Dance With the Demons + Part 15 (cont)
Mortality’s Requiem

Severely weakened, Odin was fighting to be steady on his feet. He spared Heero one last look that promised incomparable pain. His face instantly changed, assuming the pleasantly smiling countenance he had worn earlier that night. Stepping back, he melted into the shadows and was gone.

Duo shuddered, finally reining in his power and falling forward. Then Heero was there, catching him and easing both of them down to the ground. The vampire rested Duo’s head in his lap, tenderly wiping the blood from Duo’s mouth and smoothing his hair back from tired eyes.

“Duo, I-” he began.

“Shut up,” Duo croaked out, wincing slightly at the sound of his own voice. "Not now. Just not fucking right now."

Heero's eyes darkened, and Duo was startled to see sadness swimming in them. Then it was gone, his eyes blank like his face once more.

"Don't give me that look," Duo snapped, his breath wheezing. "I don't wanna deal with this now."

Heero looked indifferent.

"Oh, haul the stick out of your ass, Heero," Duo grumbled, disgusted to hear his voice come out weak. "And bring me home. I think I'm gonna pass out."

Right before his vision turned completely black, Duo saw concern and relief war across Heero's features. He chuckled to himself, then wondered darkly if he would have to kill Heero. Truth be told, he didn't want to. He didn't even think he could, regardless of Heero's abilities. Duo simply wouldn't be able to destroy him. It was getting hard to picture the world without him in it.


Duo awoke feeling groggy. He blinked rapidly a few times to clear his blurry eyes. Looking around, he saw that he was in his own bed at the apartment. Outside it was still dark, his curtains blowing in the small breeze from the open window. He frowned. Wufei was nowhere to be seen, but he could hear the sounds of someone moving around the apartment. Before he could haul himself up, Heero appeared in the doorway. Light streamed from the hall into the dark bedroom.

"Oh, it's you," Duo said flatly.

He hadn't expected Heero to bring him to his apartment. Made sense though. This was, technically, his home. He'd expected Heero to bring him back to Devil's Bliss. Since when had he started thinking of that as his home?

"Where is everybody?" Duo asked.

"At Bliss," came the short answer.

Duo shifted on the sheets, letting out a hissing breath when a sharp pain ran down his side. "Jesus, what ran over me?" he mumbled, mostly to himself.

Heero moved out of the doorway, settling on the bed as far away from Duo as was possible. "Odin Lowe."

Damn, Heero was full of insightful answers. Nice long ones, too. A whole two words.

"What's your problem, fang face?" Duo said, aiming for the most insulting tone he could manage. "I think I'm the one who should have an attitude."

"You do have one."

"Ha. You think this is an attitude?" He moved again, trying to alleviate the pressure on his ribs. "Listen, Heero. You've got some serious fucking explaining to do."

Heero faced Duo with a neutral expression. His eyes were dull and dark. Duo was taken aback to see that the usual light had disappeared. Even when the vampire had guarded his feelings before, his eyes had never been so dull.

"I owe you an explanation?" Heero said, his words sharp. "I wonder how long it will take before you start waving a gun around threatening to kill me."

Duo was trying to lever himself up to lean back against the headboard. He stopped mid-movement, giving the vamp a level look. "I'll get around to it."

"Go back to sleep, Duo," Heero said, getting up from the bed and dismissing him.

"Hold on a goddamn minute. How the hell did you get in here?"

"Through the door."

"Again, ha." Duo said. "How'd you get into my apartment, blood breath?"

The vampire stopped in the doorway, hand resting on the casing. He glanced back at Duo over his shoulder.

Oops. Duo felt his pulse quicken at the look in Heero's dull eyes. He didn't know if he was feeling fear or excitement. Probably both.

The vampire just stared at him for what seemed like an eternity, then he turned around and came back to the bed. He loomed above Duo silently. Duo had an uncontrollable urge to scoot away, but he was rooted to the spot.

