Enter The Mystique (cont)


"No!!" Heero roared in denial as he entered the clearing.

"Duo!" Relena screamed in horror as she saw her brother splayed on the floor lifelessly.

The once lively boy was nothing more than a bloody body. His chest was covered with huge gashes and blood was gushing out of it like a river. He appeared to be dead and if not, he was clinging to life by a thread. The beast was hovering over him, claws covered with bright red blood.

Relena's tear streaked face turned up to Heero desperately and she gasped in shock at what she saw.

Heero's eyes were glowing bright blue; even the whites had changed color. His teeth were drawn back in a vicious snarl and every muscle in his body seemed to be strung as tight as a bow. The air seemed to crackle around him and a deep, inhuman growling sound escaped his throat. His hands came up and he cupped them under his chin, index fingers extending to rest under his nose as he chanted words in an obscure language.

Relena stumbled backwards as Heero began to chant louder and louder, the air crackling with more intensity as he continued. She was terrified of the monstrous creature, but the sight of Heero had her rooted to the ground. Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound from within the earth and the ground shook fiercely. The large beast turned around and started to run towards Heero, but just as it extended its claws to strike, a huge ball of blue and orange flames escaped Heero's hands and engulfed it.

There was another loud roar and then the monster turned to dust.

"Hero - what..?!" Relena breathed as she gazed at him in awe. She seemed to have forgotten all about her dead brother as she gazed at Heero in astonishment and admiration.

Heero ignored her and sprinted to Duo's side, whispering urgent words to himself in that strange language as he sank to his knees besides the boy. "Duo.." He whispered, his voice choked with unshed tears. He gently straightened the slender body before him and knelt beside it, assuming the same position as he had before he destroyed the beast. He closed his eyes and began chanting again, this time using different words. An eternity seemed to go by before anything happened, but when it did, Relena cried out in shock and Heero almost sagged in relief.

The wounds on Duo's chest began shifting and moving. Muscle and tissue were mended as skin was closed by invisible thread. The near fatal injuries slowly healed and when it was done, an hour later; Heero collapsed next to his longhaired friend; panting from the effort.

"By the spirits..." Relena whispered.

Duo's eyelashes fluttered open and the first thing he saw was Heero's incredible eyes gazing back at him. The vagabond smiled weakly and ran a hand down Duo's pale face. "It's okay now." He whispered in a gravelly voice. "You're okay..."

Duo ran his hands over his chest and gasped softly. "Heero... what are you?"

"I'm a Mystic."


Hours later, in the dead of the night, Duo and Heero lay together in the hayloft; the older man’s arms were wrapped securely around his young friend. Although he had been healed, he was still slightly weak. After the incident in the Shadow Forest, Heero had not been willing to let Duo out of his sight for more than five minutes. He seemed to blame himself for what had happened.

After Heero had made his confession, he had pleaded with the siblings not to tell their parents. Nothing good would come of it and there would just be trouble. Relena, who was too taken by her puppy love for the man to care, began bouncing around excitedly, babbling about being the only girl to marry one of 'the only good Mystics.' Heero and Duo had not bothered paying attention to the girl; they instead gazed at each other with obvious affection. The incident had only brought them closer together.

"Heero, I want you to tell me everything. What you are, what you were doing that close to our farm and how you got hurt. If you want me to trust you, you can't leave anything out." Duo murmured as he snuggled close to his friend.

Heero sighed and ran his fingers through Duo's silky hair. "I have no definite Mystic Race. I am one of a kind."

Duo looked at Heero in confusion. "Explain."

Heero sighed and curled his hand around Duo's braid. "It's a long story.."

"We have time," the longhaired teen said with a pointed glare.

Heero sighed again and nodded. "After the Mystic War was over, almost half of the Mystics were wiped out. The remaining leaders decided that the only way to ensure their survival and the survival of their clans was to create a place where no human could ever go. The leaders of each race worked together to create a Boundary(1) that blocks off their safe haven from the rest of the world."

Duo raised a slender eyebrow. "Couldn't the kings just find a way to destroy or get around it?"

Heero shook his head. "The Boundary is invisible to the mortal eye, and is in the deep parts of the Shadow Forest. The kings are not even aware of the fact that the Boundary exists, so as far as they are concerned the Mystics are gone." The blue-eyed young man paused and looked up into Duo's eyes. "It was discovered soon after the Boundary was created, that although no human can penetrate it, Mystics can go in and out of it freely. Most don't and the ones that do are usually troublemakers or criminals. It was deemed illegal by every leader to cross the Boundary, but some do. This is dangerous because it can clue humans in to the fact that there is a place that still is inhabited by magical things and the Seven Kingdoms could try to find a way to cross."

