Author: Asuka Kureru
Beta-reader: My Ara-love *cuddlepurr*
Warnings: Yaoi, romance, sap, love triangle, threesome, heavy lime to nearly full lemon, dunno yet; the POV is shifting between the boys.
Couple (trio?) : 1+2+5, 1x2x5x2x1 and diverse combinations ^__^
Disclaimer: They're sharing, why can't we do the same? ;_;

Walking the Tightrope + Chapter 5

Once again, the braided whirlwind had left the bed-nest in a hurry. Wufei groaned. It was too damn early… Trying to block out the light from the window Duo had opened before leaving the room, he pulled on the cover to nestle under it once again.

Which produced quite a startling result.

Heero moaned into his pillow, one of his hands gripping the cover to prevent Wufei from dragging it any farther, "Damn you, Wufei!!" he protested.

The Chinese boy stared at him, not understanding.

Then he lowered his eyes. And blushed bright red.

Heero had been warm the night before, apparently. He had kicked down the cover, and had put one leg on the outside…only one. The cover Wufei had pulled on passed between his thighs.

Apparently, from what Wufei could see of the bulge behind the cover, the Japanese boy happened to have morning wood. Oh well.

"Bastard," hissed the brown-haired teen, lifting his face from the pillow long enough to deathglare at his comrade.

His cheeks, and even his ears, were flushed a bright, pinkish red. A chuckle escaped Wufei's mouth, an automatic response to the flushed and bothered look on his partner's face. To be truthful he was very embarrassed to have, without knowing it, but still, teased the other boy… but… For once, he had the advantage on Yuy. He was not going to let it pass, was he?

"Have any interesting dreams last night, Yuy?" he asked in an ironic voice, glancing at his comrade's groin, then smirking.

Heero growled at him, still as flushed as before, baring his white teeth at him. His eyes were gleaming ferociously, and his tousled morning hair… The Chinese boy didn't show his reaction, but it was an act of pure will. Heero sounded so wild when he made that kind of noise… Primal. Bestial.

Bloody arousing.

"Hell yes," growled Heero, his voice rumbling as if he was biting back a deep roar. "And how did you expect me not to have interesting dreams, as you put it, with the look you both had on your faces when you came back from your… shower?"

"What?!" exclaimed the black-haired boy, startled by the comeback.

"I wonder if he washed you everywhere…" added Heero, his voice taking on a lower, dangerous, nearly purring tone.

Wufei wondered what the hell he was doing. He was in a bed with Heero, Duo wasn't there anymore, he should have gotten up, but no, he stayed there and teased the boy about his morning erection, and enjoyed the tingling feeling the boy's aggressive reactions were giving him! Damn, but he was slipping… He was less and less able to restrain himself, to stop himself from being interested in the other Asian teenager…

Oh, shit. They had promised Duo they would tell him beforehand when they engaged in…

He didn't have the time to wonder why he thought that this was going to go farther than just some teasing, Heero was jumping on him, pinning him to the bed by his shoulders.

His black eyes fierce, decided not to let the other teen have the upper hand, he fought back, or flirted or made-out back, whatever.

They rolled on the bed, their hands and arms sliding against each other's skin in an effort to pin the other down and fend off his tries, but they always managed to escape any hold the other gained on them and fought again, scratching without quite meaning to, pushing, pulling, squeezing, biting…

Heero howled when he felt Wufei's teeth clamp down on his shoulder, and his hold on the other's waist slid. One second later, the Chinese pilot had him on his back, Heero's wrists crossed above his head and immobilized by one of Wufei's hands, Wufei himself kneeling over him and putting all his weight in this hold. His other forearm was resting across Heero's throat, and his knees were squeezing the other's narrow hips, sitting too high on Heero's thighs to be kneed off.

"I win," breathed the Chinese teenager.

Heero's breath caught in his throat. Ebony locks were falling all around his face and shoulders, caressing his skin, Wufei's bottomless black eyes staring right at his own, full of passion and love of the fight.

