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Author: Aya

Ying Yang + Part 5

~ Evening ~

The sun was setting and it cast a beautiful golden glow on the shiny wooden floor of the veranda. Heero shifted in the uncomfortable wooden chair and sighed. He was growing very irritated with Shin as the man chattered about everything and nothing. Heero kept reminding himself that he only had to put up with the man for a little while longer, then they could arrest him and be done with it.

"I tell you Yui, I have been behaving myself all day but if Max keeps showing off for me I won't be able to restrain myself much longer."

Heero glared at Shin but looked at his lover who was lounging along side the large pool.

Duo was clad only in a tiny black thong; his entire body was wet and glistening from a recent dip in the pool. His long hair was loose and fanned out above his head, the sunlight highlighting several honey gold strands. He looked like a god.

"Hn. Touch him and I'll break your hand."

"Maybe he wants me to touch him. Ever think of that?"

Heero watched as his partner casually dragged long fingers up and down his muscular chest, occasionally toying with a pink nipple.

"Mmm... God what I would do to ram my cock into that sweet little ass."

Heero's eyes narrowed and he glared at Shin hatefully. The man was actually massaging his crotch, uncaring that Heero was looking right at him. "Watch you're fucking mouth, Stone. You're skating on thin ice."

Shin smirked and moved his hand. "Oi oi! Calm down there, boy. I'm just looking, not touching. But I would really like it if you learned to share."

"I don't share," Heero murmured as he watched Duo turn around to lay on his stomach, allowing his smooth muscular back to tan. The Japanese man eyed his lover's smooth firm buttocks hungrily and he had the sudden urge to ravish him right there.

"So I gathered... Tell me, Yui, have you ever thought about having a threesome?"

Heero's eyes widened a fraction and he stared at Shin incredulously. "Pardon?"

"Threesome... three guys fucking each other. My cock up your ass... your cock up Max's ass.. Bumping and grinding... Ever thought about that?"


"Would you want to try it? I'm not as pretty as you or Max... but.. " He let the sentence trail off when Duo chose that particular time to stand up and stretch. Two sets of eyes watched as he dove into the pool and began to float casually, hair floating all around him.

"... but... Well imagine that -- I forgot what I was saying," Shin gave him a sheepish grin.

"That's because you are a worthless fool," Heero muttered and leaned back in the chair.

The dark haired terrorist smirked, ignoring the insult. "You know what your problem is, Yui? You're scared of a little competition."

Heero raised an eyebrow. "You are hardly competition for me, Stone, and I do not see the need for you to continue talking to me. So just shut up already before I shut you up."

Shin snorted, unconcerned and began examining his nails casually. "That's your problem, Yui. You are too damn arrogant. You would like to believe that you have some kind of hold on Max. The kind of hold that prevents him from even so much as glancing at another male. However, it is that same arrogance that is going to drive him away."

The Japanese ex pilot stood up and glared at the man. He didn't need to sit here and listen to this shit. Especially when they were coming out of the mouth of a lowlife terrorist scumbag. "Listen you little ba--"

"Oi!! What are you guys looking so tense about over here?" Duo interrupted loudly as he came bounding up the steps to the veranda, he draped an arm around Heero's shoulders and grinned. "Talking about anything interesting?" he inquired.

Shin smiled smoothly and looked up and down Duo's wet form. "No, just two terrorists chatting about the finer things in life."

Duo gave him an odd look, but shrugged it off. "Well ok then. I'm gonna go take a quick shower, I'll leave you two to talk about whatever you two talk about."

Before he could go Heero grabbed his wrist. "I think I'll go with you."

Duo raised his eyebrows at his lover. "Why don't you stay here and get to know Shinny baby? I'll wash my hair and be down in a jiff. Sound like a plan?" he asked, emphasizing the word 'plan'.

Heero grimaced and groaned inwardly. He had forgotten that he had to distract Shin while Duo set the bombs. With a scowl he pulled Duo against him and kissed the man in an overly possessive manner. "Hurry back." He mumbled against his lover's lips. Duo smirked and winked at both of them before sashaying away, his round tight ass swaying invitingly.

"How did you get a beauty like that?" Shin asked shaking his head ruefully. "I mean, yeah, you're good looking but c'mon, kid, your social skills suck."

Heero stared at him stonily; reminding himself yet again that he had to keep him distracted. He repeated the mantra 'Talk now, Kill later' in his head and it was strangely comforting. "We met on a mission."

Shin nodded knowingly and smiled. "Aa I see. Let me guess, he was captured somewhere in a government prison, you rescued him and then you both rode off into the sunset or artificial sunset.. Heading towards a safe house where you made mad passionate love. "

Heero snorted. "Actually when we met he shot me twice, then helped me escape from a Federation hospital, then we actually did go back to a safe house - but I stole parts from his Gundam and flew off," Heero said flatly.

