Dance With the Demons + Part 4 (cont)
Live Without Sunlight

Duo watched Heero leave. "Zechs? What can he do?"

"He's a healer, Duo," Quatre said, stretching out on the couch.

"A healer. A witch?"

"No, he's one of the fey," Wufei said, curling closer to Duo.

"Fey. Hummm . . . ." Duo's eyes widened. "He's a fairy? Youíre joking, right?Ē

Quatre grinned. "Nope. He's a fairy all right."

Duo looked stunned. "And you don't find that interesting at all?" He asked, grinning.

"Not half as interesting as you, Duo."

"Uh, right. You just like my ass." Duo coughed, shifting and grunting as pain shot up his side.

Trowa looked at Duo's torn shirt. "We have to take that off. Help me clean your master up, Wufei."

Duo let Wufei help him shrug out of his jacket and shirt, hissing when Trowa prodded his side. "Hey, watch it, that smarts."

"Sorry," Trowa mumbled, running his hands over Duo's stomach. He unbuttoned Duo's pants, sliding his hand in and touching Duo's hip.

"What's this?" Duo asked, quirking his eyebrow. "I think Trowa's trying to strip me, Quatre."

Quatre was watching quietly, propped up on an elbow. "Let him."

Duo's other eyebrow shot up.

"Trowa's free for you to take anytime you want. Invite Wufei to join you, the two of them are stunning together."

"And you'd just sit there and watch."

"Of course."

Duo shook his head even as he arched off the couch enough to push his bloodstained pants down a little further on one side so Trowa could examine his hip. "Is this offer open to everyone, or am I special?"

Quatre's blue eyes twinkled. "You're my friend Duo. And you're special."

"Thanks whole bunches, Q."

"Duo," Trowa rich voice interrupted, "we need to get this blood off you before Zechs comes back. He can heal you faster then."

"Sure, Tro, go right ahead. I'm not above being babied." Duo leaned his head back and closed his eyes, silently telling his head to stop throbbing.

And his eyes shot wide open again when he felt a hot, wet tongue slide over his chest. Looking down, he saw Trowa lapping at his chest, his pink tongue darting out from between his lips. Wufei had one hand pressed on one side of Duo's neck while he slowly licked the blood away from the other side.

"What the hell are you two doing?" Duo demanded as he felt the heat rise in his unbuttoned pants.

"Cleaning the blood off, Duo," Quatre said. "You told them to."

"Hey, whoa, back up. I didn't know they were going to lick it off! Would you two quit that!?" Duo nearly shouted when he felt Trowa's tongue graze his nipple.

"Why, Duo? You like it, I can smell your lust from here. They can too," the blonde vampire said, grinning.

"And you're getting off on the show, Q. Jesus, can everyone smell it when you get a hard on around here!?" Duo said, only half joking.

Quatre nodded. "Pretty much. Let them do it their way, Duo. Enjoy it."

"Enjoy it, my ass. I'd rather a shower, thank you very much," Duo mumbled.

Wufei's eyes lit up. "Is there blood on your ass, Duo? We didn't check there, Trowa."

"Hmmm, you're right. But maybe a bath would be a better idea." Trowa glanced suggestively at the huge marble bath behind the gauzy curtains.

"A wonderful excuse to get him all wet and soapy. Not to mention naked," Wufei added.

Duo groaned, rolling his eyes. "Do you guys ever stop?"

Quatre was busy entertaining notions of Duo and the two shifters in the bathtub. "No, they don't. Just go with it, Duo."

Trowa and Wufei were back to cleaning the blood of Duo. The longhaired man was having a hard time breathing with two shifters crawling over him when the door opened and Zechs walked in.

"My, my. Look what we have here," the tall blonde said happily. "Perhaps I should come back later?"

"No, I don't think," Quatre said, somewhat disappointed. "Duo doesn't seem to be in a frisky mood. Trowa and Wufei were merely getting rid of some of the mess."

"Ah." Zechs didn't look convinced. "They can finish after I look at the injuries."

"Right, whatever." Duo sounded just a bit grumpy.

