Warnings: Violence, Death, Language and Angst
Pairings: This part 13x6, 5+1, R+1 (Heero gets around)
Rating: This part R
Author: Aya

Destination + Part Two

-Heero- Chinatown, New York City

Riding the subway was always fun for Heero Yuy. He got to scare the nice old ladies and little kids who were always frightened of his scowling face, muscles, and big tattoos. There were always some teenage guys who tried to be tough and mess with him but he made them very sorry. You didn't fuck with Heero Yuy and walk away with everything still intact. Then there were the giggling teenage girls who took turns peeping at him and the women who tried to catch his eye by batting long eye lashes and wetting full red lips. But tonight Heero wasn't in the mood for any of these games, he was all business.

A lot of people thought Heero looked like a punk. His wild black hair was spiked up naturally but was streaked with blue, a black sleeveless tee shirt stretched taut across his broad shoulders, the lack of sleeves showing off the black flames that licked up his arms in intricately designed tattoos. His long legs were encased in baggy well-worn leather pants, which were held up by a silver belt, which was designed; to look like it was made of bullets. Actually he looked more like a rock star. A dangerous.. Slightly deranged rock star. He ignored the stares that he was attracting and concentrated on the matter at hand. The matter at hand of course being wringing Wufei's scrawny neck.

That little sneak.. He owed Heero big. Big of course being five grand. After an incredibly intense bout of sex, Heero had passed out cold.. and woke up later only to find that Wufei had disappeared. Disappeared with money stolen from Heero's obviously not so secret stash.

"Fuck!" He snarled suddenly, cracking his knuckles loudly.

A young woman in a nurse's uniform gasped and looked at him fearfully. He glared at her evilly for several moments before sighing and slumping back in his seat. He had to be honest with himself. He wasn't mad because Wufei had stolen the money. It wasn't even that big of a surprise because Wufei was a thief anyway. That's what he did for a living. What pissed him off was that the Chinese man had obviously just been using him the entire time to get to his money. It wasn't as though Heero's feelings were hurt.. It really wasn't. He had learned long ago that feelings were nothing but instruments that were used to get him hurt. He had only been in it for the sex and he had thought Wufei was in it for the same reason. However now it was obvious that he had been playing Heero for a sucker the entire time. No one played Heero Yuy for a sucker. It wasn't his wallet that was hurting it was his ego.

The train stopped at East Broadway and Heero stood up, casting one more glance at the blonde nurse before exiting the train. He ran straight up the long flights of stairs that led out to the street above, not even breaking a sweat. It was still pouring outside, but Heero ignored it and strode down the darkened streets. Wufei lived in a loft across the street from a Buddhist temple, which always seemed to be abandoned. There was a couple of small factories around but the shopping center was a few blocks away and that attracted most of the crowds. In any case it was a pretty quiet block.

Heero stared up at the building where his lover lived and for some reason the hair on the back of his neck stood up. Something wasn't right, he could tell. Prussian blue eyes darted around nervously and he wished that he had remembered to grab his knife when he had hastily left his own place. He spotted the silver sports car on the corner and for some reason he knew that who ever owned the car was upstairs. He wasn't sure how he knew but it was one of those times where he was just sure.

Heero opened the door to the large building; not surprised when he found it unlocked. He crept silently up the stairs, not taking the service elevator because of the racket that it always made. By the time he made it to the top floor his heart was hammering in his chest and there was an icy cold fear clenching his heart. Gods why did he have the feeling that something was so terribly wrong?

The Japanese man slowly pushed open the large metal door, which was also unlocked and stepped into the dark apartment. He could hear soft sounds coming from somewhere further in the loft and he knew that it was not empty. Since it was still raining heavily outside the moon gave no illumination to the place and the only light came from the lightning that streaked through the sky every so often. As if on cue, the sky was lit up by a jagged white streak and Heero caught sight of a prone figure slumped in the corner of the room.

Heero crouched beside the figure and stared impassively at Wufei's slack face. Long slender fingers sought out a pulse that was not there and the dark haired man yanked his hands away in shock when he realized that the man he had slept with not more than three hours ago was dead. Blue eyes flicked over Wufei's body quickly and Heero gasped in shock when he saw his own hunting knife protruding from the Chinese man's heart. He stumbled backwards, jumping to his feet and stared at the body. Suddenly he remembered that the reason why he hadn't grabbed his knife on the way out was because he hadn't been able to locate it.

Heero realized that whomever had killed Wufei was probably still in the apartment and he had to get the fuck out now. Before his body could catch up with the warning signals his mind was screaming the overhead light snapped on and two figures entered the room.

"Khushrenada." Heero sneered venomously.

The sandy haired man smiled at him and leaned against the large doorway casually. The tall blond man next to him made a low purring sound and nuzzled his mate's neck affectionately, completely ignoring Heero's presence. Both men were completely nude, expect the blond had a gun holster strapped to one bare thigh.

"You killed Wufei." It wasn't really a question.

Treize shrugged looking bored and ran a hand through Zech's long blond hair. "Actually my lover had the pleasure of doing that, I merely watched."

Zechs smirked and wandered over to where Heero was standing, circling him like a vulture. Heero was well aware that Zechs Marquese was not all there in the head and that the slightest thing could provoke the man into completely losing it. He chose to ignore him and kept his cold gaze locked on Treize. "Why?"

Treize walked slowly over to where Wufei's body was still slumped on the floor, toeing it with his foot. "He was a thief and made the mistake of stealing something very valuable from me. The poor fool tried to give me money to make up for what he had taken but five thousand dollars does not begin to cover it."

