Author: Asuka Kureru

Garou + Part 6

The taste of his friend's blood in his mouth was like a slap in the face. Kind of painful, but helped him regain his senses.

'what the Hell am I doing?!?'

Heero slowly calmed down and straightened up. Surprised by his sudden lack of resistance, Trowa dragged him back, nearly tumbling; then froze a second, trying to judge his mood.

His eyes had returned to be as unexpressive as ever. Quatre thought the crisis was probably finished. He didn't feel anything alarming anymore.

"Heero? You're calmed down? You think you can keep yourself in check?" asked Duo, sounding like he had troubles keeping his own anger in check.


'But Quatre, Quatre's blood...'


"Hn... yeah, I'm ok. Let me go."

They didn't have any reason not to believe him. He was sounding calmer than he had been for weeks. And most of the hairs on his arms and nape were back under his skin... Weirded out, Trowa decided that it was sort of a proof, and let him go before he cautiously stepped back, ready to dodge and counterattack. But Heero didn't move at all.

"Hee- Heero?" Quatre succeeded in uttering. "You... You... how...?"

Heero sighed and shrugged, stupefying them. He lowered his eyes and hesitated for a long time before dropping his bombshell.

"I've become a werewolf."

"You what? Excuse me Yuy, it seems I've misheard you, I heard that you said you were a..." Wufei faltered.

"I'm a fucking WEREWOLF, ok?!?"

Silence fell on the room.

"You... what?"

"You heard." sighed Heero.

"You... sure?" asked Trowa, but at this moment, his eyes happened to wander on the furred, long and definitely animalistic ears still poking out of the boy's hair, and then, he just shut up.

More silence.

"I... change, with the moon, and I heal faster, and all of this stuff. And I... Damn. Duo?" asked Wing's pilot in a quiet voice, glancing at him ashamedly.

Maxwell knew what he was asking for. He groaned, but he knew that when Heero had this tone, Duo couldn't stop himself from doing as he wanted. Because he sounded as if mister best-of-the-bestest, I-prefer-to-wobble-on-a-broken-leg-all-damn-night-rather-than-letting-anyone-touch-my-Gundam needed the help, needed him, and that was... impossible to resist.

"Frankly, you could do it yourself... But OK, man, I'll explain what I can..." sighed DeathScythe's pilot.

The other three pilots stared at them, integrating the fact that Duo had seemed surprised by Heero's violence, but not by his physical changes... and now, Heero was asking him to...

"YOU KNEW IT, MAXWELL!!!" Wufei bellowed, sounding hurt and betrayed.

The worry and the incertitude accumulating in Duo since this day finally melted into anger.

"YEAH I KNEW IT!!!" he bellowed back. "I've known for TWO days, since that fucking mission went bad!!"

Heero winced and his ears flopped slightly down to dampen the shouts. His hearing couldn't take this kind of abuse, now even less than before.

"How?" asked Trowa very calmly, his eyes still glued on the Wing's pilot.

Said pilot was sitting on the windowsill, and seemed to be trying to reach a decision about jumping head first or no, depending on his seeing the other pilots' discovery as a good thing for the group or as a personal failure to hide a secret.

Duo's grin took an ironic edge, but Quatre couldn't have said if the irony was directed toward Wufei or himself.

"Well, you know, when you fall asleep beside a brown-furred, blue-eyed wolf with a scar on his shoulder and you wake up beside a brown-haired, blue-eyed boy with a scar on his shoulder ... Especially when the said wolf isn't really normal sized and has a grudge against OZ soldiers... And he acts like a soldier... And the boy you're suspicious about acts strangely since himself has been bitten by a big, strange wolf ... And he has a tendency to heal really too fast and to open throats barehanded, with his nails or claws or whatever... Etceteras...Usually you wonder a little..."

"You didn't tell us," stated Trowa in a tone that was slightly less neutral than usually, only proof of his actual state of shock.

"What did you want me to say? Hi, guys, how's it going today, and, oh, by the way, did you know that Heero's a werewolf? Why, yes, I saw him the other day in his furry form... Yeah, right! As if you would have even thought about believing me! And it was Heero's secret to tell, not mine," sighed the American. "And... I was a little... Shocked... Crap, to learn that one of your buddies is a bloody werewolf is not something you expect everyday!"

"A werewolf", repeated Quatre, beginning to laugh.

His dream... the dream where a beast that was Heero anyway ripped his throat out in an endless, hostile forest...

Duo stared at him suspiciously. Why was he under the impression that Quatre's laugh was verging on hysterical?

