Author: Aya
Warnings: AU, potty mouth Duo, lemonish qualities, kinda cheesy, maybe fluffy, and a slightly OOC Relena
Pairings: 1x2, 6x2, 3x4, DxR (Implied 2x5, 1x3, 13x5)
Notes: Think Gundam pilots in a boy band.

WS-MTV - World Sphere Music Television
TRL - Total Request Live
CFL - Cherry Flavored Lube
Heero - Lead Guitar
Quatre - Drummer
Trowa - Bass
Wufei - Guitar and Back up Singer
Duo - Vocalist

Cherry Flavored Lube + Part 1

~ WS-MTV Building, L4 - Live Filming of TRL ~

"Well we have a great show today folks, this weeks-top ten videos, a guest appearance by that hot new star Hilde and an interview with every one's favorite boy band... CFL!" Sylvia Noventa said enthusiastically as she smiled at the cheering teenagers in the audience. With a flip of her long blonde hair and another cheesy smile she waved at the huge screen at the center of the room. "Now our top ten song of the week is... All Alone by Hilde!"

Heero sneered and turned away from the annoying VJ as he stood back stage. "Where the hell is Duo? Our interview is in twenty minutes." He growled at the small blond man standing next to him.

Quatre shrugged carelessly. "I dunno."

"Damnit Quatre he's your friend! Why don't you make sure he stays out of trouble?"

The drummer rolled his eyes and raked a hand through his pink streaked hair. "Look man, I'm not the guy's keeper.. And he's going to get in trouble no matter what I do. So why don't you relax?" A slender arm snaked around Quatre's thin shoulders.

"He's probably screwing Peacecraft in a closet somewhere." Trowa put in calmly.

Heero frowned again and turned away from the two lovers. "Well if he's late again I'm going to kill him."

"Just make sure I'm there to help!" Wufei chimed in from where he was slouching against the wall, tuning his guitar.

Heero ignored him and went back to glaring at Sylvia.


"Nnn.. oooh.. "

Milliardo Peacecraft smirked around the length of flesh in his mouth and began swirling his tongue around the head of the boy's erection.

"Milli! Yes!" Duo moaned loudly and buried his fingers in the man's long blond hair. He began to thrust urgently into his lover's willing mouth.. all the while bracing himself on the wall of the small bathroom stall. After a moment of harsh panting the small vocalist flooded Miliardo's mouth with his seed.

Duo collapsed against the wall, trying to catch his breath. "What time is it?" He gasped breathlessly.

The tall man frowned. "Almost 1:30."

"Shit! Heero's gonna kill me!" Duo pushed past Milliardo who was still kneeling on the floor in front of him, nearly knocking the man down.

The longhaired boy stood in front of the mirror hurriedly arranging his silky chestnut locks. "Damnit Milliardo why didn't you tell me how late it was? You know we have an interview in ten minutes! I can't believe you sometimes!"

Milliardo stared at him incredulously. "Me?! You're the one who insists on having sex before every interview, performance and live!"

Duo carefully applied mascara to his long eyelashes and smirked. "Some people like to get high before a live and I like to get laid. Would you rather I do drugs Oh Manager Of Mine?"

The blond man sighed. "You're impossible Duo, you really are. I shouldn't be sleeping with you anyway! I'm your manager! People talk you know."

Duo rolled his eyes. "Fuck people."

"-Besides." Milliardo continued. "I know you have a crush on Heero."

"And? I know you want to fuck Wufei and you don't see me complaining."

A loud cheer from somewhere above them interrupted the conversation and Duo swore under his breath. "Damnit if I'm late you're going to have to find yourself a new vocalist babe." Duo said as he smoothed his leather pants and silk poet's shirt.

"I won't let the big bad Heero hurt you Sweet Thing." Milliardo purred and started to kiss Duo's now dark blue lips.

"Hey! Are you nuts? I just fixed my make up! I don't have time for this anyway I'll see you after the show!" The violet-eyed boy said and dashed out the door; long hair flying behind him.

Milliardo sighed disgustedly. This `relationship' was starting to get on his nerves.


"Welcome CFL! I'm glad you could -- Wait a minute! Where's everyone's favorite vocalist?" Sylvia asked looking around.

Heero clenched and unclenched his jaw as he sat on the hard wooden stool. That's it, Duo was dead. He was going to find that longhaired idiot and throttle him. This was the third time this has happened and Heero was tired of covering for the fool. His thoughts had taken a slightly more murderous turn and he was cracking his knuckles when Duo rushed onto the stage looking flushed and slightly tousled.

"Sorry guys! I was taking care of some business!" Duo hissed to the rest of his band members as he sat down next to Heero.

