shoulder.

"Lady Une, I don't think we need to work in pair for this mission." Wufei spoke up.
"Actually no, but that ex colonel is the one who is making you have to work in pairs." Une was ready to grin at the confused looks she had received from the youths in front of her. "Since he's going to disguise the weapons as ordinary cargo, he used ordinary ships instead of military cruisers. That means, the ships will carry passengers on them, so there are innocent civilians aboard preventing us from destroying the target. Since their security is very tight, we can't infiltrate as workers on those ships. The only way to get on is to be a passenger."

"Very smart of him." Quatre nodded in agreement. "But it still doesn't explain why we have to work in pairs. Are the ships too large to be explored alone?"

"No, not because of that. You see the ex colonel disguised the three ships as honeymoon cruise vessels and they only receive a married couple as passengers. So you all have to be married in order to get upon the ship." Une tried hard not to giggle when she watched the expressions of the pilots while the explanation sank in. Wufei and Heero dropped their jaws while Sally and Duo grinned. Trowa and Quatre just smiled knowingly.

"WHAT??" Wufei was the first one to open his mouth. He looked at Sally "You mean I have to take this onna as my wife?" That earned him a cuff on the back his head.

"Exactly Wufei." Une struggled hard to keep her composure in check. "You'll be her husband. As for the other pairs, one of each pair has to crossdress." She looked at the blond boy. "Quatre, you'll be the wife for Trowa."

"Ryokai." Quatre nodded. That was not a problem for him since it would make him stay together with Trowa. He looked up as the banged boy took his hand and squeezed it gently. This mission would be a fun.

Une turned her head to the last couple. Heero found he had a very bad feeling for this mission. "Heero, you'll be the wife for Duo."

Heero blinked and looked at Duo to find the braided boy grinning widely, arm still on his shoulders. He quickly shoved Duo's arm off him and turned to Une, giving her a full death glare. "Why me?"

"Heero, I want to put you in husband role but after watching your attitude for a year, I know, despite your Perfect Soldier nickname, Dr. J didn't train you to be perfect in this one aspect." Une watched as the Japanese boy scowled. "You have no experience in this matter and not to mention you don't have many social relationships along this year, except with your computer and the other ex gundam pilots. I don't think you have any ideas how to act as a husband or what it means to be a married couple. Duo is more suitable for this role. He can lead you and cover your mistakes."

Heero blushed and scowled at the same time. "I can read some books."

"No time for that, the ships will set sail tonight and all of you still have to prepare your wedding ceremony."

"We have to what??" Wufei cut in nearly shrieking.

"That colonel is really careful in accepting passengers. He wants a legal married couple, black on white, not just some data in computer since he knows how good we are in hacking the database. So each of you have to get a priest or whoever can produce a wedding certificate and get married." Une wished she had a camera to take Heero and Wufei's expressions as they imitated goldfish perfectly.

"But....." Wufei finally found his voice

"No buts. I have checked your data, all of you have reached 18, which was the legal age for marriage." Une hoped she could hold her stern expression for the temptation to laugh was really strong. "You can get divorce later if you want to." Judging from Heero and Wufei partners' expression of determination, Une was sure it would be a long time for them to get divorced or never at all. "The name of ship you'll infiltrate and the details of the mission have been sent to your email. Check it later. For now, go get married. That's an order."

"Ninmu ryokai." Came four happy tones and two protesting grunts.

"Let's go get married, Hee-chan" Duo grabbed the Japanese boy, who was still hoping his death glare could kill his boss for assigning him in this mission.

"Duo." Une stopped the braided boy.


"Make sure Heero get the best for his honeymoon." Une winked.

The ex Deathscythe pilot blinked and then grinned widely while Heero was blushing furiously.

"My wife will get the best!" Duo exclaimed happily and pulled the reluctant Japanese boy with him, followed by three happy youths and one grudging Chinese.


Heero scowled deeply behind his veil, cursing a goggled old man who didn't teach him this marriage thing, a braided boy who would be his husband, and the damn wedding gown he was wearing. It was a losing battle with Quatre, Sally, and Duo to refuse to wear a white gown. Quatre and Sally had chosen their own gown before choosing Heero's. And to the boy's embarrassment, they also took liberty in buying bra and panties, making Heero blushing all the way during the shopping. After finishing with the dress, applying make up, and choosing rings, the six of them went to the church, grabbing a random priest to wed them.

