Garou + Part 25 (cont)

"N... nothing," Quatre stammered, looking up at the old man.

"Like hell. You're walking around looking like your puppy was run over by a truck, you sigh hard enough for a windmill, and you drag your feet when you're walking! So don't tell me that there's nothing."

"How could I feel well with my comrade in such a state?" Quatre shot back, annoyed.

"True," the old man agreed, softening. "But this isn't just worry for a friend that I see," he added, brushing his thumb over the bunched up eyebrows of the teenager.

"It's guilt, sir," Quatre replied with irritation. "Okay? Guilt."

"It wasn't entirely your fault, kid, you know..."


Quatre shook his head, refusing to look the old man in the eye. Couldn't Howard just let him go? He didn't need a shrink.

Sometimes the Arab dearly regretted the education that prevented him from just walking away.

"You feel guilty over Wufei's contamination, too?"

"Some, but it's not the same. It was an accident! I forgot to think that contact with my blood would be dangerous, but he had forgotten too, and he was the one to touch my wound... And his own transformation went over well, and he's adapting well to his new nature!"

"I can admit that Trowa's transformation isn't going well, but it's just bad luck... you didn't chose the date, and you contaminated him by accident, too. You didn't chose to! He didn't have any luck, that's all. It isn't only your own fault, you know, no more than with the Chinese kid."

"It's not the same at all!! You don't know what happened, how I contaminated Trowa. It's my fault, my fault, and what you can say about it won't ever change that!!!"

To hell with his education. Quatre dashed off toward the gangway, not paying attention to Howard's surprised shouting.

* * * * * *

Wufei still didn't understand why he had let Heero get away with anything when it ended; when -- after long minutes where they nearly fell in a recovering slumber, totally spent -- Heero finally succeeded in gathering some energy and slid out of him, and then let himself sprawl on Wufei's back, still panting.

They stayed in that position for a little eternity, front molded to back so tightly there wasn't a place where sweaty skin didn't meet sweaty skin, and then Yuy had hugged him briefly, hard, and slid his hands away from Wufei's body. He sat up and slid off the couch in silence, not knowing what to say, and contemplated for a few seconds the boy leaning on the couch. Wufei's eyes were closed, his breath still short, and his mussed up hair was hiding half of his flushed face. Heero nearly crawled back on the couch.


Heero fell silent. What had happened had been... so many things, a whole lot of novelties, of unexpected discoveries. Passionate, wild, nearly savage...

In fact, it had been the first time he had made something that could be called love, somewhat.

He had not been a virgin, no. Doctor J's training hadn't really left him a choice as for something that insignificant. After all, what was virginity worth? In his way of thinking -- which was finding ways to train the most efficient and obedient soldier -- absolutely nothing.

It was very simple when you looked at the problem under a tactical angle. First, Heero could have to extract information in another way than violence; maybe by proposing his body in exchange or simply by winning someone's trust to extort bedroom confessions, so he had to learn the mechanics of the thing, the ways to please a sexual partner, male or female. Second, rape was a torture method like any other, and like any other method, he had to be made as insensitive as possible toward it.

The only thing it had made him insensitive to was the possibility to appreciate one day, sexual contact where he wouldn't be in a position of control. /never again showing my belly to someone./

In fact, he had believed that this training had definitely damaged his capacity to look at sex with any other mindset other than a 'blasé and indifferent' one. If he still had some needs, it was just because of puberty and all those hormones. If sometimes he so wanted to touch Duo, it was only in search for comfort, for the simple pleasure born of human contact, and that he had neither want nor need to search for more as long as he could hold him... and kiss him, maybe.

Never had one of his trainers kissed him. What for?

And then that intense fire had spread in him without warning, and he hadn't thought about that at all; only about the fact that the Chinese teen was young and strong and graceful in a warrior's way and extremely desirable, and that he wanted him -- wanted to dominate him, wanted to capture, to captivate, to seduce him, wanted to learn his body, to make him scream and moan -- to get all the pleasure he could get from the boy, for himself as much as for his prey. Wanted...

But at any other time he knew that he wouldn't even have thought about touching Wufei in that way. And he remembered that he had felt that strange impulse long before being aware of the boy's presence. Chang had been at a good place at the good time... well, it would probably depend on the point of view. When Wufei would be able to think again, his Chinese counterpart would probably not agree with him.

Would he have taken anyone? He didn't think so. /especially not a non-were/ But still... it could have been dangerous.

He shook his head; those preoccupations weighted nothing in front of a new revelation.

He was still hungry for more.

The frozen burn had calmed down some -- nearly disappeared -- but he still felt the embers in him. And he knew that tonight, with the full moon, the animal in him would awaken them fully. And he would do it again with the first person he would manage to get his hands on that he found attractive enough...

"Hey, 'Fei...Wufei," he corrected himself, not wanting the other pilot to think he was disrespecting of him. "Domo arigato gozaimasu," he thanked, bowing formally, very serious, so that the other would know that he was not mocking him, that he didn't despise him. He didn't know if Wufei was conscious enough to even realize what he was doing but it was a gesture that -- his human side informed him -- needed to be done.

