Author: Aya Maxwell
Pairings: 2+1, Rx4, Bondage...whipping....o.o
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Heero: Mission Accepted

All the Same + Part Three

(Peacecraft Mansion)

Relena smirked at Quatre and took another sip of wine before perching on the edge of the dresser. "My my, really are taken with Mr.Blake, arent you?" she asked with a smirk.

"Yuy," Quatre automatically corrected.

Relena stared at him, and raised a eyebrow. "Eh?"

Quatre sat up in the bed and smoothed his hair, as he smiled smugly. "Heero prefers to go by the last name-- Yuy. It's his biological mothers last name," he said as if he was giving her a vital piece of information.

"Thank you for sharing that, Quatre. I couldnt have lived another moment without knowing..." she said and rolled her eyes.

"No problem." he said cheerily failing to catch on to her sarcasm.

Biting back a snide comment, she drank the rest of her wine and smiled sweetly. "Moving on....It is quite obvious that Heero doesnt seem to be interested in either you or I, so the question is..what do you plan to do about it?" she asked.

He looked thoughtfully at the cieling and sighed. "I don't know....I'll make him love me," he said softly.

Relena snorted and hopped off the dresser and into Trowa's lap. "Don't be stupid, Quatre-Chan." she said as she kissed the taller boys neck.

Quatre looked at her indignantly. "Excuse you?!"

She nibbled on Trowa's ear and laughed throatily. "Heero is hardly the type to be forced into anything. The more you try to make him do anything, the more he will pull away from you."

He crossed his arms over his chest, "Since when are such the expert on Heero, anyway?" he sniffed.

She tilted her head back and stared into Quatre's blue eyes with a smirk. "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the obvious dear....just a little common sense," she said as Trowa began kissing down her neck.

Quatre ignored the insult and sighed sulkily. "Then what should I do, Lena?" he asked with a adorable little pout.

Relena broke away from Trowas passionate kiss and looked at the blonde again.

"Aw Quatre-san, don't be sad....all you have to do is find out what -- or who the -- problem is...and fix it. Make sure that nothing and no one will stand in the way of you and Mr.Yuy. And if he resists....take..further action," she said with a little smile.

Before she could say another word, Trowa picked her up and slung her over his shoulder, carrying her out of the room.

"Think about what I said!!" she called out to him as Trowa carried her away.

Quatre sank down in the covers and frowned. What or who...the problem is...

He repeated the words over in his head and then it dawned on him. Could his Heero be seeing someone else? He narrowed his eyes angrily at the idea.

If someone was trying to take his Heero away from him...that person would pay.



Duo yanked at the comb impatiently...."GODDAMN COMB!!" he shouted and yanked furiously...but the comb refused to untangle from his hair.

Heero watched, an amused look on his face as the long haired boy tugged harder, probably inflicting more pain on his scalp then the comb was.

Finally Heero walked over to the boy and gently untangled the comb from the long strands of chestnut coloured hair.

"Arigatou, Hee-Chan!" Duo said with a genuine smile.

Heero shrugged and sat down behind Duo, he began carefully combing the other boys hair.

Duos relaxed and sighed. It had been a while since someone had combed his hair like this.

Heero didn't know what had come over him..he was acting strange...being kind to this boy who was pretty much a stranger.

"Say, Heero....this is a real comfy set up, but why are you here all alone? Don't you have parents or summin'?" Duo asked curiously.

"You sure ask alot of questions for someone I just met," Heero said gruffly.

Duo smirked. "Well, someone once told me that it is easier to trust a stranger than someone you already know....because a stranger would gain nothing from telling your secrets."


Duo sighed. "Well let's make a deal, you tell me why you're all alone in this big house, and I'll tell you whatever you wanna know bout me? How's about that?"

Heero considered it. "Fine."

Duo grinned. "So spill."

Heero concentrated on combing Duo's hair for a moment, then began. "My adoptive parents...are never really here much. They are always off on some buisness trip..or on a vacation or having a second and third honeymoon. And when they are here...wel,l we don't talk much anyway," he said flatly.

Duo frowned. "Sounds pretty lonely to me."