Heero frowned and closed his eyes briefly. //Damnit Wufei, if you had just come to me I would have given you the damn money.// He thought angrily. "Drugs?" He rasped out.

Zechs snickered and shoved him down into a large leather couch. "What else is there?"

Heero started to stand up but Zechs shoved him right back down. "If I were you I would leave me the fuck alone. I have nothing to do with this and you do not want to piss me off." The Japanese man hissed. Treize laughed and his eyes twinkled with amusement. "Do you honestly think I am afraid of you little man? If I were you I would be very worried about my freedom." The drug dealer said with a large smile. He walked over to where his lover was standing and pressed his nude body against Zech's bare ass.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Heero demanded.

"I stabbed him with your knife Yuy. Such a pretty knife... I wish I had one of my own." Zechs murmured as he rubbed lightly against Treize.

Heero kept his face completely emotionless even though he was fuming inside. Fuck, they were framing him for the murder. His eyes flicked back over to Wufei and he felt a stab of pain. Although he didn't have any real romantic feelings for the man besides lust, they had still been somewhat close. //And now people will think I killed him.// "What do you want from me?"

"I want the money he owed me and I know you can give it to me." Treize said casually, still nipping at the back of Zech's neck.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me."

"I don't kid Yuy. You are going to give me my 100 thousand by the end of the week or you will be very sorry."

Heero sneered and stood up. "There is nothing you can do to me Khushrenada. I don't die easy."

"He won't kill you.. I will." The insane blond man put in with a large mad grin.

"And if you somehow survive, I will make sure the police come sniffing in your direction about Wufei's death. It shouldn't be too hard considering the evidence." Treize said with a wicked smile. Heero's eyes went to his hunting knife and he started to retrieve it but Zechs moved with lightning speed and pointed his gun at the shorter man. "Touch it and I'll blow your brains out."

"Don't think I couldn't kill you both if I wanted to. I could kill you in your sleep and you would never hear me coming." Heero hissed. He turned on his heal and started out the door, but Treize's voice called out behind him.

"One week Yuy."


Heero left the loft feeling completely numb. It was beyond him how they could kill a man and have sex for hours in the next room. He had killed before but he knew he could never be as callous and sick as they were. The whole situation left Heero with a heavy feeling in the pit of his stomach. He was in a bad spot right now.. It was painfully obvious. He pushed Wufei's death out of his mind for the time being, instead concentrating on a way to get the fuck out of this mess. It may seem cold and cruel, but that was the way he had to be to survive. Feelings just got you in trouble. Besides Wufei was dead and no matter how much he mourned he would not be coming back. The sensible thing was to save his own ass now.

He walked away, not even caring that he was getting completely drenched from the rain. He knew that it was very possible that he could be blamed for Wufei's death. He could kill the two drug dealers but that would only get him in deeper and he was sure that from then on their associates who wanted revenge would hunt him. Shit. He was in deep and it was all because of a certain Chinese thief. Heero was in a fight or flight situation and the only thing he could do without screwing himself over completely was getting out of town. Giving Khushrenada the money was out of the question.

The logical thing to do was to disappear for awhile. Heero quickly hopped on the subway and was already began planning on how he would get out. His car was in the shop, completely totaled from the last accident he had gotten in while DWI. He didn't want to take an Amtrak or the bus because he wasn't even sure of where he wanted to go yet.

Credit cards were out of the question, just in case the police actually did start looking for him. Shit. He was definitely in deep. //Damn you `Fei.. Always getting me into some shit.// He thought fiercely.

When he arrived at his apartment he didn't even realize that something was off until he entered his bedroom, carrying a black duffle bag in one hand. It was only then that he saw his ex girlfriend Relena Peacecraft sprawled out naked on his bed, her long blonde hair falling around her like a curtain. She gave him a come hither look and began crawling towards him on the bed. "Hello Heero." She purred.

Heero scowled at her. "What the fuck are you doing in my house?" Ex girlfriend was a bad term. Ex fuck was more like it. He had gotten involved with the blonde model when he had been dead drunk at some party and from then on the crazy bitch had practically stalked him. He didn't even want to think about how she had gotten in his apartment.

"I came to see you Heero. I've missed you. I've missed you being inside me." She began toying with her own plump nipple, spreading her legs wantonly on the bed.

He sneered disgustedly and yanked her up violently by a fistful of silky blonde hair. "Get-" He flung her across the room roughly. "- Out."

She landed on her stomach with a loud bump, her head smacking into the floor. He ignored her and began throwing various items into the bag. She got to her feet shakily, wiping the blood that was now trickling from her lower lip. "Damnit Heero I have a shoot tomorrow! You can not man handle me like that!" She shrieked angrily.

"You are welcome to get out anytime." He said flatly as he crouched down and counted the money that was left in his no long secret stash. Shit. Only $300 bucks.

"Hee~ero. Come play with me.. I'll forgive you if you kiss it better." She said in a wheedling voice, coming up behind him and winding her bony arms around his waist.

Heero shoved her away from him and once again she collided with the floor hard. "Just back off Relena. I'm leaving town for awhile so go find someone else to stalk."

She blinked at him. "Huh?"

He rolled his eyes and zipped the bag shut, starting for the door. "I'm taking your car." He informed her and grabbed the keys to her pink Eclipse. Just as he started out the door, she grabbed his hand and looked at him with big watery doe eyes. "Are you coming back?" She asked fretfully.

Heero looked the willowy girl up and down briefly. "No." Then he slammed the door and walked away.


AN - Sorry if this was a little boring ^^; And err.. Sorry to all Wufei fans for killing him off in the first part. *Shrug* What can I say? This is going to be completely centered on Duo and Heero anyway. Next part - Duo and Heero meet.

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