Wufei and Sally went first and then Quatre and Trowa. As the priest was in front of them, ready to bless Duo and him as husband and wife; he looked at his soon to be husband, who was holding his hands and was looking at him passionately. Opposite of him Duo was wearing black tuxedo. The boy's hair was tied but not braided. It was let loosely down his back, adding his charm and beauty. Heero blinked and shoved his stray thought far away. Duo was his friend. This wedding was a mission. That's all..... but Duo was cool....

"Duo Maxwell, do you..."

"I do."

The priest blinked at the quick answer. He shrugged and turned to the bride, "Heero Yuy, do you accept Duo Maxwell as your husband...."

"I do." Heero quickly replied. He didn't want to hear the rest of the sentence. He had suggested using a fake name, but all of them save him agreed to use their real names instead. Slightly irritated, he offered his ring finger to accept the ring and then put another identical ring on Duo's finger.

"With this, I pronounce you husband and wife." The priest gestured to Duo; "You can open the veil and kiss your bride now."

This was it. Heero found himself fidgeting. He would rather face hundreds of mobile suits, jump from a thirty stories building, or self-destruct than facing this moment. He was going to have his first kiss. With a boy! And not to mention the said boy was now his husband. He contemplated a plan to kill a certain female boss slowly and painfully for assigning him to this mission.

A pair of hands lifted his veil and snapped him from his thoughts. Heero was surprised when the said hands cupped his face and held it so he was looking straight at his husband. Duo was smiling and staring at him gently. "I love you, Heero."

Heero was stunned and blinked as he felt Duo's soft lips on his. It was a sweet, soft and gentle kiss. He swore he could feel everything Duo wanted to say to him had been concluded in one single kiss. Despite his lack of experience, Heero knew this kiss meant so much for Duo. Following his feelings, Heero closed his eyes and kissed back, not aware of the cheering voices from Quatre and Sally and absolutely oblivious to Wufei and Trowa's acknowledging smiles.

When the kiss ended, Heero slowly opened his eyes and saw Duo smiling widely. The American boy looked so happy as if he just got a gift from Heaven. "Hello, Mrs. Maxwell." Duo whispered affectionately while he caressed Heero's cheek.

"Hello, Mr. Maxwell." Heero murmured and then bowed his head, blushing from head to toe as he realized he was now married to Duo. He was Heero Maxwell now, until he got divorced. And somehow, Heero felt a divorce was not a thing he would get soon.


He had predicted he would be called as Mrs. Maxwell by the time he stepped into the ship. He had also predicted that he would have to wear dress during this cursed honeymoon cruise. He even predicted he would have to sleep in one bed with Duo, but what he didn't predicted was to find a red love shaped bed in the middle of the room.

Heero stared dumbfounded at the bed while his braided husband went around, inspecting the room before joining him in studying the bed. Duo was wearing black shirt and black tight pants while he was wearing the dress Sally had chosen for him. A white long sleeve shirt with blue pastel blazer and the same colored skirt that reached above his knees.

"Wow! A vibrating and spinning bed!" Duo plopped down on the bed, smiling at his wife.

"Vibrating bed?" Heero asked out of curiosity.

"You don't know about it?" Duo asked, amusement that was clearly shown on his violet eyes.

Heero shook his head.

Duo just smiled "Une is right. You have no experience at all in this department."

Heero growled and decided not to argue with the braided boy. He was about to storm out the room when a hand reached around his waist, stopping his movement and pulling his back against a solid chest.

"May I know where my wife wants to go?"

"I'm your wife on the paper only." Heero grunted. He felt Duo fall silent for a few seconds before he was turned to face his husband.

"Heero, I know it's because of mission that you married me, but I don't. You know I don't lie. I run, I hide, but I never tell a lie. I married you because I wanted to."

Heero was shocked at the sudden confession. His mouth was opened but he couldn't make out a word. He stared at Duo as the braided boy cupped his face. "I told you before. I love you, Heero. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." The braided boy moved forward and planted a soft kiss on Heero's forehead.

Heero finally managed to get the gears on his brain turned on and was about to speak when Duo put two fingers on his lips. "Listen to me first. I know you thought I shouldn't feel like this for you because we have the same genders, right?"

