Author: Asuka Kureru
Warnings : none, really.
A/N: Scientifico-babbling babble, don't try to understand how it could work, I used some vague memories of the lesson on genetics I had when I was 14 to make it sound like I knew what I was talking about. Said another way, it's pure babbling madness certified one hundred percent bullshit. ^_^-V

Garou + Part 21

Heero was getting out of the classroom between two lessons when he caught a smell that made him stop dead in his tracks. The girl who was behind him bumped into his shoulder, and protested loudly, but one glance at his face, closed off and cold, aggressive, made her shut up as fast as she had spoken. He stayed in the doorway for a few seconds, trying to fix the scent into his memory, then began to follow it determinedly, forgetting his lesson.

He pushed open the door to the boy's dormitories with such determination that it bumped into the wall with a loud clang. The smell jumped at his nose, and he knew without looking where the other would be.

In front of the room where Duo and Wufei were staying, ready to push the door open, the source of the scent was standing, clothed in a blue-jean vest and a cap over short black hair, totally random-looking.

He was after the figure the second it crossed the threshold and threw it against the wall, kicking the door closed, growling.

Wufei was laying on his bed, his hands behind his head, Duo was at the desk writing something under Quatre's supervision, homework probably. The two boys whirled around, to be faced with Heero's back driving a stranger against the wall. Duo got up slowly, approaching the pair.

Wufei sat up at the edge of his bed, wary. Yuy apparently had the situation covered, but that scent...

"Well, I'm lucky I know it's not what it looks like, because otherwise I'd have serious doubts," grinned the braided boy. "... Err, is it really something other than what it looks like?"

"What does it look like?" asked Heero without looking away from the other, still as concentrated.

"Two guys necking in a quiet corner, why?"

An amused chuckle escaped from the stranger's mouth, and it lifted two autumn-sky blue eyes over the Japanese teen's shoulder to look at Duo.

"A guy? Well thank you!" chirped a jovial voice, high and clear to an unexpected level.

The American froze, then dragged his comrade back to have a correct view of the stranger. Said stranger poked its cap with the tip of a finger, uncovering its face, and gave him a malicious wink.

"Hey, Duo, how's it going?"

"HILDIE!!!" shouted the boy, throwing himself at the girl to hug her fiercely. "Bloody hell, Hildie-baby, I'm so happy to see ya!! What the hell are you doing here?" he asked in a surprised but happy tone.

Growling, Heero grabbed his shoulder and pushed him back. Duo nearly protested, but then realized that his comrade's attitude and eyes were more animal than human; it was better to respect his reactions. He was seeing Hilde as a menace. Duo didn't know why exactly, except that it took place in his animal side. Was it the scent of the gun she had wielded before, as a soldier?

"Hey, pal, what's the matter here?" he asked in a low voice, hoping to calm his comrade down.

"She's a werewolf," Heero said back in a monotone, still not looking away from the intruder.

Duo blinked and tried to remember if one way or another she could have been contaminated by one of them, but he didn't find anything. He was the only one to know here amongst the pilots and from what he knew he was still not contaminated.... And he hadn't seen her since the last century, or so it felt.

The brunette had made three steps forward when she found herself plastered against the wall once again, one arm across her throat and one blocking her right hand. It the middle of Duo's shouts of protestation, a menacing growl rose from Heero's throat.

A no less menacing, if more high-pitched growl, rose from Hilde's. Pushing against the wall, she kicked the Japanese teen and freed herself, baring her fangs.

'Oh shit, her too?' was the only thing the American was able to think for a long time, the realization of what she had said before finally hitting him.

Shaking himself out of his stupor, Duo threw himself between the two blue-eyed brunettes and put a hand on each clavicle, trying to keep them as far from each other as possible. Heero tried to make him move to jump on the young girl but Duo caught his wrist and stared at him until the short-haired boy accepted to look at him and not to glare at Hilde.

"Enough," he commanded.

He waited a few seconds to make sure that they had understood him, then looked at the girl. She wasn't growling like Heero was, nor were her fangs showing, but her proud and challenging stance showed that she wouldn't allow herself to be forced into submissiveness.

Duo stared at her for a few seconds, then sighed. Were-beings must be more frequent than he had thought.

"The worst part is that you look good with furry ears and fangs, Hildie..." he sighed.

She had the honesty of showing her embarrassment for a few seconds, then smirked at him. Duo sighed again.

"You're calmed down, both of you? Good!! Heero, why did you attack her on sight?"

"She doesn't have a right to be here," hissed the Japanese boy, his fangs apparent.

Hilde showed herself to be a little more helpful.

"Well, er... Apparently you already know what he is, so I can tell you... I'm not from his pack and I'm on his territory, Duo-babe, and as he was already paranoid before ..."

Heero growled menacingly, and Hilde shrugged.

