Warnings: Cursing, lemon and voyeurism!
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Author: Aya

Ying Yang + Part 4

Surprisingly, Duo was the first to rise the next morning. He had been restless the entire night and was plagued with dreams of Heero shooting him and Shin. The part where Shin got shot didn't really upset him since the man was a criminal anyway, but the idea of Heero killing him over such a simple thing bothered him. He had survived the L2 plague, and two wars, so he was not about to go out because of a jealous lover. Duo had been in abusive relationships before and if that is what Heero wanted to make this, he would get out.

"Such a beautiful face should not be creased with a frown."

Duo resisted the urge to roll his eyes at Shin. "Good morning," he said flatly.

The gray-eyed man was already dressed in a black suit, and he had a smug smile plastered on his face. "I think it is time that we discussed the reason why you two are here," Shin said coolly.

Duo shifted uncomfortably. Something was up, he could tell. "..Ok let's just wait for Yui to come down," he said, and tugged self consciously at the hem of his silk robe.

"Ah, yes.. Yui.. And perhaps you should go put some decent clothes on, ne?"

Duo couldn't help but smile. "I'm perfectly decent in this. Why... don't you think I look nice?" he added with an adorable pout.

Shin gave him a feral smile. "You look positively delicious. "

"Listen Shin, I'm sorry about last night. Yui is really possessive, I hope there are no hard feelings," Duo said, suddenly feeling like he should change the subject.

Shin smiled and leaned against the wall. "I can't say that I blame the man, if I had someone as beautiful as you, I would be just as possessive. But... " he paused and gently stroked the bruise on Duo's cheek. "But I would never hit you."

Duo shifted uncomfortably and stepped back. "He lost his temper."

"Ah. Does he lose his temper a lot? Tell me Max, how often does he hurt you? How often does he treat you like a possession and not a human being?"

"Listen Shin. You don't know Yui or me so mind your own fucking business," Duo snapped.

"No need to get hostile, I was merely asking you a question. It's just that I hate to see someone so lovely be hurt. He doesn't deserve you Max; I just want you to know that."

Shin smirked when the shorter man turned back towards the window. The little assassin certainly did look gorgeous in the tiny black robe. It only went down to his upper thigh and showed off those exquisite long legs beautifully. An added effect was that his long hair had come undone from the ponytail and hung freely down his back. Shin ran his fingers through the chestnut strands and smiled. "Run along now. Go get Heero, and then we will talk."

Duo froze. Heero... Not Yui. He spun around but the gray-eyed terrorist was already gone. "Shit." He muttered, then ran upstairs.


Duo stole a glance at his lover from the corner of his eye as they walked towards Shin's office and grimaced. Heero looked way to calm, it was almost scary. He wasn't even frowning.. He just had a blank empty look in his eyes; it was extremely disturbing. "Hee-Chan?"

"What?" Heero snapped.

Duo made a face. "Never mind." God. The guy was acting like it was his fault their cover had been blown. It had been a stupid idea anyway; did Une really think people hadn't been watching the news before and after the war?

Suddenly Heero grabbed his hand a squeezed it reassuringly. Duo looked up and the Japanese man gave him a small smile. Feeling a little better, he pushed Shin's door open and walked in.

"Ah, my two favorite assassins," Shin said cheerfully.

Duo crossed his arms over his chest and raised an eyebrow. "Cut the shit Stone, we know you know about us."

"Ah yes. I know that my little assassins are actually my little Gundam pilots."

"Ok. You know. What do you plan to do about it?"

Shin leaned back in his chair and sighed. "Ying and Yang are really pilots 01 and 02. Very interesting indeed. The truth is I have not decided what to do, it all depends on what you tell me."

Duo looked at Heero and raised an eyebrow. So he still thought they were Ying and Yang; maybe they weren't screwed after all. "The truth is this should not change anything Shin. We are here for a job, and you know we are the best people to do it. What does it matter if we used to be Gundam pilots?"

Shin pursed his lips. "Why did the two of you become assassins? Why would you work to kill, after you stopped a war?"

"Once a killer, always a killer," Heero said flatly.

Duo looked at him sharply. Did he really believe that?

"I see. Tell me why would you want a job to kill Relena Peacecraft after you protected her during the war? Why there were even rumors that you and the Peacecraft girl were going to be married," Shin said looking amused.

The ex-Wing pilot scowled at him. "Rumors are called rumors for a reason," he snapped but looked at his longhaired lover and smirked in spite of himself. "Besides.. What would I want with her when I have him?"

Heero leaned over and kissed Duo slowly, his hand coming up to cup the side of his face.

Cobalt eyes met silver in an unspoken challenge.

If Duo hadn't been so caught up in Heero's sudden gentleness he might have noticed the tension between the two men.

Shin cleared his throat and gave them a strained smile. "Yes yes, how very touching. She is a rather dowdy girl, isn't she?"

Duo pulled away from Heero and licked his lips. "Relena is very... wholesome. But whatever was or might have been between her and my Hee-Chan was over before it began."

"Hee-Chan? How very cute. Does he also have a nickname for you 02?"

"I would prefer if it you didn't address me by that number. Either call me Max or say 'hey you', just do not call me that."

"How about we cut all the fucking small talk and talk business," Heero growled impatiently.

Shin raised a slender eyebrow at him. "How do I know I can trust the two of you?"

