Title: Blurry Moon
Author: Blue ^__^
Category: AU, 1x2x1
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, language, blood, supernatural.
Spoilers: *snicker* Yeah, right.
Note: Still for Stace, 'cuz I still lurves her. *grin* Huge thanks to Pond, who helped immensely when it came to setting the atmosphere and not driving myself insane. Beta'ed by suzu, who's still heavily medicated, but not quite as much. I think they should up the dosage, personally. *snicker* I should also make a point of saying that I'm not trying to be original here, not covering any ground that hasn't been trodden into mud before. I wrote this because I enjoy the premise, I simply chose to inflict my drivel upon the rest of you. Mwaha.

Blurry Moon + Part Two

Duo's presence affected me more than I cared to admit, his voice falling smoothly from his lips and trailing down my spine. "Let go," I growled, more irritated at my reaction to him than anything else.

His nose nuzzled behind my ear and I felt the puff of heated air when he laughed quietly. "You came to me, Heero."

"You called me," I said, shocked when I realized that I believed my own words. I honestly thought that my restlessness and subsequent forays outside were Duo's doing. I had to be losing my mind.

I felt Duo tense and freeze, going completely still behind me. The only way I knew he was still there was because he was touching me. "And what if I did?" he said after a short pause.

I was stiff in his arms, trying to figure out for myself just what was going on. Why had that surprised him? Maybe I was wrong about him, but something told me that I wasn't. "Why?" I asked at length. "You told me to stay away from the night." It sounded odd as I said it.

"I did," he agreed. "You didn't listen, and I think I already told you what I wanted."

I ground my teeth together. "It's not my choice to be here." Though if I had stayed in the apartment any longer, I would have been up for homicide charges at best.

"But you had to come." It wasn't a question.

I nodded curtly, answering anyway. Last night I had convinced myself that Duo was nothing more than a crazy stalker. Now I found myself wrapped in his arms and thinking that simply calling him insane and leaving it at that just didn't work.

I turned around in the circle of his arms, I think to tell him once again to get his arms off of me and my words stuck in my throat. His hair was loose, framing his face and flowing down over his shoulders. It fell forward, obscuring his left eye with shadows. His skin was pale and smooth, lips turned up in that pleased little smile that I decided was something completely Duo's own. My eyes trailed down, taking in the snug fit of his clothes and the play of muscles underneath. I jerked my eyes back up to his face knowing that my cheeks were flushed. He raised an eyebrow into a perfect arch, chuckling under his breath. My stomach jerked and I felt my body respond to the sheer sexuality in his voice. I fisted my hands at my sides, hating the fact that I had no control over myself, hating that I reacted this way to the mere sight of him. All I wanted to do right then was punch something.

Duo ran his hands down my arms, lifting my right hand up by the wrist and looking pointedly at it. My skin had turned white, I was clenching my fist so tightly.

"What are you so angry about, Heero?" he asked, voice carefully blank.

It seemed pointless and more than a little embarrassing to admit to him that I was angry with myself. So I settled for, "You."

"Ah," he said, unruffled. He brought his other hand up, cupping my chin and tilting my face upwards so he could look at my eyes.

The questions I had wanted to ask flew from my mind, the cutting words I wanted to say disappeared, all unnoticed. My focus narrowed down to his eyes and the continual shifting between cobalt and indigo in their depths; his voice and the way it wrapped around me. It was like falling into the ocean, being covered completely by the water that seeped into and invaded you, and not caring if you never left it.

"I don't think," he said, his lips close to mine so that they brushed against his as he spoke, "that you are angry with me."

Duo closed the distance between us, covering my lips with his and my eyes slipped closed. They were warm, soft and at first, gentle. Then they firmed, pressing harder, and I felt his arm go around my waist, pulling me tight against him. The hand on my chin slid upward and he tangled his fingers in my hair, shifting my head to the angle that he wanted.

I brought my arms up, laying one on his shoulder, buried in his hair and leaving the other resting against the arm that was low on my waist. His lips parted and I felt the warm wetness of his tongue dance along my lips. I think I moaned softly when he did it again, and then again. Duo tipped my head back, my mouth falling open as I tried to breathe through the feelings roaring through me. He pulled away a little, licking and nibbling at my lips, our breath mingling in the air between us, adding more heat to the already sultry air. Our tongues danced against each other in the small bit of space left between us.

