Garou + Part 17 (cont)

* * *

"I'll never be able to look him in the eye again..." squeaked Quatre while blushing furiously and remembering the compromising position in which he had been that morning.

His body had been glued to Heero's from shoulders to legs, from Quatre's cheek on the other's shoulder blade, to the knees, his own nested in the hollow behind the Japanese's knees. And everything in between, comprising... the place where the back loses its name... That in passing he had learned was as firm as it looked.

Quatre turned scarlet and moaned in shame, hiding his head under his pillow. It was true, it had been nice, in a purely physical way, but he was NOT interested in Heero that way, but by another person... He had probably not helped his cause with snuggling with another man in the very middle of a room that was opened to anyone. And if the American didn't maim him for having taken advantage of a situation like that, when Duo had many times told him that he would nearly kill to be able to just openly hug him...

"Ooooh, how will I be able to give him my apologies? I'll never be able to look at him again..."

At that moment, Heero's voice, coming from the other side of the corridor, made him jump.


His shame momentarily put in storage, Quatre erupted into his comrade's room, followed closely by Duo and Trowa. Heero was sitting in front of his computer, hitting the keys like a savage, pounding as fast as he could go. He didn't even look back when they entered the room.

"Well, what? "

"I found Wufei!" he exclaimed, jubilating.

Two seconds and a few exclamations later, the three boys were piled up behind his chair, trying to read the screen that was scrolling down nearly too fast to be understood.


"I had programmed the laptop to warn me in case of unusual activity from any base. Listen to that."

Heero unplugged a headphone unit from the base, and the sound suddenly jumped out at them.

<<YELLOW ALERT!! Attention to all military personnel!!! The prisoner has escaped all surveillance!!! He is not to be allowed to leave base perimeter, under any excuse!!! Take your position and report immediately to your commanding officer!! Attention, the fugitive is extremely dangerous and probably armed!! The suspect is a male adolescent, Asian descent, black eyes and straight, shoulder-length black hair!! I repeat, Yellow Alert...>>

Wing's pilot displayed the latest plan of that base he could find, accompanied with the area's map, trying to precisely determine its location.

"I'm sending the info to your Gundams."

"YEEEEHAAA!!!" shouted Duo, throwing himself at the sitting boy's neck. "CONGRATS!!! You're the best ever!!"

Duo froze when he felt the Asian boy's naked and still damp shoulders tense violently under his arms, before slowly unclenching. Damn, he had come close to receiving a violent reaction... He berated himself. Really, he knew better than that by now. He knew that wolves were protective of their neck even more than any other part of their anatomy, and Heero was already jumpy, even before all that...

A random thought hit him suddenly and Trowa and Quatre saw the tip of his ears turn pinkish.

"Damn, I don't dare look down ... Heero-buddy, tell me you put something on down there..."

"Hn," the Japanese answered.

"Err... Was that a hn-yes or a hn-no?"

"It was a hn-baka, baka," the Japanese boy answered back with a rare sense of humor. "...I have my shorts on."

"I'm relieved."

At the moment when he was going to remove his arms, that to his great confusion he had left around the Japaneseís neck, he felt the boy's cheek rub against his forearm.

"Err, whatcha doiní?" he asked, stunned, slowly disengaging.

"Don't know," answered Heero distractedly.

"He's marking his territory," deadpanned Trowa.

"Ooooh, like when Quatre rubbed his head on your knee?" Duo answered back, trying to divert attention from his own embarrassment.

Quatre ran out of the room, his face a brilliant scarlet.

"I'm so ashamed!!!"

Duo burst out laughing. He felt so incredibly happy. At last, they would find their missing friend!!! And he wasn't the only one touched by the euphoria, if he could believe the little smiles of the two silent teens.

The three boys descended the stairs behind the little blond and dashed off to the hangar where the Gundams were hidden.

Duo was shouting war cries while he ran. He burst out laughing savagely when Heero suddenly began to howl toward the sky, his own war cry. Duo immediately began trying to imitate him.

Trowa just smiled a predatory smile.

* * * * * *

After having verified that the soldiers had proceeded past him, Wufei slid out of the air duct and landed gracefully on the little room's floor. He glanced right and left and pricked his ears up to verify that there was a big enough margin between himself and the closest soldiers, then slipped into the hall behind the group of men who had just passed him. He had to jump back when he realized that they was stationed in front of the entry he had been trying to reach. Swearing under his breath he tried the other side of the small room, the place where the soldiers had come from.

It was even worse. Thrice as many soldiers... He had to dash off to the air duct again and close it behind him when two soldiers separated from the crowd to join the group at the door. He broke out in a cold sweat when they stalked past him, but they were in such a hurry that they didn't even take notice of his fingers sticking out from between the bars to keep the unsealed grill in place.

The air ducts could only lead him so far. He had checked. The only passages he had crossed were much too narrow to let him get through them. Or he could return to the bedroom and try to go to the other side of that corridor... now that they thought that he had left, maybe they wouldn't guard that room anymore...?

No, that was stupid; prisoners were not placed at the edge, but at the center of a base. And he had not made all that effort only to return to the place where he had begun. The whole perimeter was being locked, and as soon as the whole thing was in place, they would begin a systematic search of all the facilities. He needed to find a way to get out of here before all that happened.

