Morbid Indeed (cont)


"Welp, this is my place. Not much, but I think it's pretty neat," Duo announced as he and Heero entered his small apartment.

"It's nice," Heero said simply as he looked around. The studio was decorated with mostly dark furniture and although it was small, it looked comfortable. Cozy even.

"I'm just going to wash up. I feel like shit after sleeping in the mud." Duo made a face and disappeared into another room. "Make yourself at home!" He called over his shoulder.

Once he was in the bathroom, Duo sighed and stared at himself in the mirror. "What are you thinking, inviting some strange guy back to your house?" He hissed at his reflection. "You really do think too much with your dick, Maxwell. Quatre would kick my ass." Duo thought a moment before a smirk played on his lips. "Nah, he would just be jealous because I got such a hottie to come home with me."

The slender boy took his hair out of its disheveled braid and quickly brushed the mass of hair out. He washed up quickly and changed into some worn jeans and a plaid shirt before going back out to the main room. He saw that Heero had taken off his coat and outer shirt and was leaning against the wall, casually looking around. He only had a tight black tank top on and his pants. Duo took a moment to drool before offering his guest something to eat or drink.


The time passed slowly and they eventually warmed up to each other despite the fact that they had only met hours before. Duo did most of the talking, but Heero seemed to enjoy the boy's company. As the night wore on Duo grew bolder and he got more and more flirtatious. It was nearly midnight when Heero asked the million-dollar question.

"So, Duo. Are you a virgin?" Heero was slouched on the sofa, gazing at Duo through narrowed eyes.

Duo's eyes widened at the unexpected change in topic and he stared for a moment before answering. "I haven't been a virgin since junior high."

Heero's lips drooped into a frown and he looked downright disappointed. "I see."

Duo stood up and turned around, nervously putting some dishes in the sink. "Heh, yeah well stuff happens, you know?"

"Have you ever had sex with a man?" Heero asked softly, his deep voice rumbling across the room; the sexy tone making Duo shiver.

Duo paused in his dish washing and took a breath. "Y..yeah I've done it with a guy before."

Suddenly there was warm breath at the back of his neck and Duo stiffened as he felt Heero come up behind him. "What I asked was, have you ever had sex with a man?" He whispered in Duo's ear, blowing softly.

Duo shivered again and a glass slipped out of his wet fingers. "I..I.." he stammered as Heero's fingers ghosted up his shirt and slowly caressed the smooth skin of his flesh.

"You.. you.. what?" Heero's tone was amused and teasing as he nuzzled his face against the side of Duo's slender neck. His lips brushed the heated flesh and he ran his tongue into one ear slowly.

"...No." Duo answered, his voice strained and hoarse as one of Heero's hands slowly dropped between his legs to squeeze his half-hard arousal.

The older man began mouthing the back of Duo's neck, his tongue caressing the soft spot at the junction between neck and shoulder languidly. He slowly unzipped Duo's tattered jeans and enveloped the boy's heat in one hand. A wicked smirk spread over Heero's features as Duo whimpered softly. "Would you like to?" Heero asked softly as he began to stroke the teenager slowly.

Duo moaned and thrust into Heero's palm, soapy hands clutching the edge of the sink tightly. He opened his mouth to answer but only inarticulate sounds managed to escape his lips as Heero's hand sped up and tightened around his length.

"Hm? Is that a yes?" Heero hissed in his ear. He rubbed his thumb over the head of Duo's wet cock and began jerking roughly, his other hand reaching up to yank the boy's shirt off. Buttons skittered across the floor and Heero began sucking at his swan like neck hungrily. Duo squeezed his eyes shut and groaned when Heero nipped at his neck. "Ahh..ah.. yess!" He panted as he felt his jeans drop around his ankles. He rocked into Heero's hand urgently, moaning loudly as his cock was pumped faster and faster. "Yeah.." He breathed as he felt hot lips trailing down his back and licking at his buttocks. Heero grinned and bit into one round globe lightly, enjoying the surprised sound that escaped the younger boy's throat. He stopped stroking Duo's erection and kissed back up his body, turning the boy's face to the side so that he could lap at his lips hungrily. Duo opened his mouth eagerly, accepting Heero's tongue inside. Their kiss was rough and wet, sloppy and hot as Duo sucked Heero's skilled tongue into his mouth. He reached behind him and unbuckled the taller man's belt clumsily, impatiently pushing his pants down as their tongues tangled together. Heero hissed in surprise as Duo began grinding his ass slowly against his now naked arousal.

