Author: Anria Lalumin
Disclaimer: I don't own them. I would really, really like to, but I don't own them.
Warnings: yaoi, angst, and LEMON!! YOU HEARD ME! LEMON!! NOT SUITABLE FOR ANYONE WITHOUT A PERVERTED MIND!! Which is not necessarily anyone underage, considering some of the conversations I've overheard my kid sister and her 13-year-old friend having. . . .
Pairings: For once I'll be accurate and use the 'whichever number comes first is the one which is dominant' thing. 3x2x1. Ha. There.

Thinking About Forever + Part 12

Heero could not think of words to describe how he felt when Duo smiled through his tears and quite literally fell into his and Trowa's arms. The braided man was cradled between the two of them, his back pressed against Heero's chest and his face buried in Trowa's neck. When he had first collapsed towards them, his shoulders were heaving with the tears that sprang from the overly emotional state he had been in and soaking Trowa's turtleneck while the two had hung on, giving comfort through their solid presence.

And now, as Heero lifted his eyes to meet Trowa's over Duo's head, he felt like crying himself. It was so confusing, why he felt like this. He was happy: why should he cry? Besides, soldiers don't cry.

But there was a suspiciously bright glimmer in Trowa's eyes from what little he could see in the dark room. And though his smile wavered slightly, it seemed as though the green-eyed man couldn't stop that beautiful smile from blossoming on his face.

His arms tightening around the now-still man in his arms, he buried his face in Duo's hair, inhaling the unique scent. Even with the three days of grease on it, his hair still smelled like the organic shampoo he used, a strange combination of lavender, aloe and rosemary (along with some other minor scents) that smelled heavenly. [1] There had been a time a short while ago when Heero had caught a scent of that every time Duo walked past his desk in Preventers HQ, and had liked it so much he unconsciously found himself sniffing the air any time Duo was in a room with him. Trowa thought it was immensely funny, so much so that he'd gone out and bought Heero a large supply of Duo's shampoo, telling him he could now smell it whenever he wanted.

Duo had calmed now and was still, resting quietly in their arms. It was as though time had stopped for the three in the apartment, letting them rest endlessly in the quiet and somewhat tremulous peace that came before a lifetime together, with all its good and bad, ups and downs, and everything that came with devoting your life to someone. It was as if this was the pause that came before reality came crashing down.

Heero found he didn't want to move, although he knew it had to end at some point. It was so peaceful, with his arms tight around his two lovers -- his two lovers. What a beautiful phrase that was. To know that he didn't have to give into society's expectations and settle on one person when he loved two with all the love that had been dug out from him.

Now that he thought about, Heero wasn't sure who he owed the more to -- Trowa or Duo. Duo had had the patience and love to dig him out of his shell, but it was Trowa who had continued on with Duo's work, as it were. Even if neither one really thought their relationship was going to last (at least in the beginning -- it sure looked as though it was going to last a long time now) it had gone a long way to help healing old wounds.

He didn't ever want to move.

It all had to end, though. Duo slowly stirred, pushing his way up from Trowa's shoulder. Their arms fell from each other reluctantly, watching as Duo gave them an embarrassed smile and scrubbed the remnants of tears from his cheeks.

"So . . . what now?" he asked, wincing a little at the hoarse sound of his voice.

Trowa caught Heero's eye, and smirked. "Bed?" he said in a totally innocent tone of voice.

Unfortunately, Duo had used the 'totally innocent' tactic one too many times -- having learned it off Quatre, the master of 'totally innocent' -- and eyed him suspiciously. "For what?"

"There are a limited number of things that one can do in a bed," Trowa told him.

"Oh yeah? Well I read in my bed, sleep in my bed, listen to music in my bed, watch TV in my bed, eat in my bed -- "

"Duo, you're overdoing it." Heero gave him a mock-glare.

"Yeah, well, so? My point still stands." Duo crossed his arms over his chest and stuck his nose in the air. It wasn't quite the impermeable joker façade he usually maintained, considering the emotional upheaval of the last few days, but it was a damn good attempt.

"Perhaps I should rephrase," Trowa -- purred? "There are a limited number of things one can do in a bed when one has two horny men in it."

