Author: Anria Lalumin
Disclaimer: hm, guess what I'm gonna say here. What? You can't guess? Well, then I'm not telling you!
Warnings: AU, OOC, no yaoi in this part but I think ECM's planning a sidefic -- god help us. . . .
Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, and the next one (which is completely evil) coming up shortly. . . .

Past Encounters + Part Fifteen
The Plot Thickens

Treize set down the message he had been reading aloud, the one that stated Heero and Duo had left the country and traveled the Southern States, which were currently far too powerful for Treize to even think of asking for them back, especially as it turned out their companion was the son and heir of the Sultan. He sighed to himself. Things just never turned out the way he wanted.

He turned his attention back to the men sitting in front of him. "Now, gentlemen, does that completely clear up any misgivings you may have about being rescued?"

G did not reply, but J snorted. "As if that boy would care! I trained him not to care!"

Treize's eyes glittered dangerously for a moment, but they soon settled back into the carefully urbane façade. "If that is out of the way now, I wish to make a business proposal to you."

Both old men were intrigued now, although they tried not to show it. Treize smiled inwardly; he had them in the palm of his hand. Human nature was not such a complex thing when it came to creatures such as this. Leaning forwards he rested one forearm on the desk and spoke to them frankly. "I see no reason for men of your learning to be killed when they can be put to . . . other uses," he said, still smiling that oily smooth smile. "You evaded mine and the other three kingdoms' attempts to capture you until your prize pupils betrayed you. You have caused more damage than any other outlaw group in all of our nations' histories. That takes . . . some skill."

Treize sat back. "I wish to utilize that skill in a proper manner. I have had . . . ambitions, you might say, for a while now. This peace grates on my nerves; it is not true peace at all. True peace only comes after a war, when people are too wrapped up in the horrors of it to ever consider committing crimes such as these roving bands of miscreants do so regularly. Assault and robbery are all too common," he said as though conveying some regrettably sad but nonetheless almost insignificant news.

"So you see, my dear gentlemen, I am providing you with an opportunity to save your lives and benefit the four kingdoms at the same time."

"You're saying you want our help to conquer the four kingdoms," G said slowly.

Treize smiled benevolently. "Oh, no, my dear fellow, only the other three. After all, I already have one," he said, and laughed as though it was the greatest joke in the world.


Some time later, back in their cell, G said suddenly, "That man is quite unbalanced, you know."

"I know," J replied. "Do we have a choice, though?"

"No," G replied thoughtfully. "No, we don't."

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