"Well Duo, we were beginning to think you weren't going to make it!" Sylvia said as she smiled brightly at the black clad teen. It was well known that the VJ had a crush on the vocalist and although Duo had no interest in her whatsoever he always flirted outrageously.

"I would never pass up a chance to get interviewed by the lovely Sylvia Noventa." The vocalist proclaimed with a charming grin. Sylvia swooned. Heero gagged.

"Well tell us a little bit about your new single Heart of Gundanium, what was your inspiration for writing such a sad song?" The blonde girl asked, occasionally twirling locks of hair with her index finger.

Duo thought a moment. "Well it's about a guy who has had his heart broken in the past and has sworn to himself that he would never love or trust anyone again. It's really about a friend of mine who will remain nameless." He said with a smirk.

Heero flushed a little and shifted in his seat. He had the suspicion that Duo had written the song about him but he wasn't sure and he wasn't about to go and ask.

"Wow that's really powerful Duo." Sylvia said energetically. "Now while we are on the subject of love why don't we talk about your love lives! Quatre.. Trowa.. are the rumors true about you two?"



Heero began to massage his temples as he sensed the upcoming argument that was had at nearly every interview. Quatre always wanted to tell the truth and Trowa thought it was best for the band if their relationship remained a secret.

Sylvia blinked at them and several audience members began snickering. "Guys.. Maybe you should talk about that." She said with a nervous giggle.

"There is nothing to talk about." Trowa said stiffly.

The blond drummer crossed his arms over his chest and lifted his chin indignantly. "Yeah nothing except for the fact that Trowa here is ashamed of our relationship. He has this stupid idea that it would be bad for the band if our relationship was found out. Even though when he was going out with certain other people - " Quatre paused to shoot Heero an angry look. "He made no such effort to keep things secret."

The Japanese guitarist shifted again and scowled. Quatre always seemed to bring up the brief fling that he had with Trowa even though it had only been for a few weeks. Heero liked Trowa well enough to admit that they had sucked as a couple. Neither of them was very talkative so there hadn't been much conversation.. All it had been really was wild kinky sex. Not that he minded... but then Trowa had discovered that he was in love with the little drummer and broke it off. Heero hadn't minded so much because he himself had a soft sport for a certain violet-eyed vocalist. Even though the longhaired demon annoyed him to no end.

Heero looked over at Duo who had been strangely quiet throughout the argument and saw with great annoyance that the teen was making eyes at some guy in the audience. Heero kicked him. Duo yelped rather loudly, drawing everyone's attention to him.

"Duo? Do you have something to contribute to Quatre and Trowa's dilemma?" Sylvia asked sweetly.

Duo blushed and shot Heero a glare. "Yeah.. I uh.. think.. We should.. talk about Wufei's love life!! He has this hot new lover and I'm sure he's just dying to talk about it!"

"Maxwell!" Wufei protested angrily.

"Wufei! Come on! Spill!" Sylvia urged playfully.

The Chinese boy scowled darkly and crossed his arms over his chest. "Mind your own business, woman. I thought we were here to talk about our new album."

"Oh come on Wufei don't be like that! Is it a certain ginger haired actor that sources say you were with at the movies this past weekend?" The VJ asked in a teasing voice.

Wufei sunk lower in his chair. Damn Paparazzi had caught him with Treize. Damn. "This is all your fault Maxwell. Why can't you learn to keep your big mouth shut?" He hissed at Duo.

Duo blinked at him innocently. "Pardon?"

"You're always either annoying everyone, showing up late or screwing around with our manager. Why can't you take things more seriously?" Wufei snapped angrily.

Sylvia's eyes widened and everyone in the audience looked to where Milliardo was standing at the side of the stage. The blond man looked like he would die of embarrassment.

"Why don't you tell me what this is really about Chang. Are you jealous?" Duo's tone was light but his eyes were flashing angrily. The audience and Sylvia were completely silent as they watched the oncoming battle. Lately there had been news that the members of CFL were fighting a lot but this was the first time anyone had witnessed it first hand.

"Jealous? Of you? Since we got famous your head has gotten even bigger than it ever was Duo Maxwell. I am just as successful as you and if you think for one moment that --"

"Not jealous of me. Jealous because I don't want you anymore. Because I dumped you for Milliardo." Duo said with an evil smirk.

Wufei flushed and for a moment he even looked hurt, but it was quickly replaced by an angered statement. "Dumped me for Milliardo? Ha! As if you are only with one person. We all know that the great and beautiful Duo Maxwell can't keep his legs closed long enough to have a monogamous relationship. That is why we broke up."

