Author: Aya
Pairings: 2x1
Warnings: Citrus, some language, AU, Heero is kind of OOC
Comments: This is the result of a very strange conversation in which me and my friend Sonny were talking about how interesting it would be to make Heero a complete innocent when it came to sex. ^^;
Note: Heero and Duo are not related by blood in this fic! NO RELATION! I don't believe in incest so.. Yeah.

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My Cousin From L2

[ Heero Yuy's Live Journal

June 29, AC 195 ~ 5:00 PM

Summer is here, and I suppose that I should feel happy or relieved, but strangely I don't. All it means is that I will be in the house for three months with Sally and Odin. (I can't believe they still try to get me to say mom and dad.) Sometimes I wish I were like other kids my age. They have friends and can watch TV whenever they want, and they also have unrestricted Internet access. Unlike me. Well I don't really want any friends because most people are stupid anyway, but I would really like it if I could do what I want when I'm online. I mean what is the worse I can look at? Out of all the kids my age I am probably the most sheltered. I don't swear, I don't smoke and I get straight A's. I'm a saint and I hate it. Damn, Sally is calling me.

Current Mood: Indescribable

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Heero signed off and left his neat tidy room, walking downstairs to the dining room. Now walking down stairs in most houses usually took all of one minute, but not in the Yuy household. In the Yuy household that meant going through an entire west wing and down two flights of winding stairs. Yes, the Yuy household' was a mansionhold'. So it gave Heero about ten minutes to think about what he had started to type in his beloved journal.

Now most people might wonder why the heck he had a live journal. Wasn't that just inviting strangers to look at your personal problems? Well it was far better than Sally snooping through your room and finding a real journal. Anyway, Heero was tired of being an angel. He knew nothing about sex, drugs or rock and roll. O.o; He only knew that you are supposed to kiss a girl, smoking was bad, and classical music was for refined people with good taste. Well that was Sally and Odin always said anyway. Heero was tired of being refined and good. He wanted to try new things and walk on the wild side. The only problem was that he didn't know what the wild side was.

Heero walked into the dining room and sat down at the large table. As usual it was decorated with candles and a lacy white table clothe. You would think that they were hosting a dinner party instead of just having dinner.

"Aren't you excited that it is finally summer Heero?" Sally asked with a cheerful smile.

"I guess."

Odin began putting large helpings of rice of Heero's plate. "Eat up boy, put some meat on those bones." Heero snorted and began to eat one grain at a time with his chopsticks, much to the annoyance of his father.

"Now Heero, wouldn't you like to go to a summer camp like all of your friends from school? That nice Winner boy is going to a music camp with his friend Trowa. They are such good friends! You don't see many friendships like that anymore. Why they even have sleepovers! It is so sweet." She gushed.

Heero silently picked at his rice and chicken. He wondered what they would do if he stabbed her in the eye with his chopsticks.

"Perhaps you could go to a basketball camp! You are such a good player. Why coach J was telling your father the other day that you are the best in Bishop Malloy Prep. I don't understand why you never joined the team."

Heero stared at the end of his chopstick and considered sharpening it into a stake with the knife. Hn. Heero the Annoying Mother Slayer. Had a nice ring to it.

"Sally don't you remember the good news we got from Helen?" Odin cut in.

Heero began sharpening the chopstick and stealing glances at his mother's eyes.

"Oh! I almost forgot! Your aunt Helen called from L2!! Your cousin Duo is coming for the summer! Isn't that great?"

Heero dropped the chopstick and gaped at his parents. "WHAT?!"

"Well they are having some.. Trouble with him and they thought that a couple of months on earth would do him some good. You are the same age and Duo is such a lovely boy! You are going to have such a great summer Hee-Chan!"

"May I be excused? I suddenly feel sick."


[ Heero Yuy's Live Journal

June 29, AC 195 ~ 5:34 PM

I don't think my parents know just how much I dislike my cousin Duo. He isn't even my cousin for cripes sake, he was adopted! My Uncle David Maxwell (Everyone calls him father Maxwell because he is a priest) runs an orphanage with his sister Helen. They apparently found Duo when he was eight or so and have been taking care of him ever since. But that isn't the point. The point is that I hate him! I have never even met him, and I hate him anyway. I didn't have to meet him because my parents have been gushing about him ever since they visited Helen on L2 a couple of year's back. Gushing about how smart he was, and how handsome he was. Mister Perfect. It's enough to make me gag. And now he is coming here for the whole summer! Injustice! (Whoa I sound like that annoying Wufei kid.)

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Duo came a few days later on the fourth of July. Sally and Odin were throwing a big Bar B Q and inviting all of the losers from Heero's school. All the people that he thought he was rid of for the summer. Apparently they didn't leave for all of their idiotic camps until the following week. Anyway Heero was minding his own business, hiding from that Peacecraft girl in his room when Sally called him down to meet his cousin from L2.

Heero grimaced and snuck down the stairs. He hated that Relena girl; she just followed him around everywhere like some kind of dog. Sally claimed she had a crush on him, but Heero thought she was just after his computer game collection.

"Auntie Sally it's so good to see you after all this time!" A male voice was saying.

Heero stopped dead when he set eyes on the boy. He didn't look like anyone he had even seen before. He was a little taller than Heero, and he had the most amazing hair. It was golden brown, with strands of red in it! It was tied in a long braid and went all the way down to the back of his knees. Duo also had large violet eyes and long eyelashes. He was wearing tiny cut off jean shorts and a gray T-shirt that said "Eat My Head". Heero wasn't sure what that was supposed to mean, but judging from the way Sally's eyes were widening he knew that it couldn't be anything good.

