Author: Aya
see part 1 for notes, warnings

Cherry Flavored Lube + Part 2

The next day Duo crept down the hall of the large resort, moving silently towards Heero's room. It had taken him a while to calm down after Heero's bitchy comment, but now he was refocusing on his plan. Operation Seduce Yuy. The longhaired teenager slowly opened the door and spotted the Japanese boy sitting at a desk playing with that stupid laptop. "Nimnu Ryoukai" Duo said softly and silently closed the door, trying to be as quiet as possible.

"What do you want Duo?"

Duo scowled. Damn, it was like the guy had eyes in the back of his head. He smoothed his Hawaiian print shirt and plastered a big smile on his face before sauntering over to his friend. "I was wondering if you wanted to go to the beach with me. You know bask under the rays, swim a little.. maybe even build a sand Gundam." He suggested with a casual shrug.

"Sand Gundam? You watch too much anime Duo." Heero said sounding a little amused.

"Common Heero, you are in Greece; land of totally gorgeous beaches! I even forgave you for that shitty comment about me being a pervert." Duo pointed out.

Heero's eyebrow twitched. "Hmm.."

"If you don't come with me, I swear I will tell that Relena girl that you are hot for her."

"She wouldn't care. She's a lesbian."

"Oh.. well.. then I'll stay here with you all day and sing. I'm working on a new song called Grapeade. It's about having sex while on a sugar rush."

Heero turned around to stare at the smaller boy and he frowned when he saw that Duo was completely serious. "It's bad enough that the others allowed you to name our band after a kind of lubrication.. do you have to write every song about sexual intercourse too?"

Duo lifted his chin indignantly. "I don't write every song about sex. I write about death, pain and angst too." He pointed out.

"How could I forget," Heero muttered rolling his eyes.

"Oh! And I was writing this new song in Spanish called Diablo."

Heero sighed and began exiting programs on the laptop, obviously giving up on getting anything done with the chatterbox in the same room. "Duo.. why? Spanish is a dead language. The two universal languages now are Japanese and English. No one will know what you are singing."

"And.. your point being..? When I was screaming my head off in our death metal phase no one knew what I was saying then either. I've been taking Spanish classes and it's a beautiful language, trust me Heero."

"Fine," he said with a defeated sigh.

"So~o are you coming with me?"

"Yes Duo, I am coming with you."

"Sugoi!" Duo cried and bounced on the balls on the balls of his feet. "Oh and don't bother packing a swim suit cuz it's a nude beach! See ya downstairs!" He chirped cheerfully and disappeared out the door.

Heero stared after him in horror and groaned. "This should be interesting." He muttered and snagged a towel before exiting the room.


"Paradise Beach? This place has some stupid names." Duo murmured as he and Heero made their way down the sandy dune towards a place by the water.

Heero raised an eyebrow and spread his towel out on the sand. "Well you wanted to come here."

The vocalist flashed a cocky grin before shimmying out of his shirt. "'Course I did. It's a gay nude beach and since it's not tourist season there aren't a lot of people around."

"Modest all of a sudden?" Heero asked, trying not to stare at the way Duo was sliding out of his clothes.

Duo snorted. "No. But I could live without seeing old women sun bathing in the buff."

Heero smirked and watched as Duo stripped completely naked. He hadn't even been wearing underwear. In the years that they had known each other and lived together, Heero had never seen the boy entirely naked. And man.. he had been missing a lot. Duo's body was slender, willowy and still well muscled at the same time. His chest was well defined and he had a rippling six pack; not to mention the fact that he was very well endowed. His flesh was evenly tanned and by the Gods he was gorgeous. Heero felt his mouth go dry and he shifted uncomfortably as his boxers suddenly felt extremely tight.

"Aren't you going to take your clothes off?" Duo asked innocently as he lay down on a towel.

The Japanese guitarist shifted uncomfortably and stripped his shirt off in one quick movement. "I'll uh.. put my suntan oil on first." He muttered, stalling on taking off his shorts.

"I'll do it for you." Duo volunteered with a smile and before Heero could object, the little bundle of energy was pushing him down onto his stomach.

