Author: BleedToBlue
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Just A Wedding + Chapter 3

Zechs had wanted to kiss Duo all week; had wanted much more than kissing; had wanted to run his hands over bare skin, to twist his fingers through the long strands of Duo's hair but he would be satisfied, for the moment, with kissing Duo until he couldn't breathe, until Duo moaned, until Duo wanted Zechs as much as Zechs desired him. He'd imagined cupping his hands around Duo's face, tilting his head just so; trailing a line of hot, wet kisses down his neck; then leaving a mark, his mark, on Duo's pale skin.

When the kiss finally happened the experience wasn't at all what Zechs had expected. Duo had rebuffed his attentions at first, then ignored him, but finally had just seemed only a bit annoyed and perhaps puzzled by Zechs' interest. In Zechs mind he'd made great progress towards gaining Duo's acceptance.

With other people Duo grinned and laughed and displayed the joker attitude; the smart mouthed wit for which he was famous; alone with Zechs he was altogether different. When Zechs charmed and coaxed a smile from Duo he felt like it was a gift, a chance to see the real Duo Maxwell and not a mask Duo hid behind.

Zechs had been relentless in his pursuit while trying not to push too hard. He had expected that at most, at best, Duo might like being kissed and not push him away; he had tolerated Zechs' subtle caresses and his closeness by seeming to ignore it. Zechs didn't want to be tolerated but for now it would suffice. Duo had listened to Zechs' expressions of interest, his invitations, and had made no comment except to refuse; although to Zechs amazement and delight Duo had actually blushed at one of Zechs more blatant innuendos.

Maybe it had been the wine with dinner or the after dinner drinks that had caused Duo to let go of his reserve. Zechs hadn't missed the look on Duo's face as he watched Heero and Relena at the rehearsal. Maybe his single-minded determination to court and win and have Duo had paid off. But something had changed when he'd kissed Duo.

Suddenly Duo Maxwell wasn't the rather shy, diffident young man that Zechs had persistently pursued and desired; nor was he wearing the smiling, ever cheerful persona most people saw. When Duo returned Zechs kiss he was the dangerous, aggressive pilot that had fought and won a war. Zechs had the sudden realization that Duo had very subtly led him into this situation, had wanted this, and that Zechs was seeing the real Duo. Zechs was reminded that he was dealing with a potentially deadly man, and understood that knowledge was part of the underlying attraction. So much more than a pretty package; a mind and will to be admired, treasured.

To Zechs' intense pleasure Duo pushed against him, leaning up into, and returning the kiss; Duo pressed forward, opened his mouth, and ran his tongue over Zechs' lips. Zechs moaned and opened his mouth in surprise and need. Duo slid his tongue into Zechs' mouth; his hands slipped up Zechs' chest and into his hair, fingers tangling. Duo didn't allow Zechs to kiss him; he took control of the situation the way he took control of Zechs' mouth with his own. Zechs liked it; liked it very much. All the wanting, the hunger and need, all the passion he'd read in Duo was bubbling to the surface and was directed at him.

Duo's arms wrapped around Zechs' neck, and locked tightly as he pressed the length of his body against Zechs'; hard, hot, demanding. Zechs sucked on Duo's invading tongue and let his hands fall down to Duo's shoulders, then slide down to caress his hips, and slip further to cup the curves of his ass. When Duo pulled his mouth away, and his hands pushed Zechs back, Zechs ached from the loss of contact and feared that he'd gone too far.

"I want you." Duo's words came out terse, heated, demanding; and were followed by small, soft kisses over Zechs' jaw line, small nips with sharp teeth down the line of his neck before his lips hovered over Zechs' again.

"Come upstairs with me." He breathed into Zechs' mouth, and then kissed him fiercely.

Zechs hadn't intended to go so far so fast but didn't have it in him to refuse the offer of something he wanted so badly. He leaned his head down, letting his forehead rest against Duo's, trying to steady his ragged breathing, willing his pounding heart to slow down.

"Is that really what you want?" Zechs gasped out, giving Duo the chance to change his mind; to say no.

Duo's answer was to look straight into Zechs' eyes while taking his hand and placing it over his own, very hard cock, as if to say, 'Does that answer your question?' And Zechs was gone, done in; he thought he might come just from the sensation of Duo's fingers pressing his own hand against Duo's hard-on; of knowing Duo wanted him.

Zechs didn't care who saw them leave together, didn't care who saw them kissing in the elevator, didn't care who saw them going into Duo's room. He didn't care that Duo took the lead, stripping off Zechs' clothes first, and then his own. Didn't care that Duo pushed him down on the bed and took control. He only paused long enough to roll Duo over and press him to the bed with his larger body, to hold Duo's head between his hands, look into his eyes, and tell him how he felt, punctuating his words with his mouth on Duo's skin.

"I don't want this to be just tonight. I want more; I want a chance to be together. This means more to me than just one night." He stared down at Duo, willing him to understand, to acknowledge him. Duo stared back and nodded once, slowly, then raised his head to kiss him. Zechs released his hold on Duo and relinquished control.

When Zechs woke up, he was alone, and he found it very disappointing, though not terribly surprising considering how skittish Duo had seemed all week. He felt sticky and ached in several places; he smiled thinking about what he'd done, what they'd done, to cause that ache. The room reeked of sex and the pillow smelled of Duo. He picked up a strand of long auburn hair and wrapped it around his fingers; Duo had stopped him when he'd attempted to free his hair from it's braid.

Light peeked around the edges of the curtains informing him that the day had begun; he groaned at the thought. Duo's clothes from the night before were gone and his own were folded neatly on a chair. He dressed quickly, took the time to leave Duo a note saying he'd gone to shower and change and asked Duo to meet him for lunch. As an after thought he scrawled his cell number on the bottom of the note and added, "Call me." He didn't delude himself for a moment that Duo would actually call.

Zechs found he wasn't wrong. Duo didn't call, didn't return his calls, avoided or ignored him completely until the ceremony. Zechs tried hard to focus on his role in the nuptials; recited his lines, performed his duties, handed his sister over to Yuy to become his wife. All he wanted to do was drag Duo out of the church and back to his room. Zechs finally managed to speak to Duo in the reception line as they stood next to each other, greeting a long line of well-wishers. For the moment at least escape wasn't possible for Duo though he did his best to pretend that Zechs wasn't there while he chatted and grinned at people moving past them. During a momentary lull, Zechs spoke.

"I have to see that Heero and Relena get to the airport on time." He waited, watching intently, for Duo to acknowledge him. Duo finally favoured him with an enigmatic gaze over his shoulder but no other response.

"I'll be back as soon as they are on the plane. Wait for me, we need to talk." He waited again for people to move through the line, waited for Duo to answer him.

"I have an early plane." was all the response Duo gave him. Zechs wanted to grab him by the shoulders and shake a reaction out of Duo. Zechs recognized his rising frustration with Duo's cool attitude and tried to temper it.

"Don't try to pretend nothing happened between us. Don't try to push me away." Duo's response was a shrug.

"Don't try to make something out of nothing. It was just, you know, sex." The easy smile that didn't reach Duo's eyes was back. The reception line was breaking up and Duo was moving away. Zechs reached out and placed a hand on Duo's shoulder, holding him in place, and could only repeat what he'd already said.

"I'll see you when I get back from the airport. Wait for me." Duo shrugged again but didn't turn around and look at Zechs before he walked away. Zechs sighed, this wasn't going to be easy but nothing worth having ever was. And Duo was worth having.

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