Shin sweat dropped. "Saa... then when did the humping get involved?"

Heero grit his teeth in annoyance. Maybe he should have let Duo handle this after all. He was better at this conversation thing; but then Heero remembered the way Shin had been eyeing Duo's naked rear and banished the thought. "We were paired together for several missions. We were undercover at a school when we first had sex. It wasn't about feelings then, just two teenagers wanting to relieve some stress."

Shin grinned knowingly. "But now it's about love?"

Heero allowed a brief smile to cross his lips. "Aa."

The older man leaned forward and smiled. "So tell me Yui, how's the sex? Is he as limber as he looks?"

Blue eyes narrowed and Heero glared at him. "Couldn't you tell from your video cameras?"

Shin faltered and blushed slightly. "Ano... "

With a sigh, Heero looked out at the pool. This was getting annoying.


~ 9 minutes later ~

Duo smirked evilly as he dodged Rick once again. In the past ten or so minutes he had planted seven small bombs all over the mansion without getting caught on camera once. Ah yes, being an ex-thief definitely had its advantages. Now for the big challenge, getting one near the camera in Shin's office. It wasn't powerful enough to destroy the entire room, but it would knock out the camera and that's all Duo needed. That way Heero could get easy access to the computer without interruptions while everyone else was running around trying to repair the damage done by the other bombs.

The longhaired man slunk into the room and was about to perfect the art of placing a bomb near the camera without looking like he was placing a bomb near the camera when the door opened. Rick walked in blinking in surprise. "Max? What are you doing in Mr. Stone's office?"

Duo smiled and leaned back against the desk. "Well I was looking for Shin, but I can't say I'm not happy to see you Ricky," he purred, looking the young blond man up and down with a predatory grin.

Rick swallowed hard and wiped sweat from his brow. "Sir?" he asked uncertainly, his voice shaking.

The longhaired man smirked and sauntered over to the far wall where he knew the camera was hidden. He crooked a finger and watched in amusement as Rick stumbled over to him. The poor guy seemed so confused and lost that Duo kind of felt sorry for him. When the blond security guard was in arms length of him, Duo grabbed him and pinned him to the wall, pressing his body flush against Rick's dark suit.

Rick's mouth fell open and a moan escaped his lips as Duo rolled his hips expertly against the half-aroused flesh between his thighs. "M-Max... Oh gods," the blond man whimpered. Duo put both arms above Rick's head, bracing himself against the wall. He smoothly attached the small bomb to the back of the camera without Rick even picking up on the slight movement.

Although the distraction really wasn't necessary anymore Duo began thrusting harder, getting painfully aroused from the activity. He bit his lip to muffle a moan and told himself that what Heero didn't know would not hurt him. Especially since it was for the sake of the mission. But as soon as the thought crossed his mind, overwhelming guilt came with it - and Duo pulled away reluctantly.

Rick's light blue eyes popped open and he stared at Duo in confusion."What's the matter?" he gasped out.

Duo shrugged. "Well, if Yui were to come in here and see this he would probably blow your brains out."

Rick stared at him in horror. "W.. What?"

With a smile the violet-eyed man began guiding Rick to the door. "Don't worry we'll have plenty of time to finish this later. I don't want you getting hurt now." Rick really was a sweet kid - it was too bad that he would probably die later in some of the explosions. Duo's smile faltered and he stopped just outside of Shin's office. "Ricky - um how about meeting me in the forest in about an hour?"

Rick smiled and he nodded eagerly. "Ok!"

Duo chuckled and started to walk away. "See you later then." Well... that was one innocent death off his conscience.


"So how about that threesome?"

Heero rolled his eyes and glanced at the door that led inside. It had been twenty minutes and Duo still was not back. Usually his small lover could get the same task done in half that time. "For the last time Stone - No." When he turned back to the dark haired terrorist he raised an eyebrow. The man was leaning so close to him that their noses were touching.

"Give it some more thought," Shin murmured and boldly pressed his lips to Heero's.

Instead of pulling back like Heero knew he should, he found himself strangely immobile as the older man began tonguing his lips languidly. It was more out of curiosity than anything else that he decided to part his lips and let Shin's tongue thrust into his mouth. After all the only person he had ever kissed was Duo and Heero had always wondered what it would be like to taste another man's lips.

Shin kissed him slowly, sensually, and very passionately. Soon enough Heero found himself returning the kiss; threading his fingers through Shin's dark hair.

"I leave you alone for a few minutes and you're trying to steal my boyfriend. Ch' Shin - you certainly are one horny fellow."

Heero shoved Shin away and stood up abruptly. He looked at Duo with apologetic eyes and was surprised to see that instead of looking angry his lover seemed to be amused. Shin looked up at Duo with a grin. "I thought you were going to wash your hair."

