Garou + Part 15 (cont)

* * *

Wufei woke up knowing that he finally remembered something important, that at last, he knew who he was...

... and then he opened his eyes, and the memory evaporated like a cloud, fraying faster and faster with the tightening of his grip on it.

"NO!!!" he roared, throwing his pillow against the opposite wall.

He had been so close to remembering, he felt it, he knew it! Why had it disappeared? For a moment, he had known...

The bedside table was on the verge of following the pillow when he realized that he was losing control of his frustration. He put the table back with care, breathing hard, his need to break something still as present.

It couldn't last. He needed answers, or he would go insane with frustration! He needed to do something...

And since he didn't remember by himself...

He would go ask Treize. The man knew. He would ask him to tell him.

* * * * * *

"Treize...I'd like to have a talk with you."

The General pushed back the plans he was studying and turned toward the young man standing at his door. Wufei was leaning on one of the sides, a crutch under his opposite arm, and was worrying a shorter black strand between his fingers, nervously. He had the intimidated look of the little boy that doesn't want to bother his father while he's working but would still like a little bit of attention. Treize authorized himself to find him adorable for a few seconds.

"Of course... Come in."

He obeyed, and hesitated for a few seconds before regaining that fiery little flame in his eyes that had once been a raging inferno, before it had been totally blown out. His chin high, he walked to a chair in front of the general's desk and sat down, not waiting for permission like he would have been doing only yesterday.

"I have... questions to ask."

Treize imperceptibly frowned. It could be bad. Honestly, the boy interested him very much, he liked him, but he was a potential long-fuse bomb. As long as the members of Romafeller were convinced that the pilot couldn't be of any use in that state, Wufei was safe; especially since no less than seven different psychiatrists had established that he wasn't pretending at all and that brutalizing him would only bury deeper the memories they were looking for. As long as he didn't let him escape, Kushrenada had the right to treat him like he wanted. They had permitted that without protesting too much, smirking, despising, in front of what they called his "domestic rebel".

If he remembered what he had been... Treize would have no choice but to treat him like an enemy. In other words... Imprisonment and brutal interrogations. He had too much respect for his previous adversary, the fiery and proud dragon, and had become too attached to the calm young man he was at the moment to permit it. If it implied that he had to prevent him from getting his memory back, he would do it. It was better than having to torture him.

"You knew me before... "

"A little, yes... "

"A little? I thought..." blurted Wufei, disconcerted.

"We met once in person before that," sighed Treize, remembering their sword fight. "But we had heard lots about each other."

'and how much we did' he added mentally.

"So why wasn't I returned to my family after my accident? ... I suppose I have a family ...? "

Treize discretely bit his lips. What could he say?

"I don't know your family." 'it was probably atomized in the destruction of your colony, along with the rest of your clan...'

Wufei was ready to ask yet another question, but Treize cut him with a hand gesture.

"Wufei, the doctors said that it was better for you to remember by yourself than to have our memories forced on you," he lied without shame. "They're by nature not the same as yours. I know you would like to know... to remember... But I cannot help you. I would like to, but...For your own good, it is better that you don't know... by me," he added, hoping that Wufei had not noticed the hesitation.

"Oh... " sighed the boy, disappointed and annoyed. "But can I ask about some other things?"

"What are you thinking about?"

"I don't really remember the political context... and... The soldiers in the halls, your title of general... Are we at war? Tell me about it."

Treize sighed again and kept himself from tearing out his hair. How was he supposed to protect him if he kept putting himself in danger? He could not decently protect him from himself, not without at least explaining to the sharp-minded boy why he was doing that... But he knew that under all of his apparent softness, the boy still had an enormous will. He would want to know anyway, even with the risks.

"I don't think it would be good for you... Really I don't think... "

"Do you want me to ever remember?" spat the boy, unknowingly hitting the nail on the head. For the first time in weeks, he sounded exactly like the old Chang Wufei. "You never leave me in a situation where I could provoke a return of my memories... If you never tell me anything, how will I find a trigger?! Nothing will ever change! Do you really want me to stay like that forever, not knowing who the hell I am?" he asked, jumping on his feet.

He was gaining back more and more of the previous boy's will and aggression, even if most of the time he was still calm and reserved. Now Treize could recognize the steel strong resolve of his adversary... And his intelligence had not disappeared with his memory. He would not be long now before putting the clues together.

"Treize-san, please... " pleaded the boy, offering him what he recognized as a last chance to admit to the truth.

Kushrenada searched for words for several seconds, then shook his head no, softly, not daring to look at him.

Wufei waited for the man to speak, then understanding that he would not, stalked up without looking back, struggling with all his might not to limp.

He waited until he was in the shelter of his little garden arbor to let his face show the depth of his hurt.

