by Aoe

Stuck With You... + Part 4


I think I got about twenty minutes of sleep last night.

Every time I started to drift off, my stupid brain dredged up the memory of holding Duo, what it felt like to have him pressed against me... which wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

But then my stupid brain would start extrapolating.

Okay, so at first I thought it was weird that I had the reaction I did to hugging him, but... well, I've already admitted I find him attractive.

And it has been a long time.

Quatre probably thinks I'm still not over him or something, but it's really just...

I don't know. I have a hard time getting close to people. And other than Quatre, the only people around I am close to, close enough for... well, sex... are the other pilots. Duo and Heero were out of the question for obvious reasons, and Wufei... I guess I just wasn't ever really that interested in Wufei that way.

But now Duo is available, and... I guess I'm horny.

That is really a lowering thing to realize about yourself. The fact that you would seriously consider jeopardizing one of the best friendships you have, and betraying the trust of a friend who needs you, just to get a little nookie.

But he has GOT to stop wearing such tight clothes.

Okay, so it's not his fault his old uniforms don't fit right. He's put on muscle, so of course they're clinging like a second skin. He'll get new ones, and that will be all right. But he was showing me some of his ‘civilian' clothes last night, and...

How am I supposed to live with him decked out in leather and satin and SPANDEX by God and not just... JUMP HIM?!?!?!?

It's not fair, it's really not... I understand that he's a sensualist, he likes the feel of soft fabrics, but... that doesn't exactly help me either, you know?

How the hell did I end up living with a FUCKING SENSUALIST?

Of course, if I was living with a FUCKING sensualist, I guess I wouldn't be having this problem...

Bad Trowa.

Oh yeah, and Heero threatened this morning to choke me to death with my own tie if I hurt Duo in any way. But that was hardly surprising. Except that in the old days, he would have threatened to use my own intestine or something. He's mellowing, I guess.

Hey, Une's calling me. Actual work?

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