My Fair Lady + Part 1 (cont)

Feeling the sun try to pry his eyes open, Heero frowned, not wanting to wake up from his peaceful sleep. Then he was aware of an arm and a leg over his torso. He searched his memory for the event last night. After the dancing, he and Duo had walked around the ship, pretending to see the stars, but after two hours of searching, they still hadn't found the location of the weapons. Disappointed, they went back to their room and Heero fell asleep before his head touched the pillow.

"Morning, love." Something wet touched his dry lips and Heero opened his eyes slowly to see his smiling husband's face some inches away from him. "Did you sleep well?"

Heero blinked and nodded, noticing Duo was only wearing black pants. He quickly ran check on his own clothes and was surprised to find he was still fully clothed in his dress.

"I won't touch you without your permission." Duo reassured him and caressed his cheek lovingly. "So what's the plan today?"

"Huh?" Heero stared flabbergasted. His mind was a little difficult to cooperate with now that he was enjoying Duo's caress on his cheek. Funny, he felt he didn't want to leave the bed.

"We haven't found the weapon location, remember? What are we going to do now?" Duo planted a kiss on Heero's neck. "To be honest I prefer to spend all day like this with my wife."

Heero groaned as he remembered his mission and reached for his pillow to bury his head beneath it. He still wanted to sleep. It was very rare for him to have a very good sleep like this.

"I recall someone said we are on a mission, not on a honeymoon." Heero growled at Duo's words and heard Duo's chuckles of amusement through the pillow. Then he felt the bed shift and the arm and leg on his torso disappeared. Heero was about to turn around when a hand pushed him down as a kiss was bestowed on the back of his neck. "Just rest some more. I'll take a bath first so you still can doze off for about an hour."

The hand was gone. Heero could feel a weight leave the bed and heard soft steps of Duo heading to the bathroom. Heero could hear the shower being turned on and stretched in the bed. He didn't feel like sleeping again. The sleep wouldn't be the same without Duo. Was it love that made him fell like this? He didn't know for sure... or did he?


Heero had booted up his laptop when Duo came out of the bathroom. He looked up from where he was working on his computer and was mesmerized by the sight of his husband. Duo was only covered by a towel around his waist. His long hair was wet and unbound, reaching his waist.

Duo smiled and approached Heero. He stopped behind Heero, who was sitting on the chair and tilted his wife's head to give those delicate lips a passionate kiss. Heero's eyes widened in surprised before they were closing as he kissed his husband back.

"Reporting to Une?" Duo murmured an inch away from his spouse's mouth.

"Aah." Heero opened his eyes and looked straight to the violet eyes.

He could smell Duo's lavender shampoo and wondered how it felt to run his hands through the long damp hair. The Japanese boy touched the long strands beside Duo's face, noticing how soft the hair was. He noticed Duo's smile and blushed as he realized what he was doing.

He had let Duo kiss him ..repeatedly..... and kissed back. Heero blushed redder, as Duo treated him like he had promised, Heero found he also treated Duo as his husband. It seemed so natural, so right. It was only a day but he felt he had gotten used to this role. Being Duo's spouse wasn't bad, really not bad at all.

A beep from his laptop saved him from blushing even redder. Heero released Duo's hair and read the incoming message. "Keep searching, you may want to wait for a few days before starting the mission so it won't make you suspicious." Heero blinked as he realized that meant....

"So we have a real honeymoon for a few days of waiting, ne?" Heero blushed as Duo could guess his thought. He let out a gasp of surprise as his chair being spun around, facing his husband. Duo was bending over him so he had to look up to meet those violet eyes. "What do you want to do on the second day of our honeymoon, love?"

"To do?" Heero asked, frowning. He didn't know what to do, but he knew what he wanted. He wanted Duo to be with him.

"Well, there are some facilities on this ship. There's a sauna, message room, indoor spor and fitness room, and a movie theater."

Heero frowned deeper. He didn't know what to choose. "What about you, Duo? What do you want to do?"

