Author: Anria Lalumin
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Warnings: yaoi, mini-angst, Duo thinking a lot. Might be OOC for some people' s interpretation of the characters. Not mine, though!
Pairings: 1x3 at the moment. Future 1x2x3. Just gimme time.

Thinking About Forever + Part 2

The door slammed open, hitting the wall and bounding back to smack the owner of the apartment for being so presumptuous as to open it so roughly.

Duo staggered sideways. "Stupid piece of synthetic wood," he muttered, rubbing his arm as he kicked the stupid piece of synthetic wood shut. Blowing out a breath that fluffed his bangs up out of his face, he walked into the first of the four rooms in his apartment, dropping his jacket on one end of the sofa as he moved through to the small kitchen area that just about counted as another room. Opening the fridge he grabbed one of the bottles of beer, quickly snapping off the lid and taking a drink. He leaned back against the side in the dark room in the dark apartment and dropped the mask. Face and thoughts pensive, he took another drink, then set the bottle down and bowed his head, resting his palms on the counter.

What the fuck was that?

Good question. Duo grabbed his beer and moved back into the first room, dropping onto the short sofa and propping his feet on the low table as he prepared himself for a long night thinking about his odd reaction at the restaurant. There was no way in hell he was gonna get to sleep until he worked it out. So, start with the basics.

You were . . . upset? . . . about Heero and Trowa being together, as a couple.

Well, duh.


Duo sat up abruptly. It always came back to that! Why the hell had he reacted that way? Why the hell had it not made him happy? He' d worked for years to get those two to open up and start feeling their emotions again, and this was far more than he had ever thought they would get so fast! He should be happy!

But he wasn' t.


Dammit, I already went through this!

There must be an answer. So go through it again, and look harder.

Duo leaned back, frowning thoughtfully, tapping the head of the beer bottle against his cheek. Am I worried that with the two together it' ll be like blind leading the blind? Nah, of course not. More like the healing sick helping the healing sick.

He snorted. Now that was a bad analogy.

The point still stands. They' re not blind; they' ve partially regained their sight. They're gaining more every day. And having someone there who understands what they're going through and can help them because they know what' s it like is not a bad thing. In fact, it's positively good.

So that's not why I'm upset.

So what else was there?

I thought Tro and Q might have a thing going on for a while. No, that's dumb -- Trowa was never interested in him as more than a friend, and Q. . . . Duo snorted. Yeah right. He frowned. So that's another theory down the chute. I didn' t really think Heero would ever have anything with any of us . . . shows how much I know. I thought he was straight. So what the hell was the Relena thing? Could all be in her head, I suppose. Heero might've protected her because of the peace . . . or it might be a more personal thing, like with me and children. . . .

Duo smiled slightly, reminiscing. I remember thinking that it was a damn shame that someone with such a fine ass was straight. . . . He took a drink from his bottle.

And nearly choked. Is that it? Am I . . . jealous?

No way! Him and Tro are my best friends! I could never think ill of either!

. . . now I sound like Quatre.' Thinking ill of someone' , huh!

But . . . could that be it?

If so . . . who am I jealous of?

Trowa . . . or Heero?

Or both?

Duo' s eyes opened wide in the darkness of his apartment.

Dammit, now he wasn't going to get any sleep at all.


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