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July 23, AC 195

My cousin Duo from L2, is not at all what I thought he was going to be. He is not the perfect stuck up snob that I had been expecting. He is funny, smart, and he pisses off Odin constantly with his smart mouth. We haven't talked about that night in the shower at all, but sometimes I can feel his eyes on me. And two more times I walked in on him masturbating. I've been getting horny a lot these days, but I still have never touched myself. Sometimes I have dreams of him and me in the shower together and he is touching me. When I wake up the sheets are all wet and I'm covered in that wet stuff. I looked up masturbation on the Internet and found out that it is called semen but most people say come. I feel really stupid because I don't already know these things, but I blame my parents for keeping me so sheltered.

Anyway I find that I am actually enjoying Duo's company and have been having fun for the first time in my life. Even Sally noted that I have actually been smiling lately.

Sally and Odin are going to L3 to visit some people for two weeks, which means they are leaving Duo and I all alone. I know he is planning something but I don't know what. I can't say that I don't want to find out either.

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Three days later Heero and Duo were completely alone.

It had been Duo's idea to raid Odin's wine collection and start mixing drinks, and trying different kinds of wine. Duo seemed to know a lot about mixing drinks, and he told Heero that when he was young he had worked as a busboy in a bar. So there they were, sprawled out in the master bedroom, which was the size of any three rooms put together, drinking screwdrivers and eating junk food. Both of them were drunk.

"Hey Heero are you gay?" Duo slurred suddenly.

Heero blinked at him. "Well.. I don't know, I guess I'm happy now."

Duo stared at him and began to laugh loudly. "No stupid! I mean do you like guys!"

Heero blinked again and stared at his half empty glass of vodka and orange juice. "I don't really like anyone. Except you anyway."

Duo grinned suddenly and threw himself on top of the other boy. "Good! Do you want to fuck?"

Heero stared at him uncertainly. His Internet research had informed him that the word fuck was sometimes used when talking about sex. ".. I don't know.."

Duo smiled drunkenly and gazed down at him. "Have you ever kissed anyone Heero?"


The longhaired boy looked genuinely shocked. "Really? I'm surprised all the kids around here aren't jumping your bones! You're fucking beautiful!"

Heero blushed. "No I'm not. I'm just a plain old Japanese boy."

Duo glared at him. "Shut up! There is nothing plain about you! You're beautiful! You have the most amazing blue eyes, and that spiky hair is too cute, and you have the sexiest body! The fact that you are modest only makes it better, because arrogant people are real dicks."

"I think you're beautiful, Duo." Heero said softly.

Duo sighed and pressed his forehead to Heero's. "Please... Can I kiss you? I've wanted you since I first saw you that day."

"But... Duo we're cousins."

"So what! It's not even blood!"

"Duo... "

Duo kissed him. His tongue gently stroked Heero's, urging him to respond. Heero hesitantly kissed back, massaging Duo's tongue with his own. He obviously wasn't doing such a bad job because he could feel Duo's erection through his jeans. What startled him was that he was also getting hard.

Duo began to thrust his hips against Heero's, creating a delicious friction. Heero cried out softly, breaking off the kiss. Duo's lips began roaming all over his neck, suckling at the sensitive spot on his throat. Meanwhile his busy little hands were making short work of Heero's clothes. Soon enough both boys were completely naked.

Heero closed his eyes and tried not to cry out, when Duo began trailing fiery kisses down his chest. "Duo... Please touch me." He pleaded.

Duo looked up at him and grinned, before taking Heero's straining erection in his mouth. Heero cried out and clutched the silk sheets desperately as the longhaired boy licked his cock up and down. He had never felt anything like this, and it felt even better than it had in his dreams.

"Ah! Duo...!" He moaned as the boy began alternating between sucking to long licks up and down. He thrust into his wet hot mouth, and his hands went to Duo's head. He clutched it desperately and thrust up harder.

