Author: BleedtoBlue
Genre: Gundam Wing Fan Fiction.
Pairings: 6x2, 3x4, 1xR, hints of 5x2.
Warnings: Fluff, SAP, possible OoC-ness, Slightly AU, m/m
Follow up to Just a Wedding

Disclaimers: The Gundam Boys are not mine. I do not profit.

A/N: Thanks to Marasmine for all her help and encouragement.

The Entropy of Memory + Chapter 6

Quatre and Trowa were, of course, upset and worried; an understatement in Quatre's case. Quatre was visibly and vocally concerned; Trowa handled it in a quieter and more practical manner. Trowa discussed security with Zechs, Zechs sent a message to Headquarters, standard procedure when an 'incident' involving agents occurred. Duo was starting to think it was being blown out of proportion, but then again he trusted Zechs' instincts, even if he didn't trust everything about Zechs.

Quatre fussed over Duo, and Zechs to a lesser extent and wanted all the details, of which there were precious few. By the time they'd eaten and were ready for bed Quatre had calmed down and the security issues seemed to have been settled.

Despite his nap in the car Duo was tired, yawning, and ready to call it a night after dinner. He knew there was a problem when he asked Quatre to show him his room by the way Quatre and Trowa glanced at each other.

"Of course, you must be exhausted, I'll show you and Zechs to your room." Quatre said, not looking at anyone in particular.

"Okay...wait....Our. Room.?" Duo repeated. "No, Quatre, you mean our ROOMS. Tell me you aren't making us sleep in the same room!" Oh yes, that was all he needed, to share a room with Zechs. Quatre had gone too far this time."Quatre.." Duo started in an angry hiss.

"Duo, I'm sorry." Quatre had pulled Duo ahead of Zechs and Trowa and was speaking softly. "I told you we were having some of the rooms re-done, and it wouldn't have been a problem but now there are extra security people and Une is sending some agents up."

"I can sleep on the couch in the den. No problem." Duo volunteered, not looking behind to see what Zechs was making of this development. Duo didn't know what sort of expression he might hope to see on Zechs face.

"Duo, it's a big room, there are two beds. Stop acting like a cranky five year old who doesn't want to share." Quatre stopped pulling Duo down the hall and opened the door.

Duo frowned and started to say, "I am not...." but Quatre interrupted as he led the way into the room. Trowa and Zechs had stopped down the hall, their heads together, speaking quietly.

"Afraid you can't keep your hands to yourself?" Quatre asked in a snarky tone. Duo ignored him to look around the room.

It was a big room, huge was more accurate, and, as Quatre had promised, there were two beds, one on either side of a fireplace which already had a fire going. Curtains covered large windows that Duo was sure led to a balcony. Another door led to the bathroom which, if Duo remembered properly, had a huge shower; and a hot shower sounded very good at the moment. Quatre was moving around the room turning on lamps and fussing. Duo decided that Quatre was feeling guilty about something as he should.

To make the night perfect Rashid appeared at that moment, interrupting the discussion Duo was inclined to have with Quatre about the room, to announce that Heero and Relena had called and wished to speak to Zechs and Duo about the 'attack.' Duo didn't want to talk about it, wasn't quite up to speaking with Heero though he knew he would do it soon.

Duo could only assume that Relena had been informed by Lady Une but possibly Heero was notified if any incident occurred involving Duo or Zechs. Duo couldn't find it in his heart to be too annoyed with Heero, but that didn't mean he wanted to discuss it just yet.

"You talk to your sister, Zechs, she'll feel better seeing first hand that you're all right." Duo said, rather pleased to make Mr.-I'm-In-Charge-Here field that call. "Tell Heero I'm fine and I'll call him, soon." Zechs looked non plussed but nodded his agreement and went to take Relena's call.

"'Night, Quatre. I'm going to take a shower and get some sleep." Duo announced, forestalling any further conversation.

"Duo, I'll make other arrangements tomorrow." Quatre said, almost an apology, Duo thought.

"No, it's fine. It's a great room. Goodnight." Duo repeated and gave Quatre a quick, fierce hug.

Duo washed up quickly, not taking time to enjoy the hot, pulsing water of the shower, and crawled into bed, trying to fall asleep before Zechs came back. Alone in the dark hoping for sleep that didn't come he wasn't sure why it made him feel unsettled to share a room with Zechs. Duo remembered how sitting next to Zechs in the restaurant had felt, the way he'd wanted to reach for Zechs in the car, how Zechs hadn't once said anything; hadn't reached out to him.