"Heero became a werewolf... because he had been bitten by a werewolf...? No?" the golden-haired boy succeeded in explaining to them.

He was shaking harder and harder.

He lifted his hand up toward them. On his forearm, a teeth imprint with too-big canines was still bleeding.

"Oh, Heero... Please... It only works when you're a wolf, isn't it...? Tell me it works only when you're a wolf!"

The Japanese boy turned around and stared at him in silence before approaching him, without a sound. He stopped two meters before he was actually in range and glanced at him, as if he was afraid of looking into his terrified eyes. He held out his hand, and after a while, Quatre gave him his shaking limb. The brown-haired pilot bent slightly, sniffing at the sweaty palm, before glancing at its owner.

"Sorry, Quatre..." he mumbled, in a voice where you really could hear regrets.

"No... NO!!" The smaller pilot screamed, dropping boneless on the ground.

A... Werewolf... A monster of legend... Not human... not anymore...

Strangely, the first thought that came to his mind was 'what is Father going to think?' He would have some problems being the perfectly well-behaved host that all the young ladies wanted to marry at those business parties now.

He began to rock himself mechanically, shell-shocked, his green-blue eyes staring off in space.

Trowa stepped forward and went to put a hand on his shoulder, but Heero got to the blond boy first. He knelt in front of his victim and put his hands on the boy's shoulders, turning him around to face him. Quatre looked at him, his lashes glistening.

"Quatre... Quatre, I... Gomen nasai, I wasn't in control of myself..." Heero mumbled, so low and soft that the other pilots wondered for a second if they weren't imagining it. "Calm down, it's not so terrible... All will be ok... "

His voice was strangely soft, and he seemed ... worried was the best word. The other three pilots stared at him incredulously, refusing to accept that this anxious face and this kind voice were really coming from Heero-I-am-a-war-machine-Yuy.

Quatre was still rocking, a hysterical chuckle escaping him from time to time, with tears welling up in his eyes. Kindly, Heero caressed one of his damp cheeks and gently taped his shoulder.

"It will be ok, Quatre, it'll be ok..."

He stepped back, perplexed and undecided about what he could do, unused to care for crying people, then took a decision.

"You should get some rest, maybe you'll feel better afterwards. "

Quatre nodded and tried to get up, but his shaking legs weren't holding him up. Trowa caught his arm before he could nose-dive. The blond trembled slightly before looking up at him and giving in thanks a parody of his usual soft smile.

"Sorry, I shouldn't act like that ... It's not as ... As..." he stammered. Suddenly, he felt his legs fold under him once again, and Trowa had to keep him up. "I don't understand why my legs are doing that..." he complained absently. "I know I am too emotive, but not that much..."

Trowa frowned and put a hand on his forehead.

"Heero, he's getting fevered, is it normal?"

"Already?!" the other boy exclaimed, surprised.

"So, it is normal?" Trowa asked again, not in the mood to guess or wait patiently for the complete answer.

"Yes," Heero frowned.

A cold stare from Trowa encouraged him to elaborate.

"It happened to me too. But I had half an hour before beginning to feel dizzy. He's touched fast... His antibodies are probably less resilient than mine. But I was modified by J, so..."

Receiving a glare for his going into a tangent, Heero continued to count all of the side effects he could think of.

"For a few days, I had fevers, dizzy spells, and I felt very ill and ready to vomit anytime, even if I couldn't get enough to eat in between, but it didn't last much more than a week. After that, I felt... a little less able to concentrate for a long time, for approximately three days, I guess. For a few hours I couldn't even read, I forgot the beginning of the sentences before arriving to the end. And mood shifts, as you saw, although they are worse by night... And I am still feeling slightly more hungry than I was used to, so I suppose it is not going to go away. He'll need red meat too. It's more filling."

Heero looked disapprovingly at Quatre who, feeling slightly better, was stepping away from Trowa's support. And not without reasons; he had to catch Sandrock's pilot before the boy kissed the ground not a second after. Heero gave an undecipherable look at Quatre, then without thinking about it anymore, bent to put an arm under his knees and the other around his shoulders, and lifted the boy off the ground before resolutely attacking the stairs with the blond pilot in his arms.

"You have to rest" he answered sternly when the boy protested. "It won't be long before you fall asleep."

They disappeared in the staircase, letting behind the other pilots still shell-shocked and trying to cope.

Duo was, like always, the first to be able to talk again.

