2001 (cont)

Deep in the night, Heero lay on his back, entwined with his lover. Duo's head was on his chest, an arm and leg lying over his. One of Heero's arms wrapped around Duo's sleeping form, the hand playing gently with the soft waterfall of unbound hair.

Heero closed his eyes, feeling the rapture in his body and soul. Duo was his. Duo loved him. . . .



"More," Heero groaned, burying his fists in Duo's thick chestnut hair, raising his hips to meet the boy's as he drove into him in deep, slow thrusts. Every thrust hit that spot inside him that made pleasure burn throughout his body, and he wanted more.

Duo groaned, hanging his head. It was good Duo knew what to do, because although Heero had been with women -- well, more specifically, a woman -- and he had a pretty good idea of how two boys would work, he didn't know for sure.

At Heero's plea, Duo gave more. The pleasure Duo was giving him built, and built, and built, until Heero couldn't take it any more and came, screaming Duo's name and spattering both of them with semen.

But it was what Duo said after he came, screaming Heero's name the way he had screamed Duo's, that gave him more pleasure than anything could ever describe.

"I love you. . . ." came the whisper, followed by a soft kiss on his neck.

Heero stared up at the ceiling, tears of joy filling his eyes. "I love you, too, Duo," he whispered.

<End flashback>


Heero shifted, pulling the covers up tight around the two of them, moving so that he could put both arms around the boy in his bed. "Aishiteiru, Duo," he said, and smiled. Not dai suki, suki desu or even koi shiteiru, but the full-out ai shiteiru. Heero smiled as he fell asleep.

His Duo.


The tap class teacher yawned and trudged down the stairs of Heero's mansion into the kitchen. All the other guests were up, apart from Duo and Heero.

"Where're Duo and Heero?"

"Still asleep," Lucy replied. "We were gonna let them sleep and leave a note saying we'd gone."

The teacher nodded. Sensible.


Duo found the dream slipping away as he rose towards consciousness. He whimpered and tried to stay asleep, supremely happy in the dream of Heero's strong warm arms around him and not wanting to face the harsh reality of an empty bed.

Then his eyes snapped open in shock.

It wasn't a dream.

Wide violet eyes slowly traveled up the strong chest muscles close to his face, up the neck column, along the strong jawline, and to a face he knew so well.

Holy shit! I've died and gone to heaven!

Heero was still asleep, features young and vulnerable without their usual scowl. Duo held his breath, afraid to wake the other boy lest it all shatter to pieces and prove to be nothing more than a carry-over from his dream.

Hesitantly, Duo lifted a hand and put his finger on Heero's lips. He softly traced the full lower lip, rubbing back and forth. Yup, it was real all right. He was here, in Heero's arms, in Heero's bed.

Heero stirred and mumbled something, his grip tightening on Duo. The braided boy decided to find out once and for all if this was a dream. He leaned forward and replaced his finger with his lips, licking Heero's lower lip gently. His mouth was slack in sleep, so Duo slid his tongue into the warm, wet cavern.

Heero had obviously woken up by this time, as his hand came up to cup the back of Duo's head, responding to the kiss eagerly.

Duo pulled back, staring down at Heero, who regarded him with heavy-lidded eyes. "Pinch me," he said.

Heero blinked. "Nani?"

"I want to know if I'm dreaming or not. Pinch me."

So Heero did.

"Ouch!" Duo yelled as his nipple was tweaked. Then tears filled his eyes as he realized what that meant.

"Duo?" Heero sat up. "Did I hurt you that much?"

Duo flopped onto his back and just stared up at Heero. He said he loves me. "Last night. . . . You said you love me."

Heero frowned. Was Duo having second thoughts? "I do love you."

A smile took over Duo's face, tremulous but more real and happier than his manic laugh. The tears in his eyes spilled as he smiled, and, concerned, Heero wiped them away with his thumb.

"Duo? What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Duo said. "Nothing is wrong at all. That's why I'm crying."

This made less sense than usual. Heero told him so.

"I love you too," Duo said. "Now kiss me, you big idiot."

That, at least, Heero could understand. He kissed Duo as gently as he had last night, lying on top of him and caressing the lean length of the boy's body with one hand. He hooked Duo's free leg around his waist, as Duo rubbed the other one between his thighs.

The braided -- well, now unbraided -- boy tried to roll them over. Heero held him down and pulled back just far enough to whisper, "It was your turn last night -- now it's mine."

Duo had no complaints.


