Walking the Tightrope + Chapter 7 (cont)

"Really, now...?" the Japanese teen asked, his voice low, letting his hand slide on Wufei's inner thigh, tantalizingly close but not even grazing.

"Yuy! Touch me or don't, but don't tease! Or I'll just grab Duo and lock myself away with him, and you'll take care of yourself alone!"

"Bah, I'll still be able to listen to the sounds you'll make with him... Make sure there isn't a window, though," he added, kneading his partner's thigh.

"Voyeur," Wufei grumbled, trying to discretely rearranging himself in his pants not to feel that much friction against the leg of his pants. It was way too distracting and Heero wasn't helping any!

The short-haired boy snickered.

"Can I know why you INSIST on waiting for me to be away to jump each other?"

Heero groaned and let his head fall on Wufei's shoulder.

"We don't do it on purpose, I swear..."

"I don't do it on purpose," Wufei answered. "I don't know about him, though."


"I wasn't the one to drag you on my lap, now was I?"

"You were the one to push me back on the couch and sprawl all over me, though."

Duo groaned, and fell on the couch sideways, face first. "Will you stop giving me depraved mental pictures?"

Wufei glanced at Heero, then at Duo, discretely. When he looked back at Heero, the guy's eyes were gleaming. Visibly they had had the same idea.

Wufei sat up, grabbed the braided pilot's arm and dragged him down with him. Heero leaned over Wufei to hook his hand in Duo's belt and helped his fall. When they stopped moving, Wufei was half seated where he had been, and Duo was sprawled across his chest, his upper torso in Heero's lap and his face pressed against his hip.

"Hey, warn a guy next time," he protested, trying to find a place to put his hand and push himself up.

"What for? It's funnier this way," Heero answered.

"Funnier for you, maybe, but... Ooooooh. Is that for Wufei or for me?"

Duo had just noticed what the thing his cheek was brushing against was, and was moving his head back, his eyes crossing to try and get a better look at the bulge in Heero's pants.

"Don't know. First come, first served, I guess," Heero shrugged, looking indifferent. Duo laughed breathlessly, his eyes gleaming. Their eyes met and held, and Duo grinned dangerously.

"I guess I'm closer than Wufei," he mused, nuzzling Heero's fly distractedly. Heero groaned and had to force himself not to push his hips forward; he could feel his lover's warm breath through the cloth. And just when he thought there was going to be a more defined contact...

"Hey, Fei, not too bored there?" Duo asked, turning his head to look at his other lover.

Leaning back on his elbows, the blue-haired teen was observing them carefully. He smirked at Duo and moved his hips a little, letting the braided boy feel his own erection, trapped under the American's body. "Not really, no," he commented, petting the ass Duo was wriggling just under his nose.

Grumbling, Heero tapped on Duo's shoulder and gave a pointed glare to his own lap. "Wufei will amuse himself with your butt. He doesn't require your active participation. Now..."

The braided boy glared, amused anyway, and nuzzled teasingly at the hard flesh trapped just beneath Heero's pants.

"Duo..."Heero hissed, his hands clenching on the covers. Chuckling, the braided boy began to nuzzle up and down his length, putting slightly more pressure in this.

Heero closed his eyelids halfway. Duo was mouthing the cloth now, and he could feel his pants getting warmer and damper where his lover was playing.

Wufei was watching them, his hand laying on Duo's ass cheek, his fingers ghosting over the crack. When Heero met his eyes, he stopped, and they both blushed faintly.

"Whassamatter, Fei?" Duo asked, lifting his head from Heero's lap and glancing over his shoulder. Seeing his blush, he rolled on his back across Heero's legs, abandoning the Japanese teen's erection. Wufei's hand trailed down his butt, to rest over his hip when he stopped moving.

"Nothing, it's just... Are we really going to do it?" he asked, struggling not to look away.

Blinking, the American boy sat up, crossing his legs. "Do wha...oh. Umm. I kinda went with the flow here, guys... Wu, do you think... we shouldn't? You don't want to try?"

Heero scratched his calf with great care. "I kind of assumed we would... I mean... It doesn't bother me at all to have intercourse with the both of you. But if you don't want to, Wufei, it's not a problem..."