"Well, shiiiiiit... You saw how he was with lil'Cat? Woohoo... Tro-man, old buddy, you should have made your move earlier, you lost your place..."

Trowa stared at him but didn't say a thing, just let his eyes become colder.

"I don't have the first clue what you're talking about, Maxwell" he said finally, when the said Maxwell showed no signs about stopping to babble about the golden occasion the HeavyArms'pilot had missed.

"Well, if you had your sights on Quatre, it's too late, 'cause if Heero-I-am-a-polar-bear-Yuy takes the trouble to care for him, it can't be innocent... And now that he's a Were, I dunno how you'll be able to enter the competition, he could bite you by pure jealousy..."

Trowa considered a moment the thought of hitting the annoying pilot behind he head, but it would only give him a proof that he had hit a mark. Where it was not at all the case. He didn't have any interests of this kind for Quatre, nor for anyone now that he went around to it. He didn't need this kind of relationship, didn't need any relationship. They were in a war, and he was there to serve as a soldier, not to flirt. If Yuy wanted to have a relationship with the little blond, it was their problem, as long as it didn't prevent them from accomplishing their missions.

And Heero had changed, true, but not to this extend. It was his self control that had been damaged, not his libido. He didn't see why, like Duo said, he should be jealous.

He wasn't jealous at all. After all, why should he...?

Quatre was only his first, only and best friend. Nothing to be possessive about.

...He should probably go upstairs to see if the smaller boy didn't need anything.

Wufei shrugged and let himself fall on the nearest chair, and pressed his hands on his temples.

" Nataku..." he muttered, in a totally incredulous and spent tone of voice.

If Duo had believed in any god apart from one that didn't take kindly about being invoked for such trivial matters, he would probably have done the same thing. What a mess...

* * *

Heero pushed back the door with a shoulder and went to put Quatre down on his bed. The little blond huddled under the covers, shaking, and looked at him strangely before lowering his eyes. Heero stared at the boy for a few seconds, frowning faintly, then leaned toward him.


"Y-yeah?" he answered, voice shaking badly.

No, Heero was not mistaken... Sighing imperceptibly, he straightened up and stepped away from the bed.

"You can't stay alone for now... I am going to ask for one of the others to come and take care of you. Do you have a preference?"

"Err... No, I..."

"I'll ask Trowa, then," Heero said experimentally.

Two seconds later, as Quatre was looking confused and lowered his head, Heero authorized a small smile to play on his lips.

The Wolf was decidedly efficient to understand non-verbal communication.

* * *

A few minutes later, Heero walked back from the first floor. Three suspicious stares fixated themselves on him.

"Trowa, do you mind staying up at Quatre's?" he asked in a neutral voice.

"Why don't you?" the boy asked, an eyebrow raised in question.

"He's afraid of me" admitted the brown-haired boy with a seemingly indifferent shrug.

"Ah...? "

Trowa raised an eyebrow higher, his way to encourage explications.

"He didn't tell me but I can smell it. It's a very distinct scent."

"And why not Wufei or me?" Duo asked.

"He needs to be reassured. Wufei..." he said before looking at Shenlong's pilot and shaking his head. "Wufei wouldn't know how to, not any better than me. And you... "

"I'm his best pal!" protested the American.

"He needs to rest, not to hear you chatter for hours on the advantages and inconveniences of being a werewolf."

"You're mean..."

"No, realistic."

He tensed and stared back at his comrades.

"Nani? "

"Weeeell, lycanthropy can change a man!! before, you didn't even take the trouble of answering and now, you're talking back like that? Bite me!!" Duo exclaimed jokingly.

"Be careful, I could take you up on the offer..." Heero warned him with a menacing little smirk.

"You'd better not, Yuy; can you imagine him as a bigger chatterbox than he is now?" Wufei was sprawled out on his armchair, in a totally new posture for him.

Wing's pilot snorted.

"Quatre is alone," he reminded Trowa.

Trowa glanced at him and left for the stairs. Once he had disappeared, Heero smirked slightly.

"Ninmu kanryu..."

"What did you say?" asked Duo.

"Nothing" answered Heero, glancing at Maxwell innocently.

Duo didn't buy it for a second.

* * *

Quatre and Trowa were acting so differently when they were in the same room, and even their scent changed so much, but if they were waiting for the other to drop a hint about his feelings, they didn't realize it.

The Soldier was screaming at him, furious that he would take the time to concern himself with playing matchmaker.

The Wolf was laughing his ass off.

He found it way funnier to listen to the Wolf. And easier at the moment.

* * *