Heero shrugged. "I don't mind...I can't stand them...nothing but superficial, snobby, vain...well I could go on and on...about all the things that are wrong with them," he said.

"Ch', I'd be glad to have parents at all...even if they are parents like those," Duo said with a sigh.


They sat in silence for a few moments, then Heero said. "My turn."

Duo closed his eyes, and leaned into the other boy. "Ask away," he said.

Silence...then: "Why are you a prostitute?"

"Aa..well..heh..I have no other way to...survive," Duo said simply.

"What about your parents...or family."

"I have no family -- I'm a war orphan," Duo replied.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to..." Heero said softly.

Duo shook his head and grinned. "A deal is a deal Hee-Chan, I'll tell you," he said with a shrug.

" I said I'm a war parents died when I was really little...then I just wandered the streets for awhile...until I met Father Maxwell. He took care of me....gave me a place to stay and to call home...but then one day, I came home...and the orphanage was blown to bits...everyone was dead..Sister Helen..and Father Maxwell..and everyone else inside. Ever since then I've been on my own, and this is the only way I know how to survive," he said..his voice cracking on the last sentence.

Heero stopped combing his hair and stared at the back of the boys head. "Duo.. are you ok?"

Duo nodded slowly and took a deep breath. "Yeah..." There was a brief moment of silence..then as if nothing had ever happened Duo turned around to face Heero, and plastered a big grin on his face. "Let's stop talkin' bout this depressing stuff...and move onto other things," he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

Heero blinked and stood up. "Like what?"

Duo stared at him with a smirk. "Like screwing each other silly," he said bluntly.

"I already told you, Duo -- you don't have to do that. I will give your money when you leave, but you don't have to have to do anything you don't want to."

Duo frowned. "Do you find me unattractive or summin'?"

"NO!" Heero blurted out. "It's not's just that we hardly know each know....I don't....Ch' I don't even know what I'm trying to say," he muttered.

Duo shrugged, "Well, since my services are not needed I'll be going. I'm not a free loader, ya know," he said and started to braid his hair.

"No..don't go, stay for the night. It's still raining out," Heero insisted.

Duo didn't respond at first....then he said with his usually cheeky grin: "Well, since you asked so nicely....sure I'll stay!" he said and quite unexpectedly kissed Heero full on the lips.

When Heero didn't respond, Duo said softly against his lips. "It's just a kiss Heero...and it's because I want to, not because I'm being paid to.." he whispered huskilly.

Then he kissed Heero again, this time harder and deeper. Heero parted his lips and Duo plunged his tongue into his mouth, running his tongue along the roof of the other boy's mouth.

Heero moaned and kissed Duo hungrily, eager to taste the beautiful boy.

Soon Heero found himself lost in Duo's kisses....dizzy with feelings and sensations.

"W...Why do you want to kiss me?" Heero mumbled as Duo kissed down his neck and sucked on the soft spot at the base of his throat.

Duo looked up into his eyes, "I don't know...there is something about you....not only that you are're kind...and different...there is something about you that just makes me want you," Duo said, his voice low and violet eyes darkened with passion.

Just as Heero leaned in for another kiss, he heard a loud gasp.

"HEERO! What do you think you are doing?"

"What the hell are you doing here, Wufei?? And since when do you come barging into other peoples houses?" Heero snarled at the Chinese boy.

Wufei backed slowly away from Heero's deadly glare and held up his arms as if to defend himself. "It was her idea!" he said and dragged Hilde out of the hallway.

Hilde took one look at Heeros angry expression and tryed to make a run for it, but only wound up tripping over Wufeis foot. They both ended up tangled on the floor.

"Get off of me, woman! This is all your fault!"

"Shut up, you sexist jackass! No one told you to listen to me! Besides, you were the one freaking out because you thought Heero was--"

Heero cut her off with a murderous glare.

Duo stared at Wufei and Hilde in poorly hidden amusement.

"Explain. Now," Heero growled, annoyed at being interupted in the middle of a extremeley hot make out session.

"Well....see Wufei called me and started rambling on and on about strange voices and thinking you were being seduced by a whore and yadda I merely suggested that if he was sooo concerned that he come to your place and check it out,"she said sheepishly . "I didn't think he would actually do it," she added.

