Title: All the Same (From the Orgy song ^_^ )
Author: Aya
Description: An AU fic with Heero as a spoiled rich kid, Duo as a poor street rat/prostitute, Quatre is still rich but snotty and is friends with Relena (bleeh), and the other GW characters in various other roles. The end is sort of like a Pretty Woman parody...almost anyway..o.o;;;
Warning: Lemony at times, 2x1, 1x2, 3xRx4, and 3+1 in later chapters...

All the Same + Part One

Heero tapped his pencil on his desk irritably as his last period English teacher droned on and on about the importance of sentence structure and yadda yadda yadda...stuff he had covered back in grade school.

He leaned back in his chair and stared fixedly out the window at the darkening sky...looming clouds promising rain. As if on cue, thunder boomed in the air and it began raining. He actually let a small smile touch his face...he loved the rain.

To many people at Victoria Mathers Private School, Heero was perfection. Perfect grades, perfect parents, perfect upbringing and above all perfect looks. All the girls were dying to go out with him and most of the guys were dying to befriend him. He was easily the most popular kid in the school.... Any other normal 15-year-old kid would be thrilled to live such a life. But Heero hated it. He would much prefer it if no one talked to him, and he was left alone. He couldn't stand the rich snobs that went to this school; all they cared about was money and looks. And the two biggest snobs of them all were Relena Peacecraft and her lapdog Quatre Winner.

Lately the blonde pair had been particularly annoying, both of them making blatant sexual passes at him, and trying to get him to join their little clique of stuck up friends. He wrinkled his nose in distaste at the thought of touching either one of them.

He looked over at Relena who sat at the front of the room, hanging on Mr. Khushrenada's every word. She occasionally batted her long eyelashes at the man as he tried to conduct his lesson.

Heero snorted. Figures she would try to molest a teacher, he thought blandly. Relena was pretty...in a blonde haired, blue eyed preppy type of way.... But her love of the color pink made her look like a walking wad of bubble gum. He snickered at the thought.

Suddenly the bell rang, signaling the end of the school day. He stood up and walked to his locker, hoping that no one would try to talk to him. He just wanted to go home and read a book. And be alone.... And listen to the rain.. that's it..no human contact. No nothing. Just quiet. As soon as the word crossed his mind Quatre popped up next to him.

"Hello, Heero," the irritating blonde said with a sugar sweet smile. Heero shrugged in response and continued to shove books in his locker.

"I heard your parents are gone for a few weeks, on vacation or something...am I right?" he asked innocently.

Heero shrugged again. "Yeah...what of it?"

Quatre leaned against the locker next to Heero and began stroking Heero's arm slowly with a small smile. "Well, since you have the house to yourself I was just wondering if you might want to hang out tonight...you know.... Just you and me..." the blonde wretch said in a suggestive voice.

Heero did his best not to gag, and shook his head. "No thanks.... I'll pass." He said then walked away, leaving Quatre to stare after him.

Quatre sighed dramatically as he watched Heero's retreating back.

"Face it Quatre, you are never going to swing that piece of ass," a familiar smug voice said in his ear.

He didn't bother to turn around, but he frowned. "That's what you think Relena.... I can get him," he said in a determined voice.

Relena flipped her long blonde hair and snorted, "Yeah right, If I can't get him.... You certainly can't... My poor dear Quatre, you are deluding yourself." She petted Quatre's hair with a smirk.

Quatre sniffed. "That's what you think Lena, I haven't begun to turn on my charm...by the time I am done, Heero Yuy will be begging for me to take him," he bragged.

Relena snickered, and shook her head. "Ok, I'll let you believe for now dear child...but you will regret bragging after he turns you down flat," she said knowingly.

He just shrugged.

Suddenly Relena got a wicked gleam in her eye. "Hey, Quatre...my parents won't be home till later..wanna come over and play?" she asked him as she kissed his neck softly.

Quatre shivered, momentarily forgetting Heero and nodded, melting into the Peacecraft's embrace...but meanwhile Relena was forming a plan of her own.


Drip.....Drip....Drip....drop...the constant dripping was enough to drive Duo completely insane. He huddled under the awning of the store trying to stay out of the rain. He scrunched up his face and stared up at the sky, it was completely black....almost as if it was night already.

He crossed his arms over his chest and began pacing impatiently for someone. anyone to come by. Turning tricks was NOT easy when there was a raging thunderstorm going on. There was no one out in the streets...not even a stray cat.

"I guess normal people know to stay out of the rain." he mumbled to himself as he wrapped his arms around himself and shivered. Then he grinned to himself. "Then again.....I never was a normal child."

It seemed as if time was going slowly just to piss him off....and the rain didn't even slow down. He slumped against the wall of a building and pouted. Guess I won't have any customers tonight...he thought with a disappointed frown. "And I was really looking forward to having somewhere to sleep...maybe even something to eat." he said wistfully as he stared longingly up at the huge apartment complex across the street....it looked nice and warm inside...