"Do you normally fuck strangers you meet in cemeteries?" Heero growled as he ground his hips against Duo's pert backside.

Duo tangled one of his hands in Heero's surprisingly silky hair and licked at the man's lips before answering breathlessly. "No.. you're special."

Heero stilled his hips and touched the side of Duo's face almost tenderly as they stood, pressed together. An unreadable emotion flickered across his face and he closed his eyes briefly. When he opened them and stared into Duo's flushed beautiful face, they were full of lust... and guilt? Duo's eyebrows drew together and licked his lips nervously. "What's wrong?" His voice came out throaty and thick with lust.

Heero's smile was almost melancholy as he gently caressed Duo's cheek. "Nothing at all," He whispered before kissing him again. This time the kiss was slow and thorough. Heero's tongue explored the contours of Duo's mouth, his hand still resting against Duo's soft cheek.

When they pulled apart Duo was breathless and his eyes had darkened to a dark indigo hue. He reached over and fumbled in a side draw blindly as Heero returned to attacking his sensitive neck. After one impatient moment Duo produced a condom from the draw and shoved it at Heero. "Fuck me," He whispered in a barely audible voice. "God, do it.. please! I'm so.. so fucking horny! I need it so bad," he moaned.

Heero licked his lips and they turned up in a feral grin. "Was waiting for you to ask," He growled and quickly put on the condom. He used one hand to slowly gather the pre-come that had gathered at the tip of Duo's erection and he smoothed it along his own arousal. He kissed the boy softly. "This is might hurt.. lousy lube and all.." He muttered as he slowly pressed his cock to the tight ring of muscles at Duo's entrance. He was pressing the boy up against the edge of the sink and bending him over slightly until his back was arched in a position that might have been uncomfortable any other time. Duo bit his lips and shook his head as he clutched the edge of the sink.

"'Dun care." He gasped out as Heero's thick cock slid inside of him inch by inch. He was panting heavily by the time Heero was fully sheathed inside of him and the slight pain was enough to give the pleasure the edge that he loved so much. He pressed back against Heero impatiently and chuckled throatily upon hearing the man's answering groan. There was very little pain as Heero shifted inside of him, trying to let Duo's muscles relax before he began thrusting deeper inside.

Duo's mouth dropped open as his body exploded in white-hot pleasure as that hard cock began pounding him against the sink. The feelings and sensations washed over him like a tidal wave as he reached down to stroke his own penis roughly, moving his fist along his aching length in time with Heero's hard thrusts. He imagined Heero's handsome face flushed and contorted with erotic bliss and it was enough to make him even harder if that was at all possible. It didn't matter anymore that they had just met or that they had met in a cemetery. All that mattered was the hot dick that was sliding in and out of his body as he pumped his own arousal violently.

Duo could feel Heero's breath against the back of his neck as the man panted, low growls and moans escaping his lips as he snapped his hips against Duo's body aggressively. Both of his hands were clamped down so tight on Duo's slender hips that they would probably leave bruises in the morning. The longhaired boy threw his head back and began moaning louder as he began to shudder violently as his orgasm approached. Before long, jets of white come shot across his chest and stomach and he collapsed against the sink, still clutching the edge as Heero slammed into him harder and harder.

Duo wailed helplessly as Heero's length began striking his prostate hard with every thrust of his pelvis. He had never felt anything like this and he never wanted it to end. However as Heero began to gasp and moan louder, Duo knew that the man wasn't going to last much longer. Only moments later Heero cried out loudly and released his essence inside of the rubber condom. He collapsed on top of Duo, panting heavily, his body damp with perspiration. They stood hunched over the counter for several minutes, just trying to catch their breath and reveling in post coital bliss.

After awhile Heero slid out of Duo and pulled the condom off of his limp flesh. With a low groan he pull the slender boy against him and half carried him over to the couch. They both collapsed on it and Duo sighed softly, hugging Heero tightly... his face relaxed and satisfied. "God, that was amazing." He whispered.

Heero smiled and began to pet Duo's hair slowly. "Yeah.." They lay together in a tangle of exhausted limbs, both of them dozing off as Duo snuggled against Heero's muscular chest.


