Dance With the Demons + Part 2 (cont)
Dance with the Devil


"It's the way it is, Duo. I'm submissive, and nearly everyone else is dominant to me. Without a master, I'm anyone's meat."

"I thought you said Erus meant 'master'."

"It does, but its not the same. Don't you know anything about sadomasochism . . . dominance and submission?"

"Jesus, no, am I supposed to?" Duo stared down at him, disbelieving.

"Aren't you Catholic, Duo? Good Catholics aren't supposed to swear."

Duo laughed. "Don't change the subject, Wuffie," he waited a beat before adding, "and I'm not a good Catholic."

Wufei grinned before continuing. "Anyway. When Quatre came to Devil's Bliss, he made me his pet. Do you know what that means?"

Duo had the nagging suspicion he did, but he asked anyway. "Means he owned you, right? He used you for sex."

"He didn't USE me. I was quite happy, Quatre's an excellent lover. Even when he hurt me, it was good. Quatre knows pain, knows where and how to hurt that would make the pleasure so much better."

"Er, yeah, anyway . . .?"

Wufei smiled at Duo's apparent discomfort. "Now you take Quatre's place as my owner, but you won't fuck me. I think the Erus knew, that's why he gave me to you."

"Why didn't Quatre object?"

"Quatre is submissive to the Erus. Everyone is."

"What's with all this submissive and dominant crap?"

"Submissive is bottom, dominant is top. You're a top, I'm a bottom."

"Oh. Why are you submissive?"

"I just am. I dislike fighting pointlessly. Trowa could defeat me easily."

Puzzled, Duo said, "Trowa?"

"Quatre's pet."

"You can have more than one?"

"Well, Quatre can. He's second under the Erus."

"Now I'm confused. You fight for your positions? I thought sadomasochism was about all about pain? You know, if you get off on receiving it or giving it, right?"

"It is. But everyone has a place under the Erus, depending on how strong they are."

"What have you people been smoking?" Duo asked, shaking his head.

Wufei didn't answer for a long time, he just sat there, looking up into Duo's eyes. Finally, he said, "We're not people, really, Duo." His eyes were sad.

"Come again? You said what?"

Indecision flickered in Wufei's face. "We're not people, not really. Not human, anyway," he dropped his eyes, staring hard at the hand he had rested against Duo's thigh.

Duo's eyes grew hard. "What the fuck are you talking about, Wufei? Who's 'we'?" His own voice had grown harsh, his body tensed a little.

Startled at the change in Duo's demeanor, Wufei scooted backwards, away from him. It wasn't a clumsy movement, every move Wufei made seemed sinuous, his body unnaturally fluid.

"Quatre, Trowa, the Erus, and I. Others too, mostly those who work at Devil's Bliss. Some are at the Demon's Den," he said, speaking softly.

"If you're not human, then what the bloody hell are you?" His gut wrenched, and he felt his body grow cold, anticipating Wufei's answer.

"Please don't kill me, Duo. As my owner, you could. No one would say anything." His voice held no fear, just acceptance of his fate, and whatever Duo chose to do with him.

"I'm not gonna fucking kill you, Wu," Duo grated out from between clenched teeth. "Just tell me what you're talking about."

Taking a deep breath and sitting on his haunches, Wufei said, "I'm a shape-shifter, Duo. A were, a monster."

Duo didn't move, letting the information settle on his brain. "All of you?"

"No, just Trowa and I."

"And Quatre?"

Wufei paused, unsure. "I'm not allowed to tell you."


"I can't, I can't. The Erus forbade anyone telling you." His eyes held fear now. "If you want to know, you have to ask him yourself."

Duo jumped up from the chair, cursing. Wufei stayed where he was, watching him stalk across the room and back again. "Alright, lemmie get this straight. You're all monsters of some kind, you and this Trowa are weres. Mr. Heero Yuy, as Erus, has control of you all, with my dear friend Quatre as his sort of second-in-command. Every last fucking one of you is obsessed with sex, and you've even got the pecking order figured out, complete with S&M and B&D tendencies. Am I right so far?"

"Essentially, yes."

"Good. Now, Yuy, since he's the big master, can do what he wants with all of you, no questions asked. Not only you and the others, but any beastie who happens to work in those places you mentioned."

Wufei nodded the affirmative.

"Also, that explains why he wants me to stop killing. He's territorial, and he does actually own you. Honest to fucking ownership."

Another nod.

Duo stopped his pacing. "And you're a were. I have a were in my apartment," he said, flopping back down into his abandoned chair. "I had a were in my bed."

Wufei was quiet, waiting to see what would happen.

"Come here, Wufei," he said softly, pointing down to where Wufei had sat only moments before.

Instantly, Wufei was back at Duo's feet, looking up at him expectantly.

"An owner can pretty much tell you what to do, right? And you have to do it?"

"Basically. I don't mind. Being a pet is better than being meat."

"Why didn't you fight them?"

