Author: BleedToBlue
Genre: Gundam Wing: AU
Pairing: 6x2, 3x4
Warning: R, m/m, some bad language,probably OOC Gundam Boys.

Summary: Zechs is a businessman. Duo is the cute tech guy who came by to check out the computer security. Zechs falls for Duo. Duo isn't quite what he seems. Zechs makes Duo an offer he can't refuse.

A/N: I blame this completely on tokagemusume who instigated it all with her "Fifty Ways to Meet Your Lover", watching the Hitchcock classic "Marnie" and also, "Charade" which is so very Hitchcock-esque. So, a little larceney, a little deceit, some blackmail and coercion, confusion, and oh yeah, love and desire. Maybe even a happy ending.

Many thanks to Marasmine for beta-ing and so much more.

Thanks for reading.

Thief and a Liar + Chapter 1

"There you go, Mr. Merquise, it's all locked up tight now. Once you put in your own passwords your system will have the best security this side of Swiss banks." The information was imparted with a dazzling smile and another maddening flick of the long auburn braid, the end brushing the narrowest part of his waist, just above a firm, round ass.

The innocent blue eyes belied the seductive quality of the surprisingly deep voice and the slim, muscular figure. Such a strangely confusing package; Zechs had been interested from the first but interest had quickly grown into fascination.

Not that he'd been allowed any closer than standing next to David or watching while he worked. David allowed no one to encroach on his personal space, Zechs had respected that and David seemingly appreciated it. He tolerated Zechs presence more than anyone else's and Zechs didn't think it was merely because he was his employer. He hoped not.

David didn't answer any personal questions or accept any invitations, from anyone, much to the dismay of the entire secretarial pool, male and female. But he discussed his work with Zechs and Zechs was careful to keep their conversation on non-personal subjects. The business, security, and possibly the weather. David was a mystery. A mystery Zechs wanted to solve.

The only break in David's facade had come when Zechs noticed David staring at a picture on his desk. It was a picture of a very muddy Zechs, a huge smile on his face, taken right after winning an amateur motocross race. His guardian, Trieze, stood with one arm proudly around Zechs the other helping Zechs hold the large cup awarded the winner.

When he'd noticed David looking at the photo, Zechs had asked if he liked motorcycles, and David had responded with a smile and a shy nod. Zechs further broke the ice when he offered that he worked on his own bike; even though he no longer raced, he still rode.

When Zechs had offered David a cup of coffee from the pot discretely delivered by his secretary he'd been more than pleased that David accepted. David had even sat on the leather sofa that graced his corner office and admired the view while he sipped the coffee and discussed the merits of various bikes and racing techniques.

If David seemed surprised that a man like Zechs would enjoy getting his hands dirty working on his own machine he hid it well. But he volunteered the only personal information that anyone had had from him. He had a bike, he liked to race, and he'd built his own bike. Zechs felt a not insignificant surge of pleasure that he'd won not only a real smile from David but also something about his private world.

Zechs would have been elated except that he knew David was almost finished with his job and would be leaving. Zechs had strict personal guidelines about using his position to gain private information about his employees but he intended to ignore those guidelines in this instance.

Then, last night had happened. He'd noticed a light on in the office housing the computers and checked in to find David still at work. David had seemed surprised to see him, but not unhappily so.

"You don't need to put in such long hours, David." Zechs had said, a little concerned about how stressed David had looked.

David had smiled at him as he said, "I'm almost finished. Maybe you'd have a drink with me." Zechs could hardly contain his astonishment and couldn't hide his pleasure.

"I'd like that." he'd answered and David had suggested they meet at a local bar when he'd finished. Zechs had rushed home to clean up and change clothes. He still beat David to the bar and wondered if he'd even show up.

David had appeared a little late, a little out of breath. It was raining and his hair and clothes were damp. Zechs wondered if he lived close enough to have stopped off at home for a shower. Thinking about David in the shower, wet and slick with his long hair loose and streaming around him made Zechs cock respond in a way that had become automatic when he was around David. He re-engaged his brain and asked David what he wanted to drink.