The violet-eyed boy narrowed his eyes. "Uh huh..." He processed this information before nodding. "So where do you come in?"

Heero looked away. "The leaders of the Mystic races took the blood of all the dead leaders of each and every Mystic race and used it to create the ultimate hunter and protector. This hunter would have all of the powers of each race combined, would look human and would have the ability to live forever if he never got fatally wounded. They created me. I'm the Boundary Warden.(2) I make sure nothing tries to penetrate the Boundary and nothing tries to get out."

Duo stared at Heero in shock; his large eyes grew even larger and seemed to take up half of his face. "How old are you?" It wasn't an important question but it was the first thing that popped into his mind.

"I am eighty-seven years old."

Duo's brow wrinkled in confusion. "How can you be that old and look this young? You aren't immortal because you can die.. I don't understand."

Heero smiled fondly at his little companion and ran his fingers down the teenager's soft cheek. "If I am terribly wounded, I can die. However since I have the power to heal others and myself, I can live for a very long time. I don't age because the Elven blood in me keeps me permanently young in appearance. There are limits on my powers. I can't use them too many times within a short span of time or I will be severely weakened and defenseless. Since I used my power twice today, I won't be able to do it again for maybe a week." He let out a breath and lay back on the straw bed. "I'm weakened, but not as weak as I was before. I can still function properly, I just need a good rest."

Duo nodded slowly in understanding. "Is that what happened to you when Relena found you by the spring?"

"That day, I was tracking the same creature that attacked you today. It had escaped the Boundary and I was either going to capture it or kill it. The creature is called a Hybrid. It is very deadly and one of the most feared creatures that lives in the Shadow Forest. It managed to wound me very badly when I fought it. I had to use my power to heal myself while I was losing blood, which is why I was left in that extremely weakened condition."

Duo buried his head in Heero's side and shivered slightly. This was all so new to him. He was used to writing about monsters and Mystics but he had never actually experienced anything like it before. His fingers tightened around the material of Heero's tunic. "Why are you telling me all of this? I'm sure it's against the law to fraternize with a human..."

"That it is. But I trust you. And I don't believe all humans are bad."

Duo's lips turned up into a happy smile and he inhaled Heero's unique scent. The question tumbled from his lips before he could stop it. "Why do your eyes glow sometimes when you look at me?"

Heero stiffened beside him and he cleared his throat. A few long moments passed and Duo was starting to think Heero didn't intend to answer, when the soft words reached his ears. "It's because of my lust for you."

Duo gaped at Heero in surprise; his mouth hanging open as his face blushed darkly. "W..what?"

Heero smirked. "Since the moment I saw you standing over me when I opened my eyes, I was incredibly attracted to you. You are the most bewitching creature I have ever seen in the Seven Kingdoms and beyond the Boundary; and I do not say this to flatter you. It is a shame that you are hidden away on this farm."

"Um," The longhaired boy couldn't think of anything more intelligent to say. "So, you want to have sex with me?"

This time it was Heero who flushed. "That's not all," He mumbled. "I have grown.. To care for you. This has never happened to me before so I'm not sure what to do."

They sat in silence for a few moments, before Duo inched his way closer to Heero. "Well, you could kiss me."

Heero hesitated for only a moment before his emotions were let loose like water from a broken dam. His lips covered Duo's with ferocious intensity and then they were upon each other with lust filled desperation. Heero prodded Duo's full lips with his tongue and moaned softly when it slipped inside. Their kisses were hot and fiery, further fueling their long pent up passion.

"Heero..." Duo moaned softly, groaning when the dark haired man pinned him to the wooden floor, pressing their bodies together tightly.

Heero kissed down the long graceful neck, sucking and nipping in certain places, drawing out soft exclamations of pleasure from the younger man. His hands nimbly pulled Duo's dark tunic out of the way, worshipping his chest lovingly with his mouth and tongue. Each pink nipple was tortured until Duo was bucking and biting his lip to contain his loud cries.

