Walking the Tightrope + Chapter 6 (cont)

Wufei barely managed to nod. Heero's foot was now changing angle, and his heel was now pressing in his sensitive inner thigh, the balls of his foot and his toes going up and down on Wufei's involuntarily hardening member.

"It may just be because I feel like it, you know," Heero mused, his foot leaving Wufei's crotch to trail a toe along the inside of his thigh.

"Stop it, damn it!!" Wufei barked, slapping the travelling foot away. Heero managed to keep his balance, and smirked at Wufei who was half standing up, one fist on the table, and glaring at him for all he was worth.

"You're insufferable, Yuy!"

"Really?" drawled the boy, one of his fingers tracing his own jaw before stopping against his lower lip, directing attention on it. He licked at his lips, slowly, amused when Wufei snorted with anger and turned his back on him.


"If you weren't injured I would punch you, Yuy," Wufei hissed, glaring over his shoulder.

Heero smirked some more, and calmly returned to his sandwich.

"Not hungry anymore?"

"A certain person managed to spoil my appetite."

"Sure doesn't look like it," Heero commented, glancing at Wufei's crotch, where the pants were still slightly but noticeably tented.

"You… You…"

"Me… Me…? You want me so much that you're stuttering? Oh, 'Fei…" he added in a long, dreamy sigh, ironically parodying a romantic maiden.

"Yuy, you're gonna get it this time!!!" the Chinese boy shouted.

"Oh, yeah, give it to me," he leered back.

Wufei screamed a torrent of insults in Chinese and stalked out of the room, slamming the door behind him, visibly in serious need to leave before he gave a beating to an injured man.

Two seconds later Duo came back, blinking. "Where has Wufei gone?" he asked bewildered.

"No idea," Heero answered innocently, calmly finishing his sandwich.

Duo snorted, not buying it, and sat down at Heero's side.

"Yeah, and no idea either why he tried to break down the door I guess… Ok, now, tell me about what's going on, Heero," he asked, his grin vanishing.

The Japanese boy took the time to finish his sandwich before he answered, giving himself time to think about how he was going to explain so he wouldn't give too much detail, but still be explicit enough that Duo would get what was going on.

"Before we left, Wufei was tense and he got snappish at me, you know how he is. It's no big deal, but still, we were a little pissed at each other during the mission. And then I had to redirect the attention of the guards on me to prevent him from getting caught."

"That how you got hurt?" Duo asked, neutrally. For Heero to admit he had been a little pissed, he had to have been in a rage, and when Heero was in a rage, it was either the volcano or the ice prince. Wufei was still alive and in one piece and the town two miles away from the factory wasn't blown up to hell and back so it had been the ice prince. Which meant he had been less pissed than just plain hurt. But he would never complain about it, and didn't seem like he still felt hurt, so Duo refused to take a side in this.

"Yeah. But it was my own damn fault for not being more cautious. I showed him that I wasn't angry at him anymore, and the injury wasn't his responsibility to begin with, but he's still not back from his guilt trip yet," added Heero with a snort.

Duo snickered. "Back from his guilt trip indeed. Where did you learn to talk like that, with those sorts of expressions?"

"In Duoland. It's a strange land from which you never quite come back," Heero smirked.

Duo blinked. "Idiot!!" he laughed, giving his lover a mock-punch in the shoulder. "Gods, what's gotten into you?… no wait, don't answer that, I don't wanna know, " he added hurriedly. "So tell me, was it just my perverted mind or were you really playing footsie with him?"

Heero glanced dispassionately at Duo, totally neutral. Duo's jaw hit the table. If he hadn't been pretty sure that it was impossible, he would have sworn that there was a disembodied foot now resting in his lap, because Heero's expression made it just unbelievable that he was anywhere near concerned by the appearance of said foot in said place.

"And you call me a tease. Wow. So, what's your reason for antagonizing Wufei to death?"

Heero shrugged.

"I'm trying to be annoying enough that he forgets to feel guilty to jump for my throat," he said matter-of-fact.

"Or for your ass," added Duo with a snicker, shooting back his answer by pure force of habit.

"I wish," Heero answered without thinking.

And then, hearing what he had said, he totally froze.


"Can I watch if he does?" the braided boy asked, batting his lashes innocently at his boyfriend to get past the awkward moment.

"Duo!" Heero protested, before beginning to smirk widely. "Hmm… If you're here when he does, you can even join in. If you arrive later, well, at least wait until I'm sure he's not going to run…"

Duo's grin grew to an impossible size. He was not the only hormones-crazed pervert amongst the three of them finally. "Damn, now I know that I neglected you. You're not that horny, usually."

"You didn't," protested Heero. "Neglect me I mean. I just… I do feel attracted to him, you know. It's not just random sexual need, it's…"

"You're lusting after him?"

Heero blushed and shrugged.

"Hey, I can understand that, I am too. He sure is hot…"

Heero shrugged again and had a small, lopsided grin. "Doesn't help that I have something of a hair fetish…" he muttered, biting his lower lip.

"I have an Asian men fetish, so it's ok," Duo snickered. "No, seriously, Heero, it's totally ok if you feel desire for him. I certainly won't get jealous. Now if you said that you were actively lusting after… let's say, Quatre or Trowa, there, we would have a problem," he added, grinning.

Heero gave him a withering glare. "You're not in any danger from that side," he said grimacing.

Laughing, Duo kissed him on the cheek then got up, stretching. "So I need to find occasions for you to be alone with Fei, then? Hmm..."

Heero smirked. He should have known that Duo would help with that one mission. It involved perverting Wufei after all.