Duo shifted his body against me and I could feel him hot and hard through our clothing. I groaned, my body shuddering in response to his touch. He sucked on my bottom lip, biting gently as I slid my arms around his neck and wrapped his hair around my fingers. It was soft and warm, sliding through my fingers like it was alive. Then I felt a sharp stab of pain, jerking back with my eyes flying open. The strange foggy feeling in my head vanished with the pain. There was a small smudge on Duo's lip; he rolled his lip into his mouth, licking it off. I raised a hand to my own lips and my fingers came away stained red.

"You bit me," I said, stupidly. Of course he bit me, I was bleeding, my lip throbbing. I ran my tongue over it, tasting the bittersweet metallic tang of my own blood. The cut seemed fairly deep. "Bastard," I growled at him, bothered by how Duo's eyes followed the movement of my mouth as I spoke.

He refocused on my face, his eyes gone dark. "You've sought me out twice now. Next time, I'll come to you, and when I do, Heero, I won't let you go."

His scent washed over me in a rush, and he was gone. I swallowed past the lump in my throat and took a deep, steadying breath. People just don't vanish. People don't make you forget everything, even if just for a moment, with a strange look, either.


I stared at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. My eyes looked unnaturally big, shocked and maybe a little scared. I tugged on my lip, wincing at both the quick stab of pain and the size of the wound. I could still taste blood in my mouth, red slowly oozing out of the cut as I prodded at it.

I turned on the tap, splashing my face with cold water and then rinsing out my mouth. The water I spat back out was tinged pink. I braced my hands on the counter, water dripping from my face and landing into the sink with dull little splats.

Duo had said he'd come for me this time, and I really thought he would. He didn't strike me as someone who wouldn't keep a promise like that. Part of me hoped he'd simply vanish under the rock that he'd crawled out from, just like he'd disappeared tonight. I raised my head, blinking owlishly at myself. I had suspicions now, amazingly crazy ones. It couldn't be true, but I had to find out. I dried my hands and marched back out to my bedroom, set on my course of action. But first, I had to get comfortable. It really was too hot for jeans, and besides, I had a fondness for my old pajama pants.

I settled down on the couch, sitting sideways and wearing only my pants, several minutes later with my laptop and a nice cup of coffee, black as I could drink it. It may have been too sticky for jeans, but never for coffee. In my opinion, coffee heals all wounds. Possibly not, though, since my lip was protesting. I decided to ignore it.

I curled one leg under me, tucking my toes into the bend of my other knee and rested my other foot on the floor, the laptop on the couch in front of me. I laid my mug on the coffee table, booted up the computer and then logged onto the net, calling up a search engine. I quickly typed in my query and came up with everything under the sun and then some. I frowned at the screen. This was going to take longer than I thought.

Fifteen minutes and quite a few refined searches later, I had what I was looking for. I read the information, snorting in doubt. Most of this had to be someone's wishful thinking. Still, from what I knew, the rest of it matched Duo perfectly. I closed my eyes and leaned into the couch, resting my cheek on the back.

I had to be losing my mind, the heat in this place must have been baking my brains in my skull. I didn't honestly think that Duo was a vampire, did I? He could have found this information just as easily as I did, and had decided to play a very twisted game. It fit nicely into my little insanity theory, but didn't explain what I had felt or his vanishing act.

I sighed, pressing the heels of my hands against my eyes. Maybe next time I saw him I'd just ask him, if I was lucky, he'd give me a straight answer. I dropped my hands down into my lap, opening my eyes and letting out a choked laugh. That had to be the worst idea I'd ever come up with. I shut down the laptop and set it on the table, grabbing my empty mug. I wandered into the kitchen, rinsed it out and left it in the sink. Checking the locks on the door, I finally turned off the lamps in the living room and went to bed. Lying there, in the dark listening to the cars drive by outside, I wondered when I'd see Duo again. I didn't bother with hoping that I'd get a good night's sleep, I knew the night would be filled with sweaty dreams that left me gasping.


The next morning seemed brighter than usual as I moved about my apartment getting ready for work. I donned a pair of simple black pants, deep blue dress shirt and a black and blue tie. It all matched a little too well, but it was the only one that really suited this shirt. I hesitated by my dresser, picking up a thin silver chain that I had acquired somewhere along the way. It dangled from my fingers, glinting brightly in the light.

Silver was supposed to hurt vampires, possibly even burn them. I was fairly certain that I had seen a silver earring in Duo's ear at one point in time, though, which did little to support the ridiculous vampire hypothesis. Then again, what harm could wearing the chain do? I almost put it back, snorting at my own foolishness, and instead slipped it around my neck. I tucked it into the shirt, feeling better. I frowned at myself, but left the chain where it was.