He was caught, and well caught. He grunted, trying to dislodge the other boy even as he knew that by doing so, it was just to try to salvage his honor; that he was caught and knew it, but Wufei merely tightened his hold and smirked at him. What a bastard, who had given him the right to be so sexy with his superior, mocking smirk! Heero wiggled again, trying to find a way to free himself.

A flash of something indefinable passed through the black eyes still staring at him, and their lids slid down halfway, slowly. The Chinese's lips parted a little, his tongue came to wet them, nearly too fast for Heero to see.

Heero was transfixed. Escape? What for?

Wufei's lower back bent without any conscious decision, making him arch above his captive's body, their bellies and groins pressing against each other's. They moaned together, low, nearly inaudible.

Experimenting now that he had the other boy secured in his clutches, Wufei slightly changed the angle of his hips, pushed just a little, still staring into Heero's eyes. He smirked, satisfied, when he saw his pupils widen even more, swallowing his blue irises, giving him a cloudy gaze. Heero looked totally dazed. It was a damn good look on him.

"Bastard…" he whispered, but there wasn't any force behind the insult.

Wufei chuckled.

Heero glared at him, his eyes full of fire anew, bared his teeth in a wordless challenge. He was prisoner, but he hadn't surrendered yet! Tensing in the other's hold, he tried to shake him off again.

"You won't succeed, you know, I've got you…"

The Chinese boy used the arm on Heero's throat to force his head to stay unmoving, then bent and nibbled at his lips. The brown-haired boy glared and refused to open his mouth to him. Nonplussed, Wufei just nuzzled his cheek and began to kiss his jaw, slowly going to his ear. He grinned against the tanned skin when his captive's breath hitched, and began to suckle on his earlobe, biting gently when the boy tried to turn his head away.

The Japanese boy's tenseness suddenly disappeared, and he arched back into Wufei, throwing his head back, offering his throat. All restrain flying away, the other boy began to devour the offered skin, licking, sucking, biting. As he was putting less weight on it, one of Heero's hands succeeded in escaping his hold, and the Chinese teen interlaced his fingers with Heero's other hand to prevent it from escaping too.

Heero's free hand didn't push him back, though, but slid in his hair and guided his head lower, on the boy's clavicle. Wufei was happy to oblige, and without remorse gave the messy-haired boy a hickey that would last days. Heero moaned, or groaned, it was difficult to decide which, and raked his nails from Wufei's waist to his shoulders, making him shiver and rub against him, pressing their bodies together.

They were squeezing their interlaced hands hard enough to hurt, but it didn't seem important against the bursts of pleasure the kisses and bites and caresses gave them.

Heero came first, with a surprised look in his eyes that Wufei would remember for a long time. His mouth half-opened under the shock, he grabbed Wufei's shoulders to steady himself and rode the waves, his left leg coming up automatically to wind around Wufei's thigh, pressing his groin to the other's in short, intense contractions. Thrown over the edge as much by the contact with Heero's most intimate parts than by his expression and the knowledge that HE was the source of such an expression, Wufei had to stifle his shout in the hollow between his shoulder and neck as he came after him.

Spent, he let his body cover Heero's. They were both totally relaxed against each other, not a tense muscle anywhere. It was comfortable…

"You're crushing me, 'Fei…" mumbled Heero, still idly caressing his shoulder and back.

Hnn'ing in response, Wufei rolled on his right side, sliding down Heero's flank, letting his arm rest around the boy's torso and his face press against his neck. Heero, eyes closed, still flushed and damp with sweat, began to play with the long hair trailing down his shoulder, running his fingers to Wufei's scalp and beginning to rub it, by reflex. Wufei would have purred if he hadn't been so tired.

"Can one of you explain to me why it is that each time I leave you two alone in this room, I find you getting all hot and sweaty with each other?!"

They jumped, sitting up with a leap. Duo was leaning on the little table near the door, both his fists solidly planted on it. He was glaring at them, but his red cheeks, the heavy way he breathed, and the damp patch on his boxers were all signs that his problem wasn't really anger.

"Oh gods," moaned Wufei, mortified, hiding his face in Heero's shoulder once again. Even his neck was beginning to get scarlet. Heero was still gaping at their lover, too surprised to think about hiding.

