Warnings for this episode: Some violence, Shonen Ai (1+2, 4+3) ^_________^
Author: Asuka Kureru

Garou + Part 26

Heero had settled down at the highest point he was able to find, the command tower's roof, and was now pensively contemplating what the hell was happening to him -- the way his reactions diverged from what was normal during a full moon. But he couldn't help being plagued by flashbacks about the reaction he had given to the little sounds Wufei made and the texture of his skin under the Japanese pilot's fingers, and he had to fight to keep his thoughts clear and centered and not just let himself daydream, or even just plain fantasize. But it was difficult. The only thing he wanted more than to think about what he had just done was to do it again.

Disturbed in his thoughts by a shiver, Heero realized that night was finally coming. Tearing his eyes away from the hypnotic contemplation of the sunset on the bay they were currently floating in, he looked back at the harbor. They had moored just this afternoon, a little after his encounter with Sally, in a small bay whose high cliffs hid the boat from onlookers.

The werewolf glanced once again at the cliff to take note of the small path leading up the face of the cliff, then jumped to his feet and stretched slowly, carefully. He had sought refuge up here to avoid crossing paths with anyone that would awaken his covetousness, or his anger, for whatever reason. But the air was cool up here, with the wind from the sea dancing around him, and lying on metal sheets that greedily drank his body warmth, and he gratefully greeted the first hints of fur covering his body.

The wind was caressing his pelt in a nearly sensual way, and he shivered, from pleasure or cold he couldn't say. The feeling was more intense -- touched him deeper -- than on nude skin. He brushed his fingers against his arms, shivered again. Double pleasure: that of his flesh under the fur and of his so sensitive fingertips in contact with the soft pelt.

He shook himself, like a dog coming out of water, and tried to think about something other than his animal impulses. The moon was climbing in the sky, and soon it would be time...

The moment of truth. Trowa had survived up until now... would he beat the odds again?

* * *

The werewolf had crossed the corridors with wide, fast steps, luckily not meeting anyone. He was walking so fast he could have been running, but the last corridor had him slowing down. Hesitant, vaguely scared, he stopped in front of the closed door, the one behind which his teammate was. Some creaks could be heard through the wall... it had already begun. Taking a deep breath, Heero entered the room... and began to swear.

Trowa was racked with pain, and his noisily breaking bones were re-forming under the naked skin a little too visibly. Beside his bed, Sally, Wufei and Duo were comforting a crying Cathy.

"Didn't I tell you to get them out of here?" the brown-haired werewolf growled in a very low, nearly purring tone.

Sally whirled around when she heard his voice and her cheeks turned a slight pink. She had intended on warning them when she had arrived ... but Catherine had been having a breakdown, slumped at the side of the bed, Duo trying to comfort her while battling his own fear, and the doctor had only thought about reassuring them. And then, just when Cathy had somewhat begun to calm down, the transformation had begun. It was impressive, and fairly horrifying. Wufei had arrived soon after, and they had been so caught up in taking care of Trowa, that they had not exchanged three words.

"Sorry, I... " She tried to explain, stammering against her will.

Duo looked up, surprised, and stared at the young woman before glancing at Heero. The teenager was already covered in fur by places and most of the rest of him looked fuzzy, his legs and arms shadowed by elongating brown hairs, his nose looked moist like a muzzle, his ears were lengthening into furry triangles, and his hands sported thickening claws. Duo had to admit that it was an astonishing view, but Sally had already seen the teen in his halfway state more than once for her experiments, and she hadn't reacted that way, even the very first time!

He glanced back at the young woman, thinking to ask what was going on... and caught a glimpse of Wufei's face, which was deep red.

"Hey, Wufei?" he called in a low voice, trying not to disturb Trowa more than he already was.

But Wufei didn't turn his head, his dark eyes staring at Heero with extreme intensity. In front of the braided boy's surprised eyes, the stripes of the tiger appeared and began to darken on the Chinese teen's golden skin, and his breath began to quicken. Wufei's mouth fell half-open, unconsciously flicking his tongue on his lips...