"Hentai..." he muttered, shaking his head.

"And proud to be!" answered the longhaired boy, winking at him. "HEY FEI!!!! GOING TO SHOWER, NEED YOU TO TAKE CARE OF HEERO!!!"

And before the answer could come, he had dashed off to the bathroom.

Wufei burst into the living room three seconds later, but by then it was too late.

"He's in the bathroom," Heero informed him, aloof.

The Chinese boy glowered at him for a brief moment before turning half-away, as if he couldn't decide whether or not to stay.

"I want to go to bed."


"Duo will skin me if I walk alone," Heero answered without any emotion apparent in his voice.

Wufei had a long annoyed sigh. "Promise you won't feel me up and we'll see what I can do, Yuy."

Heero snorted. "Afraid?"

The Chinese boy glared at him. "Like hell! I'm willing to help, but if you begin pawing at me, I'll let you fall in the middle of the damn room."

Heero smirked, hiding it behind his hand.

He acted totally innocent for half of the short walk, and then Wufei felt his hand slide lower on his back and stopped, glaring.

"Yuy... You are sure you really want my help?" he hissed, annoyed.

"Whose fault is it that I need it?" asked the Japanese teen in a distracted voice.

Wufei froze. Lowering his head, he began to help Heero to the bed once again, not even protesting when the short-haired boy's arm slid to the small of his back and his hand caught Wufei's hip.

He lowered him to the bed-nest slowly, not looking at him. Heero laid down with a sigh... then caught Wufei's collar and tugged as hard as he could, pushing his hip with his other hand to make him lose his balance. Wufei fell nose first, and had to put a hand just above Heero's head not to fall on him, crushing him... a hand that Heero quickly jostled away, making the Chinese boy roll over him and onto the mattress. When the world stopped moving, Wufei was sprawled on his back on the bed-nest and Heero was laying on his chest, one leg between his and his arms solidly planted on his shoulders and around his head.

"What the hell...!"

The Chinese boy was going to push him back, but he caught the barely perceptible wince of pain Heero was trying to hide. The Japanese boy had strained his side with that stupid move. Wufei's resolve to get away faltered.

"It was not you fault that I needed help, but now that I have it, I intend to make full use of it..." Heero smirked.


"You've started calling me Yuy again," Heero remarked, suddenly totally serious, and a little sad.

Wufei froze.

"I...I... I'm sorry! Oh gods I'm sorry, I didn't even realize, I..."

"Hey, calm down, it was just something I noticed..." Heero whispered, caressing his shoulder gently. "Wufei... Stop feeling so guilty, ok?"

"I can't," the Chinese boy admitted, turning his face away.

Heero had a long suffering sigh.

"Well, then, if you think you did me wrong... Then you owe me."

Unsure of where he was going with that reasoning, Wufei nodded carefully.

"Then you just have to pay me back for a while, and then, your debt will be paid and you won't have to feel guilty again."

"I guess so..." the black-haired teenager whispered.

"I'm not going to run around for a while. You'll just have to run around for me. Is that ok?"

Wufei thought about it, then nodded slowly. It didn't seem enough, but... Heero would not ask for more. He would just have to be really, really nice to him for a while, and hopefully after a while Wufei would feel that he had compensated for his meanness earlier.

"And I get to use you as a pillow when I want."


"You're comfy, 'Fei," Duo smirked, suddenly leaning over the couch's back to bend over them, making them jump. "And you rock at playing furniture. Just admit it."

He was wet, his unbound hair dripping, and if they could judge by the upper half of his body that dangled over the back of the couch, naked. The Asian twosome blinked.

"I thought you were showering, Duo," Heero asked after a few seconds of ogling.

"Forgot to take the new shampoo bottle, the other was empty... which is funny, because I could have sworn that there was still some in it yesterday," he added playfully, mock-glaring at his lovers.

Wufei groaned.

"I used it. Sorry," he grouched, unwilling to admit that he liked to use Duo's things, to help him to remember that now he could do it without giving himself away.

"Oh, it's ok, Wu, just messing with you. But I must warn you that 'Ro there finds the stuff highly addictive," he added, wearing a cross between a grin and a smirk.

Heero smirked, and just on cue, bent to sniff at Wufei's hair, brushing his cheek against the other boy's.

"Scent's still there..." he purred after a while.

... 'purred?!' thought Wufei, worriedly opening his eyes wide. Damn it, he couldn't get used to that new, purring, flirting Heero. It was just plain disturbing! It messed with his sense of reality. Cold cyborg-like guys shouldn't be allowed to act sexy.

Laughing, probably at his flabbergasted face, Duo danced away and grabbed the new bottle of shampoo before returning to the bathroom, dripping water everywhere. Heero followed him with his eyes until they heard the door of the bathroom slam shut, and Wufei grumbled.


"Why did you have an eyeful and I didn't?" protested the Chinese boy in an attempt to put some humor in the situation.

"Let me think... It may be because I'm sprawled all over you," the messy-haired boy smirked, staring at him right in the eye.

Wufei snarled at him. "Move," he growled at the boy.

"No," Heero answered calmly, nuzzling his ear. He buried his face in the crook of Wufei's shoulder and sighed, inhaling the smell, searching for the faint traces of shampoo.


"Tut-tut. Heero."

"Ok. Heero. Move."



"Good night, Wufei."

"Hee... MMPHHH!! hnnn..."

Heero licked his lips, smirked at Wufei who was still trying to uncross his eyes, and put his face back where it had been, his nose brushing against the black-haired boy's ear.


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