Just when Heero felt that he was going to explode, Duo pulled his mouth away and instead began stroking him with his hand. Unable to endure this any longer, Heero came violently.. All over himself and Duo. He sagged down to the bed and took several deep breaths.

"Did you like that Heero?" Duo murmured as he pressed his lips to Heero's cheek.

"I.. Oh god.. That felt so good Duo. Was that.. Did we.. Was that sex?"

Duo chuckled and laid gentle kisses all over his new lover's face. "No, that was just the beginning." He said.

Heero was about to ask what he meant, but suddenly one come coated finger slid inside of him. He yelped in surprise and almost pushed Duo away. "What are you doing?"

Duo ignored the question as he settled himself between Heero's spread legs, and threw them over his shoulders. "Don't worry, you are going to like this. It's going to hurt a little though."

Heero nodded slowly, but any comments were quickly forgotten when Duo's fingers touched something inside him that made him see stars. He moaned loudly and wiggled against those long digits, wanting to feel that sensation again. Duo slipped his fingers out, but they were soon replaced by something much bigger.

At first penetration Heero bit his lip to silence the pained moan. He looked up at Duo and saw that the boy appeared to be in some kind of euphoric bliss. His lips were parted in a silent moan, and his eyes were closed; but he was completely still until he knew that Heero was ready.

After a moment the pain went away and Heero thrust against Duo's cock. The other boy began to thrust slowly in and out, soft whimpers coming from his lips as he did so.

However Heero was impatient, if two fingers had made him feel so good before.. Imagine how good Duo's emtire length could make him feel. He moved against his lover, urging the boy to go harder.. Faster, and Duo did so eagerly.

Soon Duo was thrusting into him violently, his breath coming in harsh pants. "Ah fuck Heero.. God baby.. You're so fucking tight." He moaned.

Heero nearly screamed when that big cock slammed into that special place inside him again and again. It was like Duo knew exactly where to pound him. He knew Duo was getting close to release when his rhythm turned into violent, eager thrusting. Heero had never felt anything like this before, and it only got better when Duo grabbed his wet erection and started to stroke it in time with his thrusts.

Heero exploded all over them, screaming Duo's name as he did so. As soon as Heero's muscles clamped down on his length, Duo came deep inside the boy with a loud savage scream.

The two teenagers collapsed on the bed, exhausted.

"Duo?" Heero whispered softly, as he gently stroked the boy's long hair. It had come undone from his braid and was covering them like a blanket.

"Yea, Hee-Chan?" Duo answered sleepily.

"I think I love you or something."

Duo smiled against his chest, and shifted so that he could look into the boy's eyes. "Good. I kinda love you, too."

Heero leaned forward and kissed him softly. "And we have the rest of the summer to be together."

Duo nodded and smiled. "Yep, but for now go to sleep. I'm sleepy."

Heero nodded and closed his eyes, but suddenly a thought occurred to him. "So that's what 'eat my head' meant! (1)"

Duo groaned. "Go to sleep Hee-Chan!"

Heero smiled and closed his eyes again. He fell asleep happier than he had ever been.


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August 25, AC 195 ~ 7:45 PM

Well Duo goes home next week, and I think when he does I might cry. That will be a strange experience because I never cried before. This has been the best summer of my life! I learned what the Wild Side is and it is definatley being with my Duo. Yup that's right. MY Duo.

We did everything this summer, went to clubs with fake ID's. Snuck into a video game store and stole games for me. Got drunk and ate a lot of junk food. It was great! And the best part is that we had amazing sex every night. He is still on the bed, passed out from the last round. ^_^ We have also tried every single sexual position we could think of. However I discovered that I like being the dominant one, much to Duo's pleasure.

I really love him.. And I'm really pissed that he has to leave. But... there is always next summer!! My parents said I could go to L2!! I can't wait!

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1 - The Eat My Head joke obviously means that the person wearing the shirt wants a blow job. My friend actually has a shirt like that ^^;

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