Totally stupefied now, Duo turned back to Heero, intending on asking him what the deal was. And blinked hard.

The total attention of the said pilot was riveted to HIM. His steel-blue eyes seemed to want to pierce a hole through the braided boy's skull. His posture was tense, his muscles tensed and ready to spring in a nanosecond. He looked dangerous, concentrated, aggressive, as he was during missions, and Duo shivered a moment when he realized that this very special intensity was concentrated on himself, as if he was a fearsome enemy.

And then, with a deliberate slowness, the blue eyes left his own and began to travel down along his body, successively fixating themselves on his collarbones uncovered by his T-shirt's large collar, then on his torso, then on his hips, encased in his torn jeans... where they lingered a few seconds longer before following the line of his legs and then travelling up again toward his face, stopping once again at his pelvis. Duo felt his own jaw hanging, and stared, his eyes wide, at the stranger in Heero's skin, at the man currently eyeing him with that expression that he was finally recognizing as purely lecherous.


Heero nearly purred with pleasure when he saw the American's mouth fall open and his cheeks turn pink. It was such an exciting expression...

Duo's scent was revealing his surprise, and he was short of breath... finally, the boy understood what Heero wanted from him. The werewolf glanced at his narrow hips once again, imagining his own hands grabbing them when he would ...

Licking his lips, Heero stepped forward, totally forgetting the rest, the presence of the other people in the room and the danger threatening his packmate, his hunger for the chestnut-haired teenager crushing the rest.

"Heero, what's the matter?" Duo asked, his voice soft and low.

A touch of hesitation colored it, underlining the incertitude and the vulnerability of the boy, and a touch of roughness in the low tone caused by surprise. Heero wondered how he had never realized how sensual it sounded. Wondering how it would sound under... different stimuli, Heero whined with anticipation, making some sound that would have been a purr if he had been a feline, and stepped forward again. Purely by reflex, Duo stepped back.

"Duo..." the Japanese werewolf breathed.


Sally only needed one look to confirm that Yuy was still in the same state as before. She shook Cathy, taking advantage of the fact that no one was paying attention to them, and pushed her to the communication door going to the next room, just behind the two longhaired pilots. She was going to go through too when she saw the way Heero was staring at Duo, and, more importantly, the way Wufei seemed to let the fascination the wolf was inspiring in him invade him. Leaning toward him, she slapped the Chinese pilot's shoulder and pinched his back hard, hoping that it would be enough to get him to come out of his trance, then hastily retreated to the other room. Cathy was staring at her with wide, surprised eyes, not understanding why Sally had torn her away from her brother's side. The doctor didn't answer, just grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward a third room, making sure that the doors connecting with the corridor were closed and locked.

Wufei jumped when he felt the pinch, and the haziness lifted from his mind. Realizing instantly what was happening, he caught the American's wrist and dashed off to the second room. A furious roar rose behind them, and he barely had the time to slam the door shut and lean against it with all his weight. Having fallen on his knees on the floor, Maxwell was staring up at him, floored. Luckily he had fast reflexes and thought about blocking a chair under the handle once he saw that his comrade had to arch against the door to contain the furious blows Yuy was giving to the door. Without missing a beat, Wufei caught Duo's elbow and pushed him toward the third room where the girls were waiting.

"Sally!! Barricade the door!!" he shouted, hurrying to get to the room.

A couch and a small table made a one-way trip to the door, their banging against it underlining the sound of the other door smashed into splinters. Two seconds later their door was shaking under the collision with a shoulder. With one flex of his clawed hands, Wufei tore off the metal grill covering the air duct and pushed Maxwell to the entry.


"But..." the boy protested as he fell on his knees.

"You're the one he wants! Faster, dammit!"

Totally floored, Duo was going to open his mouth to counter that affirmation, ask questions...