"I never said that!! It's just that... Umm. Damn, I feel stupid..." he groaned, falling back on the mattress and throwing an arm across his face. "Please excuse me, I'm being silly. I was ok with making out, but then I kind of realized that the way it was going, it would not stay just making out for long... and..."

"Wufei... If you don't want to go farther than making out with both of us at the same time, it's ok. I guess it can be kind of overwhelming..."

"Don't talk to me like I'm a shy little virgin, will you?" the Chinese teenager asked in a dry tone.

Duo laughed. "Sorry."

"You should know I'm not a virgin. I just..."

Heero frowned faintly. "You ok with having sex? Now? With us both at the same time?"

"Yes, I am perfectly ok with fucking you both silly, and stop patronizing me! I just..."

"You just?"

"Duo and I didn't do as much as Duo and you, and... I just don't have as much experience in male on male sex as you both do, ok?"

"Hey, that's true... I never took you!"

Wufei saw that Heero was staring openmouthed at him, turned crimson and wished the mattress would open under him and swallow him, or something.

"What, Duo didn't fuck you yet? I'm disappointed in you," he said to Duo. The braided boy looked sheepish for a second, then grinned and winked at him.

"Hey, such a hot piece of ass demands to be savored for the longest time, not to have someone go at it like a rabbit, wham, bam, thank you ma'am. And if you had not broken your ribs, I'd have gotten much more time to enjoy it! But since we had to be at your beck and call..."

"What?! When did I ask for you to be at my beck and call?? How many times did I ask to be left the fuck alone?!"

Wufei saw that it was going to turn badly, but if he put himself in the middle of that, he would have to take sides or be plummeted in the ground by the both of them.

He unbuttoned his shirt instead, in a fast gesture, and let it fall off his shoulders. The argument stopped cold in mid-sentence. Two suddenly hungry stares turned to him.

"Dibs!!" Duo yelled, throwing himself at him and tackling him to the mattress. Heero crawled on all fours to the side of the pile, where he could touch both of them, and pressed his mouth to the Chinese teen's nude shoulder.

"I didn't think it would work so well," Wufei laughed, trying to fend off their roaming hands.

Separating from the pile, Heero kicked off his pants, then shouldered Duo's hips off Wufei's and began to unbutton the blue-haired boy's jeans. Duo's upper body wasn't actually moved and he continued to press openmouthed kisses and nibbles all over the teen's neck and collarbones. Wufei's hands were plastered against Duo's back and sliding lower, exploring his muscles. His fingertips touched the braided teen's waistband and dipped underneath, teasing his buttcrack, and Duo groaned in approval, rubbing his body against Wufei's like a cat.

Heero sat back on his heels to watch them for a while. They were incredible together.

Wufei yelped when he felt Heero yank his pants off, and lost a surprised shout in Duo's mouth as hot lips enveloped the tip of his erection. Duo and he separated to look down, and both stared at the brown head in Wufei's lap.

"Whoa, Heero!" Duo cheered, and got a slap on his ass from the short-haired boy for his undesired input.

"Either lose the pants in thirty seconds or I won't do you too," Heero smirked up at him before returning to Wufei.

Duo actually lost the pants and briefs in less than ten, and Heero smirked around the hot flesh in his mouth. His braided lover was so predictable...

Wufei gasped at a peculiar sensation, and let out a breathless little laugh.

"If you're laughing, then I'm doing something wrong," Heero commented between two licks, frowning up at him.

"No, not at all! I just know what that ice-cream felt, that's all..." the Chinese teen gasped.

Duo laughed. "So that's what prompted that kiss? I had been wondering... What were you thinking exactly?" he asked, pressing his belly against Wufei's hip, his cock pointing to the base of Wufei's own. Heero abandoned Wufei for a second to give him a lazy lick, then returned to suckling at Wufei's. Duo moaned and petted Heero's head, like one would pet a good dog, and the Japanese boy slapped his thigh.

"Wondering if... If he... gave blowjobs like he ate... His ice-cream cones... And I just .. HAD to kiss him.. ooooh... Just had to... or I'd have ravaged him against t-the fountain..."

Duo burst out laughing and squeezed Wufei's shoulders to mark his amusement, before returning to his mapping of his chest area, taking care of leaving a hand on Heero's upper back.