Despite his intention of going to sleep before Zechs returned he lay awake thinking about how Heero had probably reacted when Duo hadn't taken his call. Heero would be concerned, worried, like the friend he was, and that he'd always been. Duo would call him tomorrow, definitely before he left Quatre's.

Duo's thoughts kept him awake; Heero, Zechs, the car that had followed them out of the city; too many things, it felt like his life was spinning out of control. He tried to divert himself by considering how the people following them knew where they were going and when.

They could have simply been waiting outside Zechs' apartment or at his own place. He thought about the crowded hallway at work, Zechs had announced their departure in a clear, loud voice. It hadn't struck him as odd before but it did now.

Duo tried to remember seeing anyone besides other agents in the hallway and couldn't. He didn't like to think any of them were involved but it was an idea that needed to be considered. Quatre had known, and by extension the people in his household. He didn't know if Zechs had a staff at home or not. Duo realized how very little he did know about Zechs personal life and that he knew less than he'd imagined.

He and Zechs worked well together, and had managed, despite a rocky start to develop an acceptable working relationship. Duo trusted him to watch his back. But he didn't know much about him. He'd slept with him; it had been a wonderful experience. But it was a one time thing. 'Keep repeating it, Duo.' he thought to himself.

They didn't really socialize outside of work. Sometimes a drink after a particularly long day or a quick working dinner, sometimes they ran into each other at a mutual friends' but they didn't hang out together. Zechs had always treated him like a partner, no more, no less; and until recently he'd had no complaints. Maybe because it was a social situation he felt differently; but he didn't, couldn't, feel anything for Zechs, and he certainly didn't want Zechs' recent attitude and behavior away from the job to spill into their work environment.

Duo was just lying there in the dark thinking about the strange turn the day and his life had taken when Zechs slipped quietly into the room without bothering to turn on a light. Duo pretended to be asleep.

Duo closed his eyes and tried to keep his breathing light and even, pretending sleep. Duo listened as Zechs slipped out of his clothes and resisted the urge to open his eyes and watch as Zechs undressed and then slid into the other bed. Duo couldn't seem to fall asleep so he waited until Zechs was settled and his breathing became soft and even, telling him Zechs was asleep. Duo quietly grabbed his clothes and started to ease slowly out of the room.

"Duo." His movement was arrested by the sound of Zechs' voice. "Is there something wrong?" His voice came quietly out of the dark but startled Duo none the less.

"No, just couldn't sleep." Duo answered and opened the door to leave.

"Where are you going?" Zechs persisted in a sleepy voice that Duo found enticing. A voice that made him think of soft sheets, warm breath against his skin, whispered promises; of a quiet moment after steamy sex had left them both sated and satisfied.

"Just need some fresh air." Duo answered, wishing Zechs would stop talking, stop reminding him of things better forgot. Duo shut the door and walked back into the room, dropped his clothes on the bed so that he could get dressed. No need to worry about waking Zechs up now. But Duo stood there and made no move to put his clothes on. He felt Zechs eyes slowly moving over him, remembered the closeness in the car, the way Zechs smelled and felt. Duo was glad of the dark; it was a good place to hide.

"Yuy wasn't happy that you didn't come to the phone and speak to him yourself. He said you needed to talk." Zechs' voice was concerned and curious.

Duo had nothing to say to that so he countered with a question. "How's Relena?"

"Worried. But I think I reassured her that it was just a random thing."

"Was it?" Duo was still thinking about how and why anyone would be following them. Zechs was still watching him from the other bed.

"I think so, they didn't really try to do anything, no shots fired. If it had been a serious attempt there would have been two cars, at least." Duo thought about what Zechs had said, it made a strange sort of sense. And he was right, nothing happened. Not even something Duo had wanted to happen if he was honest with himself.

Duo picked up his clothes again and dropped them on the chair next to the bed. He crawled back under the covers suddenly tired and sleepy, and with too much to think about.

"Duo." It was just his name but the way Zechs said it held a question; Duo tensed up, afraid he'd ask what Heero wanted to talk to about, ask him why Duo didn't want to talk to Heero, and he wasn't ready to discuss it, not with Zechs. Zechs' voice came out of the dark again, deep and husky and maybe a bit sad. "Goodnight, Duo."

"Goodnight." Duo said as he drifted off to sleep, his dreams were troubled.

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