Author: Aya Maxwell
Pairing: 1+2, Rx3
Warnings: Language, lime, sap

Notes: //character thoughts//

All the Same + Part Eight

~Several Hours Later~

Heero opened his eyes and frowned, immediately noticing the absence of his longhaired lover. "Duo?" he called out instantly. He got no response. He scowled and got out of the still damp sheets. It was too quiet... and he knew without even looking that Duo was not there.

"He left me."

A million different emotions swept through Heero as he sank dejectedly down to the bed. Maybe he had done something wrong... maybe Duo hadn't liked him so much after all. He felt as though someone had ripped out his heart.... He felt betrayed.. And hurt beyond words.

Suddenly something caught his eye, a sheet of paper on the bedside table. Heero snatched it up and stared at the loopy handwriting.


Please don't be angry with me. I can't stay with you. It would never work. We are from two different worlds and, even though I want to stay so badly, I would just ruin you. Certain people would make sure of that. I'm sorry Hee-Chan...

Love Duo~

Heero's hands clenched into fists as he reread the note. He drew his lips back in a snarl and stared icily at the wall. He knew who the culprit was.... He knew who had put these stupid ideas into his Duo's head...



Once at the Peacecraft mansion, Heero bullied his way past the butler and grabbed the frightened looking man by the collar. "Where is she?" he snarled angrily. Pargon gaped at him, and his jaw moved several times before actual words came out.

"Miss Relena is in her bedroom," he finally blurted out. The Japanese boy tightened his grip on his collar.

"Where?" He snarled.

Pargon flinched away from that deadly gaze and squirmed slightly. "Second floor third door on the right."

Heero dropped the man unceremoniously to the floor and stormed up the stairs. Once at the door he kicked it open and glared at the sight before him. The little blonde whore was naked and currently riding an extremely familiar Latin boy. Her head was thrown back as she fondled her own breasts. The familiar boy was clutching her waist as he thrust up into her. "Oh yes! Trowa!!" she screamed out.

Prussian blue eyes widened.

Trowa.... Trowa Barton? What the hell is he doing with Relena? Especially after what she did to his sister....

He pushed those thoughts aside and charged forward not even giving them warning before he yanked her up off him. The Peacecraft cried out in displeasure and glared at him. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" she roared.

He ignored her little tirade and slammed her against the wall. "What the fuck did you say to Duo?" he snarled.

Relena blinked at him owlishly. "Wh...What are you talking about?" she stammered.

Heero glanced at Trowa who was watching the exchange with mild interest. He didn't seem to upset that his little fuckfest had been interrupted. He turned back to Relena and glared at her. "What did you say to Duo?" he demanded again.

She pushed him away and stood before him, obviously not caring that she was naked. "What makes you think I even spoke to the little hooker?" she demanded hotly.

Heero growled and fought the urge to deck the blonde girl. "I saw you talking to him.... He was upset and now he was gone. So what the fuck did you say to him?" he snarled.

Relena put her hands on her slender hips and frowned. "I just told him the truth," she said with a smirk. She ran a hand through her hair and grinned at him coyly. "Now now, Hee-Chan. You know the truth even though you won't admit it. What would your parents say if they came home and saw you screwing a common whore on their expensive rugs?" she teased.

Again he slammed her roughly against the wall, and she winced. "The only common whore I know.... is you... you vapid little blonde bitch," he ground out from between clenched teeth. Her eyes widened at the insult, but she remained silent. "So if I were you, I would tell me where the FUCK he went.... Before I break your bony neck."

Relena glanced over at Trowa who didn't really seem to concerned about the fact that some deranged Japanese boy was threatening her life and she barked out a short laugh. "I don't care what you do or say, Yuy.... Blake... whoever the fuck you are. After you insulted me like this I, will make sure that you are finished," she said viciously.

Heero ignored her comments and pressed her harder against the wall. "Where is he?"

She winced in pain. "Probably Winchester Square! That's where his kind hangs out," she snarled.

Heero dropped her to the floor and sneered. "I don't really care what you do to me Relena, but if you try to hurt Duo. I will kill you." With that he started for the door, only stopping once to glance at the tall graceful boy in the bed. Trowa smirked at him and gave him a discreet thumbs up. Heero shot a glance at Relena and snorted. The little idiot obviously didn't realize that if anyone got ruined... it was going to be her. Heero nodded at the silent boy and hurried out of the room.

On his way out he nearly plowed into that pesky Winner boy. "Heero!" The boy exclaimed happily. "I am so glad to see you! I really wanted to apologi --"

"Get out of my way!" Heero growled and pushed the boy aside, as he ran from the house. Quatre watched as Heero jumped into his black BMW and drove off. With a defeated sigh the blonde boy sulked upstairs.


Duo curled up on the bench in Winchester Square and eyed the crowd of people warily. They were all young, covered in piercings and tattoos, and heading for The Factory(1). He didn't know what to do with himself, after spending those few days with Heero, he couldn't go back to hooking. The idea made him sick. He didn't people to use his body anymore; he didn't want to be cheap.

Heero... I wish you were here with me.

Just as the thought crossed his mind, a shadow fell over him and he looked up half expecting Heero to be there. However, a pompously handsome young man with bulging muscles was hovering over him instead. Duo scowled at the guy. "Do you need something?" he asked irritably.