"That's one question I can answer," the vampire said. He slid onto the bed, straddling Duo's thighs. Reaching up, he touched the slivery mark on Duo's neck.

Duo sucked in a sharp breath, filling his nose and mouth with Heero's scent. Tiny shocks of pleasure coursed through him, teasing him. He noticed somewhat sourly that he was naked under the sheets. Go figure.

"Regardless of your own ideas, Duo, you are partly mine." He ran the tip of his finger in tiny circles over the scar.

Duo's breathing became more pronounced. This wasn't going the way it was supposed to. "Stop it, Heero. Get up." Heero's proximity caused the energy inside him to stir.


"Fine then," Duo snapped. "Since you're so bent of getting me off-"

Heero's eyes widened a little at that, his hand stilling for a moment. "This?" he asked, nodding towards Duo's neck.

Christ, the vampire was annoying. "Yeah, that." Dumbass.

Intrigued, Heero laid his hand, palm down, over the scar. Duo tried to fight off the reaction, but he felt the power rise up in response to Heero's touch.

Duo growled at him, slapping his hand away. "Stop that! Anyway," he said, trying to pick up his lost train of thought. Having Heero practically sitting in his lap wasn't helping much. "Tell me what the fuck was going on with the wackjob."

"Odin?" Heero said, amused. Then his humor faded quickly. "Do you believe him?"

"What?" Duo blinked. "No. Jesus. Maybe. Look, I dunno." Duo ran his hand through his bangs and lifted his braid away from his neck. It was too damn hot in the stuffy room. The open window wasn't doing much good besides letting more warm air in.

"Just," Duo mumbled, "tell me if it's true or not."

Heero shifted again, moving further up. Great. Now the vamp WAS sitting in his lap.

"Heero . . . ." Duo said warningly. All he succeeded in doing was making the vamp smirk.

Heero ignored him, instead resting his hand over the scar on Duo's neck again. Duo glared at the vampire, lifting his arm to brush him away again. His eyes met Heero's for only a brief second, but it was enough. His arm froze. Heero's eyes were smoldering blue underneath the dullness.

Duo's throat went dry. He took a deep breath of air and tried to swallow. Heero ran his thumb gently over Duo's lips and tipped his head to the side.

Scared. Yep, at this point in time, he should have been scared shitless. But all Duo could think about was the heat coming from Heero's body; he remembered the taste of Heero's lips. Suddenly, his mouth filled in anticipation of feeling the vampire touch him. He wanted Heero's hands on his body . . . Heero's tongue in his mouth. His chest rose and fell rapidly as he took shallow breaths.

Then Heero's mouth closed over his, bringing with it delicious heat. He felt Heero pull back a little, then swipe his tongue over Duo's lips, urging them to part. He pressed forward again, dipping his tongue deep, teasing Duo with light touches. The light pressure increased, and Heero stroked the inside of his mouth, running his tongue over Duo's.

Duo groaned, helpless under Heero's infuriatingly effective assault. His nerves were burning. Even as he melted into Heero's touch, Duo was grumbling to himself in his mind. He'd get Heero back. It wasn't his fault that Heero was so fucking good at this and had turned his brain, along with his common sense, to mush. Satisfied that he'd shoot the vampire later, once his limbs were working, Duo lost himself in the kiss. He felt pleasure flowing through his veins from both the vampire's kiss and the light touch on his neck.

More. He wanted more. Ever since Heero had touched him earlier that night, he wanted to feel their combined power surging over and through him again. It was addictive. If he offered blood and power again, Heero would take it.

Heero pulled back, catching Duo's bottom lip in his teeth. He bit gently, not enough to break the skin. Duo realized at that second that his own hands were buried in Heero's hair. He gasped, mouth falling open, when Heero pressed forward, bringing his groin into heated contact with Duo's. Duo felt his blood rush and his body respond, making him painfully hard.