He had trusted in Treize, a nearly blind trust... But the man refused to tell him anything. Did he really want to help him? Were his intentions toward him as pure as Wufei had first thought? Maybe, maybe he had lied all along; and how would the boy know, since he was forced to take everything he said as Gospel truth?

He was caught in a sudden panic attack. His name, the only thing linking him, as he believed, to his past... Was his name truly Chang Wufei?

The face greeting him every morning in the mirror stayed the face of a stranger.

* * *

Treize tried to concentrate on his work, but it didn't work. His eyes always came back to the crutch the boy had forgotten against the chair. Finally, he abandoned his work and got up. Taking the crutch in hand, he began to hunt the boy.

One of the guards he had assigned to his surveillance indicated his current position. He knew that Wufei would not like knowing that he was under surveillance, but he couldn't just let him wander as he wanted in the base. A random thing could awaken his memories and then, instead of a lost boy, they would have a spy infiltrated in the heart of their deepest secrets.

As he had thought, Wufei was at the farthest end of the garden, under his favorite arbor.

Treize froze the second he caught sight of him.

Sitting on a bench covered in light wood, Wufei had bent a knee under his chin, and his unbound hair dancing in the light breeze was covering, by locks, parts of his exotic profile. Eyes lowered, somber, he was contemplating a withering rose that he was turning around between his fingers. A petal escaped and he caught it to stare at it pensively.

Treize hesitated for a few minutes about bothering him. The boy was breathtakingly, exotically beautiful. If he had been even only a few years older, Kushrenada wouldn't have hesitated long before courting him; but even if he was mature for his age, it didn't make him truly older.

' ... he is too young ... ' he reminded himself with effort.

'... and much too beautiful'

* * *

Wufei contemplated the petal in his hand before crushing it in an access of anger. The desire of breaking something in a fit of rage was getting stronger. He felt hurt. He needed to hurt another to get rid of the suffering.

/eyes on me/

He whirled around. A few meters away, Treize was staring at him, one hand against a tree trunk. Wufei snorted with disdain before turning his back on him, bending his two legs under his chin. He could watch to his heart's content, Wufei didn't care anymore.

"Wufei... "

The boy didn't seem to have heard at all.

"Wufei, please... "

The Asian boy began to gently brush against the rose petals with the tip of a finger, then, as Treize was stepping forward, crushed the bloom in his fist. He let the crushed petals rain on the side, lazily.

The General bit his lower lip. It didn't look promising...

"I came to give you back your crutch. Your leg will never heal if you don't use it... " he chided gently.

"My head will never heal either if you don't give me something to lean on," the young man lashed back dryly, forgetting his decision not to talk to him for a verbal spar.

Treize fell silent. Wufei didn't look at him, turning his head to stare at the bushes on the other side, examining the roses intermingling on the shafts.

"I'm sorry... "

"Not nearly as sorry as me," the Chinese snarled back in an acidic tone.

Against his own decision, he briefly turned around to glance at Treize. He refused to lower his eyes when he met the man's, and it was the other who was the first to look away, to the roses bushes.

Wufei was ready to explode. He had had enough of being led in circles!! He wanted answers, damn it! He would walk to Treize and demand them, and no matter if the man liked it or not, no matter how good he was with the little verbal plays politicians had made an art form of, Wufei would extort them anyway, and to hell with all his little secrets!

In the roses and the lilacs' strong scent, the man stood out draped in deep blue against the field of flowers behind him, white flowers and field so green, so green, toward the horizon

/like her, like her, fields so green, white flowers, so beautiful a landscape, so beautiful, her too in her midnight blue spacesuit, her white-as-the-blooms ribbons in her hair, white stained with red which stands out against all this white

white is the color of the Dead but it's so beautiful, it shouldn't be...

she doesn't laugh, mocking, she doesn't shout, furious, she's just here, she rests, tranquil, a small smile on her lips. his warrior clad in blue surrounded by white the gold band at her finger just like his own. she looks at him without saying anything, she just smiles, and he sits down, embarrassed. she never looked at him like that before, with affection, with happiness. he doesn't want her to tell him to leave, but she doesn't say a thing, she just puts her head on his shoulder, in acceptance, and he stays unmoving, not daring to breathe, as if she was a wild bird, a raven as black as her hair.

it smells of flowers, her hair, rose and lilacs, it tickles his cheek, but if he moves, the bird will fly away, he doesn't want that, it's the first time he succeeds in attracting it.

and then, out of habit, the movement slightly mocking, slightly haughty, regret, the moment can't last eternally. he shrugs to drive away the bird

who falls on the ground


a quiet little smile on the lips


he calls, nothing moves


he shakes, her head rolls, her smile seems so soothed, so quiet, so tender,

his warrior...


not a breath



his warrior




Chang Wufei collapsed at the General's feet, scratching his temples bloody, screaming and screaming again a name so deeply engraved in his mind that it defined him more than his own.

* * * * *

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