Again, the dancer paused. "I was ordered not to."

"By who?" Before Wufei could reply, Duo had the answer. "The Erus. Heero told you not to fight; he wanted you submissive."


"And no one outranks him, so no one could give you an order that held more power than his."

A small, weak smile this time.

"You're broken. He fucking broke you!" Duo slammed his fist down on the arm of the chair. His breathing had become rapid, so he took a moment to calm himself. "Why didn't I have to do what the Erus told me? He said to stop killing the monsters, but I flat out refused."

Wufei's eyes widened a little. "Did you kill today? I didn't smell any blood."

Duo watched Wufei's face silently before answering. "Yeah, I killed. Some punk ass kid summoned a lesser demon in the middle of a trailer park."

Stunned, the Chinese man gaped at Duo. "A demon? You killed a demon? Demons are different to creatures that answer to the Erus, though. It probably wasn't directly going against his order. But a demon, Duo," he closed his eyes, thinking. "If you could kill a demon, you might not be submissive to the Erus. Since you haven't fought him, I don't know for sure, but, a demon!"

"Yes, Wu, a demon. Get a hold of yourself."

"If you fought the Erus and survived, maybe he'd be forced to declare you an equal. Even Quatre's not that strong," Wufei said, reopening his eyes.

"Jesus, Wu, if I survived!? That's a little chancy, don't you think?"

"Maybe, maybe not. It seems odd though . . . ."

"What seems odd?"

"That the Erus met with you, just to tell you not to kill. Usually, he'd just destroy anyone who ticked him off, no warnings, no questions."

"Perfect. Now I'm special."

"Seems so." Wufei pursed his lips, mind working fast. "And why did he give me to you? You're not one of us, you didn't even know about Quatre."

"Nope, not a clue. What are you getting at, Wuffie?"

"I think you should go back. Back to Devil's Bliss and meet with the Erus again."

"God, no. I'm not going back. Forget that shit."

"Seriously. He could tell you more than I could. I can't even tell you what he is. If you went back, maybe you could learn more."

"Like why he sends monsters out to kill people?"

Wufei met Duo's eyes again, placing his head back on the braided man's thigh. "He doesn't send monsters out to kill people. I think he's trying to put a stop to that."

"Then who's doing it, Wu? You just said that Heero is dominant to everyone."

That sad smile found its way back onto Wufei's face. "Dominant, yes, but there are more than just us out there. Maybe not many across the country, but here? In this city? It's crawling."

"Great, that's great to know. So there could be someone out there just as or maybe even more powerful than your Erus?"

"It would make sense."

"You know what, Wu? You're a bundle of good news. I should just send you back to Quat and forget I even met any of you."

"Is that an order?" Wufei stood, giving Duo a harsh look.

"No, Christ, sit down, Wuffie."

Wufei sank back down on the carpet right where he stood.

"Why do you do that? Do everything I say, as soon as I say it?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "I do what you say."

"Humph. Only when it's convenient for you. I had to argue with you to get you to stay here today, and you never seem to listen to me when I tell you to stay somewhere, especially when NOT listening to me will give you a chance to catch me naked."

"Well . . . ." Wufei managed to look guilty even as a grin formed on his lips. "Since we haven't fought, I don't know if you're dominant to me."

"You mean, if I beat the crap out of you, you'll do what I say, no objections?"

"That's the way it is."

Duo considered this. "Did everyone beat up on you to assert their dominance? If you weren't allowed to fight back, it had to be hell to take."

"Actually, no one fought me."

"I thought . . . wait, hold on a sec here. You mean there's another way? Maybe if you just acknowledge the fact that they are dominant to you?"

"Sort of."

"Knock it off with the evasive answers, Wu. Explain. How did you acknowledge their dominance?"

"I let them fuck me."

Duo gaped, then mumbled under his breath, "I should have seen that one coming."

Wufei's eyes lit up, and he shifted around so that he sat between Duo's now spread legs. "If you fuck me, I have to admit your dominance." He rose on his knees, bringing his face dangerously close to Duo's groin.

"Wufei, watch it . . . ." Duo growled, reaching down to push him out of the way.

"I can smell it, Duo. You want it. Your whole body vibrates with it." He moved up, pressing himself against the longhaired man and burying his face in Duo's neck. "At Devil's Bliss, I smelled your lust. When I was dancing, I saw how you looked at me. When I was with you, the intensity of it drove me mad. I almost went down on you then and there, with all those people watching."

Great, just great. Not only was Wufei a Chinese strip dancing were, he was an exhibitionist too. That thought jerked Duo back to reality. Wufei wasn't human. It didn't matter that he was male, Duo couldn't argue the fact that he felt the blood rush through his veins and his jeans grow tight as Wufei pressed against him. He could feel Wufei through his clothing, the black-haired man was rock hard, hot against him, and Duo's mouth ran dry, thinking about his hands on that bronzed body, yielding to his touch.