"Hey, lose the shirt, Heero," he protested when he felt the cloth under his fingers. It was the only thing the Japanese man was still wearing.

Heero abandoned his self imposed task and sat back on his heels to throw his T-shirt away. Wufei was panting heavily, and his cock didn't look like it could get any harder without hurting.

"So, what are we doing?" he asked in a low voice, unwilling to put a stop to the action, but knowing that they had to mark a pause, if only to agree on the rest of the action.

"I'm so topping Wufei," the braided pilot grunted, running his palms all over his lover's torso.

The Chinese boy flushed. "We understood it the first time, Maxwell!"

Duo laughed and kissed the tip of his nose. "Hey! I wanna make sure I get your ass."

"You will get my ass, now let's talk about something else," Wufei grouched.

"And you, Heero?" Duo asked, turning his head to look at his blue-eyed lover. "What do you wanna do? We can take turns sucking you off if you want..."

The Japanese teen looked away, and his fingers clenched on the sheets.

"I feel like... I mean, it's our first time together. All three. We should..."

Straining against Duo's weight, Wufei rose on one elbow and touched his knee. "Hey... You want us to have a Duo-sandwich?" he proposed with a grin. "We've been talking about it for such a long time..."

"You've been what?" Duo gasped.

"We were talking about turning you into a slice of ham between two slices of bread, is that so hard to understand for your perverted mind?" Wufei mocked. Duo's hand slid around his cock and squeezed once in a playful warning.

Heero flashed them a grin. "No, actually..."

The two longhaired teenagers looked at him, waiting for the end of his sentence.

"Actually, I'd like Wufei to take me," he said, and you could have believed he asked that kind of things everyday, except that his cheeks and neck were flushed bright red. Neither of the other ones had touched him down there, but he was hard, too. But his eyes were hesitant, wary... In accord, Wufei and Duo didn't comment or exclaim. Wufei wriggled from under Duo and pounced on the short-haired boy, pinning him to the mattress with a ferocious growl.

"That's very fine by me, Yuy," he purred, staring down at the teen.

Heero smirked like a shark, and threw him back before jumping on him. "I said I'd be bottom, Chang. I never said I'd be submissive," he purred, nibbling at the Chinese teen's arms and shoulders.

Wufei had a low laugh. "I would have been ... disappointed," he drawled, the tip of his fingers running from Heero's throat to his belly.

Duo was looking like he was hesitating between laughing and drooling. As soon as he caught their glance, he jumped to his feet and ran to his backpack. The Asian twosome blinked.

"Where are you going?"

"Lube, boys!"

"Duh." Heero and Wufei gave each other a knowing look.

Duo came back running, but stopped a few feet away from the bed, looking down at the two Asian teens. They were sprawled at his feet, entangled, their eyes looking up at him with an intensity that made his breath falter. He took a deep breath and sank to his knees, slowly, in the space they gave him between them.

"Well... Letís get it on, then," he quipped, grinning nervously.

They sat in silence for a short while, then Heero leaned his hand on Duoís thigh and smiled up at him to encourage him.

"Hey, Fei, on your hands and knees," he smirked. Duo laughed, relieved of a part of his stress, and Wufei growled at him, glaring.

"I know itís not a very dignified position, but itís the easiest one for what I have to do," Duo excused himself in a lower and more serious tone.

Wufei was still grumbling and blushing like mad, so Heero winked at Duo over his shoulders, then threw his arms around the Chinese teen and fell back on the bed, dragging him over him, face to face, between his spread thighs. The contact groin to groin made them hiss, and they exchanged a short, hard kiss, moaning low.

Biting his lips to refrain from moaning too, Duo pressed his palms to the small of Wufeiís back and let them slide downward, so that the ebony-eyed boy wasnít taken by surprise. Wufei jumped under his hand, though, and tensed.

"Something the matter, Wufei? Duo asked, letting his hand rest on the small of his lover's back.

"No, it's ok," Wufei assured, but without looking at him.

"Are you still having issues about being topped meaning you're less manly or what?"

"No!" the Chinese teen shouted back, appalled.

"Then there is no problem. You sure, though?"

"I am sure. Now hurry before I decide to change my mind about allowing you to take me!"

Duo laughed breathlessly and pressed a kiss to Wufei's nape, clenching his hand on Heero's, before he turned his attention back to the matter at hands. He progressed slowly still, his gestures softened as much as possible into caresses.