The Japanese let his fingers slide of their own will along the Chinese teen's back, forcing a shiver of sated pleasure out of his tired body, then bent forward, placing a fast kiss on the nape marked with the imprint of his own teeth. He was seized by the desire to nibble down on it again, to let his hands wander again, but Wufei wasn't in a good enough condition to fight a second round now...

/and for now I want to hunt/

* * *

The door closed slowly after the Japanese teen, and Wufei slowly turned his head toward the sound. He felt exhausted, mentally and physically.

The black-haired boy didn't understand what had just happened. He just didn't. Mostly because he hadn't recovered yet, wasn't yet able to think, and his body ground with a pleasure that had left him without any other thought than the more basic ones, reactions to the sensations that had invaded him.

His brain had refused to function the moment the werewolf had leaned over him, and he had let himself be dragged along without even having the time to think about protesting, without even remember the few reasons that would have been worthy of resisting. Well, he had protested and fought, but... it had not really been in order to escape his teammate's clutches. He had pretended that he wanted to get away, and the other had known that he was pretending. It was for dominance that he had struggled... and lost.

As soon as the scent had reached him...the scent, what had been so special about it? He wondered, his thoughts slowly wandering, nearly asleep. He tried to remind himself exactly what it had smelled like, and a spark of excitement ran up from the small of his back with the memory. It had almost been like always, but stronger... warmer, with a sharp musk-tinted side, and there had been a particularly important difference. It was something extremely perceptible, but he wasn't able to recognize it. It was a breathtaking, captivating, dizzying scent, which made him stop thinking with his brain and let his brutally awakened needs do the talking.

The only thing he was sure of was that whatever the scent was, it had put him in the mood might fast… as much as the teenager's intense eyes when he had leaned over him with that feral determination to make him his.

And then, the blissful exhaustion gave place to the slow awakening of his body... and of all the little pains that pleasure had anesthetized and transformed into a source of ecstasy.

His neck, nape and shoulders were covered in hickeys and bite marks. Not really deep enough to bleed, but most of the traces were still clearly visible and would take a long time to disappear. He glanced lower; he could feel bruises beginning to appear on his biceps, wrists and hips. And he would bet that they had the exact shape of Yuy's fingers, the ones that had pressed into his skin with a little too much enthusiasm .

True, at the moment it hadn't seemed so excessive at all. Quite the contrary, really. Just... just proof of his strength. It had been both frightening and intoxicating; an exhilarating feeling born of the knowledge that the wolf had him totally in his power and could break his bones with a single move, but he didn't, and contented himself with kisses and caresses that were brusque but never really violent.

And now, he was bearing the marks of that.

The worst-off part of him was still his poor ass, which he realized when he tried ­ very briefly- to sit up.

"Aow!" he yelped, executing a strange jump that repositioned him flat on his belly.

He felt his face burn, and lowered his head between his crossed arms, hiding behind his messy hair. His thoughts were a confusing jumble where the exact memory of what had happened -- and more specifically, the haste he had greeted it with -- and the remarks that could, and probably would, be made by some American person of his acquaintance when he saw how cautiously he moved around, met and mixed. He was seriously considering traveling with a cushion. He would have to be really careful about his facial expressions for a while if he wanted to sit down in public, or else his reputation would be definitely shot down.

And then, the hugeness of what had just happened truly hit him.

He had had sex with his teammate.

He had had sex with his MALE teammate.

He had had sex with YUY, amongst ANY teammate he could have had sex with, for the gods' sake! What the hell had gotten into him?!

... He groaned as the second meaning suddenly hit him, proving as true as the first.

It Was Not Wufei's Day.

* * *

A Sweeper who was walking in the corridor jumped when he heard a litany of Chinese words, mixed with the name of the Pilot 01. From the tone of the voice, they were not compliments. Then he heard sound of cushions hitting the walls, and then a yelp of pain, followed by another litany of words that he was sure hadn't even been in the first.

He shrugged and hurried past the door. Those pilots were so strange and moody.

* * * * * *

"Heero? Where are you going?"

The Were kept himself from jumping for Sally's throat by sheer reflex; distracted, he hadn't even heard her walk out of her study room. Restraining himself, he just bared his teeth in an aggressive display.

"Err, Heero? You look... ferocious, tonight," she remarked in a slightly circumspect tone.

He gave her a short bark of a laugh.

"It's the full moon tonight, Sally," he answered in a tone that subtly frowned on her ignorance.

"Oh. That why you're showing me your fangs, then?" she asked with a hint of sarcasm.

"I want to hunt," he growled without thinking.

To hunt her? She thought for a second, before firmly dismissing that idea.

The doctor stared at him in silence for a short while, noting the differences in the boy's behavior. His muscles were tense and bulging, his hands opened and closed by spasms, and he was balancing on the balls of his feet as if he was readying himself for a jump. He looked ferocious and so unstable. She felt like the littlest look would make him decide that she was totally acceptable as prey. After all, he truly was higher than a simple human in the food chain now.