Wufei scooted back, and Trowa moved to lean on the black-haired manís legs. Zechs mirrored Trowa's earlier gestures, running his hands over Duo's skin lightly. Duo saw a small glitter in the tall blonde's eye, and wondered if fairies could also detect certain, ah, emotions and conditions.

"Nothing too serious, bruising and slight lacerations. This will only take a second," Zechs said, pressing his hands over Duo's ribs.

Duo felt the throb of pain as Zechs pressed harder, but he stayed quiet. He caught the faint scent of a forest, pine and flowers. The tang of decaying leaves underlay the fresher smells, and Duo felt his head grow light. Zechs ran his hands over Duo's body, murmuring softly to himself. Then he stepped back, and Duo swore he heard the tiny tinkle of bells.

"There, how's that?" Zechs asked.

Stretching, Duo tested his ribs, then checked the rest of his body, ending with his face. "Nothing, it's all healed. Even my busted lip." And, Duo noticed happily, his erection had disappeared.

Zechs smiled. "Excellent. I'll help you anytime you need me. Most of the time I'm here, but if not, ask one of the others. They'll tell you where my house is."

"Hey, thanks a lot. Wait, you do house calls?"

Zechs just laughed, smiling as he exited the room.

"Well," Duo said, prodding his healed ribs, "that's that. Let's go home . . . what the . . .?!"

Trowa had moved back, pressing himself between Duo's legs. Wufei was lapping eagerly at Duo's chest, forgetting about the pretense of cleaning off the blood and sucking deeply on Duo's nipple.

Duo's breath hissed out from between clenched teeth when he felt Trowa's hand close over his groin, touching him lightly through the thin cloth of his boxers.

"Whoa, hey! WHOA!! What are you two doing?" Duo felt blood rush through his veins, and he grew hard under Trowa's hand. He hastily extracted himself from under the two shifters, fixing his clothing and hauling on his ruined jacket.

"I think they're trying to seduce you, Duo." Quatre was lying on his side, a black cushion under his head. "Why not wait and see what they had in mind?"

"Like hell . . . ." Duo said under his breath, forgetting that the shifters could probably hear a pin drop in the next room. "No offense, Tro, but I'm beat, and I really don't want to get my ass kicked again tonight. Zechs might start to think I'm taking advantage of him." He moved for the door, not missing the disappointed look on the green-eyed shifter's face. "C'mon Wufei, let's go. Later, Quat, Tro."

Wufei shot an apologetic look at Trowa, then hurried out the door after his master.

The brunette crawled along the floor, then settled down with Quatre. The blonde vampire caressed the otherís side, shifting so his face lay buried in the crook of Trowa's neck.

"Don't be sad, pet. Duo wanted you, I could smell his lust, and so could you. You'll get another chance." Quatre licked at the soft skin of Trowa's neck, then reached down to cup the shifterís ass, pressing his lover down on his hardening erection. "In the meantime, how about that bath you wanted so much?" He nibbled on Trowa's neck, hard enough to hurt but not break the skin.

In the dim light, Trowa's eyes sparkled. "It wasn't the bath I was looking forward too, Quatre."

Quatre answered with a soft, promising laugh.


Duo shivered when the night air touched his bare skin, wishing he had remembered his shirt, even if it was torn. He gathered the jacket around him, stuffing the hastily grabbed holster inside.

They reached Duo's car, climbing in. Duo sat in the driver's seat, resting his head on the steering wheel and closing his eyes. Wufei looked over, a puzzled expression on his face.

"Duo, are you alright? I thought Zechs healed you."

Duo kept his eyes shut. "I don't know if I can handle this, Wufei."

"Handle what? Working with the Erus?"

"No," Duo said with a huff. "All this sex, it's distracting."

Wufei gaped at the braided man, then laughed. "And I thought it was something serious."

Duo started the car, straightening up in his seat. "It is serious." He pulled out into the road. "It's bad enough all I was thinking about was getting you home quick enough to fuck you, but I was honestly considering inviting Trowa along." He sighed. "I wanted him too, Wufei. Both of you."