After that, things changed. Duo and Heero spent every available moment in each other's company, although whether they were discussing where to go to college or doing something else entirely is not something anybody knew for sure.

Heero, being a bluntly honest person, now agreed with the people in the town who tried to antagonize him by calling him a fag and Duo his 'short, girly-haired' lover. It infuriated them beyond belief when Heero kept saying, "Yes, I am gay," and "Yes, he is my lover," to what they said. Duo thought this was extremely funny.

Before they knew it, school was over. Their exam results were in; near perfect scores for both of them. Heero graduated as valedictorian, Duo the next one in line for that position. The two of them applied for, and got, a place in one of the top colleges in the country, the Isaac Newton Science & Dance College [3]. True, it was an unusual combination, but the college had an excellent reputation.

Duo and Heero found an apartment together near the college. Solo insisted on helping pay the purchasing costs, as he decided that now he could afford it he would not be beholden to Heero for anything. Never mind that Heero kept telling him he didn't owe him.

On the first day, there was to be an assembly of the new class, no matter what courses they were taking. If you were starting in the college that year, you showed up at the assembly.

The guy who gave the assembly was long and boring. Duo found himself falling asleep on Heero's shoulder. People began shifting restlessly. They were standing outside the college on a bright summer's day, but the old guy who was droning on and managing to put to sleep most of the people there made it seem like the middle of winter.

Just a few more minutes, Heero thought to himself, then smiled wistfully down at Duo, who was leaning against him on the verge of snoring. A few more minutes of this and I'll be joining him.


Quatre rolled his eyes at the man still speaking and turned to something more interesting: looking out over the throng of people. There were all kinds there, women of all ages in everything from short skirts to business suits to jeans, men once again of all ages whose hair ranged more than the women's, from tomahawks to short stubble to long braids. . . .

Long braids?

Long braid.

Quatre searched the crowd again for the man he had seen with a long braid. There! Leaning against another guy who looked like he'd never had a pleasant thought in his life, black jeans, red shirt, long chestnut hair. . . .

The man turned a little and Quatre's eyes widened.

"Trowa!" he hissed, tugging on the arm of the tall boy beside him. "Look over there!"

Trowa looked. His one visible eye widened. "Duo?"

"He's here! He must have got a scholarship! We have to go talk to him!"

Thankfully, at that point the man had finally stopped talking, and the assembly was over. People began walking around, and Quatre charged through the crowd towards where he had last seen Duo.

"Uh -- Quatre -- " Trowa could see over the people's heads, which his lover could not. "Do you know that guy with him?"

"No, why?"

"Because they're. . . ."

Fortunately, at that point Trowa did not have to describe what the two were doing, as a gap in the crowd allowed Quatre to see.


Heero was getting fed up. They'd been here several hours, and he had noticed his Duo getting more than a few admiring looks from both male and female members of the crowd. Several times some girls had made their way up to the two, and begun flirting outrageously with Duo.

Well, he'd had enough. Duo had kindly told the girls he already had a lover, and had made it quite clear by putting an arm around Heero's waist, but that didn't seem to deter the guys or some of the girls.

Only one way to fix that, Heero thought to himself, and said, "Duo?"

Duo looked up at him and smiled, love in his eyes. "Yeah, Hee-chan?"

Ever since Heero had made the mistake of telling Duo about the Japanese endearment, the braided baka had employed it whenever addressing him. Oh, if only his mother could see them now. She'd laugh her ass off.

Heero pressed his forehead against Duo's, ignoring the startled look. "You're mine, right?"

"Right," Duo said, confused.

"Well now I'm going to prove it to the rest of the people within sight of us."

Before Duo could ask him how, Heero's tongue was down his throat.


"Well, it looks like Duo's found someone too," Quatre said with a bright smile as he regarded the couple. Arms around each other, the strange boy and Duo were quite blatantly tongueing in the middle of the courtyard.

Trowa smiled. As he and Quatre started forward again, the two kissing broke it off, smiling at each other. Well, Duo was smiling. The strange boy had a look on his face that implied a smile when it actually wasn't.


Duo jumped, and pulled away slightly, turning to Quatre with a grin. "Q-man! How're you doin'?" he cried, enveloping the blond boy in a bear hug. He saw Trowa, and said, "Tro! Good to see ya!"

"Who's your friend?" Quatre asked, gesturing towards the boy who was standing there with an expressionless face.

"Oh! Q-man, this is Hee-chan."