The guy leaned down and eyed him hungrily. "How much for one night?" he demanded.

Duo frowned and stood up, crossing his arms over his chest. "Sorry man, look's like your gonna be alone tonight," he said and started to walk away, but he found himself yanked back by his braid.

"ITAI! You mother fucker!" he shouted furiously.

The moron smirked at him. "I like 'em feisty. You and me are gonna have some fun."

"Yeah-right, bitch. You wish," Duo snapped and struggled against the roving hands. For a moment he was struck with how ridiculous the situation was. There they were, in the middle of a busy street.... And no one was even trying to assist him. But then again, this type of thing happened often in Winchester Square. Not even the cops came down here often.

When the tall bastard began to drag him into the alley, Duo swung out and punched him in the face. However his attacker barely even winced. "Let me go!" Duo shouted angrily. He didn't know what was more humiliating... the fact that he was so helpless, or the fact that his guy was bullying him in front of other people.

Just as the muscle bound asshole reached the alley, something happened.... And the next thing Duo knew, the guy was face down on the ground. Duo stared incredulously at the site and he looked up at his savior. Violet eyes got impossibly wide.

"Heero!! What the hell are you doing here?"

Heero Yuy glared at him angrily and dropped the metal pipe. "What the fuck did you think you were doing?" he snarled.

Duo winced and looked away from that angry stare. "Hee-Chan, I --"

"No! You tell me what the fuck you thought you were doing! You fuck me and leave?! You listen to a bitch like Relena Peacecraft and just abandon me?! I can't fucking believe you. Then you come down here in your work clothes," the Japanese teenager sneered as he eyed Duos leather clad body.

Duo bit his lip. "Please Heero, you don't understand. I want to be with you! But I can't! Don't you understand? I can't be a part of your life! I would just fuck upeverything that you've got going for you!"

Heero clutched his shoulders and shook him hard. "I don't care about that shit! The money, my 'parents' none of it! You make me feel alive, Duo! You make me happy! I haven't been happy in so long... why do you want to take that away from me?" Heero said sadly.

Duo gazed at him wide eyed. "I... I didn't know... you don't..."

"I love you Duo! I don't care if we only just met! I love you!" Heero choked out.

Duo gazed at him with wide violet eyes. Then he wrapped his arms around Heero and clung to him. He sobbed softly. "Oh Heero. You don't know how long I've wanted to hear someone say that to me! You don't know what it means!" he whispered.

Heero buried his face in Duos hair. "Nothing else matters to me Duo, I just want to be with you."

Duo looked up at him and smiled. "I feel the same way."

They embraced each other for a few moments, before Heero began to wonder something. "Duo, why was Relena so interested in you and I?"

Duo grimaced at the girls name. "A while back... her brother picked me up. He took me back to their mansion, and I thought it was just going to be a regular bang. Ya know? But uh, it seems that the Peacecraft siblings really dig the whole bondage thing. They tied me up, and did all sorts of crap to me. It was nothin' short of rape man.... It hurt like a bitch. Both of 'em, using me like that. Anyway, Relena was taping it and the second they untied me I took the tape and bolted. So she blackmailed me. I either give her the tape or she tells the world about me and you," Duo said against Heero's chest.

Heero frowned, having the sudden urge to break that little witches neck. He shook it off and smirked at Duo. "Don't worry Duo... Relena AND Quatre are going to get what they deserve, courtesy of Trowa Barton."

Duo blinked at him in confusion, but decided to just take Heero's word for it. "So.. What do we do now?" he asked.

Heero sighed and guided him towards his car. "Well, I never really cared for the rich and famous life, so I was thinking that maybe you and me could get jobs.... DECENT jobs.... And get out of this city," he said with a smile.

Duo grinned and glomped him. "Sugoi!! I love you Heero! You are the best!"

Heero smiled to himself, finally feeling that sense of completeness that he had always wanted. It didn't matter if they had just met, they loved each other and they would be together. They would start a new life.... Leaving all the bad memories behind.


Now what happened to Relena you ask? ^_^ Well it turns out that Relena had done an especially nasty thing to a young lady named Catherine Bloom a while back. She had stolen her boyfriend and got her kicked out of school. Unknown to Relena, Catherine had a brother named Trowa Barton. Trowa had met Heero at the circus one day (where he and his sister worked).... and Heero knows Hilde, who is Catherine's best friend. Anyway, it seems as though Trowa had carried out the threat that Duo had once delivered. He sent some XXX rated tapes starring Relena and himself to the head master and every dignitary and news station in the city. Relena was then sent to an all girls school in Switzerland! ^____^

As for Quatre, well we all know that he had some appearances in those tapes and instead of just being sent off to some boarding school the poor dear was disowned by his father! ;-; Trowa (Who had taken a liking to the poor dear) took pity on him and invited the blonde Muslim to stay with him and Catherine at the circus.

Now as for Wufei and Hilde, well they are still together and still bickering. O.o;;

And as this story comes to a close, we see that Heero and Duo hopped on a shuttle heading for colony L2 (hopped meaning they were stow aways) and started a Salvage Yard. They are now living happily ever after in a cozy little apartment, and being content to just be with each other...


1 The Factory is a nightclub in New York City. ^_^ It's one of my favorite clubs... even though it is a bit wild.

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