The vampire plunged his tongue into Duo's waiting mouth. Leaving one hand resting lightly against Duo's neck, he cupped Duo's chin with the fingers of his other, tipping his head up. Duo met his tongue with his own, letting his hands drop down to rest on Heero's chest.

Instantly, the energy surged between them. The world jerked, and Duo felt Heero's power flow into him, making his skin pulse with the sheer intensity. Heero gasped, freezing for a moment. He stoked Duo's tongue again, drawing it into his own mouth. Then, with a savage growl, he rolled off of Duo.

Duo felt the emptiness between them, but the flow of power continued. Heero picked him up and shoved him down flat on his back, tangled amongst the sheets. Duo's breath was forced out and several sharp pains reminded him he wasn't in the best of health. That thought was quickly lost when Heero filled his vision again.

Heero grasped Duo's wrists in his hands, thrusting them above the braided man's head and pinning them to the mattress. One knee rested between Duo's legs, pushing lightly against his erection.

Duo felt his eyes grow heavy. He was willing to offer everything to Heero right at that moment. Sheer pleasure coursed through him, Heero's power swirled inside him like velvet and silk.

Heero watched him with dark eyes. "Let me taste you again," he said, his voice rough. He bent his head, swiping his tongue over the first bite and making Duo groan.

Duo licked his lips, still tasting Heero on his tongue. He nodded, then swallowed. "Yes," he said, trailing off in a sharp hiss when he felt Heero's fangs pierce his skin.

Burning energy filled him, mingling with his own, and flowed back to Heero. He could feel it being drawn through his body, leaving hot trails of pleasure that faded and then pulsed again. Heero rocked forward, brushing Duo's erection with his leg.

Duo's vision faded around the edges, turning white. He was gasping, whimpering from the sensations Heero was creating. His pinned hands twisted in the sheets, clawing mindlessly at the cotton.

Abruptly, Heero released Duo's wrists, pulling away from him. Duo's eyes shot open as he felt the warmth leave his neck. He looked up, saw the darkness swimming in Heero's eyes. The power slowed to a trickle between them. Duo felt cheated.

"Wha . . . ?" Duo started to ask.

Heero sat back, skimmed a finger over the bite and then brought it up to his mouth. The tip disappeared between reddened lips. His eyes were heavy-lidded with lust. Then both of his hands were running over Duo, tracing the lines of his chest, untangling his limbs from the sheet.

Duo's eyes threatened to close and he fought to keep them open. This was something he didn't want to miss. Heero trailed his hands back up over Duo's arms, crossing them at the wrists and holding them for a moment. He let go, nodding slightly when Duo made no effort to move his arms.

He ran his hands down Duo's sides, over his stomach and across his hips. Duo felt like his skin was burning up, the combination of the vampire's hands on him and the power inside him ridding his mind of all thoughts that didn't involve sex.

A warm hand brushed over his knee. Heero backed off, trailing his hand back up Duo’s thigh. He nudged gently. Duo moaned softly as his legs were spread open, exposing him. Heero’s gaze was so heavy, he could feel it rake over his body. The vampire shifted again, settling smoothly between Duo’s legs on his knees.

The vampire touched the head of Duo's erection lightly, making the longhaired man arch his hips. He gathered the droplet of liquid at the tip on his finger, smoothed it down over the length, then wrapped his hand around Duo's arousal.

Duo surged up from the bed, propping himself up on his arms. He looked down, saw Heero's hand gliding slowly up and down his length. His breathing was rapid, shallow. The vampire's hand was hot; the energy they shared roared back to life. Duo's eyes flicked up, resting on Heero's face. Cobalt blue eyes met his, then dropped back down, watching as Duo's erection slid through the tunnel his hand made.

Head lolling back, Duo heard himself whimper high in his throat, breath hissing out from between clenched teeth. Heero quickened his pace, making Duo’s arms tremble with the effort of holding himself up. The power grew, engulfing and devouring him.