"I want to accompany my spouse wherever he goes and show him whatever he wants me to show." Duo smiled and caressed Heero's messy hair lovingly.

"If I want to stay at this room all day?"

"Then I'll stay with you."

Heero looked at Duo and contemplated for a while before deciding what he wanted. He wanted Duo, he was sure of it now. But how far? He wanted Duo to touch him, to caress him, to kiss him, and to.... Heero blushed again and bowed his head.

"What is it, love?" Duo's hand shifted to caress Heero's cheek, encouraging the Japanese boy.

"Make love to me." Heero mumbled and felt his face as red as a boiled crab. He felt the hand on his cheek pause for a moment before it lifted his chin and Duo's eyes searched him.

"You want me to take you?"

"I'm your spouse and you're my husband. I want to know how it feels to make love with my husband." Heero blurted out, blushing from head till toe.

"Heero..." Duo kissed him softly. "I want you. I want to do it but not like this."

"No?" Heero was confused. Wasn't this what Duo wanted?

"No." Duo smiled sadly. "I want to do it when you accept me as your real husband. I want you to let me do it because you love me, not just because you want to know how it feels. This is a very important moment for me and for you too, so it should be spent with the person you really love, not with a husband on paper only."

Heero looked long at his husband, contemplating his words. Duo let him; still caressing Heero's cheek with one hand while the other hand covered Heero's hand. Kuso, he wasn't good at words but it seemed it was the time to tell Duo how he really felt about the braided boy. The feelings he had buried down and never once admitted them, even to himself, until he found out how much he enjoyed Duo's companionship and how Duo felt about him.

Suddenly he remembered the chorus of the song accompanying their dance last night. It was perfect and really suited to express his feelings. This time, it was his turn to sing for Duo. He didn't know how good his voice was but he would give it a try. This was for Duo, his husband. Real husband.

Heero took a breath and sang straight into the song's chorus, not bother with the opening since the words that he wanted to tell Duo were in the chorus.

Thank you for loving me baby

He watched as Duo's eyes widened and knew Duo recognized the song.

You'll always be the one who drives me crazy
I think this is a gift from God to have you here.

The braided boy smiled and kept caressing his spouse's cheek, listening intently as he sang.

Thank you for loving me baby
I treasure all your love and all the things we share

Heero watched as the violet eyes before him glow brighter with happiness. They became closer as he sang the last line.

And I wanna tell you how much I love you....

Right after he sang the last word, Heero felt soft lips touched his. Heero closed his eyes and leaned against the chair, surrendering to the kiss. He could feel what Duo wanted to tell him that he couldn't say with words, no matter how resourceful his braided husband with words. He could feel it by the way Duo's lips caressed the surface of his face before returning to his mouth once again. He too kissed back, pouring all his feelings for the braided boy onto the sweet surrender.

A wet tip stuck itself between his lips and Heero acted on instinct, opening his mouth to welcome the wet intruder. He felt Duo bend forward, hands covering his own hands on each of armchair, while exploring his mouth. Heero gasped in surprised as Duo's tongue found his, coaxing it to dance together inside his mouth. Duo's hands slipped beneath Heero's back and thighs, lifting the Japanese boy from the chair. Heero wound his arms around Duo's neck, not wanting to break the kiss, but eventually they had to break to let the air fill their lungs.

Heero looked at his grinning husband, still panting slightly. That grin seemed to want to tell him something. "What?"

"Mind if I want to make love with my spouse?" Duo asked innocently.

Heero blushed and shook his head. He tilted his head up to capture Duo's mouth again when .....


Both of them cursed as the knocking sound broke the spell and ruined their moods.


Sighing heavily, Duo released his spouse to let Heero stand up and answer the intruder. The Japanese boy stomped toward the door while trying to find the best method to annihilate the intruder. A swirl of red hair pushed in as soon as Heero opened the door, making him blink in surprise. "What the..."