Duo leaned forward and smirked. "You can trust us to get the job done, but if you feel you can find someone better for the job... Tell us now so we won't waste anymore time here."

The dark haired man sighed and looked out the window for a moment. "The job requires more... red work (1)... than I let on in the beginning."

"If we had a problem with red work, we would not be in this line of business," Heero sneered.

Shin glared at him but continued. "There is a conference on Saturday with Peacecraft and several representatives from countries all over the world. I don't just want Peacecraft taken out; I want the whole building destroyed."

Duo blinked. "Why?"

"I am not paying you to ask questions, Maxie."

"Fine. Where is this conference?"

"In Sanq, when do you plan to leave?"


Shin smiled. "Ok, then. Now that we have every thing settled, why don't you go have a look at the grounds. We'll have dinner later on."

Heero opened his mouth to say something but Duo cut him off. "Ok, see you later." Then with a smile and a wink, he pulled his lover out of the room.


~One hour later~

Rick swore under his breath and looked around the wooded area behind the mansion. "Fuck.. Lost them again." He muttered and hurried through the trees in search of the two assassins.


"That guy is just so fun to toy with," Duo snickered after they once again gave Rick the slip.

Heero grunted and shifted so that Duo was in his lap. They were in a tree. A very large tree. The branch they were sitting on was about three yards long, so they could easily lie on it or even dance on it if the mood struck them.

"We take him in tonight."

Duo turned around so that he was facing his lover. "What's the plan?"

"You are going to plant the bombs tonight while I distract him. Set the timer for at least two hours, to be sure we have everything covered --"

"Then when the bombs go off, you hack into his computer and I take him down," Duo cut in.


"Wouldn't it make more sense for me to distract him? After all I am his favorite," the violet-eyed boy said with a wicked grin.

Heero glared at him. "That's why you're not going to."

Duo rolled his eyes. "Why are you suddenly acting so possessive?"

"I was always possessive," Heero murmured as he caressed his lover's silky hair.

Duo leaned into his touch and sighed. "But you never hit me."

The Japanese boy paused, then buried his face in Duo's neck. "Gomen, Duo. Please forgive me."

The smaller boy sighed and kissed Heero's forehead. "I'll forgive you. But if you ever do it again... " He let the sentence trail off. They sat in silence for a moment until Duo grinned and ran his hands down Heero's chest. "Have you ever done it in a tree Hee-Chan?"

"No... But there is a first time for everything."


Rick kicked a rock and groaned. Where the hell could they have gone? He pulled out a small pair of binoculars and scanned the area. He was just about to give up when he saw a flash of something in the trees. What he saw nearly made him come in his pants.

They were both completely naked. Yui was leaning forward on his knees, with Max's long legs thrown over his shoulders as he pumped into him violently.

Rick almost dropped the binoculars when Max began to stroke his own arousal urgently, in time with his lover's thrusts.

The whole scene was so lust inducing that the blonde man felt his cock harden. With one trembling hand still holding the binoculars, Rick slipped the other one into his pants.


"Ahh... Heero.. " Duo moaned desperately as his hand moved rapidly against his throbbing arousal. With another well-aimed thrust, Heero's cock slammed into his prostate hard. "Oh god yess.... Right there!" The longhaired boy wailed. He clutched at Heero with his free hand, clawing at his sweaty slippery flesh. Heero held onto Duo's slender hips as he began to thrust harder, moaning in pleasure as Duo bucked up to meet his frantic thrusts.

Duo didn't even care that the rough bark of the tree was digging into his back, all that mattered was Heero's cock slamming into him. Another particularly violent thrust had him screaming inarticulately. Overcome with sensation he came right then, all over himself and Heero.

Heero moaned and threw his head back as he thrust harder, hitting Duo's sweet spot repeatedly. He grabbed Duo by the hair and yanked him up for a desperate passionate kiss. After another few thrusts, he exploded inside of the boy, crying out against Duo's mouth.

They stayed like that for several minutes, Heero's length still inside his lover, and their lips still crushed together in a hungry feverish kiss.

Slowly they pulled apart, and laid on the rough bark of the tree. Duo shivered as a cool breeze washed over his heated flesh. "I think I like sex in trees."

Heero chuckled and caressed his damp hair. "Baka."

"Hey, I'm not the only one," Duo said with a snicker, as he peered over to a small grove of trees below them. "Ricky likes it, too; he's been watching the whole time."

Heero snorted. "I know."

Duo propped himself up on his elbows and watched as the blonde man pleasured himself. "Interesting."

Heero smacked his ass. "Stop staring at him."

The ex-Shinigami pilot grinned and kissed the tip of Heero's nose. "If you keep smacking my ass like that, next time you have to be on the bottom. That reminds me... where did you get lube from in a tree?"

Heero smirked. "Secret."

"Wierdo... "

They got dressed and climbed back down the tree. As they passed where Rick was still sprawled on the ground by the grove, Duo smiled brightly and called out to him. "I hope you enjoyed the show!"

The blonde bodyguard blushed furiously and tried to cover himself but his pants were by now around his ankles.

Heero rolled his eyes and yanked Duo away from the man. "Let's go. We have work to do."


1- Red work is a job that involves killing. I borrowed that term from Mathew Woodring Stover's Heart of Bronze. ^^

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