Author: Aya
Pairings: 1x2
Warnings: Language, Lots of citrus
Disclaimers: I own nothing.. I have nothing

Ying Yang + Part 2

Shin Stone took pride in his appearance. He was a striking man, and since his mother was Japanese and his father American, he was also rather exotic looking. Jet black hair, gray eyes, and a slight tan. Yes... He was very pleased with his looks.

Shin sat down at his desk and smiled slightly. The two assassins would be here shortly, and he was dying to meet them. He did not plan to talk about business right off the bat, because he was in the middle of hosting a party. He planned to get to know the two mysterious men very well.

As if on cue, someone knocked on the door and Rick stepped in. "Goodness, Ricky, what on earth happened to your face?" The young man was sporting a black eye and a bloody lip.

Rick grimaced and shrugged sheepishly. "Mr. Yang did not like the way I was looking at Mr. Ying," he mumbled.

Shin raised both eyebrows. "Please do show them in."

When the two young men stepped in the room, Shin couldn't keep himself from gasping out loud. They were stunningly beautiful and dangerous all at the same time. The shorter one had long silky hair that was tied back in a loose ponytail, his eyes a stunning amethyst color. The other was just as gorgeous with deep blue eyes and spiky dark hair that seemed to be permanently unruly. Both young men were clad in black leather, and the taller of the two had a possessive arm around the others waist. He was eyeing Shin warily.

Shin stood up and smiled warmly at them. "Welcome to my home."

"Are you Stone?" the dark haired one demanded.

Shin raised an eyebrow. "Please do call me Shin."


"I'm Ying... this is my Yang," the longhaired beauty said with a saucy grin.

Shin gestured for them to sit down before he continued. "I already know your code names, won't you grant me the pleasure of telling me your real names at least?"

"Well... if you insist on it, you can call me Max. This gorgeous hunk of man here is Yui," Duo informed the man with a wink. He ignored Heeros glare and smiled flirtatiously at Shin.

"Can we get on with this? What's the job?" Heero snapped irritably.

"Oi oi, it is the middle of the night, and I am in the middle of hosting a party for my associates. I tell you what, go to your room and freshen up; then you can come down and enjoy the party if you choose. Tomorrow morning we will discuss business," he said with another smile.

Heero glared at the man. "I didn't come here to party."

Duo ran his long fingers through Heeros mop of hair and smiled seductively. "Yui - Chan... I wouldn't mind a little pleasure before business," he said lightly, before giving the Japanese man a long lingering kiss.

Shin raised an eyebrow at their display, but looked at Heero expectantly.

When they broke apart Heero gave Shin a look. "Fine. Business tomorrow."

"Good!" Shin said cheerfully. He pressed a button on what appeared to be an intercom, and asked someone named Linda to come in. Almost immediately a small dark haired lady in a tiny maid uniform came in. She smiled at Duo and Heero. "I'll show you to your room."

"Hn." Heero grunted and followed her out, before casting one last glare in Shins' direction.

Shin watched them go and pursed his lips together. They were more than he had expected and he was pleasantly surprised. However, he couldn't shake the feeling that he had seen them somewhere before...


"So as I was saying, the plan would be much more effective if -- " Shin stopped talking abruptly and stared at the vision in front of him.

"Mr. Stone? Is there a problem?" Dave asked with a frown. Shin smiled and gestured towards the staircase where Yui and Max were making their way down. The two assassins had captured the attention of just about everyone in the room.

Max wore his long hair in the same loose ponytail; his wide luminous eyes were outlined with what appeared to be violet eyeliner. He wore black vinyl leather pants that fit him like a second skin, and a black cropped shirt that exposed his well-defined abs. There was a simple black and silver choker around his neck, and what appeared to be a silver chain was hooked to it; the chain went down his chest where it encircled his waist meeting at his belly button with a small silver clasp.