/running in the corridors running for my life like a prey I don't like to be a prey/

Ah, shit, enough already with the damn flash-backs!! He had worried his brains out for days trying to remember even the smallest thing, and now that he needed to concentrate on something else, his memory was coming back!

He slid to his knees in the air duct, and leaned against the metal. He had a dreadful headache once again.

<<Red Alert, Red Alert, approaching Mobil Suits in our area!!!! Assumed hostile until further notice!!! All air personnel, to your combat posts!!!>>

The woman's voice sounded panicked, and Wufei lifted his head, listening with interest. Yet, he had thought that Treize's faction held all the cards in their hand, and had no dangerous adversaries for the moment... Then he realized that amongst the military staff, like the announcer had said, there had to be many of the people who kept him trapped inside running to defend their proverbial fort. There were probably holes in their guard now!!

He slid out of the air duct silently and went to glance outside. Bingo! Only two men still guarded the place... Without taking the time to panic about what he was doing, nor to ponder too much on it, he knocked them out and began to run outside. But there were so many people running around that he had to continue running off in the direction they left unguarded at the moment if he didn't want to get caught. Finally, when he found himself outside, he was in Treize's inner garden.

A gigantic explosion shook the ground from a place he hadn't had the right to visit, but on the plans he had seen, it was designated as the hangars.

<<Alert, alert!!! Attack on the north-west side of the base!!>>

'no joking', he thought, snorting. He glimpsed a flock of Taurusí fly with a roar above his head, but he couldn't see more, the buildings were too tall around him.

'I'd better find a place where I won't risk being buried under the debris or hit by shrapnel, or I won't get out of here whole'

He rushed to the maze-like bushes of the garden, toward his favorite place. It would hide him from view, and was far enough away that he would be relatively sheltered. He was lucky the gardens were so big...


He froze for a fraction of a second in front of the flower field, then forced himself to continue and go hide between the bushes. He would think about 'nataku' later.

An immense shadow flew over him and he instinctively tried to make himself smaller ... and froze, his wide open eyes staring at the sky.


He fell on his knees, clenching his skull between his hands.

* * *


'they really need to learn to say something else...' Heero thought sarcastically while landing Wing in the middle of the buildings he had targeted, touching down on a grass patch that would stay burned a long time. He opened the cockpit and jumped down, his weapon in his fist, another revolver in the holster. He hoped that the others would succeed in delaying OZ long enough for him to find Wufei, or at least long enough to offer the boy a sufficient distraction to get out of here by himself.

He landed in a crouch between the gundam's feet and glanced right and left to verify that there were no soldiers close enough to shoot him, before beginning to run.

And then, his overdeveloped sense of smell caught a familiar scent ... Wufei had been in those gardens!! Often even... But it was a scent that was already a few days old... He decided to follow it anyway. Perhaps it would cross a newer one after a while.

* * *

The person who had jumped down from that enormous Mobile Suit was, to his great surprise, an adolescent, not older or taller than himself. But apart from that, all that Wufei could see through the bushes' branches and his migraine was that he only wore clingy, black shorts and a holster, had brown hair, and was stalking to the buildings with great determination. He had a weapon, and looked like he could use it.

A weapon meant danger, and without thinking about it, he rolled on the ground with ease to hide behind the bench. Then he thought about what he had seen. That man was not an OZ soldier... his clothes were too strange for that. As if his behavior, and the fact that he had been in one of the Mobile Suits attacking the base hadn't been proof enough. Definitely not a friend of OZ. But did it make him one of Wufei's allies? At least Treize treated him well. Would he fall from bad to worse if he signaled his presence to the terrorist?

To his great confusion, the young man suddenly stopped short as he was nearly to the building, lifted his head as if to look at the sky-he was too far, Wufei couldn't distinctively see what he was doing lifting his nose like that - and turned in his direction to begin to follow the exact same path he had used to come here. He seemed extremely determined and his expression evoked the cool of a man who wouldn't hesitate in front of anything to get to his goal. How Wufei knew that, he didn't really know. Nothing would make him step back. The best was to stay clear of his path, before being moved away by force.

'Shit!' he swore, looking around for a better hiding spot.

But there was nothing, nothing ... He walked backward, beginning to lose his cool head, and awkwardly crawled back on his hands and heels into one of the bushes, before turning his back to him and beginning to flee on all fours between the thick and numerous branches. His clothes were torn several times and he felt branches scratch at his skin, but he didn't care much. All that he knew was that the brown-haired teen was dangerous and that he was coming his way. Bits of memories were floating around in his head, but too fast for him to catch and understand them, just enough to totally disorient him. He leaned against a tree trunk and hoped to be far enough into the bush not to be seen.

The boy stopped in the middle of the small place Wufei had occupied a few seconds ago, and his eyes turned immediately to the point where Wufei had entered the bushes, as if he possessed internal radar. He crouched, and the fugitive tensed. Wufei couldn't crawl back any farther.

And then the other teen lifted a branch and looked right at him.


