Walking the Tightrope, Chapter 7
Also Known As : The Fan Service Chapter U_U;
Author: Asuka Kureru
Beta-reader: Arabiana-koi
Warnings: Yaoi, romance, sap, love triangle, threesome, lemon; the POV is shifting between the boys. This chapter is total fluff. Angst? Why for?
Couple (trio?) : 1+2+5, 1x2x5x2x1 and diverse combinations ^__^
Disclaimer: They're sharing, why can't we do the same? ;_;
(BTW for those who don't know, in Japanese, 1x5 is designed as IchiGo. It is because Ichi is one and Go is five, and Heero is one and Wufei is five. Duh. But Ichigo also means strawberry ^___^ Thus, 1x5 scenes are strawberry scenes. Yum.)
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Walking the Tightrope + Chapter 7

Suddenly, after the relative calm, there was a swarm of missions, as if Wufei and Heero's had marked the end of the period of rest. They had to go left and right, sometimes together, sometimes alone, sometimes meeting with the last two pilots. They barely had the time to breathe for the longest time ­much less do anything else ­ when they did end up at the same place by two or three, they slept in the same bed, holding on to each other to make sure to have the memories for a time when they would be alone in their Gundams or somewhere in a school again.

The two weeks without missions, all three at the same time, a few months after the last time they had been together, came like a god-sent gift. They didn't have to talk about it much to agree to meet in their old house, with the pond and the bed-nest and the yard. No one had ever noticed them living there, and no one was standing guard waiting for them to come back to the area, so it was perfectly safe to return.

The first three days, they did nothing other than sleep, eat, and sleep some more. The two days after that saw the introduction into their routine of watching TV on the couch together, spending hours in the shower, also somewhat together, cuddling and brushing hair for a few hours, by various pairs or trio, then sleeping some more. They needed their rest.

The sixth day, Duo decided that they were rested enough.

He had missed having fun with his lovers. Now he wanted to go on a date.

Surprisingly, it had not needed much convincing. Time together was good. Distraction for their poor brains was better. They were getting close to being burnt out.

So they went on a date.


They were walking down the street when Duo stopped and hurried toward a shop on the side. Surprised, the two Asian teens didn't follow right away.

Duo was drooling in front of the window. "Guys, you remember that you owe me, right?" he asked over his shoulder.

"I beg you pardon?" Wufei asked, stunned.

"The time I found you kissing in the living room. You agreed that you owed me and that when I knew what I want for compensation, you'd give it to me..."

Wufei and Heero glanced at each other and gulped.

"It was a long time ago," Heero tried to negotiate.

"You owe me a good-sized amount of interest then."

The two dark-haired boys sighed as one.

"What do you want, then... oh, no you don't!!" Heero had noted what was in the window.

"Duo, you know we can't get tattoos," Wufei growled, embarrassed. "We'd get identified too easily."

"Why? I don't plan on asking you to get them in visible places, and since we didn't get them before the war, and we'll only leave this town if we are spotted anyway, that's not as if the tattoo parlor's records will betray our movements or something..."

"Duo, no," Heero answered in his sternest voice. "I do NOT want a tattoo."

They bickered back and forth for a while before Duo relented. Only once he had gotten his consolation prize, though.

They'd get their hair dyed instead.

Upon seeing the satisfied smirk on Duo's face, Wufei and Heero understood that they had been had. He had been targeting it right from the start.

"Duo, please, we'll be even easier to remember..."

"We're in a town that counts seven times more high schools and colleges than the national average. A fourth of them have their hair dyed in some way. At the worst, if 'certain people' learn that we're in that town, it will throw them off trail long enough for you to change colors again."

"Duo...." Heero whined, abandoning all dignity for the sake of preserving the state of his hair.

"I won't ask for anything flashy like hot pink or fluorescent green, I swear. Now come on."

The two boys crossed their arms on their chests and glared symmetrically. "No way, Duo."


"Don't fidget so much, Fei-love," whispered Duo. "The color is taking... aww, don't make a face, it should be visible only under the right light and the man told me that if you really hated it, he could dye it over with black again and it won't look funny at all. I swear... Oh, no, please, not the pout..." added the braided boy, trying to keep his tone saddened and not snickering.

Heero was too busy glaring at himself in the mirror to take part in the one-sided conversation.


"So, what are we doing now, oh master of my life?" asked Heero once he had successfully dragged his two lovers away from the den of darkness and evil things that was the hairdresser's shop ­ after all it doubled as a tattoo parlor and the temptation was too great for Duo to resist for long. Heero did NOT want his lover to get a tattoo on a whim and have to listen to him bitch about it later on, or even worse, like it and convince them to get one too. Nonono. Dyed hair was enough damage. Hair grew back, after all.

Still smirking self-satisfiedly, Duo took the time to ponder the question, suggesting a few things. Heero grunted his approbation or glared his disapprobation, but Wufei was still too busy fidgeting with his hair to participate. The man had forbidden him to tuck it behind his ears or to tie it back for at least one day; it could mess with the way the color was settling and leave him with an uneven coloration, which was even worse than having a color in the first place.

But now, he had his hair travelling all over his face, which had been his main reason for the habit of tying it back so tight before. It wouldn't stay put any other way. Every time he caught sight of a deep blue lock, he pushed it back with haste, trying to forget, just to un-tuck it a second later for fear of getting a blue patch somewhere. From his point of view, Heero was luckier, he had only gotten red highlights, and since his hair was dark brown it didn't look as unnatural as Wu's space blue hair.