"Apparently no one ever taught you that you're not supposed to attack she-wolves," she added with a snort. "You're lucky I'm not one of those who arenít used to take hits..."

"Yeah, well... And you've been a were for how long?" asked Duo to change the subject, feeling Heero's ire rising.

"I was BORN a were, Duo," answered the girl.

"Ah. Err. Cool."

He nearly asked how, then caught himself. It was easy to get infected by transmission of contaminated fluids. Why would semiotic liquid be different?

"Excuse me... Miss? Duo? Have you known each other for long?" asked Quatre.

"Cat, she's my pal Hilde, Hilde Schbeiker. I told you about her, didn't I?" answered the braided boy in a falsely disappointed voice.

"Oh, yes, that's true! Sorry I didn't make the connection right away," exclaimed the lithe blond, smiling friendly. "I am..."

"Quatre Winner," answered the brunette, giving her hand to him.

Heero snarled, menacing Hilde. She lifted an eyebrow in his direction but didn't affect in the least her vigorous way of shaking hands with Quatre, refusing to let him intimidate her.

"Duo told me about you... But I didn't know that you were a Were," she added, frowning in puzzlement.

"I wouldn't have told you, Hilde... You didn't tell me!"

"I didn't know if you would believe me, and I didn't even live with a pack, so it was not that important... But that's not quite what I meant. I would have smelled it on you if you had known another Were."

"He hasn't been one for very long. He just passed his first full moon... Feifei too," he added, pointing to the Chinese boy who was still seated at the edge of his bed, observing.

She blinked and sniffed the air, slowly.

"Three Weres who don't know the first thing about it and you're still all intact... Wow... Two cats not even of the same species, a wolf, and two normal humans... Well, nearly normal in your case," she added discretely just for Maxwell's ears.


"Must be explosive, that kind of group," she continued, seeming not to hear the protest.

"It is," said Wufei, yawning slightly.

"And it's my pack," added Heero, death-glaring at her for all he was worth.

He reached out and grabbed Duo's braid, gently pulling him back. Hilde blinked then burst out laughing, and the Japanese boy gave her a withering glare. She stared in silence for a few seconds then, slowly, deliberately, she tipped her head back, offering her throat.

Heero stepped forward slowly, with his silent steps that he used when stalking prey or enemies, and stopped very close, right in her personal space. She met his eyes with calmness, showing no submission, nor aggression.

"If I swear to you that I will not cause problems and I will consider you my Alpha as long as I am here, will it be ok?"

"It better be ok," agreed the Japanese in a suave tone. "If I catch you not respecting your engagements, I'll kill you."

Hilde briefly clenched her teeth, but didn't seem particularly worried. Duo sighed, for the nth time. They were rather tiring.

"Man, you and tender words to say to girls will never go together... But you know, she's not a pushover. She can fight, and quite well!"

"You flatter me," answered the girl, her eyelashes fluttering.

Heero lifted an eyebrow and stared at Hilde, waiting for an explanation.

"Hey, you may believe it, but there aren't only goons and hopeless morons in OZ, yanno... 's like everything, depends on the units ... Mine was good!"

Three Gundam pilots had frozen and were staring at her, only keeping from attacking because Duo didn't show any surprise or hints that he was worried.

"Relax, guys... Hilde is ok."

"She knows what we are?" asked Wufei slowly.

"You being Gundam pilots too, you mean? Yeah, I kind of understood that! After all there aren't thousands of people who would be travelling around with Duo like you do... and he told me about you some..."

"And how did you learn of what Duo is? I don't think he just told you..." answered the Chinese teen, taking on a dangerous air.

"How do you think I met him?"

Duo decided to explain.

"She was part of a detachment assigned with trying to block me while I was getting out of a colony. She spotted me at the ID checkpoint... She tried to catch me, I fled away in a stolen mobile Suit, she fled after me, that piece of shit of a MS was damaged, I was captured, she was assigned to guard me, we had a long, nice discussion on OZ's good deeds, she left me all alone with only silly handcuffs on..."

"HEY!! How could I have known that you were an escape artist, man? And I wasn't thinking about that ... with your damn way to put my brains inside out..."

".. I ran away once again, nearly got killed by bastard soldiers, she decided I was right and deserted to save my ass. Guys, you wouldn't imagine what she can do with a Mobil Suit, if she could put her hands on a Gundam, things would get scary. And that's all. I helped her to get integrated in a resistance network. Since then, we have kept in touch, for missions or for fun... We get along great," added the American with a wide grin.

"Resistance? When she was just out of OZ? Duo, it could have been dangerous..."

"Hey, I didn't choose to enlist because I liked it, nor because I really believed in the way they acted on those ideals they said they had. It was the army or staying at home. I didn't have much of a choice!"

"You couldn't have been more than fifteen when you enlisted ..." began Wufei.

"Thirteen and a half."

"... and you decided that you wouldn't stay at home? Why the hell not?"

She sighed.