Heero was surprised that Duo could guess his thought, making him nod instead of answering.

"Well, I don't care about the gender. I've loved you from the start. I love your stubbornness and your strong heart. I love the way you think and act, save the suicidal ones of course. Your acceptances and willingness in kissing me flares my hope. You seem to understand the feelings that I put through the kiss. I really want to be your husband so can you give me a chance?"

Heero didn't answer and Duo took it as a green sign to continue. "Please consider me as your husband during this cruise. I'll treat you as my life mate, my spouse, the one I want to spend my life with. Maybe you didn't notice it, but you signed our wedding paper twice. That's because I asked the priest to make another paper where we are wedded as male and male not male and female, so we're really married legally. I know it sounds so forceful, but if in the end of this cruise, if you find you're really not interested in living together with me, than I....." Duo paused for a second before continuing. "I'll make the divorce arrangement."

Heero's mind ran one mile per second, trying to digest all Duo's words. He could see the hope in those violet eyes and thought about the suggestion seriously. Looking at the waiting boy, Heero decided to follow his feelings.

"Okay, I'll be your spouse during this cruise." Heero nodded his consent. That earned him a very wide beaming smile from his husband. And somehow, Heero knew that smile was only reserved for him.

"Arigato, Heero." Duo kissed Heero lightly.

"But you still have to remember, we are here on a mission, not really on a honeymoon."

Duo rolled his eyes. "Aye, my Lady."

Heero felt the urge to pinch Duo's nose for that and gave up into the urge, pinching his husband's nose quiet hard. Duo, of course, wanted revenge and tickled Heero. Laughter quickly filled the room as they turned into a battle of pinching and tickling. When the battle ceased, they somehow had ended up lying on the bed but neither of them cared since they were trying to steady their breaths. Heero lay on his side while Duo sprawled on the bed.

Still panting slightly, Duo rolled to face his wife and put an arm on Heero's waist. "Now, can I know where my wife wants to go?"

"I'm going to check where the weapons were hidden."

"It'll be suspicious if you walk alone the ship without being accompanied by your husband."

"You're right. Well, accompany me, then." Heero was about to sit up when Duo's hand pushed him to lie down again.

"We can do it later after dinner. Right now, I think I better take a nap for an hour first to recharge my energy." Duo yawned and then grinned sleepily. "Of course it will be more wonderful if I have my wife to sleep with me."

Heero blushed as a picture of him snuggling into Duo came up on his mind. He climbed off the bed and retrieved his laptop from their luggage. "I think I want to report to Une that we made it into the ship."

"Okay....." Duo yawned again and closed his eyes. Heero looked at the sleeping figure on the bed and then at the laptop as he had put on the table. He looked back at bed and felt something was missing from the way Duo sleeping. The bed was too large to sleep in alone. Heero looked at the laptop once again before shrugging and climbing onto the bed once more. The report could wait.

He lay next to Duo, facing the braided boy, and watched as Duo opened his eyes, smiling sweetly. One hand came up onto his waist, pulling him closer to Duo and a kiss was bestowed on his forehead before the violet eyes closed once again. Heero found this was the first time he was really sure he had done the right thing. Smiling, he closed hiseyes and joined his husband in the dream world.


"Cool, so you just married today and are now on your. Shan and I have been married for five years but never went on a honeymoon until now because of the war. Thank God, the Gundam pilots had managed to stop the war."

Heero watched as the man spoke eagerly with Duo. They came out of their room to have dinner and sat down at the same table as the Japanese couple, Shan and Kou. He didn't mind having conversation with them but sometimes he found himself blushing at their blunt questions about his and Duo's relationship.

He straightened the rippling clothes on the sides of his dress. The ripples were annoying; not to mention the dress was sleeveless, allowing some perverts to stare at his bare shoulders openly. The Japanese boy cursed himself for letting a certain blond boy choose the clothes for him.

"Heero.... it's a male name, isn't it?" Kou asked bluntly, making Heero panicked.

"Ah, my wife's father adores the great Heero Yuy so much that he gave his daughter the same name." Duo answered smoothly. For once, Heero thanked that now his name was Heero Maxwell, not Heero Yuy or he would get more trouble trying to explain his name.

