Cherry Flavored Lube + Part 1 (cont)


~The next morning - Practice ~

Quatre sat behind his drum set, idly twirling a drumstick in his hand. His blue eyes flicked from each one of his band mates and he frowned. The tension in the room was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. He and Trowa were still pissed at each other because of the argument, Duo and Wufei were obviously not on speaking terms because of the fist fight they had the previous day and now Duo and Heero seemed to be mad at each other for some unknown reason. The band was the most important thing in the world to Quatre besides his family and he did not want it to break up. He had the suspicion that Heero was going to suggest just that too.

"Um.. you guys..?" He ventured cautiously.

Four sets of eyes focused on him abruptly and he blinked. "Um.. " Before he could get another word out, the door swung open and Milliardo strode in, holding a sheath of papers in one hand. "I have had it with this shit!" He practically shouted.

"What's your problem?" Wufei asked warily.

The blond man glared at him. "My problem is this." He snapped and flung a newspaper into the Chinese boy's lap.

Wufei looked at it and made a face. "Oh just great." There was a picture of him and Duo brawling sprawled across the front page. "Damnit Maxwell, do you see what you started!?"

Duo glared at him. "Oh shut up. I am so tired of you blaming me for every goddamn thing."

"Well maybe if you didn't fuck up all the time, I wouldn't!"

"Both of you shut up!" Heero growled angrily.

"Oh of course we have to bow down and listen to the oh great and powerful Leader-San." Duo snapped, glaring at Heero.

"Enough!" Milliardo finally yelled. He took a calming breath before talking again. "I know there has been a lot of pressure on everyone lately, we have interviews and concerts lined up and I know that it is a pain to have your schedule booked solid for practically the whole year with no time for yourselves, but if you don't stop this incessant bickering everything is going to go to hell in a hand basket. You started out as just another garage band but now you are famous! Don't fuck it up now."

Quatre sighed. "That's easy to say Milliardo but it's hard to do. With all the stress that we are under it's going to be hard to just start getting along again."

"I know and I have a suggestion to solve your problems." The blond man said confidently.

"Oh this should be stunning." Heero muttered sarcastically.

Milliardo pointedly ignored him and held up a colorful brochure. "My sister Relena owns a resort in Greece on Mykonos Island; it is very exclusive and very relaxing. I have cleared all interviews and appointments for the next week, so this would be the perfect time to go there and just relax. Get your mind off things, and get over these petty spats." He grinned broadly. "So does it sound good?"

The five band members stared at him incredulously. "That is your brilliant plan?" Wufei asked incredulously. "How is that going to help anything?"

Milliardo rolled his eyes and tossed the brochure at Heero, who began looking through it blandly. "It will give you guys a chance to relax without all of these constant interviews. I'm hoping that you'll forget about all of this fame for awhile and remember what it was like when you were just best friends," he said.

Duo grinned at his lover and snatched the brochure from Heero's hands. "Well I happen to think it is a great idea."

Wufei snorted. "Of course you do, it's a chance for you to sit on your ass for a week and get pampered."

Quatre cleared his throat. "Well I think it's a good idea too. We could all use a week off from all this madness." He began twirling a strand of hot pink hair. "Besides, Mykonos has some great nude beaches... gay nude beaches." He added with a devilish grin. Trowa raised both eyebrows and smirked. "Well.. It can't be that bad. Come on Wufei, are you really turning down a free vacation to a Greek island? You're not that much of a priss are you?"

Wufei opened his mouth to retort but instead he weighed his options. Hmm.. Interview with People magazine... or sexy nude gay men in Greece... hmm.. Tough choice. "Well fine then. Have it your way." Quatre looked at Heero expectantly. "What do you think Heero-Kun?"

"Whatever." Heero shrugged indifferently.

Duo grinned at Quatre broadly. "All expense paid trip to Greece for a week! Sugoi!"

A discreet cough interrupted Quatre's reply and once again everyone turned to stare at Milliardo. "Well.. you see.. It's not exactly all expense.... paid.."

Heero snickered.