"I can do it myself Duo."

The longhaired boy rolled his eyes. "Don't be silly." He straddled Heero's muscular back, so that his knees were on either side of him and his bare ass was resting on the back of Heero's thighs. He slathered a good amount of oil on the smooth golden skin and began to rub the guitarist's shoulders. "Doesn't that feel good?" Duo asked, his voice coming out as a husky purr.

Heero bit his lip to keep from moaning as his rigid manhood ground into the sand with Duo's every move. "Uh.. huh."

"Geez Heero you are way too tense. I might as well give you a massage while I'm at it." Duo said with a devilish smirk. He began kneading Heero's neck and shoulders, hands moving expertly over the planes of his satiny skin. "You have such an incredible body Heero."

"I.. oh." Was all he managed to get out as he practically melted under Duo's ministrations. Heero's breath hitched as the smaller boy started to rock softly against his back, causing his still aching cock to press harder into the sandy ground.

"Something wrong Heero?" Duo asked sweetly. He rubbed more vigorously, rolling his hips as he did so.. making sure that Heero's pelvis rocked into the sand. Duo's own manhood was getting painfully hard as Heero's little moans and gasps reached his ears.

"nn... No." Heero gasped softly. The combination of the delicious friction his arousal was receiving and the way Duo's naughty little hands were all over his body was slowly driving Heero insane. He had the suspicion that Duo knew exactly what he was doing to him.

Duo licked his suddenly dry lips and shifted on top of the hard body under him so that his arousal was pressing directly into Heero's still clothed ass. He reached around the Japanese boy's waist and fumbled with the zipper for a moment before pulling the shorts all the way down; the boxers coming off with them. He was shocked but very pleased that Heero wasn't resisting so far.

"Duo.. stop.. or else." Heero panted, as Duo began to hump him almost violently.

"..Can't do that baby." The violet-eyed boy panted as he ground his now wet cock against Heero's tight little bottom. "Uhn.."

"Duo..." Heero growled warningly as his hips slammed into the sand beneath him.

"Just.. let.. go..!" Duo groaned as he rolled his hips faster.

Heero released a primal growl and sat up abruptly, changing positions so that he and Duo were face to face and cock to cock. He tangled his fingers in the nape of the other boy's loose ponytail and kissed him savagely. Their tongues met in a sloppy and very wet kiss, chewing at each other's lips; little moans and exclamations of pleasure escaping both mouths. Duo clutched Heero's shoulders desperately as their hips began to rock together in frantic eager thrusts.

After a moment Heero tore his mouth away; panting breathlessly. He yanked Duo's head back by the hair.. ignoring the little gasp of pain and began sucking on the Adam's apple that was bobbing at the base of his throat. Throwing all reason and previous doubts to the wind, Heero reached out on the sand blindly until he grasped the suntan oil. Still sucking and biting at Duo's neck; he squeezed a large amount on his own pulsing arousal. With one swift movement he lifted Duo's hips up, then slammed his aching cock deep within the boy's tight entrance. "Oh yea!" Heero gasped as his member was surrounded by tight muscle.

Duo let out a low throaty groan and began to ride his new lover desperately, aching to be filled by Heero's meaty rod. "yea... right there." He groaned as Heero's staff slammed into his sweet spot.

"You like that you little slut?" Heero growled, his eyes burning with lusty desire.

Duo's lips curled in a feral smile as he wrapped his thighs around Heero's slim waist and began slamming himself down on that thick cock; meeting each thrust brusquely. "Oh yea baby.. just like that." He moaned, his voice thick with desire.

Heero nipped at Duo's lips, catching the lower one between his teeth and sucking almost painfully hard. He continued to thrust into the longhaired boy at a frantic feverish pace, his hips snapping up in an intense rhythm. "Uhh.. uhh.. Ohh God yes!" Duo chanted, his cries becoming all out screams of pleasure as Heero's swollen cock thrust into him violently. When it became clear that Duo could no longer hold on to his shoulders, Heero pushed the vocalist backwards so that his back was pressed against the white sand. Duo raised one long leg and slung it over Heero's shoulders, while keeping the other wrapped securely around his waist.