"Heero Yuy," the boy said, holding out a hand. "And you are?"

"Quatre Raberba Winner," Q-man said. "Duo-speak takes a while to get used to, doesn't it?"


"Hee-chan, I thought I told you about this! 'Hn' is not a word in either English or Japanese, so you can't use it as a reply!"

"My name is not 'Hee-chan', it is Heero. I would have thought you would know that by now."

"Would you rather I called you the English translation, Heero da -- "

"Shut up Duo."

Duo grinned, unrepentant. "You'd rather have it so nobody else knows what I'm calling you, right?" he said.

Heero gave him a death glare, then promptly ignored him. "And you are?" he said, turning to Trowa.

"Trowa Barton," Trowa replied, shaking Heero's hand. "How long have you two been together?"

"About two months," Duo said cheerfully, glomping Heero. Heero permitted it with a stoic expression, but Trowa noticed his arm holding Duo to him.


"How many people do you know, Duo?" Heero asked as a Chinese man and woman came up to them.

"More than I can keep track of," Duo replied, then yelled, "Hiya Wu-man!"

"My name is Wufei," Wufei replied, coming to stand in the small group with Meiran. "I see you got your scholarship. Who are your friends?"

"Quatre Raberba Winner," Quatre said.

"Trowa Barton."

"Meiran Chang," Meiran said.

"Chang Wufei."

"Hey great, you guys got hitched!" Duo said to them. "This is Hee-chan, by the way."

Wufei snorted, then looked at Heero. "Do you understand Japanese?"

Heero looked at him. "Do you?"


Heero looked away. "Then no I don't."

"Heero, you are Japanese," Duo complained, glomping him again after an extended hug fest with Meiran and Quatre.

Wufei snickered. Heero gave him his best 'Eat Shit And Die' look. "It's not my fault the baka insists on calling me that," he groused.

"I'll agree with you on the baka front," Wufei said.

A long conversation followed involving how each person knew Duo, what Duo had done for them, and where everyone was staying. By some strange quirk of fate, they had all ended up in the same apartment block. Soon everyone knew the others and liked all of them.

One night they were all in Duo's and Heero's apartment, the lights off, watching a horror movie late in the night. Quatre frowned to himself, his concentration on something other than the TV.

The relationship between Heero and Duo seemed . . . odd, to say the least. Quatre had never seen Duo so happy before, or anyone so blatantly in love, but Heero. . . . Well. He addressed Duo all the time as 'baka', which Wufei said meant 'idiot', and apart from that one kiss the first time they had met him, Quatre had never seen him give Duo another affectionate gesture.

But Duo seemed happier than Quatre had ever known him. It didn't make sense.

Quatre gave up looking at the TV screen and focused on Duo and Heero instead. They were stretched out on the couch, Heero supporting Duo. Duo's eyes were mostly closed, his attention obviously not on the film even though normally he would be glued to it. His head was tucked under Heero's chin, his legs between Heero's. Quatre's gaze switched to Heero. The Japanese boy was nuzzling Duo's hair gently, his arms around the boy. Quatre suddenly noticed one was under Duo's shirt, softly moving back and forth in a caress low on Duo's stomach, while the other hand had its fingers twined with Duo's.

Even as the blond boy watched, their heads twisted slightly, and they exchanged a soft kiss. So that was it. Looking at Heero, Quatre could see the almost wistful expression on his face, wonder there as he looked at Duo. The expressionless mask had fallen away, showing what was under the surface, and Quatre as instantly relieved. Heero loved Duo at least as much as the braided boy loved him -- he just didn't show it in public.

Quatre switched his gaze to Wufei and Meiran. The two Chinese people were entwined much the same way Duo and Heero were, except they were focused on the movie, and Meiran lay on her side instead of her back. The blond Arabian looked up at his lover, and saw Trowa smiling down at him. He could never resist that look: he kissed him.

Quatre was a firm believer in soulmates, and he also now firmly believed that the three couples in the room were meant to be together, despite Wufei's frequent protestations about onnas and Heero calling Duo a baka. He also believed in reincarnation, and wondered in how many lives they would meet and love each other. He shivered suddenly, as though gripped in a horrible premonition.

Or would their lives bring more pain than joy. . . ?


Okay, so this is the crappest ending I have ever done. So sue me. It was this or have the damn thing go on forever.

[1] No, not like that! Hentai!

[2] Please, no more hentai innuendoes!

[3] Yes, I made this college up. I had to find something that would suit both of them.

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