Title : My Fair Lady 2
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Pairings : 2x1
Rating : R
Warning : yaoi
Note : Since there are some peoples who asked for sequel, I finally finished it. Once again, thanks to Dacia for inspiring it.

My Fair Lady + Part 2

Heero opened his eyes lazily. Where was he now? Oh yeah, Duo and he had accomplished the mission, thanked to Julia and Rob who had put the whole ship into the bottom of sea accidentally. Also thanks to his laptop, which had a satellite modem, they could contact some ships, which were sailing near there to help them and the other passengers.

He had sent a message to Une about their mission while Duo and the others checking in their new room in the savior ship. Luckily it wasn't holiday time so there were some empty rooms available for the survivors. They also had to fill some papers for their identities, which turned out to be complicated because almost all of them had left their identity cards in the sunk ship. It was six hours later when they got the room. Exhausted, they entered the room, heading straight for the bed and promptly fell asleep once their heads touched the pillows.

Heero smiled at the last memory and turned his head to the side to see a pair of violet eyes watching him with amusement. "What're you smiling about, love?" Duo leaned forward and kissed his spouse gently.

"Hmm....just about how we got here." Heero murmured while enjoying his husband's kisses over his face. He pulled Duo closer, wanting more of him, but Duo pulled away from the kiss and shook his head.

"I don't think it's a good idea to do that now. If I feel your body, I won't be able to hold myself."

"Then don't hold yourself." Heero lifted his head, wanting to taste his husband's lips again, but Duo held him still.

"Not that I want to hold myself, but I just remembered something more important to do right now."

Heero raised an eyebrow, wondering what was more important than making love for the first time with his husband.

"We don't have any clothes save the one we are wearing right now." Duo explained.
Heero blinked, "You mean we have to buy clothes first?"

Duo nodded, "I totally forgot about this one yesterday. I suggest we do it now. We have wasted our time by sleeping through the night. I can only hope the other passengers will leave some for us."

Heero cursed and quickly got up. No way he would spend his second honeymoon in a dress!!! He had had enough of wearing dress!



Heero glared at the board hanging in front of the shop. There was only one shop selling clothes in this ship and he was staring at the said shop. Sold out! All the clothes had been sold out! Heero's mind only thought about one word : INJUSTICE!!!

He kept glaring at the said board, as if hoping the board would get frightened and change the writing on it. But of course it didn't happen. Still, he kept glaring at the board as his braided husband pulled him away from the spot. It didn't help that in the midway, he tripped on his long dress and fell on the floor, face first. Not fair! Really not fair! Heero wanted to scream as loud as he could.

Heero was trying to stand up, helped by Duo when someone walked toward them and bumped into him, causing him to fall onto the floor again, this time back first. And to make a matter worse, his bumper fell onto him, pinning him onto the floor. Heero could hear something snapped inside his head. That was it! Whoever this person was, they would be the first to die!!!! The shop's owner would be the second.

Heero was ready to grab the gun hidden beneath his dress when Duo spoke up, "Sally?"

The Japanese youth blinked and looked at the bumper. From the twin softness he felt pressed on his chest, this person certainly a female, with chestnut braided hair. Sally? Sally Po??????? What the....

Suddenly he felt the weight on his torso disappear and heard a surprise exclaim. "Maxwell! And who is...Yuy! It's you! What are you two doing here?"

Heero knew the voice. It was Wufei's. He looked up from where he was lying and saw the Chinese boy holding Sally in his arms. His mind was trying to process what on the earth these two doing in this ship when he felt someone lifting him into their arms.

"Are you okay, love?" Duo's concerning tone snapped Heero from his surprise. He turned and saw Duo eyeing him, searching for some injuries.

"I'm fine." Heero grunted and turned to the Chinese boy and his companion, who looked surprise. "What are you two doing here?"

Wufei turned to Sally questioningly and Sally nodded her head. He turned back to Duo and Heero. "I think we better talk about this in our room." With that he turned and walked away, carrying Sally in his arms. Duo quickly followed the Chinese boy, also carrying Heero in his arms. Heero let him, not wanting to walk while wearing the damn dress. Moreover, he liked being carried by his husband.


"So you getting onto our targeted ship is just a purely coincidental." Wufei looked at his guests, who were sitting on the couch across the bed he and Sally were sitting. They had told them how their mission went and thus explained why they were here. "Sinking the ship, hmm.... It maybe a good idea. You don't have to search where the weapons were hidden."

"You haven't located the place yet, Wufei?" Duo asked. "It has been two days and you still haven't managed to find it. The weapons are surely hidden very well then."

Wufei coughs a little. "Uhm, yeah. You can say like that....."

Unfortunately Sally didn't agree with the Chinese boy. She cuffed his head and turned to Duo, "He lied. He hasn't searched for the weapons. We were just about to start the searching when I bumped into Heero."


