Dance With the Demons + Part 5 (cont)
Genuine Lies


Duo felt something wet against his neck. Absently, he brushed at it. Then it was back, more urgent this time. Groggily, Duo clawed his way back to full consciousness. He opened one eye a crack, saw the worried face of Wufei lying next to him. But it wasn't Wufei who was licking at his neck. Then Duo became aware of a weight lying partly on top of him, of legs tangled with his own. Duo opened his mouth and when no words came out, snapped it shut. Trowa was lying half on top of him, naked body pressed against his as he lapped at Duo's neck.

Wufei smiled. "You're awake, finally! Heero told us you should be awake soon, he let us come watch over you." He nuzzled affectionately at Duo's chest.

Duo opened his mouth, trying again. "That's great, Wu." His voice was still weak, but it was stronger than before. "Now, why is Trowa licking me?"

Trowa had stopped when Wufei had spoken. He moved to lie alongside Duo, still keeping himself pressed against the longhaired man. "I was trying to get you to wake up. Looks like it worked." He looked over at Wufei. "You're right, his neck is sensitive." Wufei cuddled close to Duo as Trowa spoke, and Duo decided that it was definitely getting crowded. And warm.

"Huh." Duo rolled his eyes. "Speaking of Heero, where is the happy bloodsucker?"

"Quatre drove him off after he found out he hadn't left your side since we found you. Told him to take a break," Wufei said.

"Weren't you here when I woke up once, Wu? I could've sworn you were lying next to me."

Trowa and Wufei exchanged glances, then Trowa said, "No, it couldn't have been Wufei, Heero was the only one who was with you after Zechs and Dorothy got into a fight over you."

Duo turned this over in his head. "Are you sure? I didn't think I was dreaming, felt real enough."

"Maybe Heero was lying with you. You were a mess... " Wufei's voice was hushed.

"Yeah, right. Mr. Coldness himself was worried about me. Come to think of it," Duo said, smoothly switching his train of thought, "what happened? All I've got is a big jumble."

Wufei was toying with a piece of Duo's loose hair, and Duo noticed for the first time that it was unbraided. "I didn't get all of it, Quatre and Trowa were looking after me while you were out. But I know what basically happened from what they told me. I came to the bar several days ago, barely alive. I collapsed by the entrance, where Hilde found me. Apparently, I was in bad shape, worst of all my chest." Wufei shook his head at the fuzzy memory. "Nothing should be able to do that to a shifter, we're too strong. They said it was crushed. Literally crushed. Quatre said my heart was barely beating. Zechs pulled me back, and I was mumbling something about you and the Wiccan, Mary-Anne."

Duo looked over at Wufei questioningly. "I don't remember much, only snatches here and there," the Chinese man said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Anyway," Wufei continued, lying his cheek on Duo's chest. "Heero caught wind of it. He was furious. He sent out searches and started looking for information on where you were. He went to your apartment, saw the scene at the Wiccan girl's. Heero became worse then. It wasn’t simple anger, it went far beyond that. He found you a few hours after that, in a graveyard." He stopped, waiting for a sign to continue.

Duo found himself absently trailing his fingers over Trowa's back as Wufei spoke, dangerously close to his ass. He took his hand away and motioned for Wufei to continue.

Trowa looked disappointed for a moment, then Wufei went on. "You should have been dead, Duo. When he brought you back, you were a bloody mess. I think I lost it then. There wasn't a spot on you that hadn't been slashed open. He found you in a graveyard," Wufei repeated, "naked and tied to a tree. Up in a tree." His eyes flashed in anger.

Duo lay quietly, listening. "When was this?"

"About a day after I showed up."

"Which was how many days ago?"

"Four," Trowa said softly.

"I've been out for four days!?"

"Approximately. We don't know how long you were unconscious before he found you." Wufei over the narration again. "In any case, Heero brought you in four days ago, and you should have been dead. Zechs was pouring everything he had into you, but it wasn't helping. That's what he and Dorothy were arguing about. She said he was just going to kill himself, to try something else. He wouldn't even consider it. He kept trying to bring you around, then Heero called a stop to it. Dorothy suggested turning you."

"What?" Duo asked at the unfamiliar phrase.

"She wanted to change you into a vampire or a shape-shifter so you could heal yourself," Wufei explained.

"Jesus. There's a way to wake up, good morning, you're undead." He paused. "I'm not, am I?" Duo's voice rose an octave.

"No, you're still human." Trowa was lightly stroking the inside of Duo's thigh.

"Good. Let's keep it that way." He hadn't really thought he was, but a man should know if he'll turn furry or has joined the hallowed ranks of the walking dead. "So, how come I'm back to normal? I don't even have any twinges."

Wufei had burrowed his way under Duo's arm. "Heero kicked everyone out of the room. Then he closed the door, saying that anyone who opened it forfeited their life. No one went near it. He was in here for three days. We don't know what he did, but when he came out, it was to tell me you were alright."