Duo sneezed, and shivered again. "Ah well, I guess I'm on a park bench tonight," he said and sighed.


Heero walked towards his complex, not bothering to protect himself from the rain. His two friends Hilde and Wufei were walking besides him. He only half listened to their conversation/argument. He shoved his hands in the pockets of his leather bomber jacket and was about to say something to shut the two of them up, when something caught his eye.

A lone figure was leaning casually against the side of a building, not seeming to be affected by the downpour. Heero squinted trying to figure out if it was a girl or a boy.

The figure had long chestnut colored hair, that was shot through with strands of honey gold, and a pair of wide violet eyes. He/she was wearing tight black jeans and a red tank top with a black jacket over it. The persons delicate hands were covered by black, fingerless gloves. As he looked the person up and down, he firmly decided that this person was a male. An extremely beautiful male.....that looked like he had come straight out of one of Heero's wet dreams.

The boy looked at Heero and they stared at each other....then the boy puckered his lips and blew him a kiss.

Hilde and Wufei had noticed the exchange and looked at Heero in surprise.

"Heero no baka...what are you doing, that person is a streetwalker." Wufei hissed at his friend, who was ogling the other boy.

Hilde swatted Wufeis arm. "Leave him alone Wufei....you don't know what his situation is," she said.

Wufei made a face and snorted. "Only a man with no honor would lower himself to selling his body to complete strangers." he said haughtily.

Hilde rolled her eyes and started dragging Heero across the street to his building. "Go inside and get warm before you get sick....you should really start using umbrellas Heero," she said and kissed him on the cheek. He shrugged distractedly...his eyes still on the boy across the street. Wufei bade him farewell and the two continued walking towards their homes.

With one last look over his shoulder, Heero went up to his apartment.


You think it's all the same
But I want you to believe I could be so like you
By now you've figured out
That I want you educated 'cause it's so like you

Because it's all the same
I could be something like you
Because it's all the same
Watch you kill for me

Heero listened to the lyrics of the Orgy song as he sat in his window gazing out at the rain, a poetry book lying next to him. He was alone in his house -- his adoptive parents Helena and Daniel Blake were on a vacationand hopefully would not be back for weeks. If he was luck,y their private jet would crash and they would never come back.

He looked up at the sky with a frown, as he briefly recalled his real mother, Paulette Yuy. She had been a sweet woman, and had been the only person that had ever truly cared for him.

The only time he remembered being truly happy was when she was alive...but on that day seven years ago at a Anti - Oz rally, she had been shot by an Oz soldier when a riot broke out. Now he was everything that his mother hadn't been.....a spoiled little rich kid who was supposed to be kept in a little gilded cage, away from the real world.

Now he stared down at the boy outside, who was by now soaked in the rain...he obviously had no money and had no where to go until a suitable john approached him. Heero felt a pang of shame as he looked around himself -- he was feeling sorry for himself as he sat in this gorgeous apartment -- but that boy down there was starving and homeless and could do nothing else but sell himself in order to survive.

Making a decision, Heero marched downstairs and across the street, not caring if the rain wet him. He was determined to help the boy in any way he could...


Duo watched the sexy stranger approach him, and realized it was the same boy from earlier. The one with the incredible body and intense blue eyes. When the guy stopped in front of him, he suddenly seemed unsure of what to do.

Duo gave him a cheeky grin, and winked. "What can I do you for?" he drawled as he leered at the boy.

Mr. Sexy Bishounen hesitated, then said slowly. "Do you....have a uh...place to go tonight?"

Duo blinked in surprise, he hadn't been expecting that. He grinned at him. "I sure do, there's a park bench with my name on it," he said cheerfully.

The guy cleared his throat. "Well... uh... you know... if you stay out here you will probably get pneumonia...and die," he said slowly.

Duo looked amused. "Possibly...but them again, I'm Shinigami. Death doesn't die ya know."

The boy stared at him for a moment then said, "Well, I was wondering if you would like to stay at my house until the rain stops." Duo stared at him with a little smile.

"Thanks, but no thanks, babe, I don't take handouts," he said and sauntered off down the block.

Heero stared after the stranger, he was tempted to just forget about trying to be nice and go back inside but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He followed the boy and frowned. "Well...what if I..er...offer to pay for you're eh...services?" he said, turning several shades of red.

The guy grinned at him. "Well, that wouldn't be a hand out then would it..."

Heero shook his head. "Well are you coming or not?" he asked gesturing towards the complex impatiently.

"I'm cummin', don't worry," he said with a smirk.

Heero made a face and led the stranger up to his apartment. "By the way, my name is Heero," he told the braided boy.

"I'm Duo, Duo Maxwell. Pleased to make yer acquaintance, Heero."


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