Wufei glared at her. "I was only trying to look out for you," he told Heero indignantly. "Besides, what did you think you were doing, kissing that... person," he said looking disgusted.

"What's that s'posed to mean?" Duo demanded looking offended.

"I think you know what I mean...unless you are stupid as well as cheap."

Duo jumped to his feet, looking just about ready to rip Wufeis head off. "How about I wipe that shit eating grin off your stuck up face you little bitch," he snarled.

"I'd like to see you try," Wufei said tauntingly.

"ENOUGH!" Heero shouted at the two boys who looked about ready to pounce on each other.

"You have no right to come in here spouting that holier than thou bullshit to my guest Wufei. It's really none of your buisness what I do, so you need to get the hell out! And take her with you," he snapped pointing at Hilde, who was downright staring at Duos sleek muscular..and half naked body.

"Fine, but when you find out you have some kind of STD don't come running to me," Wufei sniffed, then turned on his heel and walked away, dragging Hilde with him.

Duo crossed his arms over his chest and glared at the wall. He looked pissed.

"Sorry about that, Duo...Wufei means well..he just comes off like an asshole sometimes," he said apologetically.

"That's putting it mildly," the braided teenager grumbled.

Obviously the passionate mood was broken....thanks to Wufei.

"I'm tired...If it's alright with you, I think I'll go to sleep now," Duo said flatly, avoiding looking Heero in the eyes.


Heero pointed in the direction of the guest room and watch unhappily as Duo slunk away in the direction of the room. Obviously, Wufei's comments had upset the boy.

He walked to his room and flung himself down on the bed, as he drifted into a restless nights sleep.


(Across the street on the roof of a building)

Quatre watched Heero through his night vision binaculars as he walked to his room.

"So you are seeing someone else," Quatre said on the verge of tears.

When he had first started spying on Heero a couple of hours ago, he had felt more than little silly. He breifly wondered why Relena just happened to have a pair of nightvision binaculars lying around her bedroom, anways. But now he was very glad that he had decided to go through with her plan. With a sob, he got up and fled from the rooftop.


(Peacecraft mansion)

Relena smirked as she studied her handy work. Trowa was shackled in big metal handcuffs, hanging up side down from the ceiling of the dungeon in her mansion. (Dont ask me why she has a dungeon.....O.o)

She slapped the leather whip in her hand and licked along Trowa's bare back. "Now, Trowa... have you been a naughty boy?"

Trowa shivered and nodded. "Yes, Mistress...I have been a very naughty boy, I think I should be punished," he growled.

She gave him one sharp hit with the whip, and he hissed in pain. In mid swing, her cell phone suddenly rang. Frowning in annoyance she answered it.

"What?" she demanded as she swatted Trowa again. He half moaned, half growled.

"Reeleenaaa, Heero....some....braid.....WAAAAAAHHHHH"

She glared at her cell phone. "For heavens sake, Quatre, stop your bawling and calmly tell me what the hell the problem is."

"I..I did like you said...and I found out that Heero someone else...WAAHH..." This led to another fit of loud sobbing.

Relena whipped Trowa harder, deeply annoyed by Quatre's dramatic behavior.

"Who is this person?" she asked him in a clipped tone.

"This horrid boy...with leather pants..and...and long long hair....I hate him!! He's beautiful and sexy and perfect and he has my Heero!!!" Quatre sobbed.

Relena stopped whipping for a moment and raised her eyebrows in interest. "Long hair you any chance is his hair tied in a long braid? And does he have peculiar amethyst eyes?" she asked casually.

"Yes...yes..he is perfect....*sob*...wait how did you know that?"

Relena smirked. "From the decription, it sounds like a prostitute Miliardo brought home one day. He was quite the looker." Relena said slowly with a smile.

"Prostitute??? Surely you must be mistaken Heero doesnt need to buy hookers." Quatre said as he sniffled.

"Look, Quatre, this is a fairly small town... And there are not alot of long haired, violet eyed boys walking around out there, so I suggest you use that information to your advantage and stop crying like a little twit," she snapped and promptly hung up on him.

She glared at the phone for a moment longer before turning back to Trowa, who was feeling a little neglected.

"Now where was I....?"


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