If I was going to succumb to my own idiocy, I suppose something like a cross or other holy symbol would have been better; I didn't even consider walking around with garlic stuffed into my pockets. The only reason I could come up with for that working would be that the smell sent everyone, including vampires, running for clearer air. The info I had found last night had specifically said that a cross or its equivalent would only work if I had the faith to back it up, and that was an area in which I was sorely lacking, so the chain would have to do.


I spent the entire day jumping at shadows. Even though I had read that vampires can't survive the sun, I didn't know if they could move around during the day or not. I still had serious doubts about the entire vampire thing, anyway, and expected Duo to show up at my office door looking very much alive.

By the time the day came to a close, my nerves were frayed and my temper shorter than usual. I had also convinced myself that I was most definitely insane for even considering Duo was something as far-fetched and fantastic as a creature that went bump in the night. Walking into my apartment and dropping my keys onto the small table into the hall, I cursed myself several different types of a fool. I moved into the bedroom, stripping off my clothes and heading for the shower to get rid of the sticky feeling clinging to my skin. Walking through the humid air was akin to slogging through a bog - it left you feeling covered in grime.

I stayed under the water long after I had washed, just letting it pour over me and cool my skin. I emerged from the stall, dripping water over the tiles, about forty minutes after I got home. Wearing only a towel hitched low on my hips, I went back into my room searching for something comfortable to wear, which automatically translated into pajamas. Sometimes I think I' ve got an unnatural obsession with those. I found a dark blue pair, not quite as good as my favorite red ones, but comfortable all the same.

I was walking back out to the kitchen when my eyes flicked over to the window in the living room. The sun had set and I hadn't even noticed the time pass. I realized that if I thought Duo was really going to show up, it would be now, when the moon was shining cold and clear. He knew where I lived, of that I had no doubt. I stayed standing in the hall, staring out at the night for a long time before I finally got a hold of myself. I snorted quietly and turned away.

It was past midnight, and I lay wide awake in my bed, arms folded behind my head. The silver chain was still around my neck, cold against my skin. As the night wore on, I had gotten more and more . . . something. In the harsh light of day, it was easy to talk myself into believing whatever I wanted, but in the night, with the close air wrapping darkness around me, it wasn't nearly half as simple. Now, I had no idea what to believe or what the hell was wrong with me. Only children stayed awake at night fearing what might crawl out from under their beds or from inside their closets, so why was my heart beating so fast?

I must have drifted off soon after that. Another vivid dream woke me up at what seemed like a very short time later, leaving me burning, breathless and hard. I lay still, trying to slow my pulse when I felt the touch of Duo's eyes on me.

"I told you I would come," he said, his voice low and filled with something wicked.

I sat up slowly in the bed and saw him standing at the foot of it, just out of the light that managed to seep through my curtains. Looking up at him, I felt horribly vulnerable and some part of me that I'd rather had stayed hidden told me that I didn't hate it.

"I know," I said, trying to stop the shiver that passed over me. "How did you get in?"

I saw the white flash of his teeth as he smiled and answered, "You invited me in."

I gave him a blank look.

Duo moved closer to the bed, passing through the dim light, until his legs touched the light sheet that I had thrown over me. "You were waiting for me, Heero, calling me the same way you say I had called you."

That made me frown, I hadn't done anything resembling that. I had been dreading the fact that he might show up tonight . . . that's what I kept telling myself. Maybe I could admit that mixed in with that dread there had been a macabre sense of anticipation, that I might have wanted him to come. Regardless, I did nothing to discourage him, merely sat there and let him move closer.

When he was standing directly beside the left side of my bed, I looked up, trying to focus anywhere but his face. If what I had read was right, his eyes were something I should avoid, along with his voice, but short of stuffing my fingers in my ears, I didn't have much choice there.

The mattress shifted with his weight as he sat down and I looked determinedly at his shoulder. The quiet sound of his laughter echoed in my head as he reached out and slowly drew a finger along the line of my collarbone, ending at the tiny glint of silver. I was discovering just how hard it was to stare at someone's neck and retain even a shred of confidence.

"Have you been reading tales?" Duo asked me, fingering the metal. "It doesn 't matter," he continued, not waiting for a response. "You've already decided what will happen."

His sheer arrogance annoyed me, and I answered with a grunt, my voice bitter. "I have, have I? Then tell me what I've decided."