"Three days in a room alone with Heero?" Duo shook his head dubiously. "I highly doubt Heero was cradling me in his arms. I really must have been out for the count. Come to think of it, I had a few weird dreams."

"Like?" Trowa asked in his rich voice. His hand was slowly inching its way up Duo's thigh and over his hip, gently caressing.

Duo felt himself growing hard. It was no use trying to hide it, he was as naked as the other two. He'd have to have a word with the esteemed Heero about that. Then there was the pesky problem of shifters being able to smell lust.

He sighed. "You're deliberately trying to get me horny, aren't you?" he demanded of the two shifters.

Wufei had the decency to look guilty, but Trowa merely smiled in his small way. "And if we were?"

"That's a poor way to treat a man who was almost dead for a week," Duo said, willing his erection to go away. He wasn't having any luck.

Wufei ran his hand over Duo's chest, stopping just above his now throbbing member. "I think it's a wonderful way to treat him."

"You're just saying that because I haven't been around to do you raw, Wuffie," Duo said, careful to keep his breathing steady. Oh, the two shifters knew he was ready, aching with desire, but he'd be damned if he was going to give them the satisfaction of being easy about it.

"Who said anything about me?" Wufei's hand had joined Trowa's in tracing little patterns on his hips and down the inside of his thighs. The feel of two different hands on him had Duo's blood boiling, and he started entertaining nasty ideas.

"Really, Duo, I'm not greedy," Wufei continued. "Besides, Quatre has been gone for the last few hours, and I think it's starting to affect Trowa."

Duo struggled to keep his eyes open, torn between jumping up from the bed or demanding that they stop teasing and just jerk him off already. He processed Wufei's last words slowly.

"Trowa?" Duo looked down at the green-eyed shifter. "You want me, too... ?" Trowa nodded his head slightly. "And you don't have a problem with this...?" Duo asked Wufei, half hopeful that his pet would say yes and give him an easy exit. It's hard to worm your way out of something when you don't really want to get out of it.

Their hands fell away, and Duo nearly groaned out loud in protest. Wufei crawled out from under the sheets, over Duo and settled down beside Trowa. He touched the taller man lightly on the shoulder, and Trowa rolled away from Duo, spreading his legs under the sheets so Wufei could kneel between them. Duo scooted back a little, grateful that the pressure was off him for the moment. Stubbornly, he ignored the little voice that was telling him to stop being such an idiot. And he adamantly refused to admit he was feeling left out now.

Wufei dragged the blanket away from Trowa, exposing him. Duo noticed with a little jolt that the quiet shifter was amazing. Sleek muscled lines of his body glistened with a slight sheen of sweat as he watched Wufei silently. Duo glanced down and saw that both men were hard, aching for release.

The Chinese shifter took two of his fingers in his mouth, firming his lips around them and coating them with saliva. Duo let a small groan escape him, remembering the wet heat of Wufei's mouth on him.

Taking his fingers out, Wufei smiled evilly at Duo. He knew what the longhaired man was thinking. Trowa watched with a slight gleam in his eyes as Wufei moved towards him; he ran his fingers lightly over his chest, pinching his nipples, teasing himself. His breathing became rapid.

Wufei leaned over Trowa, propping himself up on one arm. He slid a finger inside the brown-haired shifter, past his puckered entrance to touch his sweet spot. Trowa's eyes slid shut, his hands drifting down to lightly brush over himself.

Duo watched, eyes wide. He didn't hear the door open or the silent footsteps of the vampire. He felt his own need spiral upwards at the soft panting noises Trowa was making.

Wufei slipped another finger inside, urging Trowa to higher pleasure. Duo surrendered to his lust, his mind clouded. He crawled over the sheets to Trowa, dipped his head and ran his tongue over a nipple.

Trowa's green eyes opened to narrow slits, hissing when Duo drew one ripe bud deep into his mouth. Duo used his hand to tease the other one, pinching it sharply when Trowa let out a loud groan. Duo's hair fell softly around Trowa, and the green-eyed man buried his hands in it. He rocked back on Wufei's fingers when he added another wet digit, moaning.

Duo worked lower, nipping at the taut muscles of Trowa's stomach and dipping his tongue into his bellybutton. He ran his hands down the moaning shifter’s sides, feeling the ripple of muscle under the tanned skin.

Wufei withdrew his fingers, moving to the side of the bed. Duo automatically moved in between Trowa's legs, nipping his way back up to Trowa's neck. He propped himself up on his hands, looking down at Trowa's parted lips. With a growl, he bent and captured the shifter's lips in a rough kiss, dipping his tongue forcefully past his teeth. Trowa rocked up against him, moaning into his mouth. Duo broke the kiss, panting. He ground himself against the man beneath him, low moans escaping his bruised lips.

Wufei leaned close to Duo's ear, running his hand over his master's ass. "Take him, Duo," he said softly, "he wants you... now."