"Ooooh, is that what you meant," Duo said, eyes wide and dancing with mischief. "The thought never crossed my mind. Tell me, would you two handsome gentlemen happen to be the 'two horny men' I can expect in my bed?"

"It's my bed, and you're coming in it whether you like it or not," Heero growled, quite literally grabbing Duo and throwing him over his shoulder.

"Shiiiiiiiiiiit!" Duo yelled, unsure whether to be panicking or laughing. He settled for a little of both. "Tro-babe, is he always like this?"

Trowa, however, was snickering over Heero's double entendre with the 'coming' remark. He wasn't sure whether the Japanese man had meant it like that or not -- with Heero, one could never tell.


Shaking himself out of it, he replied, "I think the sudden addition of more warm meat has him a little excited, Duo. You can't blame the poor boy, really -- after all, you are a rather . . . shall we say, attractive? piece of meat."

Duo sighed, giving up and relaxing a little, only to be flipped over Heero's shoulder and land with an "Oomph!" flat on his back in the middle of the bed. He stared up at the ceiling, a little dizzy, and suddenly heard the rustle of fabric hitting the floor.

As Duo looked up, he was suddenly reminded of an alcohol-fogged thought he'd had three nights ago.

Heero Yuy in everyday circumstances -- i.e., wearing clothes -- was the epitome of sex appeal.

Heero Yuy naked and crawling towards you over a bed with feline grace exuded enough pheromones to attract anything with opposable thumbs. Especially when the only light in the room was the harsh, distinct illumination pouring in through the windows from the moon, throwing everything into the harsh contrast of black and white, touching on the chiselled planes and predatory grace of Heero's body while holding those eyes back in shadow, with only small chips of reflected light to show that they were fixed directly on him.

Duo's breath caught in his throat as his groin swelled to life. Heero crawled over until he was on all fours on top of him, not touching anywhere, but with the promise of more barely a fingers-width away. He lowered his face towards Duo's until all the American could see was those hidden, shadowed eyes. . . .

"This will be a night you won't forget, Duo. . . ."

Duo sucked in a harsh breath and felt his semi-erect member jolt into full awareness as Heero smirked and slowly -- torturously slowly -- moved to kiss him.

He never made it. An equally naked and equally pheromone-soaked form crashed into him from the side, sending them rolling over in a tangle of naked limbs. Startled, Duo could only turn his head and watch was Trowa planted his hands on either side of Heero's head and growled out, "You had your turn, Yuy, it's mine now" then proceeded to kiss the hell out of him.

The display of tangled, naked limbs and a kiss that . . . was just about damned indescribable in its passionate, tongue-tied, writhing, groaning sexiness had Duo completely stunned. Nothing . . . nothing could ever compare to this.

Except knowing that they were all his.

"You know, you two could make a dead man horny."

At his words, Trowa's head rose, breaking the kiss, a long line of saliva still connecting his mouth to Heero's. Both turned to look at Duo and smiled. "You're overdressed," Trowa pointed out.

"I know." But he made no move to remove his clothes.

A frown eclipsed the smile on Heero's face, and he shoved Trowa off him to sit up. "Duo?" he asked. "What's wrong?"

Duo looked down at his hands. Part of him was telling him to shut up and join in, and the other part -- the more sensible part -- was telling him he had to get this out now, before all his sense left him and it was too late. It seemed like he saying a lot of things recently that he would never have said before, but he wanted this to work, and the best way to do that was to make sure that all potential problems were worked out at the start, and the rest -- well, they'd deal with that when it came.

"Trowa said that when you guys started your relationship, you laid out guidelines for it," Duo began, only to be interrupted.

"Duo, if you're worried about being constrained by that, forget it," Heero said. "It doesn't -- "

"No, no," Duo said hurriedly. "It's not that, it's actually a pretty good idea, so we know what boundaries not to push. I mean, I have some . . . fairly frail breaking points, like one good push would do me in there, and . . . I don't want stuff like that to get in the way because we just don't talk about it."

"All right then," Trowa said calmly, having picked himself up from where Heero had knocked him. It seemed fairly odd for the two naked and one clothed men to sit down as though they were in a café somewhere talking about the weather and actually be talking about things that could be the make or break of forever, when forever had started ten minutes ago. "What sort of guidelines do you mean, exactly?"

