Blurry Moon + Part Two (cont)

"You're fighting it now just to prove that you can, Heero. You're stubborn." The mattress shifted again as he leaned closer. "Avoiding my eyes, wearing silver, you know what I am, and yet here you are, tolerating my touch, eager for it."

I sucked in a sharp breath through clenched teeth and released it slowly, but still not denying anything.

He touched my chin, tilting my head up and I felt beyond silly with my eyes firmly focused on his chest. "Do you honestly believe that I'm here to hurt you?"

I turned that thought over in my head, finally settling on, "No, not to hurt. At least, to you, it wouldn't be."

Duo made a small sound of disapproval, letting his hand fall away from my face to press against my chest, fingers splayed cool and pale on my skin. Slowly, he pushed me back down onto the bed. I resisted at first, but his hand was firm and he was stronger than I could ever be. When my head touched the pillow, he slid down, settling the length of his body beside me, the fingers of one hand playing with my chain. I put one arm across my stomach. The arm closest to him was awkwardly trapped between us, but he didn't seem to mind. I did. I gave him a meaningful nudge, and he predictably ignored it.

"It hurts a little, like water that's only a bit too hot," he said, answering my unspoken question concerning the chain. He brought his face down to my neck, ghosting his tongue over the pulse there and let the chain fall back against my skin.

I turned my face toward him, blocking what I thought was going to happen. He lifted his face, bringing his lips close so that they brushed mine as he spoke. "I don't want to bleed you," he whispered. It sounded like there should have been more added to that sentence, like he had deliberately left something out. Something like 'not yet'.

I shuddered, taking another deep breath and filling my nose with the scent of storm winds. I had the urge to look out the window, expecting to see dark clouds gathered in the sky even though I knew what I was smelling had nothing to do with the weather. Closing my eyes seemed to be the only way to avoid his gaze at that point in time, and that didn't strike me as a very intelligent thing to do, but if I had to choose between not seeing him and mind tricks, I'd take the former. Though neither option was really good.

"If I promise not to catch you with my eyes, will you look at me?" Duo asked, sliding his hand down my side to rest on my stomach.

I felt stupid lying there with my eyes closed, as if it would make the monsters disappear. Not stupid enough to believe him, though. "I don't trust you," I said, glad that my voice came out steady. He was trailing his fingers leisurely over my skin, very close to the low waistline of my pants and it was doing nothing to keep me focused, which was probably exactly what he wanted.

"I give you my word, Heero. Let me see your eyes." He moved his face back, giving me a small bit of space.

If he had said that classic vampire cliché, I would have laughed in his face. Instead, I very slowly opened my eyes, still trying to avoid looking directly at his eyes. I didn't trust him quite that much. Duo left his hand on my stomach, raising the other to gently trace the features of my face. He cupped my cheek, running his thumb over my eyebrows, down my nose and across my lips and curled his fingers over my jaw. He was learning, memorizing.

"I'm very glad you searched for me," he said, pressing his thumb over my mouth when I started to protest. "Regardless of what you think, that's what you did. You were restless that day, agitated, annoyed. Edgy. And when night came, you had to meet it."

I wanted to ask how he knew that, but it meant admitting that he was right. I wasn't about to do that yet, I was too stubborn and besides, I still thought he was the one who caused it to happen in the first place.

"I felt the same," he continued, and it roughly answered my question, making me wonder again if he might be able to pick my thoughts out of my head. "Every day, I wait for night to fall, but it was different then. The need was overpowering, urgent."

His fingers were still unhurriedly exploring me, tracing over my ribs and the tiny scar on my side that I've had since childhood. I couldn't even remember how I got it. Duo seemed fascinated, running his forefinger over it again and again as he watched.

He glanced up, meeting my eyes and I didn't look away in time. There was no compulsion in them, no hint of power, just the unbelievable vibrant color. I tried to look away and found that I could, easily. I felt some of the tension ease out of my shoulders, he was behaving, at least for now.

Something passed over his face, dark and sinful. He moved his face close, closer and then covered my lips with his, pushing his tongue into my mouth. I was so startled at first that I let him and when my brain finally caught up to me, I was enjoying the slide of his tongue over mine too much to protest. I blinked lazily and let my eyes close. He was warm, delicious and greedy, tasting every corner of my mouth and coaxing my tongue into the sensuous dance. I moaned into his mouth, tipping my head back and blindly groping for the hand that had stilled on my chest. I wrapped my fingers with his and let him take what he wanted.

He slipped his leg between mine, pulling us closer. I could feel him hard and hot through my clothes and the thin sheet. I started pushing at the cloth, trying to get rid it. He released my hand and rolled away long enough to tug the sheet away, then moved back, fusing our lips back together and dragging his hand up my thigh to wrap his fingers around mine again. Duo rocked against me, pressing his erection into my hip. I started turning towards him when I felt something sharp against my lip. Managing to free my right arm, I laid it flat against his chest, pushing him back a little. He let me and I ran my tongue over my lips, waiting for my voice to work right.