Duo turned lust-cloudy eyes on Wufei. "What about you...?"

Then Quatre appeared behind Wufei, wrapping his arms around the black-haired shifter. Wufei tipped his head to the side, letting Quatre graze his teeth lightly over his neck. His black eyes fixed on Duo, asking.

Duo felt a moment of indecision. Wufei was his. But Quatre had had him before Wufei had even met Duo, had been with both him and Trowa. Wufei was still his, nothing would change that.

"Alright, Wufei, if that's what you want."

Wufei looked at his master a moment longer, searching his eyes. Then he smiled, seeing not only permission there, but trust and acceptance. He was Duo's, and Duo knew it.

Duo's gaze flickered over Quatre. The blonde was watching the exchange between master and pet, knowing when Duo fully understood. Then he pressed Wufei back onto the bed, seizing his mouth in a vicious kiss. Wufei whimpered, arching his body into the vampire. Duo knew the sounds Wufei made, felt his body respond to them. He gazed down at Trowa, suddenly overcome with an uncontrollable urge to see what sounds the usually silent man would make.

Trowa pressed against Duo, seeking contact. Duo shifted, placing the head of his dripping cock at the brown-haired shifter’s entrance. He leaned down, closing his mouth over Trowa's as he pushed past the tight muscles.

Trowa's hands clenched in Duo's hair. He opened his mouth against Duo's, groaning. He ran his hands through the chestnut waves spilling around him, spreading them out in a curtain.

Duo let the sensations wash over him, fully sheathed in Trowa's heat. He was tight around him, slick from Wufei's fingers. Duo glanced over at his pet. Quatre was sucking on his neck, pumping his hips slowly. Wufei gripped the blonde's sides with his hands, spreading his legs as wide as he could. He rocked with him, his moans growing louder with each thrust. Wufei looked over at Duo then, through eyes hazy with pleasure. He let his eyes rove over the two, and his pink tongue darted out to swipe over his lips before disappearing again.

Duo rolled over, bringing Trowa up to straddle him. He lifted the green-eyed shifter, bucking his hips and driving deep into him. Trowa's eyes glazed when he felt Duo strike his prostate hard. He leaned forward a little, changing the angle. Duo thrust up again, and was rewarded with a long moan. He continued thrusting, and Trowa's breath came in short, hissing gasps.

Trowa braced his arms, supporting himself. Duo let go of his hips, using one hand to stroke Trowa's cock in time with his rhythmic thrusts. Wufei's panting reached Duo's ears, and he heard it change into a scream as Quatre ruthlessly pounded into him. Quatre's low groan of release melded with Trowa's groans, and Duo lost all semblance of control as he rammed deep into the brown-haired man.

Trowa opened his mouth in a long cry. He shuddered, then spilled his release over Duo's stomach. Duo felt Trowa's power crash into him as his inner muscles clamped around his cock buried deep inside the green-eyed shifter. It flowed along his limbs with electric intensity, searing his mind with pleasure. He drove into Trowa one more time before he emptied his seed into the shifter. Trowa's muscles continued to clench as his orgasm faded, milking every drop from Duo's pulsing cock.

When Duo's eyes cleared, Trowa was curled on his chest, a low rumbling vibrating through him.

"Sweet Jesus, he does it too... " Duo mumbled under his breath.

Wufei was lying on his side, close to Duo with Quatre spooning him. The blonde's eyes were wide with surprise, an expression Duo had never seen on his friend's face.

"I felt Trowa's power, Duo," the blonde said quietly. "Wufei said the same thing happens when you take him."

Duo lay still, thinking. "Yeah, it does. I figured it was because I was human. I'm not used to all this supernatural energy flying around." He frowned. "But that wouldn't explain why you felt it."

"I felt nothing when Quatre took me, well, besides the usual from Duo," Wufei added and Quatre playfully slapped him.

"I've never experienced it before," Quatre mused. The he smiled devilishly. "Maybe we should get together, Duo, and see if it's the same for vampires and shifters."

Duo hastily shook his head. "No thank you. I'll stick to the living."

Quatre gazed thoughtfully at the ceiling. "The living...? Oh, I see." His eyes gained a mischievous twinkle. "Heero will be returning soon, Duo. He'd like to see you when he gets back."

"Yeah, I'd like to have a little chat with him myself," Duo said, wondering about his odd dreams and if Heero had anything to do with them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Blue: Well, that was weird. You know how I said I have an idea where this is going?
Duo: *sighs* Yeah?
Blue: It just did a one-eighty.
Quatre: I think I noticed.
Wufei: I know I did.
Blue: Oh, quit your griping. It's not that bad ... .*wincing at horrible lemon scene*
Trowa: Are you going to leave that there?
Blue: Of course I am! I teach by mode of example: don't do what I do.
Quatre: That's one way of looking at it.
Heero: Hn.
Blue: Oh, just shut up.

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