They'd had a drink and talked about motorcycles and computers. Zechs knew a lot about the first and next to nothing about the second. David had smiled and flirted; Zechs had invited him back to his loft, hardly daring to believe his good fortune when David accepted.

In the taxi David sat back in the corner of the taxi angled away from Zechs, but his knee brushed against Zechs thigh and when Zechs took David's hand and held it he didn't pull away. He smiled and laced his slim fingers through Zechs'.

Zechs kissed him in the elevator as soon as the doors closed and David kissed back, with enthusiasm. They broke apart as the elevator arrived at Zechs' loft and the doors slid open.

"Nice." David had said, although Zechs wasn't sure David was really paying any attention to his surroundings. But he was paying attention to Zechs, he smiled and tilted his head to meet Zechs' lips when Zechs bent to kiss him. He didn't resist when Zechs ran his hands over his braid, down his arms, or pulled him close while kissing him, backing him into the living area only releasing him when they reached the sofa.

He did break away then and reminded Zechs that he'd been promised another drink. Zechs opened a bottle of wine, poured two glasses, and sat next to David on the sofa as he handed David a glass of red wine. David took a drink and leaned forward to kiss Zechs with the taste of the wine still on his lips and in his mouth. They never finished the wine although they did make it to the bedroom, a trail of discared clothes marking their path.

In the morning David was gone before Zechs woke up, Zechs wasn't sure when David had left but he'd fallen asleep looking sated and satisfied, his head resting on Zechs' chest, Zechs' arms wrapped around him, and their legs entwined.

Now he wanted to know more about David, he wanted to know what David was interested in, he wanted to know if David was interested in him, in more than a night of sex; but he'd settle for knowing David's phone number and address, and hope for the rest.

And David had been an excellent employee; he came early, stayed late, worked hard. He was well liked, though not well known by people all over the building. Working on security took him to all the different departments. Maybe, Zechs' thougth, maybe he should offer David a job with the company, they could use their own security expert. That wasn't a bad reason to contact David, either.

He immediately ran into a roadblock.

"I'm sorry Mr. Merquise, I can't give you that information." the secretary was polite but firm. And quite embarrassed at having to say 'no' to her boss. And then terrified by Zechs' growl of frustration.

"It's not that I won't give it to you, sir. I can't, I mean, it's not there!" Zechs glare had reduced the poor girl to babbling.

"What do you mean, it's not there. We have that information on all our employees, even the contract employees like Mr. Marshall." Zechs turned the computer screen to face him. It was filled with nonsense and strange symbols.

"Get someone in here to check out your computer." Zechs started back towards his office, stopped and turned back to his secretary, "And have Mr. Marshall paged. I want to see him in my office." He noted with displeasure that the secretary's red face had paled.

"I'm sorry, sir. Mr. Marshall finished early and his office called and wanted him back for an emergency."

"Damn." Zechs muttered as he returned to his office and called the tech security company that had sent David to him. He started doing business with them when he'd needed a top notch security expert. The owner was a friend of his guardian.

"Zechs. What can I do for you?" Lady Une, the owner of the company, answered the phone herself. Krushrenada Inc. was a valued customer.

"Good afternoon, Lady. I need a favor." Zechs didn't smile, he was going to be embarrassed at his admission and his request. He wasn't sure how Une was going to take it, good customer or no.

"Was there a problem with the tech guy I sent over? Heero is one of our best." Une smiled slightly, still unsure of the problem. "I thought you were satisfied with his work?"

"Heero? No, the new man you sent, David Marshall. I wanted to get in contact with him, to thank him for the wonderful job he did." Zechs was surprised at Une confusing her employees.

"I assigned Heero to your company but Heero's out of the country on a job right now. I don't have an employee named David Marshall." Lady Une stated as she and Zechs stared at each other.

"You didn't send a man over with instructions to do a routine assessment of our security system?" Zechs sat down, hard.

"Tell me from the very beginning." Lady Une requested. "I'll send someone right away to try to find out what's been done but I'm afraid your entire security system's been compromised."

Lady Une didn't know it yet but much more than the company's security system had been compromised. Zechs wasn't sure yet whether he should feel angry, outraged, or betrayed. All he could think about was that he'd never see David again.

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