"So when was your first kiss?" Shan's question made Heero blush at once.

Duo grinned and answered. "Five hours ago."

"What? You meant to tell me that you never kissed that lovely wife of yours until the marriage ceremony? Whoa, I don't think I can manage holding myself not to kiss such cute lady."

"Kou, dear. You're embarrassing her." Shan put her hand on his husband's one.

Heero blushed to the tip of his hair. Cute lady. He wasn't cute!

Duo just chuckled and held Heero's hand, kissing it gently. "It's okay Shan. I love watching her blushing. She is sooo cute."

Heero gave his husband a death glare but it had no effect for Duo. The braided youth kissed him lightly on the lips instead and then resumed his eating.

"Excuse me for a minute, I want to go to the rest room." Shan stood up and looked at Heero. "Heero, will you accompany me?"

Heero glanced at Duo, who nodded his head, and then stood up, following Shan into the rest room. He waited for Shan and washed his hands, blushing slightly as he noticed how many women were there, fixing their clothes and make-up.

"Heero, sorry to make you wait." Shan came out of the toilet and smiled to him.

"It's okay. What do you want to talk to me about?" Heero was not a fool. He knew Shan asked him to accompany her for a purpose.

Shan smiled. "You're a smart girl. I watched you during the dinner and I guessed this night will be your first time, am I right?"

"First time?" Heero frowned. "Oh, you mean..." The Japanese boy blushed again, already lost count how often he had blushed for this one day.

"First time you'll have a sexual relationship, yes." Shan smiled gently and put one hand on Heero's shoulder. "Don't worry, I think Duo'll go very slowly and carefully with you. I can see he loves you very much. Of course, it'll hurt for the first time but after that, I'm sure you'll have the greatest pleasure."

"Uhm.. thanks." Heero blushed even redder. He didn't believe he was talking about this with a woman he just knew an hour ago.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of. You have to be proud that you'll give him the thing you only can give once in your lifetime. Just relax and let him do the work." Shan patted Heero's shoulder reassuringly before she ushered Heero toward the door. "Come on, let's go out before your husband decided to get in here and retrieve you."


"What were you talking about in there?" Duo asked, while leading his wife onto the dance floor. As soon as Heero and Shan came out from the restroom, Duo asked Heero to dance with him. That wasn't a problem for Heero, except he had to remind himself that this time he wasn't the one who led the dance.

"Talking?" Heero offered succinctly, preferring not to talk about it.

"Judging from her mischievous smirk, I'm sure she told you somethig in there." Duo pulled Heero closer to him, grinning slightly as if he knew what Shan had told Heero.

"Uhm, just some woman's talks." Heero blushed and hid his face on the crook between Duo's neck and shoulder.

"Was it about sex?" Duo murmured near Heero's ear. They were slow dancing now.

"Uhm.." Heero could feel his face was hot once again.

"Don't worry, I won't do it if you don't want to." Duo whispered and caressed Heero's back soothingly.

"She said it hurt for the first time. Does it hurt too for a male?" Heero lay his head on Duo's shoulder and could feel Duo nod. Heero smiled. Strange, although he had known it would hurt, a part of him wanted to try it, wanted to feel the union with Duo. He knew as long as it was Duo, everything would be fine. He felt peaceful and safe, and never wanted to let go of that feeling anymore.

They danced in silence for half an hour, enjoying each other's presence. Duo felt warm, like a home for Heero. The Japanese boy unconsciously sighed in contentment and nuzzled his husband's neck. Duo smiled and tightened his hands around his wife, singing the song accompanied their dance softly near Heero's ear.

I can't believe I could be the one
To be with you under morning sun
See the moon and the nightingale
Sing along with us Oh baby baby
Duo kissed Heero's cheek gently and continued singing.
You're the only one
Fills my fantasy room
Never gonna stop
all the fantasy
I'll live my life
I'll live my life for you

Heero purred as Duo's soft tone brushing deep inside his heart. If only time could stop....

"I love you, Heero." Those words were whispered so low that Heero almost missed them if he had been an ordinary boy, not a trained gundam pilot. The Japanese boy smiled and kissed Duo's cheek lightly.

"We still have a mission to do, love." Heero unconsciously used the word 'love' that earned him another smile from his husband.