It was nearly dawn when Heero opened his eyes and he looked down to find that Duo was sleeping peacefully against him. The Japanese man sighed softly and gently detangled himself from the sated teen. It had been a mistake to let himself go like that. But God, he had wanted the boy.. he had looked so beautiful and Heero had let his hormones control him. It had been very unprofessional and just plain stupid to get involved with someone who was so close to his previous mission. It had been risky.. too risky. Heero stole another glance at Duo and the cold wall he was trying to rebuild around his heart melted. "It was worth the risk to touch you," He whispered. Heero leaned down and placed a feather light kiss between the boy's brow.

Just as he was slipping into his pants, Duo's eyes fluttered open and he groaned softly. He blinked a few times before his eyes focused on Heero and his lips turned down into a disappointed frown. "Ya leavin'?"

"Yes. I can't stay."

"Oh.." Duo knew he sounded like a kicked puppy and he hated it. He had known last night that it was going to be a one-night stand but he couldn't help but feel disappointed that his one time lover couldn't stay. Being in Heero's arms had felt so right. It had felt like heaven. Like he had no problems and he was safe and protected. An idea occurred to him and he gave Heero a sidelong glance. "Ya think I could come with?"

Heero stiffened and he stared at the wall, his hands frozen where they had been zipping his pants. "I..." He wanted it. He wanted to bring the boy with him. He wanted to call Duo his own and be able to worship his body whenever he wanted. It was selfish, but God he did want it. "I wish you could," Heero murmured and slowly pulled on his shirt.

Duo frowned and sat at the edge of the bed, his toes wiggling nervously in the thick carpet. "Why can't I? Heero - man, I got no one here. The only one that gave a damn about me is dead. I got nuthin' here.. I don't wanna seem like some clingy broad.. but ya know.. we could be good together? Don't you think?"

He sounded so adorably self-conscious that Heero had a sudden urge to just say yes and kiss him right there. He had the urge to just turn around and explore the boy's body slowly this time and tenderly. The sound of Duo's voice made Heero want to make love to him, something he had never done. All he knew was quick rough sex. "I can't," He said gruffly.

"I see." Duo's voice was soft, barely audible. "I'm sorry. I know.. it was just a one-time thing. It was a stupid thing to ask..." His voice trailed off.

Guilt came crashing down on Heero and he shuddered. Why did he have to fuck everyone up? For his own selfish pleasure he had fucked with yet another innocent. "I should have never come back with you in the first place." He knew by the dead silence that Duo was thinking the wrong thing. "It was selfish of me," Heero quickly added.

"Selfish how? I wanted it too. I asked you here because I wanted you," Duo said flatly.

"You're just a child.."

"A child?!" Duo laughed shrilly. "I wasn't a child when you ass- fucked me against my fucking sink was I?"

Heero winced and stared at the wall. "It was wrong of me. Not just because of your age. But you were so beautiful... so perfect.."

"Why was it wrong? We both wanted each other! What are you guilt trippin' about? If it's cuz you have to leave, don't feel guilty. I knew last night that you was leavin`... It was just wistful thinking why I said that," Duo snapped.

Heero stared blankly at faded wallpaper. He allowed the cool calm to settle over him. "It was wrong because..."

"Because.....?" Duo asked impatiently, glaring at Heero's muscular back.

"Because I killed Quatre," Heero whispered.

"W...what the fuck..."

"I told you Duo... I could be a killer for all you know."

"You.. you lie!" Duo choked out as tears threatened to spill down his cheeks. He clamped a hand over his mouth as horror washed over him.

"No. It's true Duo." Heero turned slowly and gazed at Duo with practiced detachment although inside his chest felt painfully tight. "I visited his grave because I felt bad. He didn't deserve to die, but I didn't realize or care until too late." He watched as tears began to roll down Duo's pale cheeks. "I'm sorry," He whispered.

Duo sat in stunned silence, his fingers clutching the sheets. Heero turned and walked towards the door. "Don't follow me. I don't want to hurt you anymore than I have. I don't want to have to kill you Duo." He looked over his shoulder at Duo and his stomach dropped. All of a sudden Duo looked frighteningly frail and childlike as he sat there. His eyes looked bluer than they had last night, his skin shockingly pale.

Their eyes locked for a moment and then Heero was gone.

Duo sat there for a moment longer before he scrambled to the bathroom and wretched violently.

This... was his life. Fucked up and morbid. Morbid indeed...


AN - ^^;;; Don't look at me like that!! I know it didn't make any sense! ^^;;;;; Err.. ::Runs off to hide::

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