There was a long deadly silence and even though their interview was supposed to be over in only five minutes, no one dared to interfere. Heero groaned and covered his face with his hands. This was not good.

"You son of a bitch!" Duo snarled at Wufei and jumped to his feet, lunging at the shorter boy. "I am not a slut! You take that back!" He growled angrily, grabbing the front of Wufei's shirt and lifting him off his feet effortlessly.

"I'll take it back when you stop acting like one!" Wufei shot back.

Quatre looked up from his own argument with Trowa long enough to see an outraged Duo raising his fist to punch Wufei. "Duo don't!" He cried out but it was too late. He and Trowa jumped up to separate their two fighting friends. By now the teenagers in the audience were yelling and rushing forward to get a better look, security was running towards the stage and Milliardo was shaking his head disgustedly as Sylvia backed away from the brawl looking panicked.

Heero stared at the scene blandly, not bothering to help. He frowned deeper when he got a look at Duo's now bloody face. The media was going to have a field day with this. It was times like these that made him wonder why the band was still together at all. It would be best if they just broke up. He sighed disgustedly and stood up, making his way offstage.



Heero rolled his eyes and dabbed at the small cut over Duo's left eyebrow. "Don't be such a baby." He chastised softly.

Duo pouted and sighed. After the wreck of an interview he and Heero had come back to the large loft that they shared. The guitarist had been even more silent than usual and Duo could only guess what he was thinking. "I can't believe Wufei, he is such a prick sometimes. He deliberately instigated that with me because he knew I would lose my temper." He huffed angrily.

Heero snorted. "You shouldn't have sicked that nosy VJ on him Duo. You know how Wufei is about his private life." He murmured as his strong hands gently tended to the injured boy's face.

Duo sighed again and gazed at Heero. Although he did mess around with a lot of people he was very sure of his feelings for the quiet teen. When they first met they had not gotten along at all because they were as different as night and day. Duo thought Heero was a cold bastard and Heero had thought he was a babbling idiot. However after one particularly strange weekend at a ski resort where they had gotten snowed in, the two had become closer. They were friends now but Duo wished that they could be so much more.

"Heero?" He ventured softly.

Heero looked up and stared directly into Duo's eyes. "What is it?"

For a minute Duo's heart skipped a beat, the thrill he felt when Heero looked at him like that was indescribable. "I.. Do.. you believe all that stuff Wufei said about me?" Duo asked, looking away; almost afraid of the answer. There was silence for a moment and Duo sighed, thinking the worst. But then Heero's hand gently touched the side of his face and the longhaired boy's eyes widened when he looked up to find Heero smiling at him almost shyly. "No.. I don't think you're a slut. I think your.. wonderful."

Duo's lips turned up into a happy grin and he held Heero's steady gaze for a long time. One slender calloused finger caressed the side of Duo's face almost unconsciously; blue eyes focused suddenly on soft red lips.

//God I want him so badly.// Heero thought miserably, wishing desperately that he could just lean forward and taste those sweet lips. But he wouldn't.. he would not fall for the Maxwell Charm, no matter how tempting it was. Heero licked his lips nervously and looked back into hazy violet eyes that were now slightly narrowed.

Duos own delicate fingers reached up and touched Heero's lower lip. The smaller boy sighed softly and leaned forward, kissing the surprised guitarist.

Heero's lips parted almost of their own accord and he practically melted when Duo's tongue dipped into his mouth. If he didn't pull back now, Heero knew that he would lose control. He pushed Duo away gently and stood up, turning away from the confused boy.

"What's wrong?" Duo asked, sounding a little irritated.

"We can't do that and you know it."

Duo stood up and put his hands on his hips. "Why don't you want me?"

Heero walked out of the room, not wanting to have this conversation for the ten millionth time since they had moved in together. He went to his own bedroom and sat down at the desk, booting up his computer. Duo followed him immediately, spinning the chair around so that Heero was facing him. "Is it the way I look..? Do you think I'm ugly?" Duo asked, actually looking self-conscious.

Heero snorted. "Don't be ridiculous."

"Then why don't you want me? Everyone else does! Hell, even Wufei and me had a fling at one time." The exasperated teenager exclaimed.

"And look what happened with the two of you. You are always at each other's throats."

Duo frowned. "God! Why do you have to read so much into things? It's just sex Heero!"

"That's the problem." The Japanese boy snapped, then turned back to his computer, intent on ignoring his roommate for the rest of the night.

Duo stared at him for several moments, nonplussed. After awhile it was obvious that Heero did not intend on finishing the conversation so with a frustrated groan he left the room, slamming the door behind him.