"Nothing strict," Duo assured them. "Just . . . the basics. Um. . . ." He wasn't sure how to explain what he meant.

"Example?" Heero asked.

"I -- There are two things that you never do with me," Duo said. "They're kinda stupid. . . ." He couldn't back out now. "Don't ever hit me, and. . . ." He wasn't going to explain why he never wanted to be hit. There was no point in dragging up his sordid past. "I. . . ." he trailed off. He didn't know how to say this without sounding stupid.

"Whatever it is, just say it," Trowa told him.

"Don't -- don't ever leave me," Duo blurted in a tiny voice. He bit his lip, knowing how utterly stupid that sounded considering what they'd discussed previously. "A-and I know how stupid that sounds right now but I really needed to let you know 'cause I don't think I could take it if you ever left me and I know it's dumb 'cause you said it would be forever but I just need you to promise -- "

"Duo, you're babbling," Heero observed calmly, his voice cutting through the braided man's monologue.

Duo bit his lip and stared at the rumpled bedcovers.

A soothing hand seemed to come out of nowhere and slid over his hair and across his cheek, rubbing gently. He nuzzled his head into the hand, desperate for any sort of comfort when he felt so stupid.

"If you want us to promise, we'll promise," Heero said, his voice floating disembodied to Duo's ears. "Duo, I promise I will stay with you until you die."

"Hey," Trowa said, sounding amused.

The Japanese man heaved a theatrical sigh. "Fine, then. Trowa, I promise you too that I will stay with you until you die."

"What if you die first?" Duo asked, then mentally slapped himself. Put your foot in it again, didn't you, Maxwell. . . .

"Then you can put my ashes in an urn on the mantelpiece and I'll have kept my promise."

Trowa snickered.

"Don't laugh at me, it's your turn now."

Trowa stopped snickering. He looked from one to the other and solemnly declared, "Mine. Both of you. You'll never get rid of me."

Duo's face split into a blinding smile. "Love you too, Tro," he whispered. He shivered suddenly, feeling the air in the room change.

Heero's eyes raked down his body. "Someone pointed out earlier that you're overdressed," he purred, and all of a sudden it was way too hot to stand wearing clothes any longer. Heero moved with the liquid grace inherent in him to slide to his knees and loom over Duo. The Japanese man glanced at Trowa. "How about we rectify that?"

Trowa moved beside him and nuzzled his jaw where it joined his neck, tongue flickering out to lightly taste the skin. "Mm. . . ." was all the reply Heero got.

He took that as a yes.

It seemed to Duo that one moment everything was quiet and still despite the tension radiating through the room, and the next it exploded into hands and mouths and writhing. His clothes were gone before he knew it, long fingers clenching in his hair as one mouth devoured his, another set of hands slowly running up his long legs. The light teasing touch along his skin combined with the skilful, squirming, wet tongue exploring his mouth shot straight to his groin and Duo moaned into Trowa's mouth as he went hard.

Trowa slowly broke the kiss, a long line of saliva still connecting their mouths, leaving Duo panting and only supported by the hands cupping his head.

Slowly, the braided man's eyes slitted open, lips wet and swollen, breath panting through them. Both Heero and Trowa were looking at him, running predatory eyes along his body, soaking up the sight of him in their bed.

He suddenly knew what was meant by the phrase 'hungry eyes'.

Duo suddenly knew how a deer must feel in front of a pack of hungry wolves. Except suddenly he felt the determination to show them he was a king buck . . . and not about to go down without a fight.

Drawing his legs up under him, he rose so he was seated on his heels, as they were, a wicked grin flickering around the corners of his mouth, shamelessly posing and displaying himself for them to see. Trowa reached out and slid one finger along the top of his thigh, from the knee, up, up, up . . . rubbing circles on the hip . . . and back down again, not breaking eye contact with his new lover the whole time.

Duo smirked at him, slipping one hand up over his chest to grasp the base of his braid at the nape of his neck and pulling it oh-so-slowly over his shoulder, the whole thing a sensual show. He ran his fingers down the length of the braid as slowly as Trowa continued to trace his thigh, Heero's dark eyes burning into them, before --

Flicking it back over his shoulder.