One of Heero's large hands undid the tie of Duo's breeches and dipped inside of the loosened fabric. Long fingers wrapped around Duo's aching sex and he could not control the erotic moan that escaped his lips. Once again mouths were pressed together and another impassioned kiss was shared.

Slender thighs parted and Duo arched himself into Heero's palm easily, reveling in the wanton pleasure of it all. It did not take long for the Mystic to shed his own clothes and soon enough the two men were writhing together fervently. They teased and sucked, kissed and caressed until finally neither of them could take it anymore. The joining was painful for Duo at first, but after awhile he lost himself in the exquisite feelings that overwhelmed his body. Two masculine voices cried out softly into the night, concentrating on each other as if they were the only two beings that mattered in the world.

When it was over, Heero cradled Duo in his arms and pressed gentle kisses to his face lovingly. Soft declarations of affection were exchanged and they fell asleep in each other's arms, lean sweaty bodies were twined together like the threads of life.

They were so far-gone that neither man noticed the young girl who was standing just inside the barn door. Her face was pinched and white, tears tracking down her lovely young face. Relena's eyes were filled with anger and hatred. Hatred for her brother for stealing the man she loved and anger at Heero for playing with her feelings. The livid young woman fled the barn, intending to hurt the two lovers in the only way she knew how.


When the morning came, there was no cheerful sunrise or happy birds chirping. The sky was overcast with dark clouds that promised rain. Duo and Heero were still lying in each other's arms when night turned into day. Duo woke up to find Heero's eyes trained on his face, a small smile gracing his handsome features.


Duo grinned at him foolishly. "Hi yourself."

"Last night was the best I ever slept in my entire eighty-seven years," Heero said honestly. "I think you should sleep with me more often."

Duo chuckled and buried his face in the crook of his lover's shoulder. "Mmm, definitely."

Before anything else could be said, loud shouting was heard from outside and the barn door burst open. Dozens of men filled the room, some carrying swords and others were carrying pitchforks. Relena and Sage Maxwell were at the head of it all. "Get that creature!" Sage roared and pointed at Heero.

Duo and Heero scrambled to their feet, neither boy worrying about their nudity as they faced the angry mob. "What's going on?" Duo shouted in confusion.

"Little Relena has told us everything. She told us what that.. That *thing * is. She told us how he brought a wicked beast into our land and she told us how he has seduced you and is controlling your innocent mind!" One of the village men shouted.

Duo's eyes focused on Relena; he couldn't keep the betrayal and hatred out of his gaze. Her eyes were wide and she actually looked quite terrified by the whole affair. It was the look of a girl who had done something foolish in a fit of rage and had it spin out of her control.

"Burn the demon!" Someone else shouted and they began marching up the stairs to the hayloft.

"No!" Duo cried out and threw himself in front of Heero. "Use your powers!" He hissed at his new lover.

The blue-eyed man looked at him helplessly. "I can't! I'm still weakened from yesterday!"

Duo's skin paled and he looked at his father desperately. "Father, please! Relena is lying! She's jealous because of Heero and I! He isn't any of those things she said he is! You have to believe me!"

Sage shook his head sadly. "He's controlling your mind, son. As soon as this demon is dead, we will find a way to cure you."

There was no more time to argue this ignorance as something came down hard on Duo's head and for the second time in two days, everything went black.


"Duo! Please wake up!" A small voice sobbed softly.

Violet eyes fluttered open and Duo groaned softly at the pain that coursed through his head. He looked over, hoping to see Heero, but instead he saw his traitorous little sister. "Get away from me, you bitch!" He hissed and shoved her to the floor. Duo looked around and saw that he was in his room. Someone had also taken the liberty of hastily dressing him in his dark breeches and tunic.

"I didn't know this would happen!" She wailed pathetically. "I.. I saw the two of you and I was so angry that I ran to Papa and I told him that Heero's a Mystic. I didn't know this would happen, I swear to the good spirits! I just wanted Mama and Papa to send him away, I didn't think they would do this!"

Duo stared at his sister in disbelief, trying to ignore the pain in his head. "Then why in the name of everything magical did you tell him that Heero brought the beast? Why did you tell them that he is controlling my mind! Why would you say things to make him look evil?!"

"I DIDN'T!! All I said was that he was a Mystical and the adults started saying all of the other stuff!! Now they are going to burn Heero in the center of the village and they're sending you away!"

Ice coursed through his veins, contracting his heart in his chest. "They're... what?"

"In the Village Square, they're going to burn him!"