The longhaired man smirked and pulled Heero against him possessively. "I was, but then I decided that leaving my Yui-chan down here with you for so long would be a bad idea. And funny, that - I was right."

Heero shifted uncomfortably and began pulling Duo towards the door. With a jaunty wave at Shin, Duo followed Heero inside. "Look, Duo, I don't know what came over - " Heero started but Duo silenced him with a wave of his hand.

"It's forgotten already Heero, just don't let it happen again."

The ex-Wing pilot kissed Duo on the cheek and smirked at him. "How long do we have?" He asked as they walked up the long winding staircase towards their room.

Duo checked his watch and grinned. "About a half-hour. Whatever will we do to pass the time?" He asked with an innocent grin.

Heero smirked and pushed Duo in their room roughly. "I can think of a few things."

The longhaired man smirked and flopped down on the bed in a rather indecent sprawl. "Why don't you demonstrate a few of those things for me, Hee-chan?" He purred, laying back and letting his fingers slide beneath his shirt.

Heero watched as his lover touched himself and he smirked before pouncing on the smaller man. He captured Duo's lips in a long soul searching kiss. He closed his eyes and sighed softly, knowing now that no other man could ever hold a candle to Duo. The kiss slowly became more feverish as Duo began grinding his hips into Heero's roughly. Long slender fingers found Heero's zipper and he yanked it down impatiently, reaching inside the pants to touch his lover's erection.

At first contact Heero arched into his touch and moaned loudly, thrusting into Duo's hand. The violet-eyed man smirked and used his toes to pull down Heero's pants entirely. Still pumping his swollen organ roughly, Duo flipped them over so that he was on top of the Japanese man. He looked at his lover appreciatively and smirked again. Heero's head was thrown back; mouth hanging open as he moaned helplessly; his fingers were clawing at the bed desperately as Duo stroked faster.

Although Duo was really enjoying the sight of his usually so dominant lover writhing on the bed wantonly, his own erection was now painfully hard and he desperately needed to relieve himself. Duo slowly pulled his hand away and nearly laughed out loud when Heero's eyes popped open; pinning Duo with a deadly glare. "Why the hell did you stop?" he demanded, his voice husky and rough.

In one fluid motion, Duo was on his feet studying Heero with a little smile. "I'm afraid I have other plans for you, koi," he purred. "Turn around and get on all fours," he commanded coolly, mimicking Heero's words from the day before.

Heero's lips turned up in a sexy grin and he obediently got into the requested position. Duo sighed and tilted his head to one side as he admired the erotic vision before him. Heero looked so sexy like that, only clad in a tight black shirt, bending over with that gorgeous ass raised in the air so invitingly. He stood there so long admiring that Heero actually turned slightly and glared at him over his shoulder. "Well? What the hell are you waiting for? Just fuck me!"

Duo grinned and quickly unzipped his own skintight pants, revealing his lack of underwear and throbbing erection. He smoothed his hands over Heero's smooth firm buttocks, enjoying the shiver that coursed through his lover's body. "I need lube, baby... " Duo murmured, dropping feather light kisses along Heero's spine.

"No! Fuck just use saliva or something! Just please do it now!" he pleaded urgently.

Duo moaned softly, incredibly turned on my Heero's pleading words. The longhaired man spat into his palm and hastily smoothed the saliva over his cock. Without another moments hesitation, he guided his rod slowly into Heero's body.

Duo bit down on his lip hard, eyes rolling back in his head as his aching sex was enveloped slowly into that tight little opening. He panted harshly, clutching Heero's slender hips and slowly pushed deeper inside. A moment after he was fully sheathed, Duo slid out and slammed his entire length inside violently, a strangled moan escaping his lips. Heero groaned loudly, rocking his hips in time with Duo's thrusts.

Soon enough Duo was drilling into him wildly, his head thrown back as loud feral cries escaped his parted lips. Heero moved against his lover and almost unconsciously started to stroke his own abandoned erection roughly. They moved together in erotic sexual bliss for several more moments; Duo pounding mindlessly into Heero and Heero lost in his own world of euphoric mind numbing pleasure. Heero let out a particularly loud scream suddenly, every muscle in his body tightening as he came violently. Duo snapped his hips harder, his keening whines spiraling into all out shrieks as he filled his lover's sweet body with his seed.

Just as they collapsed against each other in a heap of tangled limbs a loud explosion shook the foundation. Duo smiled at Heero evilly. "And let the games begin."


Shin had been watching the monitor intently, mesmerized as the two beautiful men made love when he heard the explosion. He was instantly on his feet and rushing out of the office, not even realizing that hidden camera behind him had just burst into flames.

The terrorist swore loudly and ran to the patio. A large section of the wall had been knocked out, and several security guards were inspecting the scene warily. "What the FUCK just happened?" Shin shouted hotly.