"Please help me." A redhaired woman cut in and made her way into the room, straight to the half naked Duo. Heero let out a surprise gasp as he saw the woman threw herself into Duo's arms. His Duo. He could feel a fire start inside him and glared at the woman deathly while shutting the door a little too hard.

The braided boy noticed the deadly glare of his spouse and pushed the woman away. "Uhm lady, look..."

"Please, help me." The woman looked up at Duo and to Heero's irritation, she pasted herself against Duo's bare chest. Without thinking, he approached the woman and yanked her apart from Duo, pushing her to sit down on the chair he had occupied before.

"Sit here and calm down, then you can tell us what you want." Heero looked sharply at the stunned woman, who only could nod obediently. A hand encircled his waist and Heero let it pull him away from the woman, knowing whose hand was it.

Soft breath murmured near Heero's ear, "Don't be jealous, love."

Heero blushed as he realized he had acted on jealousy. He sat down on the bed across the chair and watched as Duo put on a bathrobe before asking the still stunned woman. "What's your name, lady?"

The woman blinked in realization, making Heero growl lowly at the desperate look she put before answering Duo's question. "I'm Julia Lowell. Please you have to help me." She reached for Duo's hand but Duo held up his hand and walked away.
The braided boy moved to stand next to the bed where Heero was sitting, feeling happy at the woman's disappointed look. "I'm Duo Maxwell, and this is my wife, Heero. If you have calmed down, you can tell us what happened."

"I...uh...." The woman stammered, trying to arrange her words. However before she managed to get out the right word, the door to their room was knocked again.

Heero and Duo looked at each other. At Duo's nod, Heero got up and opened the door, only to have a gun being pointed in front of his face. The man, who held the gun, pushed Heero and entered the room, locking the door behind him. "Don't move and hold up your hands." The man looked at Heero dangerously.

The Japanese boy held up his hands and glanced at his husband, hoping Duo find a way to disarm the man, but he was surprised, he saw Duo also hold up his hands. Heero narrowed his eyes as he realized Julia was pointing another gun to Duo. What was exactly going on here?

"Tie her, Rob." Julia ordered the man while she kept pointing her gun to Duo.

The man called Rob quickly tied Heero's hands behind his back with the ropes he produced from his pocket. Heero knew they could easily beat these two intruders but that meant their covers would be blown. No ordinary couple could handle two intruders armed with guns so he let himself get tied by the man.

While the man secured the ropes around Heero's hands, Julia ordered Duo to change his clothes before tying him. Heero growled and gave the woman his best death glare as Duo was forced to change clothes in front of them and that bitch seemed to enjoy the show. Heero quickly put the woman in the top of his to kill list.


"All clear, Julia. We are all alone in this ship." Rob grinned at the red head woman.

Heero and Duo just watched the couple checking every room in the ship using the wide screen monitor in the control room. Duo was tied to the chair while Heero, to his exasperation, was still held by the man around his waist. He could feel Duo's dark gaze on Rob and knew the man had very little chance to survive from Shinigami's wrath later.

From what he heard from their conversation, Heero had gathered that this couple was actually ex soldiers of OZ. They got information about this ship carrying weapons and intended to hijack it to build their army. It was ironic that the remains of OZ had split up and each of them fought against each other.

The couple had brought them into the control room and used them as hostages to force the captain, crews, and passengers of the ship to leave the ship using the safe boats. So now only four of them left in the ship.

"Good, Rob. We have about two hours to move this ship into our base before the government realizes what has happened." Julia nodded in satisfaction after she confirmed Rob's statement and worked on the computer to direct the ship to head to their base.

"After I finish putting the coordinate, we can play with them to kill the time until we reach our base." Julia smiled slyly and looked at Duo. Heero growled, knowing what the woman intended to do. Suddenly he jumped in surprise as the hand on his waist moved down and kneaded his bottom.

