Author: Aya
Pairing: 1x2 3+4
Rating: Overall, NC-17
Warnings: Dark, Supernatural stuff, Violence, Angst, Lemon, OC, Weirdness
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me except Takai.

Notes: Dream sequence in italics

A Darker Side of Death + Prologue

Soldiers scattered over the compound as alarms blared loudly and warning lights flashed in the corridors of the large Oz base. We ran fast, hard, my lungs feeling like they were going to collapse any moment. "Fuck!" I swore loudly and forced myself to run faster to catch up to Heero's sprint. The place was going to blow up in two minutes and we weren't even at the hangar yet.

Duo groaned in his sleep, a sheen of perspiration was clearly visible on his ivory skin. Thinly arched brows were drawn together in obvious frustration as the boy panted as if he couldn't get enough air in his lungs.

"We don't have time for this!" Heero shouted over the shots that were being fired in our direction. I didn't bother responding as I dove to the floor to avoid a hail of bullets, rolling up in a crouch as I returned the fire. I felt Heero's presence behind me and realized that we were back to back. Shit. We must be surrounded. I felt more than heard Heero's rapidly drawn breaths and I quickly reloaded my magnums. This was going to get messy. We both moved at the same time, raining a storm of ammunition down on the soldiers that had us trapped.

" time.. fuck.." Duo muttered, twisting and turning until the sheets were wrapped around his slim body.

"We don't have time for this shit!" Heero shouted again as he neatly kicked one of the soldiers in the throat; crushing the man's windpipe.

"No fucking kidding!" I snarled, irritated at his knack for stating the obvious at the worst possible times.

The corridor was now painted with bright red blood. The carnage was enough to make a normal person sick to their stomach but I was used to seeing death. Used to seeing carnage. I was on an adrenaline rush and I was furious. We had been set up. Fed false information by someone on the inside and now we were probably going to die. I wasn't bothered that I was going to die.. Heh I've been ready for death since I was eight years old... The anger is from the thought of my friends dying. . . of Heero dying.

"Heero..." Duo whispered hoarsely. "No..!"

Heero stared silently at his partner's sleeping form, wondering what he could possibly be dreaming of.

We finally made it to the hangar and I slashed my way towards Deathscythe. I had both my guns blazing as I ran towards the hulking mobile suit. I delayed jumping in the cockpit until I was sure that Heero was safe.Just as I was about to shimmy up, a soldier in full flight gear jumped in my way. A feral growl escaped my throat as I shoved the pilot out of my way impatiently. He fell backwards but managed to grab my leg, preventing me from moving forward. "Get the fuck off!" I snarled and kicked savagely, aiming my gun at the person's head just as their helmet bounced off.

What I saw.. shocked me..

Duo made a low choking sound. "Sister.. Helen..?"

The pilot was a female, but that wasn't what was shocking about her. She was the spitting image of Sister Helen. Blonde hair, gray eyes.I stared in shock, my eyes wide and my gun trembling in my hand. I was getting deju vu. Suddenly it wasn't a pesky Ozzie in my way, it was Sister Helen bleeding on the ground at the Maxwell Church. I did the worst possible thing a soldier could do in a battle..

I froze.There was no remorse in the young girl's eyes as she took advantage of my paralysis and ran me through with a hunting knife. I stared at her wide eyed and in shock as I slowly sank to my knees in front of her. "..Helen.." It was the last thing out of my mouth before my vision started to dim and the base began exploding. Heero sat up quickly, his eyes narrowing on Duo as the boy began to shake uncontrollably.

The world was black. There was no sky. No ground. Just darkness.

"Am I in hell?" My voice echoed around me.

"Since when do you believe in hell?" A female voice whispered in my ear.

"Who are you?" I demanded, spinning around only to see that no one was behind me. "I'm dead aren't I? That girl.. she.. "

"You killed yourself." The soft voice hissed at me, seeming to come from all sides. "You need to be retrained Shinigami-Chan."

"Who the fuck are you?" I demanded again, temper flaring."You were taken down by a little girl. Shinigami-Chan was spooked by what he thought was a ghost!" The voice taunted mercilessly.

I didn't bother to yell out this time but inside I seethed. Seethed because I knew it was the truth. A cold hand grabbed me and spun me around and I found myself face to face with a woman. A woman with crimson eyes. "You need to be taught" She snarled and before I could react I was assaulted with a barrage of images. Images that flashed inside my head like a movie.


Heero slamming his fist into the wall with a scream of anguish.


A mobile suit battle in space and a small ship in the midst of it all. Sandrock and two Taurus suits were fighting a large batch of Mobile Dolls. "What? A Gundam? So The White Fang now has itself a Gundam.." A man's voice said. "Everyone spread out! Spread out and surround them at once!"A large explosion.. Sandrock was hurtled through space towards one of the Taurus'. "No! Quatre!" Noin's voice shouted. The Taurus made a last ditch effort to fight, flinging its buster rifles at the mobile suits that were surrounding it. Trowa's face flashed before my mind, it was him inside the Taurus. His eyes were closed.. accepting his fate. "Trowa! Look out!" Quatre screamed and hurled Sandrock into the mobile doll that was about to blast Trowa's suit. The Gundam moved jerkily, not responding fast enough to fight off the suits that surrounded them. The battle went on for a while longer before the two Taurus' were cut down.. and Sandrock self detonated.


Relena, dressed in a long white gown. There was a tiara propped on her head and she was standing before a large audience. Her voice carried over the auditorium as she gave a speech. Heero, standing on one of the balconies aiming a gun at Relena. His eyes were flat and dead. Cold and unforgiving. He pulled the trigger.


Several tan colored mobile dolls accompanied by one red and one blue suit were surrounding two Gundams that strongly resembled Wing and Shenlong. The dolls began dragging the two badly damaged Gundams towards a large ship.


Zechs Marquise, standing inside a cell clad in a long tan trench coat. He was smirking at Wufei and Heero who lay unconscious on the cold floor at his feet. They were badly beaten almost to the point where I could barely recognize them. Maggots and other insects were feeding on their festering wounds.Soldiers filled the cell and began dragging their lifeless bodies down a corridor. They were then deposited in what looked like a heap of dead bodies; on a queue waiting to be burned.


A large beam shooting through space, headed for earth. The blue green planet exploded into a ball of flames.


I screamed and suddenly the images were gone and I was looking at the red eyed woman again. Tears threatened to spill from my eyes. "What the hell was that?" I shouted, terrified at the visions.

"What will happen if you fail." She whispered and with a wicked smirk she disappeared.

"Wait! If I fail what! Come back here damn you!" I screamed into the darkness.

"Duo! Godamnit Duo wake the hell up!" Heero yelled as the long haired boy continued to shout while in the throes of whatever dream he was having. When yelling had no effect, the Japanese pilot scowled and smacked a hand across Duo's face.

Violet eyes popped open and Duo stared at Heero in shock for several minutes. "It was just a dream..." He murmured to himself.

Heero grunted and stood up. "Yes, just a stupid dream. Now go back to sleep." He feigned annoyance and climbed back into his bed, trying to etch the image of Duo's terrified, strained face out of his mind.

"Just a dream." Duo whispered to himself and curled up in bed shivering. But if it was just a dream.. why could he still hear that voice echoing in his mind?

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