"So? Why do you only engage in sexual activities when I am not there? The least you could do is let me enjoy it, too!"

Heero snorted.

"Because each time you're there, we only pay attention to you, baka!"

Duo wasn't thrown off-balance for more than a few seconds. "Ok, next time I'm letting you two alone just long enough to begin, then I come back and jump in the middle. Ok?"

Wufei's shoulders were shaking against Heero's side. The teen turned his head, but only saw black hair.

"Wufei?" he called, shaking his own shoulder to make the Chinese move.

"Seems like we're gonna get our Duo sandwich after all…" the Chinese boy whispered at him, eyes sparkling with mirth.

Heero burst out laughing.

"Hey, what's so funny?"

The two Asians looked at each other, then at their lover.

"Private joke," they said at the same time.

Duo pouted at them, but knowing his techniques, they were carefully NOT looking at him, so they weren't affected. Damn. Now he was the one to be the odd man out. He was lucky it didn't bother him like it bothered his two lovers. Shrugging, he walked out to the bathroom before coming back with a towel. He walked to the bed-nest, kneeling at the edge.

They were glancing at him and still blushing, but neither one was trying to get away. Good. It seemed like they weren't ashamed of being attracted to each other anymore… Not too much anyway… Finally beginning to see, at last, that they could like and want each other and not love Duo any less. Damn, but they had been thick-headed about that.

Gods he loved them.

"You've made a mess," he said in a soft, tender voice, wiping the mixed semen on Heero's belly with slow swipes that were more caresses than anything else.

Heero's hand brushed against the long braid falling from his shoulder, and Duo and he kissed, slowly.

Wufei looked without even thinking of letting them to their privacy. It seemed such a silly idea now, privacy between them. He was intimate with the two of them, his two lovers… His two lovers. Gods.

Heero could be considered his lover too now. Just like Duo.

"Wu-love? Are you ok? You look like you've seen a fish dance the macarena…"

"It's nothing," answered Shenlong's pilot, shaking his head to dispel the dizziness he felt.

'I’m attracted to Yuy… Heero, too. Not as much as I am to Duo, but… Still enough to… To what? If Duo wasn't there… Well, if Duo wasn't there I wouldn't even have tried to see behind the ice walls he uses as protection, but… With the feelings I have now… Duo is the one I love, but…'

Too confused to continue his line of thoughts, he stopped trying to understand his strange, mixed-up feelings and got up, looking at the two other boys. They were sitting side by side, Duo's arm around Heero's shoulders and Heero's hand closed around the end of Duo's braid, turned toward each other, but still looking at him, their body languages still opened to him, if he wanted to take his place with the both of them to complete the circle. He smiled a strained little smile to acknowledge the invitation, but shook his head slightly and gave his hands to them, so that he could help them up.

"Time to get moving, we have work to do," he reminded them.

"Yeah, you have the time to engage in activities by early morning, but I don't," pouted Duo.

Heero glanced at him.

"Ah, damn, Duo, I didn't even think about that. Do you need…" he asked, letting the end of the sentence trail into silence.

"No, it's ok, I was just joking," grinned the boy. "You were so hot together that I didn't even realize what my hand was doing anyway," he added with a lewd smirk.

"You're so crude," groaned Wufei, shaking his head.

"You're so sexy… Whee! I just realized something!"


"I have my own homemade porn shows now!!"



Wufei searched for an isolated place to meditate a little. He needed to think on this strange relationship, now more than ever.

He hadn’t had even one chance to stop and think about things before; everything had happened too fast, a whirlwind of revelations and new situations to adjust to, one on top of the other. He hadn’t been able to just say "wait!" to give himself a chance to figure out what was going on. But he needed to, he needed to stop and think now, before it was too late...

It was like he had just woken up from a strange dream, the kind that only makes sense while you’re dreaming. What the hell was he doing? He had been supposed to share Duo with Heero, not to... Not to... to share himself with Heero! He couldn't. He had not planned that...

At first, he was just trying to learn to tolerate Heero. He needed to, in order to share Duo with him during their most intimate moments. That was his intention, to learn to share Duo with Heero, but Duo hadn’t been there at all this morning. Hadn’t even entered his thoughts. His thoughts had all been about Heero.