Without warning, the vampire abruptly released Duo’s erection. Dazed, Duo tried to mutter a sharp curse, which only came out as a garbled moan of protest as he clenched his eyes shut. The power still rode through him, stealing coherent thought away. Then Heero’s arms were under him, lifting. He felt his naked skin come into contact with Heero’s clothed thighs. Instinctively, Duo straddled him, one hand on Heero’s chest to steady himself, the other clutching the back of his neck.

Heero wrapped his arms around Duo, splaying his hands across his back and bringing him closer. The vampire’s breath was warm against his collarbone; the sharp tips of his fangs pressing lightly into the skin. Heero grazed his teeth up Duo’s neck, stopping over the twin pinpricks staining the smoothness. Duo tipped his head to the side, inviting and begging at the same time. Heero closed his mouth over it again, sinking his fangs into the pale skin to reopen the already healing wound.

Duo pressed himself against Heero, a strangled cry torn from his throat when he felt the velvet power course through him again as Heero began to suck gently at the wound. He rocked his body against Heero’s hardness, his mind dazed and overwhelmed by sensation. Heat and lust, power and blood. It filled Duo completely, forcing continuous moans from him, urging Heero on. Then it crashed over him, transforming the world into white hot pleasure. He screamed, arching his back sharply and pressing himself into Heero. He came as their combined power consumed him, and then Heero’s lips were sealing over his, swallowing his breath and his screams. He fell back slowly, the vampire lowering him to the bed and leaning over him.

Duo relaxed on the bed, limp-limbed and boneless. A warm, languid feeling suffused him even as he tried to slow his racing heart. He felt Heero using the sheet to wipe some of the mess off himself and Duo, then the vampire picked him back up. Heero propped himself up on the pillows, holding Duo against him. Rolling his head to the side, Duo saw that same look in Heero's eyes. Power and lust.

They stayed like that for some time, neither speaking nor moving, enjoying the last, glowing embers of power. Holding each other.

"Jesus," Duo swore once he had the state of mind to speak. He lifted a hand and covered his face. "Jesus, Jesus." He swallowed again, wincing at the ache in his throat. His body was complaining, several aches and pains from the encounter with Odin making themselves known with a vengeance. "Guess I wasn't feeling as better as I thought I was," he mumbled.

"No," Heero agreed, "apparently not."

Duo coughed, feeling the laziness in him vanishing under sore muscles. "Why the hell do I feel like shit NOW?" It was all fine and dandy while Heero's power flowed through him, but now he felt much worse than before.

"You were already weak," Heero said. He brushed a finger over Duo's neck. "This weakened you even more."

Oh. And here he was, about to suggest they do it again.

"I've called Zechs," Heero continued, "he should be here soon."

Duo felt a headache brewing. He pressed the heels of his hands against his eyes. It would have been interesting if Zechs arrived while he and Heero were . . . busy. He blew out an explosive breath of air, cursing when pain slashed through him again.

Duo's memory came rushing back once the glow of power had subsided, making him tense in Heero's embrace. He still didn't know the truth about Heero. Not that he was terribly inclined to believe what Odin had said, but truth had a way of coming from the strangest places.

"You never told me if it was true or not, Heero," Duo said, watching the vampire's face.

Heero's eyes closed, and when he opened them again, they were glinting dully. He averted his eyes, staring at the darkness beyond the open window.

Duo felt his throat close over. It couldn't be true. He couldn't have destroyed the church, killed all those people to get to him. Just to kill him. Just to own him.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Blue: *grin* Dum de do de . . . .
Duo: *gape* What the hell was that!?!
Blue: What the hell was what?
Duo: *making strangled noises and gesturing wildly at fic* THAT!!
Blue: Uh . . . a very well crafted piece of awe-inspiring fanfiction?
Heero: *frown* I am not happy with where this is going.
Duo: *nods emphatically* Exactly!
Blue: *quietly tries to sneak away*
Wufei: *raises eyebrow* Where are you going now, onna?
Blue: *breaks into a run*
Wufei: *puzzled expression* She is very peculiar, that one.

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