"Duo, he's in heat and it's the full moon!!" Sally shouted, pushing him in the air duct. "You really want to get fucked by a big hairy wolf that's three times your weight?"

Struck speechless, the braided teen began to crawl away in the air duct as fast as he could, closely followed by Sally and Cathy, who didn't get what was happening either but still didn't want to stay alone in the wolfboy's presence. Wufei took the time to pull a couch in front of the air duct opening before following them. Not that it would deter Yuy for long, but any delay was good.

* * *

"WUFEIIIIIII!!!" Pilot 01 roared, attacking the door with his claws. "GIVE HIM BACK!!!!"

His bones were creaking noisily and he was totally covered in fur by now. He briefly wobbled when his legs began to change, fell on his knees, his claws still driven in the wood, tearing whole handfuls of splinters, not caring when his pelvis changed angles nor when his caudal vertebras elongated, stretching the skin painfully thin over his newly formed tail. He was going to tear that traitor's throat open when he reached them, and then he'd finally take possession of his Duo...

A pitiful wail rose from the bedroom behind him, a so deeply pained moan, a call so weak that it couldn't even pretend to be a cry.

Stumbling on his misshapen legs, slowed down by the changes still going on inside of his body, Heero rushed to his packmate's side, his libido totally drowned under the powerful drive to protect and help his comrade.

* * *

Finally, after a long time crawling in the large ducts, the four fugitives arrived to a little room full of diverse motors and machinery. They extracted themselves from the duct with more or less elegance. While Sally was looking at the light burns Cathy had on her knees from crawling in her shorts, and Duo was stretching and grumbling about the bump he had gotten on his forehead when Sally had pushed him forward, Wufei listened.

"I think he isn't following," he announced after a few minutes.

"Great..." Sally sighed, sliding along the wall, and covered her eyes with a hand.

Cathy was staring at them, waiting for an explanation.

"So, what's that heat thing about?" the American asked, trying to push back all those small strands that had escaped and were surrounding his face like a halo inside his braid.

"In heat, rutting, in season, drive to reproduce, need to fuck, are you getting it yet? And believe my word on this Duo, he IS in heat," Sally shot back, glancing at him between her fingers.

"How do you know that?" Wufei asked, staring suspiciously at her. "You understood it even before he began undressing Maxwell with his eyes..."

"WUFEI!!" Duo protested, blushing.

"I crossed his path in a corridor and he was undressing me with his eyes too, as you'd say, and he kept on preventing himself from grabbing me and feeling me up two inches before he actually touched me."

Duo blinked, unbelieving. Heero Yuy, feeling up SALLY?! ... Heero Yuy, feeling up someone at all?

"And you, Chang, how did you know he was in rut?" Sally asked, staring at him with intensity.

Wufei's face turned solid red in three seconds flat and the Chinese teen bit his lips, glaring death at his compatriot. But Cathy's, Sally's and Duo's eyes expressed their slow understanding, and, deeply ashamed, the black-haired pilot lowered his head until they couldn't see his face.

"... Nooooooooo..." Duo whispered, his eyes literally bulging out of his head.

"Shut up, Maxwell."

"I see ..." Cathy said in a meditative tone, nodding as if it made sense.

"Shut up, woman!"

"You got shagged by HEERO?!???" Duo exclaimed, still not able to swallow the new.

"SILENCE, MAXWELL!!" Wufei bellowed back, threatening him with his clenched fists. "And, and, and who the hell is telling you that he was the one who shagged me!? Why are you assuming..."

"You were the one doing the shagging?" Sally asked dryly.

Wufei turned scarlet and didn't answer.

"That's what I thought," she concluded with satisfaction. Wufei collapsed on the ground, frustrated.

"But you... you... You and HEERO?!"

"It wasn't my fault... it was his scent," Wufei answered in a tired voice, not looking up.

"His scent?"

"... yes, I... his scent... I caught wind of it, and I couldn't think about anything else... Two seconds before that, I was in a totally normal state, and ... I found myself so ... so..."