Heero's breath hissed in between his teeth, the only indication of displeasure at his little tease. The hand that had captured the braid fell to play softly with the sheets. He slid the other hand up from where it had been lazily caressing his other thigh -- not making it the centre of attention -- and slid it equally slowly to his chest, eyes never leaving Trowa's and caressing the lines of his muscles so as to capture the attention of his two beautiful lovers so they see what he was doing as he rubbed his fingers across his chest, torturing himself as well as them as he circled a nipple before taking hold and squeezing.

It sent a bolt of red-hot fire straight down to his groin, and he threw his head back, moaning and unable to stop himself. His nipples had always been incredibly sensitive.

That little display seemed to be the last straw for the other two in the bed as suddenly Duo found himself on his back again as someone pinned his wrists above his head and someone else -- or the same someone, he wasn't sure -- ran light fingers down the inside of his thigh, and someone else licked, sucked and worshipped one nipple while toying with the other, and someone else took hold of his erection and pumped it and oh shit --

Duo collapsed into a writhing, moaning pile of flesh. Electricity crackled over his skin everywhere they touched, and he didn't know how he managed to stop himself from coming right then and there. They were only simple touches, but it felt so damn good, so damn good, maybe because it was them or because there were two of them or because it had been so long or --

He didn't know. And his brain was being fried, so he didn't want to waste time thinking about it.

A low chuckle sounded by his ear, before a hot, wet tongue flickered out and circled it. "I think our little Duo is a bit overwhelmed, isn't he?"


"I'll show you little. . . ." Duo growled in return, pushing his way out of those wonderful, seductive hands and crouching a short way away from them, Trowa and Heero crouched on their haunches in a similar position and wearing almost identical, sensual smirks. He gave them the smile he knew was incredibly dark and sultry, a veritable little seductress, and released his secret weapon.

He took his hair out of his braid.

From the sudden harsh inhalation that echoed through the room, he knew the desired effect had taken place. Focusing on Trowa as his target, he slowly crawled over to him, putting everything he knew of seduction into the sensual movement, muscles rippling, his hair fanning and slithering over him like a translucent curtain of silk. Once he reached the other man, he slowly rose to his knees, licking a line along Trowa's jaw and catching his hands when they reached for him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Heero get off the bed.

"So you think I'm overwhelmed, do you?" he whispered in Trowa's ear, holding his body just that slightest bit away from touching. He moved his mouth down to his lover's collarbone, licking, sucking and nuzzling all the way there. "You think I'm not going to be able to cope?" Leaving his hands to trail down from Trowa's shoulders after him, he gradually kissed and suckled his way down the other man's chest. A kiss at the navel "You think. . . ." A kiss on the hip "I don't. . . ." A long line of tongue slithering across to Trowa's erection before pulling away without touching "Want you?"

A feral grin split Duo's face, even though he knew Trowa couldn't see it, and without warning he lunged in and swallowed his lover whole.


The expletive hung in the air as Duo worked the hard flesh in his mouth, moaning. For so long he thought he would never have this . . . never be allowed to do this. He put all the energy of his half-baked daydreams and what he had labelled as foolish thoughts into giving Trowa as much pleasure as possible -- and from the small, whimpering noises that were coming out of his throat and the death-grip Trowa had on his hair, he'd say he was doing a fairly good job.

The bed dipped a little with Heero's weight as he returned, Duo barely giving it more than a moment's attention before he returned to bobbing his head back and forth on Trowa's cock. He teased the slit with his tongue before once again returning to the deepthroat that had Trowa as so much putty in his hands, hands planted on either side of his lover's hips.

Duo moaned around the delicious erection in his mouth as long, cool fingers traced the sensitive edge of his opening. Heero bent down and licked the small of his back, tasting the salty sweat accumulating there, before trailing his mouth down to his fingers and flicking his tongue down into Duo's crack. Duo moaned louder, the vibrations translating across to Trowa, whose fingers clenched in his hair, head thrown back as he groaned.

Lifting his head away, Heero slowly circled Duo's entrance with one finger before gently pushing inside to the first knuckle. Duo made a small "Mmph" of impatience and bucked back on his finger, swallowing more into his tight heat.