Heero was not at all his usual self. Heero was acting nice for now, but even that was scaring Wufei. No one could change that totally in so little time... which meant that Heero hadn't changed. He was just putting on an act to make Wufei accept him, and the act would not last. As soon as Wufei let down his guard, he was sure that Heero would revert to his unfriendly, impatient, uncommunicative self.

Two weeks ago, for the chance of having Duo, Wufei had agreed to try and get along with his greatest rival. And now he was rolling around in a bed with a man that, up until two weeks ago, had been the epitome of cold fish and heartless killing machine. And not once, not even ONCE, had thoughts of Duo entered his mind. There was no way that his love could explain, even a little, the overwhelming passion he had felt.

He freaked out.


They had received a mission of demolition, a Mobile Doll factory, and since it was supposed to be a job for two and Duo had just finished a tiring mission, and needed to go to Howard's for a recap on the Sweepers' latest information and members, the scientists had decided that Wufei and Heero would go together, since they were already at the same location, Trowa and Quatre being nearly at the other end of the Earth. Duo tried to argue with his lovers that three was better than two, but sadly, transportation had only been arranged for two people.

Duo had left not too long ago, and Wufei had immediately retreated to his room. He had seemed pensive about something, concerned even, and Heero was loathe to disturb him, but the mission didn't care for personal arrangements.

He found it a little disturbing that Wufei would retreat to his bedroom… that he would still have a bedroom. Heero and Duo didn't use their own room under the roof anymore at all, but Wufei… It was as if he was preparing a safe place to hide in should this experiment fail. But it was kind of defeatist to have something like that all ready, and didn't bode well for the three of them. If Wufei felt that he needed to have a safe place… If he was ready to pull out, had one foot out of the door already…

Well, he had a right to privacy. It was not that now that they were a coupl…trio, he had to share it all with them. With his training, Heero didn't need a room to isolate himself, but that didn't mean Wufei didn't.

But still, it disturbed him. The only thing he found reassuring was the lack of mattress. The Chinese boy couldn't sleep anywhere but with them, he thought, glancing around the room, before looking at Wufei who was kneeling by his chest of drawers and going through them.

"Do you have everything you will need?" asked Heero, stopping on the threshold of Wufei's room.

He winced when he saw the other boy's shoulders tense. The way Wufei's head carefully turned around wasn't reassuring.

"I am still able to prepare for a mission alone, Yuy," said the Chinese teen.

Heero clenched his teeth. The tone had been cold, haughty, distant. And he had called him Yuy.

"I was just verifying," he gritted out.

"You don't trust me enough to do that?" asked Wufei in a controlled tone. Heero felt as if he had been sucker-punched.

"I never said that! I always verify…" he exclaimed in a slightly angry tone, wanting to tell him that it helped his worry to see it all, that it didn't mean that he didn't trust them… that it was just irrational, but it made him feel better…

"Well I don't need you to. Let's go," cut Wufei, getting up, his bag thrown over his shoulder. He left the room without even sparing a glance for the blue-eyed boy.

Heero stayed unmoving, standing in the doorway, still looking at the half-empty room, even when he heard Wufei's steps in the staircase.

It had been too early. This morning had been too early. Wufei hadn't been ready to accept him. And now he was closing off, pushing Heero back all the way out.

He had spoiled it. He had lost Wufei's barely burgeoning trust.


His fist hit the wall hard, and he winced, but not from the outer pain.

Well, if Wufei had shut him out, there was no need to stay open to him, just to get his heart trampled on.

He felt a deep sorrow well up along with the walls rising in place, but it didn't show at all on his face, not even a hint. The soldier was back. He crushed his inner thoughts and desires, unneeded now. Now was the time to be professional. Now there was a mission. Missions didn't require feelings.

His face utterly expressionless, he stalked down the stairs, caught his bag and took his place in the car.

He didn't avoid Wufei's glance in the mirror, met it with the void he felt, uncaring. Wufei looked away, his face as frozen as Heero's, and began to drive away.