Milliardo raised his hands defensively. "Well I did clear your schedules! I can't do everything you know."

Three groans met his response, but Heero was too busy making fun of him to even care and Duo was too busy pouring over the brochure to pay attention. He was too busy planning his seduction of Heero. Heehee. <Insert mischievous cackle here>


~In the lobby of Super Paradise(1) resort. Two days later.~

"Wow this place is cool!" Quatre breathed softly as the band entered the luxurious resort. "I wonder what the rest of this place looks like!"

"I've seen better." Wufei sniffed.

"What kind of stupid name is Super Paradise?" Heero asked with a snort.

"Well what do you expect babe? Milliardo's sister owns it." Duo said with a snicker as he watched the two cute bellhops drag all of their luggage in from the limo.

"Good point." Heero muttered glaring at the way those violet eyes stayed glued to one of the bellhop's rear end.

"OMG!! It's CFL!!" A high pitched voice shrieked suddenly.

The five teenagers looked up in horror as a pink clad blonde woman ran towards them. "This is unbelievable. We even have fan girl stalkers in Greece." Trowa muttered. Just as the words left his mouth, the woman glomped onto his arm. "Wooow Mili said you were staying here but you are all soo much prettier in person!" She gushed.

Wufei's eyes bugged out and he glared at her. "P..Pretty?" He sputtered.

The young woman let go of Trowa so abruptly that he stumbled, and she immediately clutched Duo's arm. "Duo! Wow you have such a great voice, and your hair! Oh gosh it's so much more amazing in person! How do you keep it so long and shiny?" She asked, talking at an amazingly rapid pace.

Duo smiled brightly, warming to the attention. "Well all you have to do is --"

"Relena Peacecraft! Stop harassing them." Another female voice said sternly.

Relena reluctantly let go of Duo and backed away, standing next to the owner of the voice. The young woman had incredibly long blonde hair that rivaled Duo's own length and steely gray eyes. (2) "Sorry about that gentlemen, but Relena is a big fan of yours. You'd expect the manager of this place to be more mature.. but I'm afraid Little Lena was a pampered spoiled child."

Relena glared at her. "Shut up Dorothy. I am not immature.. just excitable. Besides I am the owner --"

"Half owner," Dorothy interrupted coolly.

The guys looked at each other warily, all wondering if that is how they bickered in public and hoping to God that it wasn't. They couldn't be that bad.. could they? Quatre coughed softly, trying to get their attention - but Duo was less subtle.

"Hold up! You are Milliardo's sister?"

Relena grinned. "Yep."

Heero stared at her. "I can see the resemblance. You are both annoying as hell." He said flatly.

The blonde girl glared at him.

"Why would someone sell you a place like this?" Wufei asked incredulously.

"They didn't technically. Milliardo bought it from the precious owners and pretty much gave it to her. Do not ask me why, but I suspect it was because he wanted to ship her across the world to keep her out of his hair. However he also sold me half because he knew that princess here could not handle it on her own." Dorothy explained, as she motioned for another bellhop.

"That is not true." Relena huffed angrily.

"Well.. that is very interesting.. but I'd like to go to my room now." Trowa's bored tone made it obvious that they were not interesting in the least.

Relena glared at him too. "Well that's fine, because Quatre and Duo are my favorites anyway." She stuck out her tongue childishly and stomped away.

Duo grinned. "I'm her favorite huh? Hmm..." He gave her retreating backside an appreciative glance, completely missing the annoyed look on Heero's face.

"Don't even think about it Maxwell. She's mine." Dorothy said calmly, but her glare promised castration to any male who stepped foot in her lover's direction.

"Ehehe... no problem babe."


"mmm.. ahh... yess that feels good." Duo moaned softly.

"For God's sake Maxwell it's just water." Wufei muttered as he slid into the hot tub with the longhaired teenager.

Duo cracked open one violet eye and gave Wufei a disdainful look. "You don't know how to enjoy yourself Chang, has anyone ever told you that?"