"Don't you dare denying it. You spent these two days screwing me silly!" Sally smirked smugly while Duo fell into hapless laughter. It looked like the Chinese boy had finally surrendered resisting the braided woman.

Heero just smirked, "Screwing her silly? Really, Chang, I thought you were a gentleman that could hold yourself when it comes to deal with females. What happened to your honor?"

"That onna took it." Wufei mumbled and got another cuff from Sally.

"Not just a plain 'onna', I'm your wife, Chang Wufei. You'll get nothing from me if you don't want to fix that ego of yours."

"Okay, okay, my wife took my honor, happy?" The Chinese boy grunted.

Sally just smiled and kissed her husband. "Happy."

"Congratulation Sally, Wufei." Duo grinned." It looks like the temporary wedding will shift into eternal one, ne? Une'll be surprise when she knows what this mission did to her subordinates."

Heero just snorted when he noticed the wink from his husband. He would not give any comments about that.

"Thank you, Duo." Sally smiled and happily leant against his husband. "How about you two?"

Wufei encircled his hand around his wife's waist and grinned at Duo. "Yeah, how about you two? Looking from how you carried Yuy, I think you have something to tell us as well, Maxwell."

"Not Yuy." Heero snorted.

"Huh?" Wufei looked at the Japanese boy as if he just grew two heads.

"There's no Yuy here, Wufei." Duo laughed as Wufei's jaw dropped onto the floor. He reached Heero around the waist, pulling the boy closer to him, and turned to the other pair. "Want an introduction, guys?" Duo kissed Heero's cheek lightly. "Meet my spouse, Heero Maxwell."

"We're married legally and forever like you too, Chang." Heero smirked and kissed his husband on the mouth passionately.

Wufei could only stare while Sally giggled and closed Wufei's jaw gently with one finger. "You lost the bet, Fei dear."

"The bet?" Heero pulled away from the kiss and leant against Duo, just like Sally did.

"He bet that you need more than one week to finally accept the marriage." Sally smiled.

"And what did you bet on for this?" Duo asked.

Sally just smiled and retrieved something from her pocket, dangling it in front of them. Duo laughed again while Heero smirked as the Chinese boy blushed and grabbed the furred handcuff from his wife, stuffing it beneath the pillow. "Nice bet, Chang."

"Shut up, Yu... uh Maxwell."

Heero snickered while Duo laughed louder, making Wufei fuming. "Shut up Maxwell. Both of you!"

"You may want to call them by their sure names, Fei-dear." Sally patted her husband's hands.

"I think he'll learn, Sally." Duo grinned. "Oh, yeah Wufei, before I forgot it, can you lend us some clothes? We were too late getting into the shop and all have been sold out"

Smart Duo! Heero brightened up as he finally could change this damn dress and became a boy once again. He watched as Wufei stood up and opened his luggage, noticing how the luggage mostly filled with gowns and dresses.

"I only bring a few clothes." Wufei rummaged through the luggage. "Sally brings much more clothes than I do. Yu..uh Maxwell, I think you'll have to wear...." Wufei stopped talking as he felt a gun pressed against the back of his head.

"No." Heero growled and released the safety of his gun. "I won't wear another goddamn dress again!"

Sally blinked at the turn of event and looked at Duo, who was trying hard not to chuckle and gave his spouse a sympathy look. "Wufei, you might want to give Heero what he wants."

"I understand, just put the gun down, Yu..uh... Heero." The Chinese boy grunted and took out some of his clothes.


Heero straightened the blue tank top from Wufei and the white spandex Sally gave him. He felt happy as he was fully himself again now. He looked at his husband, who was still wearing the same clothes. Ofcourse Duo didn't feel a need to change his clothes since he wasn't the one who was wearing the damn dress. Heero gave the dress he was holding a glare before shoving it to Sally. "Here, you can have it."

Sally shook her head. "You may want to keep it as a souvenir for your first honeymoon, Heero."

Heero looked back at the dress long before nodding. Sally did have a point there.


All of them looked at each other before Wufei spoke up, "Maybe it's ticket checking time."

Sally got up to open the door while Heero stood near the bed, where he couldn't be seen from the door.

The door was opened and Heero could hear a woman talking to Sally. He felt he recognize the voice and looked at Duo who could watch the visitor. His husband turned to him and mouthed 'Shan', making Heero curse and run into the bathroom, which fortunately near him. He heard Shan introducing herself to Sally and Wufei when he closed the bathroom's door.

"Duo! You're here!" Heero could hear Shan's happy exclaim while he hid himself in the bathroom. "Where's Heero? Is she okay? I heard you two were being held hostage and felt so worried."

"Heero is okay, Shan. She is in the bathroom right now." Heero heard Duo's replies and cursed as Duo told Shan where he was. Baka! He should have told that he was in the other room or what! Why did Duo have to tell honestly about it? Oh yeah, he forgot again that Duo never lied.

"Heero?" Heero groaned as he heard Shan's voice near the bathroom's door. What to do now? He couldn't hide forever here. "Heero? It's me Shan."