"Shocked? Excited? Hot'n'bothered?"

"Maxwell!! Maxwell, you ... yes," the Chinese teen gave in, his shout dying down to a whisper. "Unable to think, just... want..."

Duo wasn't sure that he had ever seen that precise shade of brilliant red beforehand. Fluorescent red? It wasn't supposed to exist.

"Wow," Duo muttered, still trying to digest the news.

"It isn't even that I couldn't say no... I didn't even THINK to say no," the Chinese teen added, sounding discouraged.

"And you got shagged."

"That's enough rubbing it in, Maxwell," the teen warned him in a cold voice.

Duo lifted his hands in surrendering. "Sorry…but usually, you're so... dominant... And I was so totally sure that you were straight!!"

"I am!!!" Wufei protested. "... I was... am..."

His fists hit the floor on both sides of him and he gritted his teeth.

"I don't know anymore..."

He fell silent and grabbed a double fistful of his own hair, his thoughts running in circles under his skull like mad horses in a corral. He had always defined himself as being heterosexual... Always... Well, there had been his crush on Treize during his... sojourn with him, but it had been born from his admiration and the universal and irresistible magnetism the man exuded, not from a real physical desire... And he had been suffering from amnesia, very different from what he had been and in a desperate need to anchor himself and be able to find out who he was. But with Heero, none of those things that had confused him so about Treize had played any part, and still ... It had not been anything like rape.

He had been taken by another man. Had submitted. Had opened his legs like a weak female to greet a man inside of him. Not just anyone either; one of his comrades, one of the people he most admired, with Meiran herself and his other teammates. An equal, a warrior.

He had let Heero take him.

And he had found an immense pleasure in being conquered. Had not even remembered that he wasn't supposed to like that sort of thing; that he was supposed to defend himself, to fight him off... What was he now? Even now, he could still not believe that he had found even a shred of pleasure in what had happened not even three hours before. Imagining it coldly, with a nearly doctor-like coolness, was making him ill.

Had he always had a skewed view of himself? Had he always been attracted by men and just been living in denial? ... No, no... It wasn't just denial; he really could NOT remember any thoughts or reactions toward boys... before Treize and Heero that is.

But if so, then why...?

He pulled on his hair, gritting his teeth, his head still low.

Taking pity on him, Sally turned toward the poor confused teenager.

"What happened today doesn't mean anything as for your normal tendencies, Wufei," she said calmly, perfectly conscious of what was giving the black-eyed teen such a tormented expression. "He had to be saturating the atmosphere with pheromones, you know, hormones that are transmitted by smell, and as you have very sharp senses, you were probably as heavily influenced by them as he was. You didn't have any control of the situation... You didn't have a choice in wanting it or not."

The Chinese teen stared at her, stupefied. Pheromones...? Provoking... desire...?

'... oh...'

"As for being top or bottom," she added with a clinical coldness, "after all it isn't for nothing that Yuy is an alpha male... and the fact that it came from him gave him an advantage over you. I would bet it had been accumulating in his body for a while. He had more pressure to relieve than you had. I suppose he was the one to initiate the encounter?"

Wufei nodded slowly.

"Don't worry, when it's your turn, maybe you'll be able to turn the tables on him," she finished innocently.

"Sally!!" he protested, his skin flushing with the embarrassment going with the mental picture she had given him of topping Yuy. "... What do you mean when it's my turn?"

She shrugged.

"If it happens to Yuy, I don't see why it wouldn't happen to you, or even to Quatre."

"QUATRE in heat? That I want to see," Duo guffawed.

"THAT'S a scary thought," Cathy contemplated pensively.

Wufei had a long sigh and stretched. "Enough with that conversation, now. Let's change the subject."

Sally and Catherine agreed and began to search for a comfortable place to sit down.

Closing his eyes, Duo began to whisper-sing something that was running around in his head, trying to relax.

"You and me, baby, we're -nothing but mammals so -let's do it like they do -on the discovery channel..."


* * *