"Wait," I finally said, my voice rough with sex.

Duo was looking at me with eyes gone drowning blue; the irises had bled into the whites of his eyes until he looked blind. I swallowed, my throat tight and dry, and faced what was irrefutable evidence that Duo wasn't human. I looked down, searching for what I had felt, and saw the tiniest hint of fang behind his parted lips. I don't know how I succeeded in overlooking it before, but now that I knew it was there, I couldn't miss it.

I glanced back up at his eyes; he was perfectly still, waiting for me to do something. I moved my hand from his chest, brought it close to his lips and halted. I rubbed my thumb and forefinger together nervously while I debated what I was about to do. Then I touched just the tip of my finger against the tooth; I had to slide it between his lips to do it.

I should have been revolted, disgusted, or at the very least disturbed by it, but I felt none of those things. I was . . . curious. I started to take my finger away, then changed my mind. I ran it over his lips, watching Duo's face. Then, very deliberately, I dragged my finger over the edge of his fang, cutting myself. The pain was sharp and immediate. I ignored it and continued pushing my finger into his mouth.

Duo's grip on my hand tightened, a surprised but unmistakably pleased sound emanating from the back of his throat. His left hand grabbed my wrist, holding me; his tongue rough as he ran it over the ragged cut. Suddenly, he rolled over me, straddling my hips and pushing both hands above my head, holding them there. He stared down at me, a red stain on his lip and panting heavily. His tongue darted out to swipe it away and something caught in my throat. My heart was trying to pound its way out of my chest.

"Why did you do that?" he demanded, his voice low, husky. It made me shiver as it rubbed over the length of my body, caressing me where I wanted his hands to follow.

I tried to shrug, but with my hands pinned above my head I ended up just rubbing against Duo. I paused while tiny jolts of pleasure rode through me and heard Duo groan softly, also affected.

"You offered me blood, Heero, you offered it freely."

I nodded, understanding that it was serious, but completely lost as to what it meant.

Duo released my wrists and I left them there, intent on the feeling of him dragging his palms down my arms. He cupped the back of my head in both hands, running his fingers through my short hair and finally tipping my head back so that my neck was exposed. My heart gave up trying to get out through my chest and instead jumped up into the back of my throat as he ran his hands lightly down the column to where my heart pounded. He rubbed the flat of his hands over my nipples, making me suck in another sharp breath of air. His eyes locked on mine, he bent his head and took one deep into his mouth.

A small sound escaped me as he tried to drag me deeper, sucking and licking at the tiny nub of flesh until I was gasping. Each swipe of his tongue sent pleasure driving through me, arcing straight to my groin. He shifted above me, settling lower and bringing one leg in between mine to press against my arousal. The heavy heat of his burned into me and I moved against him, finally letting myself cry out.

Duo growled, a genuine trickling growl that started deep inside him and spilled out of his mouth. He pulled me deeper, deep enough to feel his fangs digging into my skin just this side of drawing blood. When his mouth pulled away, the air in the room felt cool against my wet flesh.

My eyes were heavy. I reached down, sliding my hands over his clothed shoulders and down his back, balling the shirt into my fists and tugged. I pulled until my fingers met smooth skin, caressing every inch of him that I could reach. Duo slipped the shirt over his head in one smooth movement, muscles rippling, flexing just beneath his skin. He was pale, pale and perfect, a statue carved from alabaster, his nipples a dusky brown. I struggled to rise and wrap my arms around him, but my legs were trapped under his. Moving with unnatural fluidity, like a cat, he moved so I could get to my knees. Now that I was vertical and facing him, I hesitated.

Duo made my decision for me, closing the distance between us, his hands on my hips and kissing me, feeding on my lips like he would eat me from the mouth down. His chest pressed against me, smooth skin sliding against smooth skin, slick with sweat. I slid my arms around him, tracing over the play of muscles in his back and dipping my fingers past his pants, just brushing his ass.

He growled again, the sound trailing off into a groan as he pushed his hips into me and sent sparks singing along my nerves. He did it again, then again, letting one hand slip between us and knead me through the thin pants. I tossed my head back, breaking our kiss and groaned throatily, my fingers digging into his back. He worked me slowly, sliding his palm over my length and then squeezing lightly, releasing, and squeezing tighter. My hands slid up his back to his shoulders, trying to hold myself upright as he relentlessly pleasured me.

Duo paused, stilling his hand over my cock. I moaned, the sound pitiful in my own ears. Effortlessly, he turned me around, then sat back on his feet. He pulled me against him, my back to him and slid his arm under mine, wrapping it around my chest. His fingers grazed my nipple, the sensitized flesh sending more jolts through me. Duo's other hand dipped low, trailing down my stomach, curling in the thin trail of hair that began just below my navel and then moving lower, sliding into my pants.