"Impatient much?" Heero asked, voice husky from the lust sparked in him. Both his lovers looked incredible, Trowa's cock disappearing into Duo's mouth, his pert rear stuck high in the air, the long column of Trowa's neck exposed as his head threw back. He slid his finger in and out of Duo in a long, slow, thrusting motion, before gently adding another and beginning to stretch that delectable ass.

Duo groaned again, feeling the overwhelming sensation of being fucked from two ends. Trowa's thick, heavy cock in his mouth filled his nose with the scent of musk, Heero's fingers in his rear jabbed deliciously closer and closer to that spot, circling and stretching for the bigger, better invasion that was to come. . . . He sucked harder on Trowa's cock, mindlessly trying to return the pleasure he was given.

"Stop," Trowa whispered hoarsely, tugging Duo's head from his penis. "Duo, stop or I'll come," he said, more strongly now, tearing himself away from that warm, wet haven with difficulty.

"That's . . . the idea," Duo gasped, bucking back on Heero's fingers. "Nn . . . dammit, more. . . ."

Trowa leaned down and kissed him fiercely, tongue tangling with his lover's as he tasted himself on Duo's tongue. "I want to come inside you," he growled against the braided man's lips, hands still fisted in his hair. Duo moaned, eyes closing as they rolled back in his head, sharp pricks of lust sweeping through him.

And then Trowa was gone, and he didn't know where, but it didn't matter, because there were three fingers inside him now and they were hitting that spot and it felt so good, it felt so good, he was gonna come, he was gonna come from just those perfect, talented fingers thrusting inside him. . . .

Dimly, he was aware of Heero's moan from behind him, but the majority of his attention was brought back to the sudden still of those wonderful fingers inside him. He growled his disapproval, bucking back on them, only to be rewarded with their removal. Duo collapsed, whining.

And then there was a hard body pressed to his back, throbbing erection between his cheeks, familiar scent tickling his nose. "It's not over yet, Duo," came the whisper, and he was being pulled up and he was on his knees, guided to turn around, and another set of arms were around him, holding him against a firm, hard chest, and there was what he wanted, rubbing against him, pushing in oh so slowly, oh so deliciously --

Duo panted, head thrown back on his lover's shoulder, as he was filled from behind, pleasure outweighing pain. His legs spread out to either side of him, cock standing proud and tall, one hand stealing down to pump him torturously slowly.

Trowa planted small, butterfly kisses on Duo's neck and shoulder, willing him to relax, to come down from how close he was to the edge, his own body begging to thrust into the tight, wet heat that surrounded it even as he held back.

After all, this was only the beginning.

"Daijoubu?" he asked softly, running his tongue along the edge of Duo's ear.

"H-hai," the other panted out, eyes clenched shut.

They flared wide open, however, when cold, wet fingers smeared lubricant onto his erection. Violet eyes stared up at Heero, who grinned and removed his hand, moving forwards and slamming himself onto his new lover without hesitation.

Duo screamed at the dual sensations of taking and being taken. He whimpered, having nearly lost it before and being kept so close to the edge and held back from it, he wasn't sure how much more he could take. . . .

Trowa chuckled behind him, chest vibrating against his back and voice thrumming in his ear. "Heero likes it hard," he whispered. Duo groaned at the words, hips bucking despite Trowa's death grip on them.

And then there were no more words, only grunts and moans and the slap-slap of sweating bodies meeting as they found a rhythm and moved to it, Heero riding Duo as hard as he could, and Trowa fucking Duo long and slow and Duo groaning with the sensory overload, trying to hang on for as long as he could because god DAMN he never wanted this to end. . . .

But end it did. Heero slammed himself onto Duo one last time and yelled, muscles clamping tight as he emptied himself onto Duo's chest, fingers digging bruises into the other's shoulders. Duo screamed, his voice hoarse, as the unbearable tightness of Heero's passage proved too much and he emptied himself into the other, groaning as Trowa bit down hard on his neck, feeling the hot flood of cum fill him.

They collapsed on the bed in a sweaty, sated tangle, not even bothering to change positions before they passed out.

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