Wufei's face turned mischievous. He leaned across the seat, casually caressing Duo's chest. He traced little circles around Duo's nipple, then pinched it between his thumb and forefinger.

"Why wait to get home Duo?" His hand dipped lower, fiddling with the buttons on Duo's pants. "I could please you now . . . ." Wufei bent his head, nipping at Duo's nipple. He swirled his tongue around it, then sucked it deep in his mouth. Hot flashes of pleasure shot through Duo's stomach, straight to his quickly rising cock. He felt his pants come undone, felt Wufei's hand graze teasingly past his erection to cup his balls.

"I'm driving, Wufei . . . ." Duo ground out. "This is not the best time."

"Then drive faster," Wufei said, leaving the small buds alone to trace a wet path down Duo's stomach. He dipped his tongue in Duo's navel, and was rewarded with a low groan of surprise from him.

"Stop it, Wufei. I mean it." Deciding that Wufei wasn't going to listen, Duo stamped down on the accelerator, shooting through the streets, and narrowly missed taking out a fire hydrant in his haste to get home.

Wufei obediently pulled away from Duo, but he didn't remove his hand. He wrapped his hand around Duo's dripping erection, running his thumb over the tip.

Duo fought the urge to arc into Wufei's talented hand, bracing both hands on the wheel and pushing himself back into his seat.

"You're going to get us both killed."

"Concentrate, Duo," Wufei said, pumping Duo slowly.

"I can't concentrate when you're jerking me off!" Duo rounded the corner at breakneck speed, pulling into the parking lot of his building with a screech. He slammed the car into park, breathing heavy.

Wufei crawled into Duo's lap, straddling him and sliding his other hand into Duo's pants. He bent his head, ruthlessly kissing Duo and plunging his tongue into the other manís mouth. Duo pawed at Wufei's clothing, pushing his hands under the fishnet shirt and raking them down over the bronzed chest. Wufei pressed harder against Duo's lips, and Duo deepened the kiss, sliding his own tongue along Wufei's. Wufei pulled back a little, gasping for breath as he squeezed Duo's cock, moving his hand faster over him. Duo growled low in his throat, lunging for Wufei's mouth. He seized the Chinese manís lips again; then bit savagely down on his bottom lip. Wufei whimpered, and Duo's brain caught on fire at the sound.

"That's it," he growled, wrenching the door open. The chilly night air of early spring swirled around them as they stumbled out of the car. Duo grabbed Wufei's wrist and slammed the car door closed, ramming Wufei up against it. He ground himself against Wufei, pinning the black-haired manís wrists above his head.

"I'll fuck you right here, Wufei. I'll bend you over the car and take your ass right now, I swear to God I will . . . ." Duo released Wufei's wrists, grabbing for the ties on the black linen pants.

Wufei's breathing was labored. "Duo . . . Duo! Neighbors . . . your neighbors!"

"Fuck the neighbors!" Duo's fingers found the knot in the ties and fumbled with it.

The Chinese man arched an eyebrow. "I thought . . . you were . . . trying to fuck ME?" He paused between words, gulping air.

Duo finally untied the knot, his eyes cloudy with lust. He dipped his head, biting at the soft skin of Wufei's neck. He bit down hard, and tasted the tang of fresh blood in his mouth.

Wufei whimpered again, surprised at Duo's viciousness, and loving it. He arched up into Duo.

"They're watching us, Duo, your neighbors are watching," Wufei panted.

Duo paused, then grabbed Wufei's arm. "C'mon. Now, hurry up!" Duo dragged the grinning Wufei across the parking lot, fumbling in his pocket for the keys to the apartment. They stumbled up the stairs; then Duo slipped a hand down the back of Wufei's pants, running his fingers along the cleft of Wufei's ass as he struggled with the lock. Wufei was having the time of his life.

The door crashed open, and Duo slammed it behind him. "Bedroom, now!" He ripped Wufei's shirt over his head, then went after the pants. He noticed with a smile that Wufei didn't bother with underwear. Duo shrugged out of his jacket, flinging it to the floor with the gun and holster while Wufei was pushing the bloodstained jeans down. They tumbled onto the bed, hands and mouths everywhere on each other.