"I can taste it, Duo. You want me as much as I want you. Can't you taste it, taste me?" Wufei shifted again, rubbing his leg against the bulge in Duo's pants. Duo's breath hissed out from between clenched teeth. The black-haired man dipped his head, caught Duo's lips in a light kiss. When Duo didn't pull away, Wufei deepened this kiss, using his tongue to moisten the other's lips. He pressed harder, pushing against Duo, demanding entrance to his mouth. At the same time, he let his hand drop down to cup Duo's crotch, rubbing his erection through the cloth. Duo groaned at the contact, parting his lips. Seizing the chance, Wufei pressed harder with his hand, making Duo open his mouth, letting the Chinese man in. Gleefully, Wufei's tongue explored Duo's mouth, stroking the longhaired man's tongue with his own. He felt a searing flash of pleasure run straight to his own erection as Duo began to kiss him back, using his own tongue to stroke Wufei's. Deftly, Wufei released the button and unzipped Duo's jeans, grasping the other man's throbbing cock through the thin material of his boxers. Their tongues battled, twining around each other frantically until they broke apart gasping.

Duo couldn't think, he just felt. Wufei's hand on was him, stroking him, driving him wild. His mouth was wide as he fought for breath, but Wufei's mouth closed over his again, stealing what little air he could get. He felt the Chinese man's tongue plunge into his mouth again, grazing his teeth, running along his lips. Wufei bit down on Duo's bottom lip, drawing blood, but Duo barely noticed. He didn't stop moving his hand, alternating the pressure and stroke to keep Duo poised on the brink of release.

A loud groan wrenched itself from Duo's throat as Wufei dipped his hand past the waistband of his boxers, wrapping his hand fully around Duo's pulsing erection. Wufei ran his hand up and down its length, rubbing his thumb over the tiny slit at its tip, spreading the precum that had escaped. Duo's eyes were clenched shut, a fine sheen of sweat covering him. The Chinese dancer stroked him faster, watching Duo's face contort into a grimace of pleasure so intense it was akin to pain. He kissed him again, licking at the bit of blood on Duo's lip, delving his tongue into the other boy's mouth before pulling away. Wufei felt Duo's cock twitch in his hand, knew that his owner wasn't far off from release. He pressed himself hard against him, panting as his erection ground into Duo's body.

Wufei moved his head close to Duo's ear, whispering. "Let me make you come, Duo. Come for me, Duo . . . let me . . . ."

The Chinese man watched as Duo's mouth fell open in a silent scream of pleasure, tightening his hand around the braided man's erection as Duo's orgasm ripped through him. He arched up into Wufei's hand, fingers clenching the arms of the chair as Wufei ground against him, crying out his own release as his owner shook from pleasure coursing through him.. Duo lay panting for several minutes with Wufei collapsed boneless against him, his hand still wrapped around Duo's cock.

"Christ, Wuffie, what the fuck was that?" he panted, wrenching his eyes open.

"That, Duo," he said between gasps, "is why I'm such a good pet."

Duo couldn't help but grin, ignoring the stickiness inside his pants. He looked at Wufei's flushed face, then his eyes traveled down to see the stain in Wufei's own pants. "Fuck, Wu, you get off on that?" His eyes twinkled with laughter.

Wufei mirrored Duo's grin. "Oh yes," he drew the last syllable out, turning it into a hiss. "You look so good when you come," he wriggled his eyebrows, "let's do it again." He began to move his hand, using Duo's release as lubrication and smiling evilly when the other man started to grow hard in his hand again.

"Christ, no. I'll pass out," he said, extracting Wufei's hand and telling himself to get a grip. A grip that was nowhere near his reawakening cock.

Wufei looked disappointed. "And your point is?"

"Didn't you say I should go meet with Mr. Yuy again? That was your idea, remember? Clear my card, I have a dance with the devil!"

The Chinese dancer sputtered for a moment. "But not now."

"Not when you've finally gotten in my pants, eh, Wuffie?"

"Exactly. Besides, the Erus isn't at Devil's Bliss tonight, and it would be better to meet him there."

"Oh yeah? Where is he?"

"I'm not sure, but I remember Quatre saying something about a meeting with someone, in another city."

"Really? You could just be telling me that to keep me here, couldn't you?"

"I could," he agreed. "But, there's one way to know for sure."

"And what's that?" Duo asked, knowing precisely what Wufei's answer would be.

"Claim me, and I will deny you nothing," Wufei said, his face turning serious.

"Make you mine?"

"Make me yours."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Blue: I'm having so much fun! Aren't you having fun?
Wufei: *party hat askew on head, whirling a noise maker* Yay.
Blue: Don't be a fun maker, Wuffie.
Wufei: *wincing* Don't call me that, onna.
Blue: You said you liked that name.
Wufei: ONNA!! You made me say that!
Blue: Riiight.
Duo: That was a . . . different fic.
Heero: Hn.
Blue: What? WHAT!?

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