The Chinese boy shrugged and leaned his head back against the edge of the large tub. He was fully intent on ignoring Duo for the remaining time that they were in the same room, but the next words that came out of the boy's mouth shocked him completely. "Wufei, why do you hate me?"

Dark eyes popped open and Wufei sat up abruptly. After determining that Maxwell was indeed serious and really thought he hated him, the guitarist slumped back against the tub and rolled his eyes. "Don't be ridiculous."

"That's me, Mr. Ridiculous." Duo muttered darkly, bitterness lacing his deep voice.

Wufei opened his eyes and sighed heavily. "What's the problem Maxwell?"

"Well Chang, we are here to supposedly come to terms with our differences so I would like to know why you hate me so much. Is it because I broke our... thing.. off to mess with Milliardo? If I hurt you, I really didn't mean too." The vocalist said softly.

"I.." Wufei paused, unsure of what to say. "I don't love you Duo-"

Duo snorted. "Yeah I kind of got that impression Wu."

"Just shut up and let me finish." Wufei snapped. "Anyway.. I was never in love with you so when you dumped me I wasn't exactly heartbroken. My ego was bruised but that's about it."

Duo seemed relieved but the statement dissolved into one of confusion and hurt. "Then why do you say such bad things about me? Do you really just not like me as a person? Am I really that horrible?"

Wufei studied his friend's face, chewing his lower lip. "We are old friends Duo and you know it takes a lot for me to get close enough to someone to consider them a friend. I like who you were before we got famous. I don't like this egotistical flighty brat that you have become. The reason why I am so harsh with you, is because you disappoint me. I never thought you were the sort to change so dramatically over a little fame. Also because you worry me and I wish you would change your reckless ways. This sleeping around and partying.. it will only get you in trouble."

Duo's eyes widened and several emotions flashed through those expressive eyes. Surprise, hurt, relief and then shame. "I guess I have turned into a real jerk huh?"

"Understatement of the year Maxwell."

"Don't push it `Fei."

Wufei chuckled. "You are definitely one of a kind."

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"


Duo smiled and glomped onto the Chinese guitarist. Wufei spluttered around for a bit before relaxing into the friendly embrace and stroking the back of Duo's chestnut head. It was the first time they had hugged like that in awhile and Wufei was very pleased that for a change Duo wasn't throwing himself at him shamelessly. However the moment was spoiled by a giggle coming from the doorway.

"Are we interrupting anything?"

Wufei shoved Duo away so fast that the braided teen fell backwards in the hot tub, his arms flailing wildly. Quatre, Trowa and Heero were standing in the doorway staring at them. Quatre was snickering, Trowa was smirking... and Heero was glaring at Wufei darkly.

"This is not what it looks like!" Wufei exclaimed indignantly.

"Oh. So you mean you and Duo aren't half-naked in a hot tub groping each other?" Trowa asked calmly. Quatre giggled again. Duo finally surfaced out of the water, gasping for breath.

"No!" Wufei shook his head in denial.

"Why do you guys always assume that I am trying to get laid?" Duo asked irritably, wiping his eyes.

"Because you're a cock hungry little pervert." Heero said flatly.

Everyone looked at Heero in shock and Duo's eyes flashed angrily; however he quickly covered it with a grin. "Yea well.. if that's how you think of me. I'm pretty tired, I think I'll turn in. Ja." The vocalist got out of the water and walked quickly away, avoiding Heero's eyes the whole time.

"That was uncalled for Heero!" Quatre snapped at the bandleader, easing into the spot Duo had vacated.

"It's true isn't it?" The Japanese boy snapped back.

"Well you don't have to hurt his feelings!" The blond returned with a glare.

Heero scowled at their disapproving faces before turning away. "Whatever." Then he walked out.

Trowa rolled his eyes and plopped down in the Jacuzzi. "I wish they would just get together and get it over with." He wrapped a long slender arm around Quatre's shoulders.

"I see you two made up." Wufei observed casually.

Quatre made a face and moved away from his lover. "For now..."

Wufei heaved an exasperated sigh and closed his eyes. Why couldn't he have normal friends?

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