"Had a disagreement with my father's family. A big disagreement."

The boys didn't talk, waiting for the rest of the explanation. Duo was as attentive as the other boys, since he had never heard more than that as for the explanation and had learned fast not to ask.

"I didn't live with the Pack, I was living in a Colony with my mother, but since we had to get to Earth for each full Moon anyway, I was still submissive to the pack leader from where my father had come. I'm a she-wolf. I was reaching puberty."


"I didn't wanna have to wait while some morons fought half to death to know which one of them would have the right to knock me up for the rest of my life, thanks! I agree that we need to perpetuate the species, but there are limits, shit! And I don't need someone to hunt for me, I can do it well enough alone," she added, making a face. "As for my first litter, it will wait. I'd be able to kick all of the unattached males' asses, those morons of alphas don't think I'm gonna submit to someone weaker than me, do they?"

"Hn!" snorted Heero.

He didn't want to approve of her, but he had to admit, she was interesting.

"Well said Hildie!!!" exclaimed her friend. "That's my little girl!!" he added, grabbing her by the neck and fluttering his eyelashes at her.

She fluttered her lashes back at him, grinning, and hooked her own arm around his neck, and Heero wondered when exactly his teeth would begin to crack, strong werewolf teeth or not.

"Are you ... close?" asked Quatre, restraining himself from putting a hand over his heart to dampen what he felt coming from the wolf side of Heero.

Duo snickered at Quatre.

"Hilde and me?! ... Yeah, we're close, but not like you think! She's one of my best friends, and we're both touchy-feely kind of people, that's all ..."

"Apparently, people often think we're a couple," added the girl, grinning.

"As it seems, to take a walk with an arm around your friend's waist, it can be passed as friendly if you're two girls, but not if you're a girl and a guy," concluded Duo with a malicious grin.

Hilde burst out laughing, uncontrollably.

"Well, sometimes..."

"Hilde, shut up!!" protested the boy, knowing what she was intending to talk about.

"Seems that when I put on boy clothes and put on a cap, I look like a pretty boy ... and Duo..."

"Hilde, shut up!!" repeated Duo, trying to gag her with his hand.

"What?" asked Wufei, getting curious against his will.

"Which means that sometimes, people mistake us for a gay couple... But that's not the worst thing! From behind, some cretins aren't able to see that Duo isn't a girl at the first glance, and so, one day, some old senile guy took us for a couple, but reversed!"

Wufei and Quatre laughed their ass off.

"S'not funny," grumbled the braided boy.

"Well, I have to admit that I had convinced him to let me play with his hair and he had it up in a pretty ponytail with bangs fluttering everywhere..."

"You are less masculine than a true woman, Duo!" guffawed the Chinese boy, smirking at his comrade.

"Blahblahblah... Less masculine than Hilde, that's not so hard, that's not something that will hurt my virility.. OUCH!"

"Hey!! Tell me I'm butch too! Anyway, I was so laughing my ass off at him, and Duo so didn't want to believe that he could pass as a woman, he was saying that the man just needed new glasses, so to convince him, and because we were a little drunk, we made a bet... I was in a skirt that day, so we changed clothes in the restroom..."

"Hiiil-deeee... pleeeeaseeee..." sung the boy, trying to shut her up.

"Duo as a transvestite? I would have loved to be there... and then?" asked Wufei, leaning forward to hear better, with a mix between a grin and a smirk on his lips.

"Ok, he only looked feminine as long as he didn't speak and didn't move at all, but still. He got hit on five times in twenty minutes!! I had to beat on three guys to protect his virtue... You should have seen the face of the fourth when Duo finally had enough to play along and kicked his ass into next week!"

"Duo in a skirt? I would have liked to see that too," commented Quatre, looking too innocent even for him.

"I have pictures," answered Hilde, deadly serious.

"But, the film I stole?!?"

"Sorry honey, they were my grandmother's vacation pictures."

"You bitch!!"

"Why, yes I am, your point?"

Not ten minutes since she had arrived, and already everyone accepted her as a friend. Nearly no questions, no suspicions, no adaptation time, nothing. The Japanese werewolf could have snarled openly, but it would only have disappointed his friends.

Heero had enough of their banter. He had questions to ask.

"Hey," he called, stopping the discussion short.

The other four people turned to him and stared.

"Am I the only one to think that it's a little too much of a coincidence that Duo's friend, who I assume comes here to see him, happens to be a werewolf?"

"That's not really a coincidence. Me being the one to come I mean," answered Hilde. "Me knowing Duo before and me being a were is a coincidence, as far as I know, but then we're not as rare as you seem to think."



She leaned back on the bed, grabbing Wufei's bottle of water and drinking a good long gulp. Quatre, used to Duo's ways of avoiding to answer, gently took the bottle back and deposed it out of reach, then turned to face her, smiling his serene smile that didn't reveal anything from his real state of mind.