Plus Heero had been convinced to have the hair on the back of his head trimmed ­ not his bangs, Duo liked them long and they didn't bother him ­ and now Duo was petting him every ten seconds to feel the soft and thick strands move against his fingertips, as if he were a cat. Wufei felt jealous. He wasn't even supposed to touch his own hair yet.

"Wu? What do you think about that?" asked Duo suddenly.

"Umm, I wasn't listening," admitted the Chinese boy, looking at his feet.

Heero and Duo were staring at him, and he realized that they knew very well that he hadn't a clue what they were talking about, because they had been observing him for a little while already. He frowned, trying not to pout. It was undignified to pout... oh, hell, who was he fooling, he was pouting. Slightly, yes, but it was still pouting. And blushing, too.

"You're so cute," snickered Duo. Wufei death-glared at him.

"Call me cute again and die."

Duo looked bored. "Yanno, after being subjected to Heero's glares for so long, I'm slightly desensitized..."

Wufei slapped him on the butt, hard.

"YEOWCH!! Bully! Heero, he beat me!!"

"You deserved it!! Heero knows it!"

"Don't look at me, I'm not taking a side," the Japanese teen commented before strolling away, his hands in his pockets. Still glaring at each other, they ran after him and took care to placing him between them.

Heero glanced right, then left, and sighed. 'Let's dissipate that tension,' he decided, dragging the boys to a game center close by.

Duo's eyes lit up, and Heero smiled at his visible pleasure. They had loved to hit the game centers even before they had gotten together, but it had been at least three months since the last time they had been able to indulge in that pastime. The braided boy disappeared into the crowd as soon as they entered the building, abandoning his lovers. More circumspect, Wufei paused at the door, taking in the scene.

Heero stayed at his side for a short while; it was obviously the first time Wufei had entered this sort of establishment. The electronic noises and the various exclamations from gamers were making him frown reflexively. Knowing that if he was left pondering, Wufei would decide that he hated the place already and nothing could make him change his mind on that, Heero pushed him forward, following Duo's trail.


"Here, take my place," Duo sighed after ten minutes of trying to beat Heero and getting distracted by his lovers.

Wufei was frowning faintly, staring at the shooting game. He glared at the electronic gun Duo pushed in his hands, then leveled his glare with Duo's eyes, but it seemed mixed with disappointment, and a touch of sadness.

"I don't think...."

Heero put his hand on Wufei's shoulder. "You like the concentration needed for sharp-shooting," he said.

Wufei nodded. "But..."

"And I know you get adrenaline highs too."

"But..." Wufei tried to protest again.

"Here, you can exercise your precision and your reflexes, and get adrenaline highs, and never feel bad because you got high on hurting someone. They're pixels, not people. And you only shoot at bad people, and they all deserved it, and they only have to wait for the next player to get back to life anyway."

Heero put the gun back in Wufei's hands. The Chinese boy stared at it for a few seconds, then his grip firmed and he gave Heero a fierce nod. Smirking, the Japanese pilot took the other gun and began a game.

"...Now, if you're afraid to play because you know you could never beat me..."

"We'll see, Yuy," smirked Wufei, hitting a bull's eye on his first target.


Two hours later, they had beaten half of the games and gotten decent scores at a third of the rest. Most of the regular clients were staring at them with something akin to jealousy-tinged awe, but they didn't care.

Well, Heero and Wufei didn't care, totally engrossed in their competition. Duo lapped up the attention with great pleasure, chatting amiably with some of the kids and explaining some tricks he used. A small group of girls ­a rarity in a game center ­was asking him question after question, some on the games, some on how and when he had learned to play that way, some totally on his personal life. He was evading those sorts of questions with a grin, though.

"Do you think we should go rescue him?" Heero asked.

"He seems to be enjoying himself so far," his comrade answered with a wry grin. "He can handle them."

"Don't know how he does it," Heero muttered. "People. Urgh."

Wufei snorted.

At the next game, when Wufei's turn came, Heero made sure to slide an arm around Duo's waist as casually as possible, leaning against him. Duo didn't even blink and continued his conversation, but Wufei wanted to laugh so much that he nearly lost a life. Heero was being so possessive...

The girls faltered in their speech, then one went "Drats!" and then money changed hands. Heero's eyebrows shot up, but he didn't get to demand an explanation.

Duo was choking on his laughter.

"We bet that longhair was with the other guy," one of the girls kindly explained to Heero, who turned a soft pinkish color.

Duo wondered if he should tell them about the two not being mutually exclusive, but finally decided not to. He was attracting enough attention as it was. Too bad, it would have been fun.

"Gross, faggots!" one of the teenagers they had beaten exclaimed. "On a date with your girlfriend?" he asked Heero, sneering.

"Liking other men doesn't turn you into a girl," Wufei commented before Duo could punch the guy's face in for calling him a girl, not even turning away from his game to look at the boy. "Seems to me that you're attacking their sexuality because you're not feeling man enough to attack their abilities. Says lots about your own masculinity..."

"What did you say?!"

"Oh, excuse me; it seems that I’ve used words that are too big for you. I'm translating."

He stared down his nose at the boy, with his haughty stare that could make anyone feel like an unworthy worm.

"Big mouth, but small dick. That's what I said."

The girls and half of the guys were close to rolling on the floor.

Things would have gotten ugly if the manager hadn't chased them all out. Not feeling like they needed to make a scene, the trio left calmly, walking down the street to find something else to have fun with.