"Ah Heero! Come down and meet your cousin!" She said, looking relieved to see her son.

With a frown, Heero sullenly stalked down the rest of the stairs and shifted nervously. Duo was looking him up and down with a strange expression on his face. Like he was eyeing a piece of strawberry cheesecake and he really wanted to eat it.

"Hey primo!" Duo said cheerfully and clapped him on the back.

Heero stared at him and grunted. "Hi."

"Well then.. Why don't you show your cousin to his room and then take him down to meet all your friends." Odin suggested.

As they walked up the huge winding staircase Duo went on and on about how huge the mansion was, the shuttle ride to earth and the horrible food they served on it. Did this kid ever shut up? Heero stopped in front of the room that was adjoined to his. "This is your room." He said shortly.

Duo grinned and looked around. "Wow, this is the biggest room I've ever stayed in! Thanks Heero. Oh and by the way, where is your room?"

Heero decided that he liked his cousin's smile. "The bathroom connects our rooms. Just knock if you need anything." He said and started to leave.

"Wait! Aren't you supposed to take me down and introduce me to all of your friends?" Duo said with a smirk.

"They are not my friends. And I do not plan to go down to that ridiculous party, go if you want."

Duo leaned close to him and smiled. "I'd rather stay up here with you."

Heero backed away and frowned. "Why?"

The longhaired boy smirked. "You'll find out. And when you do, you will want me around you 24/7."

Heero stared at him for a moment before going back to his room. His cousin was very odd.


That night Heero could not sleep. For some reason every time he closed his eyes, an image of a smiling face and beautiful violet eyed filled his head. He didn't understand why this was happening. Heero knew that sometimes boys and girls started liking each other and thought about each other all the time. But Duo was a boy. Heero did not understand at all.

Suddenly a loud moan from the bathroom interrupted his thoughts. Heero sat up and stared at the bathroom door. Was Duo sick? It would serve him right after stuffing his face with all that food earlier in the night. The boy had acted like he had never seen so much food in one place before.

Another moan floated from behind the door, and Heero stood up. "Duo.. Are you ok?" He called softly.

When the boy did not answer, Heero began to get really concerned. What if he was really sick? Although it was probably a rude thing to do, Heero pushed the bathroom door open. What he saw shocked him.

Duo was in the shower, but the glass sliding door was pushed open so Heero could see everything he was doing. The longhaired boy was slumped against one of the walls, and his fingers were wrapped around his erect penis. Heero stared at him in confusion. What the hell was he doing, and why was he touching himself like that?

Duo moaned again and began stroking himself faster. Heero noticed that he was biting his lip so hard it seemed to be bleeding. Then it dawned on him. An old sex Ed class and various boys talking in the locker room came rushing back to him.

His old teacher Howard (he had insisted all the students call him by his first name.) had explained that when a male gets sexually excited his penis grew erect or something to that effect. Heero would probably be clearer on the details if he hadn't been playing a hand held computer game in the back of the room during the lesson. He also remembered Milliard Peacecraft telling Trieze Khushrenada that he had been jerking off' when his mother had walked in on him. He had also said how good it had felt etc etc.

Heero had only ever gotten an erection early in the morning, and had just taken a shower. He had never even considered touching himself. But now here he was, watching his cousin touch himself, and suddenly his small boxer shorts were feeling a little too tight. Heero also realized that now Duo's eyes were open and he was staring at him as his hand moved faster.

"Want to help me?" The boy asked hoarsely.

Heero gasped in shock, but for some reason he didn't run out of the bathroom like he knew he should.

"Come on Heero... It won't bite."

Heero couldn't help himself... His curiosity was taking over all rational thought. He reached out slowly and wrapped his hand around Duo's large erection. The boy gasped in response and bucked his hips. Heero wet his lips nervously and started to stroke the hard flesh just as Duo had been doing a moment ago. Obviously whatever he was doing, he was doing it well, because Duo dropped his hands and threw his head back as he moaned louder and louder.

The Japanese boy was amazed at Duo's reactions. He had never done anything like this, and had never even thought about it. Sex to Heero has always been a subject he just was not interested in. But now here he was touching his so called cousin, and feeling his own penis getting erect in the process. What did this mean? Heero didn't even know that a boy could make another boy moan like that.

"Oh god Heero!" Duo cried out and suddenly milky white fluid shot out from his erection; spraying all over both boys. Heero stepped back, startled and stared at the boy's crotch in shock. Was that supposed to happen?

Duo opened his eyes and smiled lazily at Heero. "Mm.. That was good." He purred.

Heero stared at him, then at his hand, which was covered in the white substance. "What is this stuff?"

Duo's eyes widened and he laughed incredulously. "Don't tell me you never masturbated before!"

Heero shrugged and shook his head.

The violet-eyed boy smirked. "Wow, you really are innocent, aren't you?"

Heero opened his mouth to defend himself, but for some reason he didn't. Instead he continued to stare at the strange liquid and on a whim he licked it off his fingers. Salty. Not bad.

Duo stared at him and moaned softly. "Heero... I'm getting hard again. For an innocent, you sure know how to turn a guy on."

The Japanese boy shrugged. "I'm going back to bed."

He didn't know what to make of the situation and until he did, he wasn't sure that he should be near Duo anymore tonight.

Duo watched him as he walked out and smiled. This was going to be a very fun summer.