Duo didn't wait to hear anything else; he bolted out of the house. He didn't care about his sister's explanations or his throbbing headache; all that mattered was saving Heero.


The center of the village was full of all of the 230 residents. Men, women, young and old were gathered around a large pyre. Heero was bound to the middle of it and it was obvious by the cuts and bruises on his naked body, that the villagers had done more than tie him up. He was slumped forward; his blue eyes were burning with a fierce intensity and hatred. Hatred for humans.


Heero's head snapped up and he saw Duo's slender form pushing through the crowd. Different emotions raced across his face. He was happy that he could at least see Duo one more time before he died, but he was terrified that these human idiots would harm the boy.

"Duo! Stay back!" Sage Maxwell shouted and pulled Duo away from the pyre just as people began throwing flaming torches at Heero's feet.

"No! Let me go, damn you!" Tears of frustration spilled from Duo's eyes and he fought his father roughly. "Leave him be! He's done nothing!"

The flames licked at Heero's pant legs and he fought the urge to cry out in pain. He would not let them have the satisfaction of hearing him scream. It took only moments for the entire pyre to explode into a mass of orange and red flames. The heat of it was overwhelming and the crowd was forced to back away as Heero's form was engulfed by the flames.

Then something miraculous happened. The scream Duo let loose was unlike anything any of the villagers had ever heard before. It was primal, ferocious and full of agony; it was definitely not human. Sage was so startled that he released the boy and Duo took the opportunity to race towards his lover. He did the only thing he could think of in his grief filled rage. He jumped into the pyre with Heero. The flames seemed to extend several feet outwards and up, causing the surrounding trees to catch on fire. The deadly fire was no longer orange and red, instead it burned white. It was so blinding that the villagers cried out in terror and turned their faces away.

The magical white flames continued to burn for hours and when it finally died down, there was nothing left but ashes.


A voice was whispering softly.

"Be ok... don't die..."

It was a familiar voice and to hear it so filled with grief, broke Heero's heart.


Prussian blue eyes opened and Heero stared up into Duo's worried face. "What..?"

Relief flooded the large expressive eyes and Duo sagged against the clammy wall of the dark cave. "I thought you had died. I was so scared, Heero."

The Boundary Warden sat up and wiped a hand across his soot-covered face. "How did we escape? The last thing I remember are the flames.." He looked down at himself and realized that his skin was no longer burnt. The excruciating pain was gone from his body and he was relatively unharmed.

Duo wrapped his slender arms around himself and stared out into the night sky. "I don't know, Heero. One moment I saw you burning and the next thing I knew, I was jumping into the flames with you. All of a sudden this.. Searing light seemed to explode around us and then when I opened my eyes, we were here. Wherever here is." He shuddered and closed his eyes. "I'm not even harmed from the fire and you.. when we appeared here all of your wounds were healed!"

"How can that be? I don't have that kind of power.." Heero's sentence trailed off and he stared at Duo with an inquisitive look in his eyes.

"Maybe it was a power that you didn't know you possessed and it chose that moment to come out. Whatever you did, I'm glad you did it. We would have burned like a stack of hay." Duo shivered and licked his lips. "I can't believe this has happened, just a few days ago everything was fine... and now.. Now I don't know *what's* going on."

Heero pulled the teen into his muscular arms and began stroking his hair. "It will be okay, Duo. I know you will miss your family bu---"

"No I won't!"

Heero blinked and chuckled slightly. "Well then, you can travel with me. We can cross the Boundary and live with the Mystics. We won't have to worry about those idiotic humans anymore."

Duo snorted softly. "I am an idiotic human too, you know. I can't even cross the Boundary."

Heero's lips twisted in a secret smile and he stared off into the moonlight. "Hmm.." They sat in silence for awhile, comforted by the steady beating of each other's hearts.

"We will find a way." Duo said resolutely.

The Mystic and the longhaired boy lay together in silence. They didn't make love that night, all they wanted was to be near each other and to put the terrible memories of the day behind them. Duo fell asleep dreaming about a future with Heero and Heero fell asleep trying to figure out what race of Mystic his small lover was.


1 I borrowed this term from Terry Goodkind and his Sword of Truth series. I just used the word though, in his book the Boundary is used for something totally different.

2 I also borrowed this term from Goodkind. In my fic and in the book the Boundary Warden are people who kind of guard the Boundaries and make sure no one messes with it.

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