"We don't know sir! It just - " Before the stammering young guard could finish his sentence, another louder explosion was heard coming from the garage.

"God DAMNIT!" Shin yelled in frustration. He took a calming breath and stared stonily at his baffled looking guards. "You two find Rick and Dave - search the whole fucking estate for intruders." He snarled furiously. The enraged man jabbed a finger at the remaining guards. "You put out these fucking fires and then find out the cause of this. NOW!" Just as the words left his mouth another loud boom was heard coming from the general vicinity of his bedroom suite.

Shin clenched his hands into fists, already thinking of the way he was going to make the person responsible suffer. Maybe he would cut them to pieces, or burn them alive. A malicious smirk spread out across his face as the familiar feelings of hate and blood lust filled him. Just as he was calming himself, the ceiling rocked with the force of a blast coming from upstairs. Shin stood completely still for a moment before he tore up the long winding staircase.


Duo sat on the edge of the bed primly, unconcerned that the mansion seemed to be going up rapidly in flames. Heero had already left the room after dressing hurriedly, going off to do his hacking thing while everyone was distracted. With a bored sigh Duo flopped back on the bed and scowled, idly replaying the scene of Heero's body writhing under him as he waited impatiently for Shin to come up so he could arrest the man and be done with it.

Not two minutes later, Shin burst into the door - eyes wild with anger and confusion. "What the hell is happening? Are you ok? Where's Heero?"

Duo sat up and shrugged; putting on his wide eyed innocent routine. "I don't know! After all the explosions he just ran out of here to see what was going on. He told me to wait here until he knew it was safe."

Shin looked around with a scowl. "I'd like to know what the fuck is going on myself." He growled angrily. "While you two were screwing each other silly, half of my mansion went up in flames!"

"Is there anything I can do?" Duo asked blandly, not even bothering to look sincere.

The older man strode forward and yanked him up roughly. "Now that you mention it, yes you can." And he crushed his lips to Duo's mouth. The violet eyed young man pulled away and made a face.

"Is that all you can think about?" he asked irritably, pulling away from him.

Shin growled and grabbed Duo again. "Since I met you that was all I could think about."

Before he could kiss him again, Duo casually pulled out his gun and pointed it at Shin. "Well, I would put my priorities in order if I were you."

The gray-eyed terrorist froze and his eyes widened. "What is going on?"

Duo smiled prettily and stood up. "You're under arrest Shinny baby." He fished his badge out of the desk, still keeping his gun trained on Shin. "I'm a Preventer."

Shin's eyes widened and his jaw clenched. "You back stabbing little whore!" he shouted and lunged for Duo, fully intending to wring the smaller man's neck. However Duo dodged him easily and with one smooth kick, he had the man on the floor in a writhing mass of pain.

"You won't get out of here alive, my guards - "

"Are dead," Heero said coldly as he walked into the room. "I took care of that myself."

"Oh well, not Rick - he was cute so I let him live," Duo put in with a cheeky grin. He ignored Heero's annoyed look and whipped out a pair of handcuffs. "We can do this two ways Shin-Chan, the easy way or the I knock you out and drag you down the stairs way."

"Or I can kill you," the Japanese ex pilot interjected.

Duo rolled his eyes. "Which you won't because it's against mission orders."

Heero glared at him and the longhaired man stuck out his tongue childishly. "Did you get the disk?" he asked as he cuffed a rather resigned and betrayed looking Shin.

The dark haired Preventer nodded. "Nimnu Kanryou."

Duo yanked Shin to his feet roughly and smirked when the terrorist just hung his head. "Then let's get out of here."


~ Preventer HQ, Some hours later ~

"Excellent job as usual Yuy, Maxwell. Perhaps I was wrong about not pairing the two of you up in the past," Une said approvingly.

Duo grinned. "This mission was a piece of cake and, yeah, no offense Une but you were wrong. Heero and me work best together."

His lover nodded in agreement.

Une raised an eyebrow and shrugged. "I will take that under consideration. Now you two go home and rest up. I expect a full mission report by tomorrow afternoon."

The two young men nodded and headed out of her office. "Well. Hee-chan. I can't say I didn't enjoy that mission." Duo said as he slung an arm around Heero.

The Japanese stared at him silently for a moment. "Let's talk about this Rick thing."

Duo blushed and pulled at the collar of his uniform. "Let's talk about that kiss thing," he countered.


"Yea that's right 'hmm'. Now let's just go home, take a shower, eat and then make wild passionate love or some other domestic junk like that."

Heero smiled fondly at him and squeezed his shoulder. "Ryoukai."

The two men headed out of the building, the tension that had been between them during the mission was already forgotten.


~Old California ~

Rick shifted uncomfortably on the rock that he was sitting on and he looked at his watch again.

"Max sure is late," he mumbled, but continued to sit patiently; convinced that there was no such thing as waiting too long for the object of his infatuation.


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