Duo pushed Wufei's legs up, baring the Chinese manís tight entrance. "I have to be in you now, Wu. I can't wait, not anymore. I've wanted you all night."

Wufei spread his legs wide, hooking one leg over Duo's shoulder. "Then don't wait. I'm yours, Duo." His eyes flared. "Mark me again."

Duo pushed past Wufei's entrance, felt Wufei's muscles unconsciously clutch at him, protesting. As soon as he felt Wufei relax them, he drove himself to the hilt in one deep stroke with a harsh groan. Wufei screamed, thrashing his head on the bed. Duo tried to gain control, managed to stop himself from pounding into Wufei right away. The shape-shifter's cries excited Duo, made him want to hear more.

Wufei's head swam. Duo filled him completely, thick and heavy and hot. His insides burned with pain so sweet it was pleasure. He felt Duo brush his sweet spot, and he craved more. Wufei reached up and dug his fingers into Duo's back.

"Move, Duo. Don't wait, move. Hurt me, fuck me!" He lifted his hips, shuddering at the sharp friction it caused.

Duo grit his teeth, pulling back slowly. He felt Wufei's tight heat surround him, then the delicious pressure as Wufei clamped his muscles down around him. He thrust back in, a low groan wrenched from his throat. Duo lost it then, drove himself ruthlessly into Wufei's giving heat. A fine sheen of sweat covered his body, glistening in the moonlight. Duo bent low over the Chinese man, covering his chest with tiny bites, marking him.

Wufei writhed on the bed, dazed with pleasure as Duo pounded into him, striking his prostate. He cried out Duo's name, arching off the bed to meet Duo's every plunge. The Chinese manís hands fell away from Duo, tearing at the sheets. He felt his body burn, and he shuddered with the force of the pleasure coursing through him. His words dissolved into whimpers when Duo's hand closed around his pulsing shaft and pumped in time with his frantic thrusts.

Wufei held back, delaying his climax. "Come in me, Duo," his said, his breath coming in short gasps. "I want you slick inside me . . . ."

Duo reached for Wufei's hands, pinning them above his head and lacing their fingers together. He viciously drove into Wufei even as his orgasm ripped through him, and a harsh groan tore itself from his throat.

Hot seed pulsed into Wufei, striking the small bundle of nerves inside him in a burning flood. His cry blended with Duo's as he climaxed over himself and his lover, his power crashing over them at the same time. His hands convulsed in Duo's grip, then he fell back onto the bed, spent for the moment.

Duo rolled over, missing the expression of pleasure on the gasping manís face as he slid out of him. He gathered the shifter in his arms, rapidly mumbling apologies for hurting him.

Wufei pulled away, shaking his head. "Are you deaf, Duo? I told you, you can't hurt me. You can give me brief pain, but that's it. I heal, remember?" He raked his nails hard down his arm, and blood welled to the surface. Then he wiped the blood away, and the scratches were already closing over. "Besides," Wufei said, touching his neck where Duo had bitten him, "I like the pain."

"I'll never get used to this," Duo complained. He reached down and swiped at the sticky come on his stomach. "C'mon, I need a shower. You can wash my back again." Duo got up, untying his braid with one hand. His chestnut hair flowed free, falling well below his ass. Wufei's eyes glowed again with that same light, and he eagerly slid off the bed.

Showering was the last thing on his mind.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Wufei: What have you done to me, onna!?
Blue: What? *confused look*
Duo: I think he's talking about the fact that you've turned him into a sex-obsessed play toy...
Blue: And the problem with that is?
Duo: Problem? No problem here. *clamps hand tightly over Wufei's mouth*
Heero: *glaring*
Blue: What's his problem?
Quatre: He isn't getting any.
Blue: Oh.
Heero: *switches to Death Glare™*
Blue: Uhhh…*fidgets nervously* I mean, 'OH! It's coming up, I'm just working really hard to get it just right.'.
Heero: *smirk* That's better.
Blue: Whew, being a writer's dangerous. Maybe I should get a new hobby, like wrestling alligators or working with hazardous chemicals . . . .

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