Author: Aya
Warnings: Lemon, Language, Heero is slightly OOC
Pairings: 1x2

Notes: //Character Thoughts//

All the Same + Part Seven

~Later That Night~

Heero watched Duo worriedly; the boy hadn't really spoken much since they got back from the store. He figured it had something to do with whatever Relena had been saying to him.

"Duo, are you sure you are all right?" he asked for what seemed like the twentieth time.

The longhaired teenager smiled briefly and shrugged.

With a worried frown Heero sat next to him on the sofa. "Duo - if Relena said anything to you, just tell me and I will --"

"No, it's okay Heero. I'm fine," Duo assured him with a weary smile.

Heero nodded and squeezed his shoulder. "Do you want anything?...I can order some dinner if you want," he offered.

Duo sighed and gave him a long look. "I'm fine Heero... stop acting like I am going to bolt for the door any minute."

Heero looked directly into his eyes with those intense blue orbs. "So you're staying?" he asked hopefully.

Duo remained silent and stared at his shoes as if they were the most fascinating thing in the room. "You know Hee-Chan, now that you mention it I could use a backrub," he said with a smile. Heero narrowed his eyes at the boy; he knew he was trying to change the subject but didn't press the matter.

He held out a hand and led Duo to his bedroom, where the boy began stripping his clothes off.

"Why are you taking your clothes off?"

"So you can give me a massage."


"Don't worry Hee-Chan, I won't try any funny stuff."

"...Why not?"

"Don't tease me."

Heero gave him a long considering look, as Duo shimmied out of his new clothes and folded them neatly. The chestnut haired teenager looked at him expectantly and plopped down on the bed in full naked glory. "Well what are ya waitin for?" he drawled.

Heero chewed his lip thoughtfully, then got on the bed and straddled Duo's back with a knee on either side of him. He ran his hands over the smooth silky skin and began rubbing the beautiful boys' shoulders.

Duo moaned softly when he felt Heero touch him -- the boy certainly worked well with those hands. For the moment he let himself forget about Relena Peacecraft and he lost himself in the soothing rhythm of Heero's hands massaging his body. He didn't know what was more arousing... the fact that he was naked and Heero was practically sitting on top of him, or the fact that the dark haired boys hands were currently caressing his ass. Either way the whole situation was incredibly erotic and he was hard as a rock.

Pretty soon he was purring like a content kitten.... Well a content horny kitten, and he was well aware of the hard mound of flesh that was currently pressing against his backside.

Heero shifted his weight so that he was lying on top of Duo. "Is that better?" He rasped in Duos ear. His breath was coming fast and he couldn't help but press harder against the longhaired boy.

Duo groaned and arched up against Heeros body, "No....I'm still pretty stiff Heero," he whispered. "Can you do something about that?"

When he heard those words, Heero threw all caution to the wind. He wanted Duo and the boy obviously wanted him. Anything else didn't matter. He began trailing wet open mouth kisses along Duos neck, all the while grinding his throbbing erection against his ass. Duo's moans just encouraged him further.

"God Heero.... To hell with foreplay just fuck me."

In the few years that he had been a prostitute, he had never asked to be fucked. He had always gone through with the whole process with his customers as if he were a robot -- not really feeling anything. But now, the only thing he wanted was to have this beautiful boy inside him. "Heero... god please do it, fuck me," he pleaded.

With a groan Heero blindly reached towards the nightstand and located a small bottle of lotion. Duo yanked it out of his hand and slathered a handful over Heeros arousal impatiently. The Japanese boy shifted his weight so that he was pressed between the longhaired boys legs, and he slowly entered his tight opening, groaning at the sensation. He had never felt anything like it before. He resisted the urge to just thrust into Duo, he knew it would hurt the boy even if he was quite experienced. Seconds later he was spurred on by Duo wrapping his legs around his waist and pushing up against him.

"Oh yes!" Duo moaned as Heero began to thrust into him harder and harder; drawing his entire length out and then ramming it back inside. He tossed his head back, crying out his pleasure. The dark haired boy atop him began to thrust into his body violently, wildly, fucking him for all he was worth. With every move his cock slammed against Duos prostate, driving the fey boy insane with pleasure. Heero could feel himself losing control and he knew without a doubt that he would climax soon.

Duo had never felt this good in his entire life. Out of his johns, Heero out fucked them all. Then he felt Heero clasp his abandoned erection and he lost his mind. "Yes... god yes." He panted desperately as Heero pumped his weeping arousal in time with his thrusts. Then finally, when he could no longer it, he came violently -- all over his stomach and Heero's chest. Almost immediately, he felt Heeros seed filling his body, and he practically melted at the way Heero moaned his name.

When it was over, Heero collapsed next to Duo and pulled the violet eyed beauty into his arms. Duo opened his eyes and gazed at him lazily. "Are you sure that was your first time?" He asked with mock suspicion. Heero smirked and buried his face in Duos hair, savoring the scent. He began to caress the boys hair, until Duo was practically purring and dozing off.


".....Hai?" Came the sleepy response.

"I - Promise me you won't leave me...?"


Heero looked down at his lovers face and smiled. The boy had fallen asleep...and he looked like an angel. He pulled a blanket over the two of them and snuggled next to him, eventually falling asleep.


Duo blinked and opened his eyes, He found himself face to face with Heero. He smiled fondly at the boy; he looked so peaceful in his sleep. However his smile faded as he remembered what Relena had said to him.

You're getting soft Maxwell, he told himself.

Yeah... he was getting soft. He had allowed Heero Yuy into his heart and although they had known each other for only a short time, he cared very deeply for him. Loved maybe? He had never known love but he was pretty sure that it was something close to what he felt for Heero.

Too bad...that I have to leave you.

Duo blinked back the strange moisture that threatened to spill from his eyes, and carefully got out of the bed without waking the other boy. He couldn't stay with Heero; he wouldn't allow himself to be the boys downfall. He was a nobody, a street rat, a whore. Heero was the adopted son of very rich and very important people. His father dealt with people like Trieze Khushrenada. There was no room in his life for a streetwalker, even if he did seem happy. Duo knew what would happen if their relationship was discovered. Heero would be cast away like yesterdays trash, just like Duo had been for so much of his life. But he was not going to allow that to happen.

He dressed quickly and placed a feather light kiss on Heero's forehead. He scribbled out a quick note to the boy and quickly hurried away.


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