Wufei hissed and dropped his head on Heero's shoulder when he felt the first prods, clenching his teeth. It was... awkward, feeling that finger here. Alien. An intrusion, and definitely unnatural.

"Stop thinking about what Duo is doing to you, Wufei, or you'll never get past the uncomfortable moment," Heero told him, caressing his shoulders in wide, strong arcs. Bending his knees, he brushed them up the Chinese teen's hips and hooked his heels over the small of his back, hugging his torso between his legs. Surprised by his unexpected move, Wufei didn't get the silent invitation right away, and it needed Duo's slick hand sliding down to his balls to guide him for him to understand what Heero was proposing with that gesture.

Duo's fingers closed around his shaft and pumped slowly twice before abandoning his erection, the teen hissed in displeasure. It was not enough, damnit!

Heero moved his hips forward to try to get him where he wanted him, and Wufei started. "I can't take you, you're not..."

"Who's the one who has had a boyfriend for months already?" Heero asked, his thighs tightening and relaxing successively around Wufei's waist. "Trust me, it does get easier after a while," he chuckled, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "And Duo is much wider that you are, so I doubt it's gonna be a problem. I'm not even sure I will feel it... Ouch!" Wufei had bit him.

"Are you telling me that I have a small dick, Yuy?" Wufei growled, propping himself up on his arms to get more leverage. He slid an arm between them and positioned himself, then pressed forward, gritting his teeth to keep from entering too fast. He could feel the awkwardness one finger inside of him gave him, and he doubted that time and experience made it that much easier... 'And I am not that much smaller than Maxwell!' he added with a mental snort.

Above them, Duo was laughing his ass off.

"Don't worry, Wu," the braided pilot quipped in his ear in a mock-soothing tone. "It's not your fault that you're Asian."

"What about being Asian?" his two lovers growled back at him, glaring.

"Well, Asian males do generally have proportionally smaller cocks than, say, African or Caucasian males..." he said in an indifferent tone, pressing closer to Wufei to brush the length of his shaft along his butt crack.

Heero unhooked one leg from Wufei's waist and kicked him. Wufei was giving him the evil eye, too, and for one second, the boy thought about running away.

But then it would mean that he had to forfeit his chance to take that perfectly muscled, tight, hot virgin ass... No way. He wriggled his fingers inside to remind his lover that he had an advantage over him, laughing at the surprise lighting Wufei's face when he realized that there wasn't only one digit inside of him anymore.

"When did you..." he asked, startled, and moaned before he could end his sentence when Duo's fingers began moving at a counterpoint with a practiced smoothness.

He didn't know what it felt like anymore, but uncomfortable wasn't the word for it.

"Wufei," Heero hissed under him, trying to move his hips despite his weight on him.


"Stop teasing me, damn you!"

Wufei realized that he was still pressing against Heero's entrance, but not really in yet. The ring had barely begun to give under the pressure, and he could feel it pulsing against the head of his cock...

"You're sure that Duo takes you regularly?" he asked between his clenched teeth. "You're... tight, damnit." He was sure that he would rip Heero open if he pushed harder. The idiot hadn't even prepared himself...

"Ok, I take him a little more often than he takes me, happy?" Heero grumbled.

Duo's fingers brushed against something very sensitive inside of him, and the Chinese boy forgot himself, starting violently, something that was halfway between a shout and a moan wrenched from his lips.

Heero moaned, too, but it had a different undertone, and Wufei realized that he had pushed forward rather brusquely.

"Did... did I hurt you?" the blue-haired teen managed to stutter, still reeling from the combined feelings of Duo prodding at that something in him and of his cock sinking into Heero's ass.

Heero was hissing low, trying to keep his wince in cheek. "No, that's ok," he assured. Wufei growled. It definitely wasn't pleasure on Yuy's face.

"Like hell..."

"Shut up. It's nothing. Move and I'll forget it."

Wufei shook his head, appalled, and tried to slide out, as slowly as he could. Heero clamped his legs around his waist to prevent him from leaving him empty and glared at Duo over his shoulder. "Make that moron move, Duo! I know you can do it, damnit!"

"We're definitively not in a sensual mood here, guys," the braided boy chuckled. "Time to change that..."