I grabbed his wrist, stopping him. He froze instantly, going perfectly still behind me. I shook my head and reached down, lifting my hips and pushing my pajamas down to my knees. I had to use my feet to get them the rest of the way off. Naked, I put one leg on either side of his, straddling him on my knees with my back still to him. I could feel him throb against me, hot enough to burn through his pants, the only barrier left.

Duo drew in a deep, ragged breath, looking down over my shoulder at my displayed body. He closed his eyes, burying his nose behind my ear and taking another deep breath. His eyes opened again, the hand that wasn't supporting me copying its earlier path, only this time wrapping around the base of my erection. A fine tremble ran through me, and I felt Duo's body echo the movement. I saw him glance at my face through the corner of his eye, then look back down to where he held me, the paleness of his hand emphasized by my darker skin tone. Torturously slow, he ran his hand up the length of my cock. My breath came out in a long sigh.

Duo parted his legs, settling me between them and I set my own legs out in front of me, feet resting on the bed and knees bent. I leaned back against him, his other hand joining the first. Resting my own hands on his thighs, I breathed deeply and inhaled his scent. One of his hands gripped the base, the other trailed up the bottom of my cock, stopping to gather the drop of fluid that leaked out of the tip. I caught my breath, bit my lip. He spread the tiny bit of liquid around the head, making the muscles in my stomach and thighs jerk. The other hand slid upward, forcing more liquid out, which Duo again gathered and spread lower. He repeated it a few times, each time making me tense and my vision blur momentarily, until I had to close my eyes and was slick and hot in his hands. My breathing was shallow, frantic, my chest quickly rising up and down.

"I will take you, Heero," he said, hands alternately gliding up and down my erection, sending the pleasure flowing through me spiraling higher. "I've tasted you." His breath was hot where it brushed over my ear, his words making me moan again.

I groaned in response and felt one of his hands leave me. I opened my eyes in time to see his finger slip past his lips as he licked the fluid, but I knew that wasn't what he meant. He meant my blood, but he'd tasted me in so many different ways now - my blood, my skin, my mouth, me; he knew me.

Duo laid his finger against my lips, wet with my own liquid and his saliva, and I opened my mouth for him. He pushed just the tip in, his other hand never stilling in its slow movement. I licked the wet digit, watching his face. He sucked in a sharp breath, withdrawing his finger, a slight tremor in his arm.

"You'll offer it to me again if I ask," he said, pinching one of my nipples between his fingers before trailing lower. "Won't you? I'll taste you again." The velvet caress of his voice reached deeper inside me, stroking through my mind and body.

Both of his hands were between my legs now, one cupping and squeezing my balls, dipping lower to rub hard against the soft patch of skin just below it only to return seconds later; the other steadily stroking my length, bringing me higher toward orgasm. I writhed against him, feeling his arousal pulse against me. The thought made me shake, made me press harder against him.

"Yes," I hissed, clenching my hands in the blanket as he worked the head of my erection, stopping just before the sensation could become painful. "You didn't . . . have to ask, to know that," I said, panting.

"I will take you," he breathed.

"Yes!" My voice came out as a strangled cry as I felt something clench tight low in my body, heat gathering and gathering to where Duo's hands slid over my slick flesh. My mouth open, I gasped for air; let my head fall back on Duo's shoulder and buried a hand in that luxurious hair.

"I will make you mine," he said with a growl and my body arched against him.

I felt myself go, falling over the edge into orgasm with a scream torn from my throat. It rode me, overwhelming my senses until my world had narrowed down to my own blinding pleasure and the hardness of Duo behind me. I cried out, screaming his name, screaming oaths to gods I didn't believe in, and spilled myself over his hands; he spread it over my throbbing length, making me shout again as he forced every thing I had from me.

I collapsed on him, my body sticky and sated. His lips brushed my cheek and I turned into him, let him steal the last of my breath with a bruising kiss. He touched my thigh softly, almost comfortingly, and settled us down on the bed side by side. The last thing I remember is him leaning over me, his eyes glittering but once again back to normal, and a whispered word, ". . . mine."

- - - - - - - - - -

Heero: *glare* You're toying with my mind. You usually target Duo.
Blue: Well -
Duo: Hey, better you than me. I've already had my turn.
Blue: *raises voice* - you know -
Heero: *snort* Thanks a lot.
Blue: *louder* - what they -
Wufei: If you three are quite done -
Blue: ARGH! No! I am not bloody well done!
Quatre: *blink*
Blue: I've got a smart ass comment, and dammit, I'm gonna say it. Now, shut up and listen.
Trowa: They'll shut up.
Blue: *fumes* Damn skippy, they will. *ahem* You know what they say regarding turnabout and payback, right?
All: *quietly indicate no*
Blue: Turnabout may be fair play, but payback is a bitch. *grin*

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