Heero's eyes shut as white-hot pleasure filled his entire body. He didn't even feel Duo's fingernails as they clawed urgently at his back, every nerve was focused intently on the walls of wet muscles that were clenching around his cock. "Oh.. Gods.." He cried out and began pounding Duo into the sand, relishing the screams of pleasure that came from that sexy mouth, loving even more that he was inflicting it. The smaller boy reached down and began stroking his own penis roughly, his breathing becoming more and more erratic as the minutes passed.

"Gods I've wanted this." Heero groaned, not even realizing that he had said it out loud.

Those words coming from the Japanese boy's mouth completely undid Duo and he came all over both of them, screaming Heero's name all the while.

Heero cried out softly and buried his face in Duo's sweaty shoulder. He managed several more frenzied thrusts before he exploded deep within his sated lover. "I.. I..." `I love you!' Heero mouthed as the powerful orgasm took him, nearly sobbing from the intensity.

They lay in a knot of sweaty sticky limbs for several moments, hearts still pounding wildly. Heero rolled off Duo and took a deep shaky breath, his brain processing what had just happened and what he had almost said. He swallowed several times and closed his deep blue eyes. "Christ.." Duo breathed softly. He stole a look at Heero and smiled. "Did I wear you out sweety?"

The guitarist took another large gulp of air before reaching for Duo's hand. He intertwined their fingers, and raised the slender hand to his lips; kissing it softly. "No."

Duo felt a warm flush cover his body and he grinned idiotically. "I should seduce you more often! You are definitely the best I've ever had." He blurted out. As soon as the words left his mouth, Heero tensed and he yanked his hand away as if he had been burned. He stood up abruptly and began yanking on his clothes.

Duo frowned, looking adorably bewildered. "What's wrong?"

Heero said nothing, keeping his eyes averted from the beautiful boy's confused gaze. He zipped his shorts hurriedly, trying to ignore the painful clenching in his chest. "This was a mistake." He said in a choked voice.

The slender vocalist gasped and recoiled as if he had been punched in the gut. "W..what? Mistake? What the hell does that mean?"

The Japanese teen yanked his shirt on with trembling fingers. "Look.. just forget this happened ok?"

Duo jumped to his feet, clenching his hands on narrow hips; not seeming to care that he was still naked. "What the hell is the problem Heero? You don't just fuck me and walk away." He snarled angrily.

Heero threw him a particularly venomous look before turning on his heel. "Why not? That's all you're good for." He said bitterly, glad that he couldn't see the hurt look that was bound to be in the other boy's eyes. //But it doesn't matter anyway.. because all I am to him is another notch on his goddamn belt.// Heero thought sadly as he stormed out of the beach.

Duo stared after him, confusion and hurt written all over his face.


//I hate this place.// Heero thought angrily, as he sat on a large wooden chair that was set conveniently out on the balcony in his room. It had been two days since he had made love - no.. since he had fucked Duo. They hadn't made love.. because that would mean that they had to be in love. "And how could I delude myself into thinking he could love someone like me?" Heero whispered to himself, voice full of self-loathing. Duo was so full of life, so beautiful and happy. //And I'm brooding, angry and mean. He probably considered me his biggest challenge. He probably had bets going with Quatre on how long it would take to get me in bed. That's all I am to him anyway...// He thought sullenly.

"Hello Heero."

Heero jumped and looked behind him to see that Trowa was leaning against the door, dressed casually in black pants and a green cotton shirt. "What?"

Trowa raised an eyebrow. "What's going on with you and Duo?"

Heero scowled. "Mind your own business."

"This is my business." Trowa countered. "In the last couple of days there has been a lot of obvious animosity between you and Duo, and it doesn't just affect you; it affects all of us."

"Look Trowa, this is not going to affect the band at all ok? I just made a stupid mistake."

The green-eyed boy looked like he wanted to say something else but after receiving a deadly glare from the Japanese guitarist he thought better of it. "We are all having dinner downstairs. It would be nice if you joined us."

Heero sighed heavily and glared out over the balcony for a few moments before standing up. "Fine."

Trowa shook his head and they began walking down to the large dining area.