Yeesh, this one's really short.
by Anria Chiou Lalumin

Past Encounters
Part Four: Why?

Duo rode Scythe away from Heero's home, trying as hard as he could not to cry and failing miserably. Finally he was far enough away and pulled the stallion to a halt. He almost fell out of the saddle, falling to his knees and screaming his grief, tears streaming down his face.

"WHY?" he screamed to the sky. "Why did you do it? Why did you give me Heero, then take him away? He was everything I wanted! Why did you have to make him BG?"

It didn't occur to him to question why he was BR.


Heero watched Duo ride away, knowing he would never see him again. Could never see him again, or they would be honor-bound to try and kill each other.

Heero lowered his head as Duo rode out of sight and let the curtain fall across the window. Every moment of the last four days played in his head, all the physical delight that was less important than the sheer pleasure Heero got out of being in Duo's company. That meant more to him than sex. Duo brought a joy into his life, a laughter and way of looking at things that made everything seem wonderful. He loved to hear him talk, babbling on about everything and nothing. Duo's smile, his hair, his eyes, his lithe form dancing around the room to music only he could hear.

Heero realized his fists were clenched hard, nails digging into his palms to leave bloody imprints. He stared down at them, the white knuckles trembling with strain and shut his eyes, trying as hard as he could to calm himself.

The calm wouldn't come. Why? He screamed it over and over in his head, even if rigid control imposed on him by intense training wouldn't let him scream it out loud.

Heero didn't believe in God. He knew Duo did. It seemed the question was directed at Duo's God. Why? Why take Duo from me? Why make him BR?

Once again, as with Duo, it didn't occur to him to wonder why he was BG.

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