"It's so smart of you to choose this young couple as hostages, Julia." Rob leered and kneaded Heero's bottom again, while his mouth licking Heero's bare shoulder. In reflex, Heero wriggled, trying to dodge the prying hand and mouth, but another hand came out to circle his waist, holding him still in place. Heero could feel the man's hand sneak beneath his dress. He was about to tear the rope that tied him and give the man the lesson he would never forget when Duo spoke up... from behind the man.

"Let her go." Duo's voice was cold and deadly. Heero felt the man release him without protest and turned around to see Duo had a knife on the man's throat. He blinked in surprise and turned to where he last saw Julia only to see the woman was pinned to the wall by some knives stabbing into her clothes. He knew Duo could free himself from the ropes, but when did Duo learn that knife throwing ability from Catherine?

"Are you okay, Heero?" Heero turned around and blinked again as Rob had slumped on the floor, whimpering in pain. The bruises were all over his body. Heero assumed Shinigami must have given the man some lessons. "You wasted no time in bullying him, didn't you?" Heero raised an eyebrow to his husband.

"That will teach him not to touch my wife." Duo grinned and cut the ropes around Heero's hands with the knife he held.

Heero flexed his hands and turned to Julia again, grinning slightly. "And I think I have to teach her not to touch my husband."

Julia's eyes widened in fear as Heero approached her. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Duo collect the guns Julia and Rob had put carelessly aside and disabled them. He focused on the woman in front of him and slapped her twice on both cheeks. "That would teach you not to see what don't belong to you." Heero smirked, enjoying the anger in the woman's eyes.

Duo whistled behind him. "That's my wife."

The Japanese boy just snorted and was about to think about what to do next when the ship shook violently, making him lose balance. He tried to steady himself but stepped on his long skirt instead, causing him to fall flat on the ass.

Duo in the mean time had managed to steady himself, holding onto the main computer. The braided boy quickly checked the situation and shouted urgently. "The ship hit big crags under the sea, making a wide gap on the bottom of the hull. We have approximately ten minutes to save ourselves before the whole ship sinks."

Heero was cursing his damn dress when he heard Duo shouting. He quickly scrambled to stand up, only to fall flat on his bottom once again because his legs got tangled with his skirt while trying to stand up hastily. Wasting no time, Duo decided to grab his cursing spouse and ran toward the door.

"Hey! Don't leave me hanging here." Julia shouted. "Rob, stand up and help me, you fool!"

"Choose your modesty or your life." Duo shouted back, passing through the door and heading to the deck where the last safe boat was placed.

"My laptop!!" Heero shouted.

Duo made a face but he changed route nonetheless, racing to their room to grab the laptop and then heading back to the deck.

Once they arrived there, Duo put Heero down and together they worked to put the boat into the water. Duo jumped onto the boat first. Heero threw his laptop to Duo and was about to follow the braided boy when the ship shook once again, making him lose balance.

"Heero!!" Duo shouted worriedly as the ship sank faster. Heero cursed and tried to get a grip on the rail but he slipped on his own dress. He fell forward over the rail and off of the ship. Heero cursed as he felt himself falling down straight onto the safe boat Duo occupied. Luckily the braided boy moved fast. He let go of the laptop and caught Heero's fall perfectly.

"Are you okay?" Duo sat down and put Heero on his lap, facing him.

Heero nodded and grunted. "This is the last time I wear this goddamn dress."
Duo just laughed and hugged his Japanese spouse, kissing the boy deeply. Heero kissed back in full force, chest pressed together and hands encircling Duo's neck.

"Hmm, don't you want to rescue them?" Duo mumbled against Heero's mouth, gesturing to where a half-naked woman and a bruised man floated, waving and shouting for help.

"Let's leave them for a while." Heero rested his head on Duo's shoulder.

"Ninmu ryokai." Duo grinned and tightened his embrace on the Japanese boy while the laptop lay safely next to them.


[ An hour later ]

Lady Une read the mail she just received unblinkingly.

Mission accomplished. Going to second honeymoon.
Duo and Heero Maxwell

~ Owari


Note : The song I used in this fic is Sausalito by Leon Lai. If you want to see the pic this fic based on, it's in :


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