Author: Aya
Pairings: 1x2
Warnings: Language, Lots of citrus
Disclaimers: I own nothing.. I have nothing
Timeline: After the Eve wars when the boys are working as Preventers.

Ying Yang + Part 1

"I've got a new assignment for you, Maxwell."

Duo squinted up at Une and made a face. He was in the middle of finishing about a ton of paperwork from his last assignment and he wasn't really looking forward to another one so soon. "What have you got for me now, woman? If it involves dressing in drag again you can go bug Quatre or Wufei..."

She shook her head and smirked. "Nothing like that, Duo. You will be working with Yuy on this one."

Duo sat back in his chair and raised an eyebrow. "I thought you didn't like pairing Heero and me up," he said with a smirk. Everyone knew that the two were lovers, and they made it quite obvious. Une had a thing about it being dangerous to put them together on assignments because they distracted each other or some such nonsense.

"Well Duo, this assignment suits both of you perfectly." Just as the words were out of her mouth, Heero approached the two of them.

"New mission?"

Une nodded and handed a file at each of them. "You two are going undercover as employees of a man named Shin Stone. That's his alias, real name is unknown. He is a terrorist and his base of operations is on Earth, in America. He has been taking out many important politicians all over Earth, and he is planning to assassinate Relena Peacecraft."

Duo snorted. "So that doesn't explain why you are pairing us up. Everyone wants to kill Relena -- it isn't anything new."

Heero tugged his braid lightly, as if telling him to shut up.

"Stone hired two very well known assassins to take out Ms. Peacecraft. Little is known about them, and he only knows their codenames. Ying and Yang. They are the best of the best and we just happened to have taken them into custody three days ago. You two are going in as them."

"And?" Duo asked impatiently.

Une shot him a look, and rolled her eyes. "Ying and Yang are male, homosexual, and lovers. The only description Stone was given was that they are beautiful, and very sexual. They are very open about their sex life and don't mind getting physical in public."

Duo smirked. "Neither do we."

Une made a face. "Yes, half the staff and I are very aware of that. And although for this mission you are required to be openly affectionate, when you get back you are to behave professionally. I don't want a repeat of the copy machine incident," she said sternly.

Heero smirked at his lover. After that he would never look at a copy machine in the same way again. Duo was certainly inventive when it came to sex.

"Yang is very possessive over Ying, and mainly the strong silent type. Ying is outgoing and downright slutty at times. Yuy -- you're Yang, Maxwell -- you're Ying. I want every piece of information you can get off his computers. Stone is to be taken in alive. You leave tomorrow and I expect you to be done in two or three days. Relena is supposed to be killed on the weekend. That will be all gentlemen."

Duo watched her walk away and grinned at Heero. "Well babe, I can't say I won't enjoy this assignment."

Heero grunted and leaned in close to Duo. "Don't get to in character, Maxwell. If you touch anyone else... omae o korosu."

The ex-Shinigami pilot smirked and kissed his koi on the nose. "Don't worry Hee-Chan, I've only got eyes for you."

Heero smirked and graced him with a sloppy kiss. "Keep it that way."


~ Earth. America: Old Southern California ~

"You sure this is the right place?" Duo asked as he plopped down on a bench. "It's a real dump."

Heero shrugged. "The van is picking us up here."

"Well it better come soon. I'm getting bored."

Heero eyed his lover hungrily. The violet-eyed man was clad in skintight leather pants that hung low on his hips, a tight half top and knee high boots. He looked damned sexy and if it weren't for the long leather coat he was wearing Heero would have some trouble hiding his erection.

Duo looked up at him and smirked. "I know that look..." he murmured and sauntered over to where Heero was leaning against a brick wall. "Did I ever tell you how fucking hot you look in leather baby?" Duo pressed his body against Heeros' and ran his tongue along the ex-pilots jaw.

Heero shivered and pinned the little tease against the wall. "You look hotter," he growled and kissed the shorter man hungrily. Duo moaned against his lips, and began thrusting his hips against Heeros. A low groan escaped the Japanese mans lips as Duo continued to grind their erections together. He didn't really care that they were in public... it was late anyway and if people were actually out at this hour they should expect to see some pretty wild things. Besides... it was a part of the mission.. yeah.

"OH FUCK!" Duo cried out when Heero suddenly pinched his nipples. He collapsed against the wall, nearly sobbing as Heero trailed fiery kisses down his neck, simultaneously grinding against his throbbing cock.

Through his passion-induced haze Duo became aware of a vehicle pulling up to the curb. "H.. Heero we got company," he gasped through each kiss.

"Fuck company," Heero growled and pounded his hips harder against Duos. They came at the same time, and Duo sagged into Heeros muscular arms.

The ex-Wing pilot turned around and eyed the men standing behind them through heavy lidded eyes. "What the fuck do you want?" he asked flatly, still supporting Duo with one arm.

"Uh... " The young blonde man seemed to be at a loss of words. His blue eyes were glued to Duo and he was practically salivating.

"Mr. Stone sent us," an older man interrupted, although he was also ogling the two young men.

"Good. Now put your fucking eyes back in your sockets before I rip them out," Heero said coolly, addressing the blonde man.

"Yes.. Sir. Sorry sir.. This way," he stammered, tearing his eyes away from 'Ying.' Heero smirked and smacked Duos' ass lightly, before nudging him in the direction of the van. When they were both inside, Duo straddled Heeros' lap and began kissing him again.

"Dave, How long until we get back to the mansion?" Rick, (the blonde man) asked the older man.

Dave looked at his watch and grunted, as he started the engine. "Two hours, maybe more."

Rick groaned and glanced in the rear view mirror at the two beautiful men in the back. They were practically fucking right there... and it was turning him on way too much.

"Drive fast," he said shortly and crossed his legs.

His job was never easy.

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