Heero stared at the woman. He had intended on leaving right away, but his immediate reaction to the young doctor intrigued him. Sally wasn't really of interest to him; she wasn't able to satiate his need. She was pretty, in a way, had a toned body that curved in interesting places, had a strong personality, but she lacked something...

/her scent is too bland/

She wasn't a Were. There, that was it. She didn't smell like she should have. She didn't wear his own scent either, the scent of his packmates.

But she was caring for a member of his clan. She took care of Trowa. Therefore she was from his pack too, in a way, and he had had to accept her, since he was letting her touch a seriously sick packmate. So, she was a sort of... an honorary member?

She wore hints of Trowa's scent.

He stepped closer, silent, as if he was stalking prey, and she stepped back without thinking. He had smelled the hint of defiance in her scent from the beginning, and now he could smell fear, but it didn't surprise him. She would have been nuts not to be afraid. But being afraid of him and showing so little of it, he had to admit that he admired her guts. Not many people, male or female, had as much courage.

He leaned toward her slowly, his eyes half-closed, breathing in the smells emanating from her. For his hyperactive sense of smell, she smelled like drugs, lipstick and the black powder of her revolver, but under all that... Her hands, especially, wore Trowa's scent: the scent where the weak and suffering human mixed with the feral and wild Were. He clenched his teeth.

"He cannot die," he whispered without looking at her, his eyes still halfway closed. "He is from my pack and I can't do anything, Sally, but you can... and you will."

A threat? She tensed and stepped back once again. Sadly, apart from inside the wall, there was nowhere to step back to. The dark blue eyes in front of her were glowing with a very intense, very concentrated light. Yuy looked like a madman or an exalted, religious fanatical, and she wondered if getting out of her room and calling him was the idiocy that would cost her life. He was never really normal, but here, she was finding him singularly psychotic. But if she remarked on it out loud, he was liable to go postal on her.

He opened his eyes and realized that he was close enough to the woman that her body heat could reach him through the air that still separated them. The embers of passion warmed up slightly and he stared at her for a long time, his eyes searching hers. He lifted a hand, slowly, and brushed the doctor's face with his fingertips, staring into her slowly widening eyes with something akin to fascination.

'she's human, Heero, human ...'

/...yes, not from my pack, that's true .../

'... and it would be too dangerous for her. She's frail, and if I contaminate her, she can die... and if I am as brutal with her as I was with Wufei...'

Memories of a brief and violent encounter, bites, battles for dominance...

Wufei was a warrior on top of being a Were, resilient and strong, and full of a passionate fire. But Sally...

/can't hurt a female /

"Sally..." he hissed through his clenched teeth. "Sally, you go back to Trowa. You take care of him. You stop Catherine and... and Duo from getting out, all night long. You don't open the door to anyone. Especially not me. When Trowa begins to Change, you'll go in the other room and you'll leave him alone. I'll come to take him."

It almost physically hurt to add Duo to the list of people who had to hide from him tonight, but he knew that he didn't have a choice. Duo must NOT become a Were. Duo had to stay human. They needed at least one of them to be a full human.

But human or not, he was from his pack and he was strong and resilient and... and Heero had liked him for so long that there wasn't a need to ponder for long to see that if the American approached him now, he'd jump his bones in the second. For the moment, he was still sated from being with Wufei, but he knew that it would not keep him away for long if he could get his hands on the longhaired boy. He knew too that the urgency would only grow as the night came.

Would he have to go find Quatre, too, to dampen his thirst for... contact?

No... no, Quatre was like his little brother; not a potential mate. He would go hunt tonight, hunt and run and howl to the moon maybe, and tomorrow -- surely -- it would have left with the full moon.

"And find a way to tell the Sweepers. I'm going on the deck. I want no one to show up there. They stay in their rooms. And make sure that no one put their nose out after nightfall!"

Sally shivered when she realized that he was looking at her chest, as if he was wondering how it would feel to touch and was on the verge of testing; and she finally recognized what made the Japanese teen's eyes so intense. Desire… violent desire. She turned scarlet and wondered if she would be able to defend herself against him if ever he tried to rape her. Probably not. He'd dismember her if she dared lifting a hand against him, she knew. But in his eyes...

"Heero, what's the matter?" she asked in a totally professional tone, hoping that it would make Yuy come back to his senses. "Does the full moon always have that effect on you?"

He moved back his hand -- which had been oscillating very close to the woman's waist -- and punched the wall, making her jump. He bit his lips and pushed himself back, stepping away hastily before the compulsion pushed him toward the young woman again.

"No," he grunted back before turning away, his fists clenched to prevent himself from grabbing the woman with both hands. "It's worse tonight. And different."


"I don't know," he called as he was walking away. Then he added after a moment of thought, "I think I'm in heat."

Sally stayed propped up against the wall, shell-shocked.

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