He reached down his braid, snapping off the band, and shook his hair free, trailing kisses all over his lovers. On Wufei's butt first, then on Heero's knees, guiding them down at the same time to mold himself to Wufei's back, pressing kisses along the Chinese teen's spine up to his neck, and biting there, his hands sliding down Heero's thighs...

He settled when his torso was pressed tight against Wufei's back, spooning him, and let his hair fall like a waterfall all around them. He saw Heero reaching for a lock and grabbing it in his fist, and Wufei moaned as he felt the caress of the soft strands sliding over his shoulders. Duo slid his hands around Wufei's torso, brushing against Heero's at the same time, to rest his weight on the mattress. He tightened his hold, delighting in the feel of having them both in his arms, both at his mercy.

He gave a slow, languid push with his hips, his cock rubbing against Wufei's butt crack. Heero's strangled moan told him that he had managed to make the Chinese boy delve deeper inside. He chuckled. In fact, he was topping them both at the same time, he reflected. That was more than great. His two lovers were usually so dominant in bed... not that he didn't love it, but he did enjoy turning the tables on them from time to time.

He nibbled up Wufei's shoulder until he was nuzzling at his nape, then at his ear, dislodging the dark locks.

Heero's hand went up, and caught a lock of blue-black hair in his fist, mixing it with Duo's longer chestnut. He pulled, taking Wufei's mouth in a deep and almost violent kiss, his other hand roaming on Wufei's torso, up his flank and on Duo's side and what he could reach of his back, insistent, nearly too fast. His legs rose again to squeeze the both of them.

They weren't resting much weight on him, just enough to feel pleasurably trapped. He could feel hard flesh against him... hmm.

"Move," he rasped, squeezing his legs around their waists and trying to get his own hips to press downward.

"Yessir," Duo grunted, guiding himself in Wufei.

It felt so good to sink into that perfect tightness, and know that he was the first to be in him - the first and the last if he had his say - it felt so good to know that his proud and fiery loved one was giving him his body...

It felt even better to see his other loved one behind, and to see his face contort as if Duo was the one sinking into him, and he knew that his smallest move was echoed through Wufei into Heero, as if, in fact, he was taking them both. He loved them so much, and they were, the three of them, together, making love, his two loves abandoning themselves to him, when a few months before he had been crying in Heero's arms because he felt wretched to be able to miss Wufei when he had Heero... Because somewhat it was nearly as if he was saying that Heero wasn't enough - even if that was false, Heero was enough to fill the Heero-shaped hole in his heart - but the Wufei-shaped one was empty. He had cried, because he felt so empty, and he had trusted Heero enough, loved Heero enough, to tell him that he loved another... taken a leap of faith... and now they were there, together, the three of them, and he thought his heart would burst, because it was so full. He had never been so happy.

He didn't tell them that he loved them, because just at that moment Wufei began to thrust back, and Heero's hands suddenly felt like there was eight of them, and in the middle of their cries of passion and of the frenzy taking a hold of them, Wufei didn't feel the difference between Duo's sweat drops and his tears of gratefulness.

Duo couldn't tell the difference either. It felt so good, too good to make him want to cry. He couldn't think anymore. He didn't try to. He closed his eyes and let himself go.


"That's the last time I'm bottoming," Wufei would say the morning after, when they would have to separate their tangled limbs and their body hairs, glued together by dried semen, and that he wouldn't even be able to sit up because his ass felt like Duo had taken him with a baseball bat.

"Duo's gonna be busy on two ends, then, 'cause I'm not either" Heero would groan, hissing because of the places the fragile skin of his entrance had been split, and Wufei would see the faint traces of dried blood, not much, barely a drop, and would wince and rectify his declaration in his thoughts, thinking that maybe, maybe he'd bottom for Heero, once only, to make amends, even if it had been Heero's own fucking fault.

Duo would grin like the Cheshire cat, and would roll over his two lovers, and would drag then both down for a morning kiss before claiming dibs on the shower, even if he was the less dirty of them.

For now, it was night, and they were sliding from afterglow into sleep without missing a beat, tangled together, fingers interlaced, arms surrounding shoulders and legs winding around other legs, or torsos, Duo still inside Wufei and Wufei still inside Heero and Heero's hands still lost in their hair.

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