Yui was clad in metallic gray leather pants, and a matching vest. He wore no shirt underneath, and his eyes were lined with coal, full lips painted red. The both of them screamed sex and all eyes were glued to them when they began to dance.

Shin bit his lip and tried to ignore the stirring in his groin as he watched the two assassins move against each other in perfect rhythm to the beat of the music. Yui wrapped his arms around Max's waist, grinding his hips sensually against the others. Max responded by tangling his fingers in his lovers' unruly hair and closing his eyes. Those full red lips parted and although Shin couldn't hear him, he was sure that a moan escaped that perfect mouth.

"They certainly are interesting," Dave murmured.

Shin nodded in agreement, but he never took his eyes off the spectacle of the two lovely assassins. The song was ending but that didn't stop the two men from moving against each other. In fact... Yui appeared to be guiding Max to a small leather couch.

They weren't the only couple openly making love.. But they certainly were the most captivating. Even as the thought crossed Shin's mind, Max pushed Yui down in the chair and the Japanese man smiled sexily at his longhaired lover. Max smirked and settled on the floor between Yui's spread legs, leaning up for a slow kiss as he simultaneously unzipped the mans skin tight jeans.

Shin gasped softly and leaned against the wall, allowing his hand to go down and slowly stroke his own throbbing arousal. Dave's eyes widened at his bosses actions, and he edged away.

Gray eyes watched intently as Max freed Yui's straining member and began to slowly lick it up and down like a popsicle. Long fingers tangled themselves in impossibly long chestnut hair as Max's head began to bob up and down faster as he sucked his lovers cock.

Shin's eyes went up to Yui's mouth. The young man was panting harshly as he thrust into his koi's willing mouth. He was murmuring something.. but Shin could not make the out words over the music.

Shin stroked faster, as Yui began to thrust at a more urgent pace. Then, after what seemed like an eternity, Yui's head dropped back and he cried out softly as he came deeply in his lovers' mouth. Shin groaned as he also reached his limit and came in his pants.

Withdrawing his hand slowly, Shin licked his lips and straightened his clothes. He looked around and saw that either everyone was dancing, having sex, or eyeing Yui and Max. Thankfully no one had been looking at him. His cheeks flooded with color and he chuckled a little. These two were definitely affecting him.

He looked up and blushed even redder as he realized that Max was watching him with an amused grin. The fey creature turned back to Yui and kissed him deeply, before hopping off of his lap. Shin found watched curiously as Max sauntered over to him, until they were face to face.

"Enjoy the show Shin-chan?" the smaller man breathed.

Shin swallowed and looked over at Yui. Those heavy lidded blue eyes were glued to them, half closed and still filled with lust.

"Anou... I um.. "

Max laughed amusedly, and pulled Shin towards the center of the room. "Dance with me," he said softly... not really making it a request.

Shin nodded kind of dazedly and obediently began to move with the little tease to the music. He soon found that dancing with Max was ten times more arousing than watching him, and was sporting another hard on in exactly one minute. The dark haired terrorist wrapped his arms tightly around Max, and began rubbing into him with abandon.

Max responded by chuckling mischievously and unwinding himself from Shins grip. He danced just out of reach and spun around so that they were ass to cock. Shin nearly cried out when Max began grinding his pert little rear against his arousal, still somehow remaining in perfect rhythm with the music.

Shins squeezed his eyes shut and clutched Maxs hips, as the little devil ground against him harder. When he orgasmed, he held onto Max so hard he was sure that the young man yelped.

His eyes slowly opened.. And the pounding in his ears stopped. Max spun around and smiled up at him brightly. "Thanks for the dance Shin-chan," he chirped and kissed him on the nose, before sashaying slowly away.

Shin nodded and licked his lips hungrily as he watched the man walk away. Then he slowly looked up.. And his gray eyes widened.

A pair of dark blue eyes pinned him to the spot, and Shin cringed under the intensity of the glare. Something told him... as the leather clad man glared at him murderously.. that Yui was not very pleased.


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