Heero grimaced and put his voice in higher tone before replying. "Hi Shan, I'm washing my face here."

"Oh, do you need my help there?"

Definitely not!! Heero was panicked. No way he would let Shan see him as a boy. "No, it's okay. I'm done with it. Just wait a minute, I need sometime to straighten my clothes." When Heero realized what he had said, he wanted to bang his head against the wall for his stupid works. He just set the death sentence by himself. Now there was no reason to hide in the bathroom. Kamisama, what should he do now?

Heero fidgeted and then noticed he was kneading something. He looked down at his hands and saw his dress. He had carried it unconsciously when he'd ran into the bathroom. For once, Heero felt grateful for the dress. He quickly changed back into the dress and walked out to meet Shan.

"Heero! I'm glad you're all right." Shan smiled happily and hugged him for a moment.

"I'm glad you are okay too." Heero spoke back and pulled away from Shan. "What're you doing here and where's Kou?"

"Oh, I almost forgot. I want to borrow some clothes for Kou since he was late in buying the clothes. He went to borrow from the other passengers. What are you doing here?"

"Uh I..." Heero urged his mind to find an answer. "Uhm.. same like you, Duo and I are here to borrow the clothes from Sally and Wufei."

"Oh I guess I will have to borrow from another pair then." Shan then excused herself to Sally and Wufei. Heero was about to breathe in relief when Shan turned to him again. "Heero, I hope you and Duo will attend the lunch later. Kou will be happy to see you two."

"Sure." Heero offered a smile while silently praying for a hole to swallow him. He watched as Shan smiled back before closing the door.

Silence quickly filled the room after Sally locked the door. Heero didn't move or sigh in relief. He just looked at the door, not wanting to believe what he had gotten himself into. With Shan here, on the same ship as him, he couldn't be a boy since Shan had known him as a girl. He also realized there would be some other couples, who would recognize him as a girl as well. It would make them very suspicious if he appeared as a boy. So that meant he had to wear a dress till they left this ship. Damn! Heero bowed his head in defeat. Wufei was right. There was no justice!!!

While the Japanese boy bowed his head, Wufei tried hard to stifle his laugh, knowing his life could be the price to pay. Sally just smiled at Heero in sympathy and then looked at Duo, who shrugged his shoulders, trying hard to hold his chuckles. After a minute of silence, Duo finally managed to speak up. "Sally, can you lend Heero some of your clothes?"

Heero wished to kill every dress tailor on earth and the colonies while Sally handed him her gowns.


Heero was silent till they arrived at their own room. He closed the door and just stared at the bundle of gowns and dresses Sally had given to him. He felt Duo approach him. Gentle hands hugged him and a kiss was bestowed on his forehead. "It's only for some days, love." Duo's voice was soothing him.

"I hate wearing dresses." Heero pouted and let Duo maneuver him to sit on the bed. Then he sat down next to Heero.

"I know. But I think you look beautiful in them, love. You should be proud." Duo caressed Heero's back, chuckling slightly at his spouse's unlucky situation.

"I'm not beautiful. You are." Heero murmured, unaware of the slight blush on his cheeks.

"We both are." Duo kissed Heero's neck. "You're beautiful, love, as male and female. So beautiful that I feel I want to keep you in a tower for myself, away from the others."

Heero moaned and tilted his head, giving Duo more space to place his kisses. The Japanese boy felt his husband's hands start undressing him and he reached up to do the same. Soon they were sprawled on the bed, with Duo hovering over Heero and kissing every exposed skin of his spouse. Heero finally managed to pull Duo's shirt off completely. His hands quickly roamed wildly over the bare chest, teasing and prodding the firm plane. His wild exploration made his husband moan in pleasure and for some moments stop undressing him. Heero didn't mind though, as he was too absorbed in making his husband moaned louder. Following instinct, he lifted his head and took Duo's nipple into his mouth, causing his husband to gasp. Hearing it made Heero feel satisfied and intensified his ministration on the said flesh.


What the..... Heero felt like wanting to kill whoever knocking at their door. He reached for his gun, but couldn't locate his hidden gun beneath his dress. Damn, where was his gun when he needed it?

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK "Mr and Mrs Maxwell?"

Heero cursed loudly having to cease his sweet torment on his husband while the said husband also cursed in every language Heero could recognize. The Japanese boy sunk back onto the bed and reluctantly let his husband pull away to answer the door. His state of undress made him opt to throw a blanket to cover his body while Duo slipped back into his shirt before opening the door.

"Yes?" Duo spoke up not too gently to the intruder.

"Sorry for interrupting, Sir." Heero peeked from his blanket to see a man in sailor suit standing in front of the door. "The captain has interrogated the criminals and needs your approval about what happened while you two being held hostage. He believes the one day he's given you to rest is enough, and needs to borrow your time now.."

Heero's mind easily put the task of killing the ship's captain on the top of his to-do list.