They knew each other, wondered the Chinese boy, perturbed.

"What are you doing, you baka? We have to run away, fast! Come on!" ordered the boy with an imperious voice, his face serious and scowling angrily.

"Who are you?" Wufei asked, struggling not to look openly afraid.

The cold stare of the teenager with the gun became, for a few seconds, confused and totally astonished.

"... You don't ... remember me...?"

"Thatís not an answer!!" Wufei protested. "Who are you?! What are you doing here? How do you know me? What am I to you?"

"I... We're comrades in arms; we're on the same side! You, me and three other people are teammates. We came to retrieve you, we've been searching everywhere for you for weeks! One of our missions turned badly and you disappeared... Come quickly, I don't know how much time the others will be able to keep OZ back..."

It reminded him of something... this morning's dream; something in what he said had reminded him of the dream. Four others... four like him... but it was too imprecise a bit of information to take it into account.

Not totally convinced, Wufei glanced at the boy's gun.

"And if I prefer to stay here...?"


"If I don't want to follow you, what will you do?" he asked, nervously licking his dry lips.

"The others will have two pilots to rescue instead of one," the teenager answered shortly. "You don't think I came all the way here just to leave without you? I'll stay by you."

Wufei decided to come out of the bushes. He had awaited an answer along the lines of "I'll kill you," or a threat to make him get out, but this kind of answer... the other had to be sincere, he had to be on Wufei's side. His friend maybe?... He wasn't sure. He would prefer to be amongst the boy's friends than amongst his enemies, that was for sure.

Maybe he was lying. Wufei didn't know why, but he believed him. He was a damn good liar if he was one.

He slowly extracted himself from the bushes, still a little untrusting, then straightened out and dusted his clothes, glancing discretely at the other boy. He had had the sun in his face when he was under the bushes, and he had had trouble seeing his face; but from nearer...

He had icy-cold, blue eyes, as cold and deep as outer space.

'how do I know what Outer Space looks like?'

"Wing..." he whispered, without understanding why.

Absorbed with his contemplation of the visible changes in his teammate, amongst which was a scar between his eyes, his hair down, and something strange in his stance. Heero just had the time to catch him when another attack seized him and he collapsed, hands on his temples in a gesture now familiar to him.

"Wufei? Wufei!"

The black-haired teen answered only with a nearly inaudible moan. Worried, the Japanese clenched his teeth and picked him up, before running back to his Gundam.

* * *

They were nearly to Wing when Heero spotted a small group of soldiers closing in on the Gundam. Still running, he sat Wufei on his hip, as if he was a child, and fired on the men. Six bullets in the head, no one had the time to run for cover. Holstering his gun, he gripped the wire with his free hand and hugged Wufei close. The Chinese boy was waking up, and was just conscious enough to tighten the hold he had on Heero's neck and close his legs around his hips so as not to fall.

A seventh soldier was posted on the cockpit door that he had left opened so as not to lose too much time, was glancing inside. Shouldering him out of the way and out of the doorway, Heero let Wufei fall on his ass in the middle of the presently horizontal door to take care of the last intruder. The Chinese boy looked up, still in a daze.

A last soldier was sitting in the pilot's seat, his knees nearly under his chin, the seat having been designed for a small teenager. He was searching for a way to make the mecha work, and was putting his nose in anything he could reach.

'Luckily, you need to have a password to activate most of the special functions...í sighed Heero.

He couldn't stand that intruders would dare to put their noses in his den. His room was already nearly off-limits, even to his friends, but HIS GUNDAM... Grabbing the intruder by one foot, he dragged him outside and threw him on the door, not really bothered by the fact that he was probably half the man's weight. Succeeding in not falling over the edge, the moron made as if he was going to grab Wufei. Baring his canines, extremely annoyed, Yuy slid under his guard and crushed his trachea with a clawed hand before throwing him off the door head first. The moron could have survived if he had only jumped down...

Dragging his comrade inside after him, the werewolf took his place in the pilotís seat and deposited him on his knees.

"Keep your head low and avoid putting your hands and feet everywhere," the pilot advised him while strapping himself into the chair.

There was no way he could strap in Wufei too, therefore, instead of fighting, the boy would find himself playing pinball in the cockpit.

<< 01 here, requesting assistance!!>> He called by the comm.

Deathscythe made its way toward them and began to kick the enemies out of the way.

<<So so so?>>

<< Got him...>> answered Heero while transforming Wing to bird mode. <<But we've got a problem.>>

<<He's hurt?>> worried Quatre, following with Sandrock.

<<No, I don't think so, or at least he's nearly healed. No, that's not it... He didn't recognize me.>>


<<Is he amnesiac?!>>

<<Oh shiiiiiit... How the fuck will we treat that?>>

Heero smiled at the boy who had just fallen asleep from exhaustion on his knees.

<< He still has some memories. And I think it's coming back on its own ... He called me Wing. 01, out.>>

Leaving the care of preventing any chases to his friends, he pushed the boosters to their maximum capabilities, strongly desiring to put all the distance he could between his enemies and his inestimable burden.


A/N: weeeeell. If Treize wasn't contaminated before, he sure is now ^^; Bwahahaha.


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